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» Birds of a Feather Flocking Together

Speaking of being renowned for hypocrisy .. here is Ken Starr with a young Brett Kavanaugh.

Ken Starr and Brett Kavanaugh are birds-of-a-feather

Birds-of-a-feather are they.

» Hypocrisy and Self-Delusion

Nobody lives a life completely free of hypocrisy .. but gross hypocrisy is a result of self-delusion.

We are better at deceiving ourselves than others (at t=1:10)

They dont see their hypocrisy because they dont know themselves .. because they are self-deluded.

And because they dont see this obvious thing that is right in front of them ..

Good thing for Trump that Mueller is not the democratic version of Ken Starr (21 March 2019)

.. they naturally think that others dont see it either.

Some people think that they are a straight-shooter .. when it is obvious to everybody else that they are not.

And it doesnt stop at just crooked shooting, either. But you will never be able to get them to see the error of their crooked shooting.

Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

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Even if you happen to produce a report of a "detailed and extensive investigation" some 23 pages in length ..

Baylor Univ report on findings regarding Ken Starr's response to reports of sexual assault (2016)

.. they will still not be able to see the error of their ways.

These types of people want you to accept a report that they do on others .. yet they flat refuse to accept responsibility for the findings of a similar report done on them.

This is why these types of people are both incompetent and irresponsible. (Note that Ken Starr was born in 1946.)

This is exactly the type of shit that the Pharisees did. They set a much higher standard of behavior for others than they did for themselves.

For themselves, they made an endless array of excuses for why their own behavior did not measure up when appraised by a panel of professionals tasked with appraising such things.

I know it might seem obvious ..

'To thy own self be true ..' says Polonius in Hamlet Acts 1 Scene 3.

.. but you cannot be true to yourself if you dont know yourself. And this is why you have become known as the Party-of-Liars.

You will go down in history as the Keystone Cops of American politics.

Ugly as things have become lately here .. you must admit that the times in which we live represent a fascinating study in human nature.

How is it that some citizens identify with values and practices that have long been associated with cruelty.

And what kind of person takes pleasure in cruelty directed toward the weak and the poor and the helpless?

Take you time with that one.

» We Are the Party of Law-n-Order and Moral Integrity

This thing that I am talking about, this principle speaks to the fact that the Republican party, until very recently, claimed to be all about moral integrity.

And you can tell that they really believed it .. when everybody could see right through it.

But now, even they are admitting that moral integrity means nothing to them. Nothing at all. The honesty is almost refreshing.

They are about winning at all costs. Fueled by what I dont know.

» Somehow Blind to What is Obvious and Transparent to Everyone Else

I know this seems obvious from a distance. "Do as I say; not as I do .. because I do not live up to the lofty standards that I have set for others. The rules that I have set for others do not apply to me. I have a special set of rules for myself."

Paul Bloomfield knows what I am talking about. Go UConn! Go Huskies! That was cool that year when they won both the men's and women's national titles in basketball. They should do that again.

» Show Me the Moral Excellence

Next time you see Mike Pence, ask him what he thinks about his boss being a gigantic tax cheat. Ask him how that sits with his values .. with his sense of moral excellence. With his sense of right-n-wrong.

How does that sit with his sense of patriotism?

Trump says about Pence: 'I dont question his loyalty at all.' (17 Nov 2018)

Ask him about the condition of the planet that is being left to our children.

U.S. Climate report warns of damaged environment and shrinking economy

Because neither he nor his boss seem to be the least bit concerned.

Trump refuses to see climate change as man-made (27 Nov 2018)

Ask him what he thinks about his generation living at the expense of the next generation?

CBO deficit projections

Proverbs instructs the believer » "Do not let mercy and kindness leave you. Instead let these qualities define you. Bind them securely around your neck and write them on the tablet of your heart."

Ask him "Where is the 'mercy and kindness' in ripping young children away from their vulnerable parents?" (Ye shall know them by their fruit.)

Empathy and compassion are not found in Trump says Reagan's daughter Patti Davis (29 Oct 2018)

» Being Angry with Generations that Do Not Understand His Ways

I was reading a passage from Hebrews the other day .. which itself references a passage from Exodus.

I thought of Mike Pence when I read that passage. I wasnt trying to think of Mike Pence. The thought of him simply seemed to float into my mind .. very naturally and peacefully.

Just like it did with Hillary and the theme of The Counselor. And also with Ariana .. when I wrote, "Why am I suddenly thinking about pair annihilation?"

Later, I caught myself thinking "That can't be a good sign for Mike Pence."

This would suggest that God is angry with Pence's generation .. because they » "have never understood my ways." 

» The Generation with a Wrong-Headed Zeal for God

Paul vouched for his contemporaries .. admitting that they indeed held a "zeal-for-God" .. but that their zeal was "not-in-accordance-with" God's plan and instructions.

God said that their self-righteous approach did not cut the spiritual mustard required by God's requirements necessary to realize the Promise of the Spirit.

Paul said that they were trying to earn their salvation .. by doing good works and keeping the law of Moses .. which had deteriorated over the centuries to little more than the traditions of men. Meaningless dogma.

Now I can certainly see how one might "not understand" the ways of God. So I am not entirely unsympathetic.

I try to say the same thing in countless different ways .. hoping that one of them will strike their consciousness .. in such a way that they can see what is intuitively obvious to everybody else.

Thank God that I will not be held accountable for his blood. Because he can't say that he wasnt warned.

» American Weapons Helping the Rich-n-Powerful Oppress the Weak and the Poor

Ask him if he sees any moral problems with the United States fingerprints that are found all over the death-n-destruction being rained down on poor, Yemeni citizens.

