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» Ted Koppel tells Hannity that He's Bad for America

Ted Koppel said to Hannity (on his own show) » "You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts."

Sean reacts to Ted Koppel telling him that he's bad for America

His statement has been speaking to me. Ted fucking Koppel. I wonder what Cenk thinks (at t=1:45).

I do not really want to get into right now what his statement has been saying to me .. but I can assure you that it's not pretty. Not hardly. Au contraire.

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» What does it Mean to Set Ideology above Facts?

What does it mean to set ideology above facts? .. above the truth?

The man who lies to himself

That seems like a very dangerous place .. does it not, Mr. Egan?

Voltaire says that those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities (t=6:40)

History is littered with stories of nations and generations who have set ideology above facts. It never ends well.

Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda (t=5:30)

You'd think that humanity would've figured out the basics by now. Nobody wants to be part of a generation that other generations look back at and study while wondering, "How could they have been so clueless and so evil?"

George Orwell on political language (t=5:45)

This column by James Hohmann says that the Trump administration is run like a banana republic in the way that nepotism plays such a big role.

» Poor Prioritization

One of the more uncomfortable things that I was forced to deal with .. in administrating a complement of a hundred nuclear dudes during a number of reactor refueling outages .. was » prioritization.

This is a fancy way of saying » doing the most important things first .. because you physically can't do everything that there is to do .. that needs to be done. You must therefore let some things slip.

The reason why, perhaps, this was so uncomfortable for me .. is because the military drills it into your skull that » you do not let things slip.

I could easily go into great detail here, explaining exactly what I mean .. but I'm sure you feel me.

Prioritization can make you or break you. Because, if you let certain things fall through the cracks .. you're fucked.

Setting ideology above facts .. this seems like poor prioritization.

Manipulating the masses with Group Psychology

It seems like a foolish way to prioritize the things in your life. Does it not?

» The Perplexing Motivations of the Slavishly Loyal

Speaking of foolish priorities .. this conservative guy says here (3rd paragraph):

Is there anything Donald Trump can do to alienate evangelicals and other conservative Christians who support him? By now, it's hard to think of what that might be. These are people who would never let men with the morals and the mouths of Mr. Trump and Mr. Scaramucci date their own daughters. And yet, Team Trump has no more slavishly loyal constituency.

Key word » slavishly.

Willing slaves let society dictate how they live their lives (t=7:55)

Such behavior always perplexes me .. because scripture instructs the believer to be a non-conformist.

Eugene Robinson says that America deserves better than Trump. But does it really? I am confident that many Americans would disagree with him.

Pretending that fictions are facts

» Ted did not Hesitate

Did you notice that there was not even the slightest hesitation between when Sean asked, "Do you think I'm bad for America?" .. and when Ted answered, "Yes."

Sean did not even hear what Ted said after that. He was clearly rocked. He had that distant look in his eye .. the one that people get when their world is rocked.

Sean Hannity's face after Ted fucking Koppel tells him that he is bad for America

» Eagerly Embracing Absurdities

[ Look at the faraway look in his eye. Earth to Hannity .. come in, Sean. Are you there? He is thinking, "Holy shit .. Ted fucking Koppel just told me that I'm bad for America. On camera, no less. They are probably zooming in the lens .. so they can peer into my very soul. I know that Ted is talking right now .. because I can hear him. But I cant make out a word that he's saying. He's probably telling me why I'm bad for America. He's probably talking about how I ignore the facts and eagerly embrace absurdities. I know that I shouldnt interrupt him and shout over him .. because that would make me look so uncouth. But, fuck .. I dont think I'm going to be able to help myself. I so badly want to punch him right in the face right now .. but I probably shouldnt do that. Not on camera, anyway." ]

» I Bet Sean Knows

Revelations says that Satan "deceives the whole world." I wonder how the devil is going to do that.

Ignorance is Strength George Orwell 1984

I bet that Sean knows. Somebody should ask him about that. I am sure that he can provide some insight. Some valuable insight.

Notice how Abby mixed up her strength and slavery at t=4:10 here.

Abby mixed up her strength and slavery (at t=4:10)

I am sure that it is an honest mistake. She is so sexy that I almost didnt even notice. I am proud of myself for catching it .. which is why I am mentioning it here.

The lie led us far from a normal society says Solzhenitsyn

What importance, do you reckon, that Hannity places on the truth? What importance, do you reckon, that the Donald places on the scriptures?

Solzhenitsyn on the line between good and evil

Did you see how Hannity talked over Ted and pointed his finger at him? As if scolding him. He caught himself at the end. But it was too late by then.

The contrast in their respective souls became sharply defined during this exchange. I found it very telling. Ted seemed to be in possession of himself. While Hannity did not.

This is why Ted had to say, "Let me finish, you philistine fuckhead."

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