Establishing the Pre-Conditions Necessary for a Trump to Rise - Part One

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George Bush at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017George, what are you doing with your face here?

I have tried to do this in the mirror, but I am not able.

I am not able to make my mouth do this thing that you are doing here.

How do you do that?

And I am not even going to mention your madly furrowed brow or your wildly flared nostrils.

Why would I ever do something like that?

Why would I call attention to your facial features here at Trump's inauguration?

What did Hillary say to you that made the corners of your mouth turn down so sharply here?

You are clearly not happy about what she said to you.

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I have never seen your face look like this .. so displeased. Look at you here giving Hillary the evil-eye. If looks could kill...

Hillary and Dubya share a moment at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017

You are clearly pissed off about something. (What a look on Hillary's face here. What are you thinking here, Hill?)

Your face here, George, reminds me of the feeling that most Americans have when they think back 8 years to the days when you were president.

» Incompetent and Irresponsible

What do you think about the idea of giving authority to people who are not competent to assume the responsibilities that come with that authority?

George Bush wearing a garbage bag on his head at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017And who assume no responsibility for the consequences of their decisions made with that authority?

I'm talking about low-lifes that hold subordinates responsible for the consequences of their decisions .. their bad decisions.

You liked the idea of being the decider, George.

But you were never one to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

You always pushed that off on others.

I wonder what the Iraqi people think of that.

You are not alone here, George .. and there is a name for people like this.

But it's not a very nice name .. so I won't mention it here.

So .. what do you think about the idea of giving such people authority that they are not competent to wield?

Take your time with that one, George.

(You're going to want to make sure that you get that one right.)

Do you think that such a thing might be dangerous?

I wonder what Michelle thinks.

» History's Verdict

But before you start thinking about that ..

.. what do you think about the biography that Jean Edward Smith wrote about you (for your birthday) ..

.. where he made the point that you might very well be the greatest presidential fuck-up ever?

Richard Hass says at t=8:25 in this video that "Historians will be extremely critical."

There are a number of ways that historians judge a president.

But a key metric is to take a snapshot of the nation at the beginning of his presidency, and compare that image with another taken at the end.

This is not so very difficult to imagine, George .. that you are one of history's greatest presidential fuck-ups .. especially with this picture of you here, wearing this garbage bag on your head at Trump's inauguration.

You are such a clown. Managing appearances was never one of your strengths.

You actually caused the author of this two-photo-set to use a second photo. Otherwise nobody would know who's the idiot under the plastic bag. I have never seen such a thing before.

In other words .. you require more, but you provide less. Didnt your dad ever provide you with any discipline?

» Total Fuck-Ups

Oh, I just saw thing thing on CBS .. that said there were actually five presidents who were worse than you.

I caught myself thinking, "Wow, they must've been total fuck-ups."

Speaking of total fuck-ups, George .. here is a piece that you should see. Thanks for the memories, George.

You must read things like that and think back to the days before you tricked-fucked the nation into war and think, "Wow .. was I ever clueless."

» Like Giving Up 19 Runs in the First Inning

When Trump was being sworn in, did you think about what he said about how you failed to keep America safe?

He said that your administration was like a baseball team that gives up 19 runs in the first inning, but then who plays well for the rest of the game.

How We See George W Bush in the Time of Trump (6 Dec 2018)

I thought that was a very good analogy. "Why didnt I think of that?" I wondered. New York City boys seem to have a gift for characterizing such things.

Did you also think about the way that he called you a liar on national television .. right in front of your little brother?

While Trump's approval rating appears to be cratering .. it is still not as low as yours was. (Give him time. It shouldnt take him very long.)

» Leaving a National Economic Mess for the Black Dude to Clean Up

I bet that felt good .. to hand off a national economic meltdown to a black dude and tell him to clean up your mess.

So you could go home and paint.

George W Bush painting Donald Trump

I am sure that this was a pleasantly distracting activity for you .. so you wouldnt have to think about all the misery and suffering that your decisions caused to so many innocent people.

Speaking of the economic meltdown .. what do you think of Larry Summers?

» Being Addicted to Things that Corrupt

I saw that thing where you said that power can be addictive. Why didnt you say corrupting?

It seems like you are saying that you were addicted to a corrupting thing. I guess this would be an appropriate thing for you to say.

Okay .. I went back and re-watched that thing. You did indeed say 'corrupting'.