Arms sales to Saudis leave U.S. fingerprints on Yemen's carnage (25 Dec 2018)

I doubt that he sees anything wrong .. but go ahead and ask him anyway.

The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia's Wars (26 Oct 2018)

It is one new low after another coming from this administration .. and they are proud of their accomplishments. Michelle knows what I am talking about.

Lemme know what he says .. because he won't be able to say that he wasnt warned.

» No Longer Able to Hide the Shedding of Innocent Blood

I can't help but wonder what Mike might think about the verse from Isaiah that says » "You will no longer be able to hide the innocent blood shed upon the earth."

Have you noticed how some people seem to have a need .. an ever-burning need .. to inflict pain-n-suffering on those least able to defend themselves?

Border agents in Yuma force children to sleep on hard, concrete (10 July 2019)

What it is that prohibits compassion for the weak and the poor and the helpless? .. while simultaneously engaging the desire to inflict pain and suffering on the weak and the poor?

What is it in a person that causes that?

I wonder what Loujain thinks of this.

29-year-old Saudi Loujain al-Hathloul in London in 2017

She is a 29-year-old advocate for gender equality .. currently kept in a Saudi prison, where she has been tortured and waterboarded.

NOTE that a tangent from this page that was found right here at this location has been moved to its own page titled » The Value-Structure Operating Behind the Morality of Today's White Evangelical (24 Oct 2018).

» Criticizing Others but Not Oneself for Doing the Very Same Things

The term hypocrisy is defined as:

  • The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

  • Applying criticism to others that one does not apply equally to oneself; moral self-contradiction whereby the behavior of one or more people belies their own claimed or implied possession of certain beliefs, standards or virtues.

  • A feigning to be what one is not; a concealment of one's real character, especially the assuming of false appearance of virtue.

Know thyself, Brett.

» Another Striking Example of Hypocrisy on Full Display at Fox News Over Talking to North Korea

When Obama was president, the folks at Fox News could not stop themselves from criticizing even the idea that Obama might talk to the shockingly cruel dicktator of North Korea.

But that was then. This is now

Fox News used to HATE the idea of talking to the North Korean dicktator, but now .. (2 July 2019)

My how things have changed at Fox News. But dont take my word for it. Rather » see for yourself.

It is funny how they assembled this video. When the folks at Fox News are talking about Obama, they play dark music like you might find in a horror flick. But when they are talking about Trump, the music is all upbeat and patriotic. Nice touch there.

I dont know how these people are able to look themselves in the mirror and not be embarrassed by what they see.

Have they no shame? Have they no spine? Are they FOR talking to the North Korean dicktator or AGAINST it?

The answer to that question seems to be » it depends. It depends on who is planning to do the talking.

» The Spineless Babies Who are Like a Rudderless Ship that Keeps Changing Direction with Every New Political Wind that Happens to Comes Along from Scheming Unscrupulous Men

They should just go ahead and admit to themselves that they hate Obama and everything he does, and that they love Trump and everything he does.

It doesnt matter what Trump or Obama happen to do or what they happen to say. This is why they have no spine to speak of.

Rick Perry knows what I am talking about. David Purdue knows what I am talking about. They are spineless pusssies extraordinaire.

They are all like a rudderless ship that keeps changing direction with every new political wind that happens to come along .. from scheming, unscrupulous men.

Like a rudderless ship that keeps changing course with every new political wind that happens to come along .. from scheming, unscrupulous men. (Ephesians 4:14)

I know that this seems intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observer .. but for some reason they just can't see it. Or maybe they dont want to see it.

» Scripture Instructs All Believers to Come Together in the Unity-of-the-Faith

Here is Mike Huckabee sounding downright incensed at the idea that Obama would ever consider sitting down and talking to North Korea.

Mike Huckabee is incensed on Fox News that Obama said he would talk to North Korea

Mike Huckabee claims to be a minister of the gospel. I dont know what gospel he happens to be preaching .. nor do I care to know.

I wonder what Huckabee thinks about what Paul wrote to the Ephesians, where Paul talks about believers reaching and attaining to » the Unity of the Faith.

Scripture instructs believers to come into the unity-of-the-faith (Ephesians 4:13-14)

Because there is no way that I would ever be "unifying" with Mike Huckabee's adulterated version of the faith. Not a chance.

Is Mike Huckabee a fake believer like Mike Pence? We'll find out soon enough.

If you happen to see Mike Huckabee .. please tell him to go fuck himself for me. (But say it politely, so he doesnt get offended.)

» A History of Putting his Oleaginous Thumb on the Scales-of-Justice in Favor of the Rich-n-Powerful

Sherrod Brown says that Brett Kavanaugh has "a history and record of putting his thumb on the justice scales" in favor of "Wall Street over consumers" and "health-insurance companies over patients."

I am not surprised.

The term oleaginous is defined as » slimy. George Will knows what I am talking about.

» Stealing From Your Kids

Speaking of the definition of the term hypocrisy .. here in another great example regarding the increase in the budget deficit following the tax-cut for the rich.

Hypocrisy surrounding an increased budget deficit in 2018 following tax-cut for the rich (16 Oct 2018)

They obviously dont care about the debt or the deficit. That was all just talk, too. Political hot air.

» Back When Republicans Argued that Balancing the Budget was a Moral Issue

Does anybody still believe these liars when they speak?

Newt says that balancing the budget is a moral issue at Liberty Univ (8 Apr 2011)

Didnt I tell you that the SY$TEM is really about the money?

They are stealing from our kids in the next generation .. and giving it to those who already have more than they know what to do with. A generational wealth transfer right before your very eyes. Of mind-blowing proportions.

A graphic representation of the National Debt that the older generation is saddling the younger generation with

What kind of person schemes to steal from their kids? Somebody who is all about the money.

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