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» Mayor Pete's Impressive Bravery

It is off-topic for this page, but on the subject of being struck by bravery .. this thing by "Mayor Pete" ..

.. I dont care who you are, or how brave you might be .. that is not easy to do. You almost can't believe your own ears.

» My Experience has been that Gays are Typically More Compassionate Human Beings with a Better Moral Compass

I have said it before, and I will say it again .. it has been my experience that your average gay person is simply a better human being, with a better moral compass ..

.. than the average polite social Christian that you might happen to encounter on the street.

Susan Cottrell knows what I am talking about.

For example, check out Don Lemon's interview here of 2020 Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg .. regarding the issue of tackling racial inequality (28 June 2019).

Don Lemon interviews 2020 Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg about the issue of tackling racial inequality and about Joe Biden being out of touch with reality at the 1st debate (28 June 2019)

Compare their conversation with that of Jake Corman here.

Jake Corman shouting over Pennsylvania state senator Katie Muth as she read a letter from a formerly homeless man (28 June 2019).

What a dick .. trying to take away what little the poor have.

I wonder what the Apostles think of Jake the Dick.

I can guarantee you that Jake is not gay.

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It probably means nothing to anybody but me .. but the time right now here on the Left coast is » 11:58 PM, and this page is live.

I am not really sure exactly what I will be writing here in this entry .. but, with such a title, I can't wait to see where this thing goes.

There is not much that you cannot fit into the space that lies within the entire range of moral experience .. from the satanic to the divine.

(I bet that Ariana knows what I am talking about.)

» Connection is Why We're Here

There is no telling where this thing will end up .. but I know where I want to start » with this remarkable 20-min TED talk (Houston) by Brené Brown (3 Jan 2011) that I recently stumbled across.

Brené Brown| The Power of Vulnerability, TEDx Houston | Connection is why we're here (3 Jan 2011)

She says that » "Connection is why we're here."

Notice that Brené is wearing brown .. a brown shirt.

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» Why Did Jerry Falwell Jr Really Endorse Donald Trump?

Speaking of white evangelicals who are Trump's most devoted supporters .. somebody please ask this prosperity preacher what he thinks about this article about Jerry Falwell Jr's support and surprising endorsement of Trump.

Trump meets Giancarlo Granda at Liberty University with Jerry Falwell Jr (2012)

It says that the Falwells declined to comment for this article. I bet.

I wonder what David French thinks of this.

David French says evangelicals are supporting Trump out of fear, not faith (27 June 2019)

Somebody also please ask this prosperity preacher what he thinks about what this Trump supporter (Mark Lee) publicly declared with his own mouth.

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» A Bizarre and Disturbing Interview with Prosperity Preacher by Inside Edition

Speaking of the generation that worships money .. check out this bizarre and disturbing interview of so-called Prosperity preacher and televangelist Ken Copeland (82) by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019).

Prosperity televangelist Ken Copeland being interviewed by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019)

Wow .. check out the look in his eyes here. I wonder what Kyle thinks of this interview. I wonder what Ana thinks.

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