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» What a Hypocrite

I wonder what Mike Pence thinks of this. He seems to be familiar with the way that bad morals can end up incinerating the planet.

Mike Pence the hypocrite speaks to Bill Clinton's moral failures

He is such a hypocrite. He is a hypocrite's hypocrite. Paul says that such people condemn themselves.

Peter says to rid yourself of all hypocrisy. (Mike mustve skipped that part.)

Jesus himself warned the people about the hypocrisy of the members of the Establishment of his day ..

.. saying that these members of the Establishment do not practice what they preach ..

.. and that these self-righteous Establishment hypocrites like to major in the minor things .. while neglecting the really important stuff, such as justice and mercy.

Mike Pence the hypocrite speaks to Bill Clinton's moral failures

Mike Pence seems to have two drastically different sets of moral standards that our elected officials should live by.

The moral standard that he uses for members of the opposite party appear to be very different from those that employs for members of his own party.

I so badly want to tell Mike Pence (along with his shitty, hypocritical values) to go fuck himself .. but I should probably just bite my tongue.

I bet that George Will would back me up here. And McKay Coppins. And Stephen. And Ellen Wald.

Mike Pence is a self-righteous, fake believer .. just like George. And just like Fred "God-Hates-Fags" Phelps.

Mike Pence is in it purely for the political appeal (.. and the racism that accompanies it).

A generation comes and a generation goes. They can't say that they werent warned. Peter knows what I am talking about.

Peter Wehner knows what I am talking about.

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» Egan was Right

When I first read what Egan wrote about you .. that » "The big problem with Pence is the vast empty space between his ears and the articulation of thoughts formed in that space."

.. I thought he was being harsh. I no longer feel that way.

Nobody does savage like Egan. Except maybe Maureen. You do not want to be on their shitlists. Slice-n-dice with no mercy.

» Egan is the Real Deal

Here is a piece by Egan titled » We Need to Keep Laughing (4 Jan 2019). He never ceases to impress me. Both him and Ariana.

In my hierarchy of impressiveness of skill-sets .. of currently-active (alive) artistic skill-sets .. they are both up there in a similar lofty orbit where they continually impress me .. time after time after time.

When I am in the middle of writing something for which I require a deep focus .. I will not even read a new column by Egan .. because I usually find myself thinking about what he wrote.

The same thing happened with this piece. I read it because we do indeed need to keep laughing. And once I started reading, I couldnt stop.

[ Speaking of laughing .. where is John fucking Oliver? Long as Trump is president, John Oliver should get no weeks off. I am calling my friends at HBO later today and putting a stop to all these vacations. ]

I was taking out the garbage later that evening and I caught myself thinking about some of the things that Egan had said.

I was not trying to think about these things. They seemed to come to me on their own. The things that he says, and the way that he says them, for some reason, get my gears turning. My mental gears. The gears that I use when I am pondering things.

I am very much impressed with his skill-set. I get the feeling that there is a lot more there than he is revealing. He has depth of skill-set.

» The Guy with the Boat Says Believers Should Develop Moral Excellence

Mike Pence is a hypocrite because real believers know that Peter instructs them to "develop moral excellence" (.. by faith, of course).

You know Peter. He's one of the pillars of the church. He's the guy with the boat. So, if anybody should know...

» Where is the Moral Excellence?

Do you see any kind of morals at work in the Trump administration? I see more anti-morals at work. Way more.

And I am not the only one. This is why members of Homeland Security Advisory Council resigned over the administration's policies that they found "morally repugnant."

Member of Homeland Security Advisory Council resign over admin's morally repugnant immigration policy of separating children from parents

» The Republican Party has Become What they Always Hated

Tom Nichols says that the Republican party has become what they've always hated » a party of moral relativism.

Tom Nichols leaving the Republican party after 40 years

Say it aint so, Tom.

» Has Become All About Anger and Punishment

At t=9:20 in this video, he says "The Republican party is all about negative goals. It's all about anger and punishment and getting even. This is not the optimistic, can-do, forward-looking Republican party that I joined as a young man."

At t=11:00 in the same video, ex-Republican Jennifer Rubin says the Republican party has become "mean-spirited, nasty and cruel."

How can anybody attach themselves politically to such cruelty?

The Cruelty is the Point | Adam Serwer (3 Oct 2018)

Without selling their soul?

Next time that you see Mike Pence .. ask him to show you the moral excellence that he is helping to bring to our nation as vice president.

Vice trailer (3 Oct 2018)

Ask him about his works of righteousness. Because somebody is bound to make a movie about him.

» Our Shared Existential Predicament

I want to ask Mike Pence what he thinks about this passage here regarding our "shared existential predicament."

If you dont do it yourself, then it simply won't get done .. says Michael Mahoney about psychotherapy.

It makes a number of interesting statements .. such as » "Each of us face a very personal responsibility for the choices we make in life."

Vice pres Mike Pence copies Donald Trump at FEMA mtg (6 June 2018)

He is saying that we are all accountable for ourselves. He is saying that this is no easy task .. this 'work-of-living' .. for a number of reasons.

Is President Trump Fascist? by Jason Stanley Yale Philosophy (15 Oct 2018)

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

» We Each Face a Unique Configuration of Challenges

I found interesting his phrase » "unique configuration of challenges."

This is why nobody can tell you how to live your life .. because nobody but you is responsible for that life.

José Saramago (1922-2010) is able to say such things far more poetically.

Portuguese Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago says that our words and deeds, both the good and the bad, continue to have an effect long after we are dead and gone.

Which is probably one of the reasons why he has a Nobel Prize in Literature (1998).

And it should be a self-evident fact that nobody can live that life but you. I almost feel foolish for having to to say it.

Dostoevsky speaks to such things.

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