My bad, George. I made a mistake. I apologize for that.

Everybody makes mistakes. Tho I am sure you would admit that some mistakes are more consequential than others.

Some fuck-ups merely fuck-up people's own lives .. while other fuck-ups can fuck-up the lives of others. Many others. I'm sure you would agree.

Have you ever made a mistake, George? How about torture? Was that a mistake?

This article says that » "In many ways the party's hangups stem from its unwillingness to fully reckon with the fuck-ups of the Bush legacy."

» Appearances can be Deceiving

By the way, George .. speaking of things that corrupt .. did you go to this school? You were born in Connecticut, right?

Choate Rosemary hall in Wallingford Connecticut

Is this why it was so important for you to a.p.p.e.a.r like a tough guy .. someone who walks with a cowboy swagger?

George Bush grants immunity to Pope Benedict for covering up child sexual abuse

I am sure that men who sexually abuse boys appreciate your efforts here, George. You, better than most people, understand how men at the top need to be insulated from the legal consequences of their actions.

I am not going to say that you are a piece-of-shit, George .. but you can bet your ass I am thinking it.

Speaking of pieces of shit who are insulated from the legal consequences of their actions .. at t=3:00 in this PBS video, Mark Shields says that the taxpayer is being billed to the tune of $17,000,000.00 for settlement payments.

Made to members of the staff on Capitol Hill who have been sexually abused and harassed.

I bet that you dont see anything wrong with that, George.

What do you think about this one?

Just because something looks pretty, George .. doesnt necessarily mean that it is pretty. Think about it. It'll come to you.

Speaking of elite schools and things that corrupt .. what do you think of the idea that Harvard breeds greed? I wonder what Molly thinks. Actions always speak louder .. dont they?

I wonder what Jennifer thinks, too.

Didnt you go to Harvard and Yale, George? Such an elitist you are. And not just an elitist, but an elitist hypocrite. (« That's the worst kind.)

» To Whom Much is Given...

Speaking of receiving a super-expensive education from only the elitest of the elite schools .. what do you think, George, about the scriptural principle that says » "To whom much is given, much is required."

Do you ever feel like God expects more from America, a nation which has received so much .. do you think that he expects more from America than the election of a racist as president?

I can't help but feel that he is disappointed about that. I can't help but feel like he had higher expectations for our shining city on a hill.

Was your father ever disappointed in you, George? Were you ever a disappointment to your dad? Did you ever fail to live up to his expectations for you?

I injected this sidebar here about you, George, because John Yoo wrote those letters for you .. that say torture is a beautiful thing and that America should embrace torture as something to do to people at hidden sites around the globe.

Have you guys ever heard the phrase » You reap what you sow ? Think about it. It'll come to you .. sooner of later.

Your administration made me feel embarrassed to be an American. And that's not easy to do.

Prisoner Abuse Scandal of April, 2004 under the leadership of George W Bush made possible by papers signed by John Yoo

You were obviously in over your head, George. Here is an interesting paragraph (5th paragraph) from an article that talks about why the GOP is so fucked up today:

Many of those issues can be traced back to the administration of George W. Bush, which functioned as an enormous political bait and switch. The 43rd president campaigned on humble foreign policy and prudent conservative solutions, but his presidency quickly became oriented almost exclusively around a political defense of the Iraq war.

Food for thought. Think about it and we'll talk more later.

Krugman says that Republicans have "mastered the tactics of bait and switch: pretending to stand for one thing, then doing something quite different in office."

» Feeling Passionate and Certain While Being Very Wrong

When I read about you in this article here (9th paragraph) that it did not occur to you that you could feel certain about something (such as the Iraq war) yet still be wrong .. I thought about what Paul wrote here, where he said:

» For I testify about them that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge.

Zeal is defined as » "Enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance. Synonyms at passion."

Paul is basically saying, "I can vouch for these folks .. that they do indeed have a passion for good things. But they go about it wrong-headedly."

Can you see why this verse makes me think of you, George?

Heil Hitler! (with exuberant enthusiasm)

Think about it .. it'll come to you. People say that you're not as goofy as you look. Or as you act.

Do you belong to a country club? Those people are famous for spouting their opinions with certainty of their correctness .. while being very wrong. Which is why I ask.

Didnt you once say of Putin that?:

"I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. I was able to get a sense of his soul, a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country."

Putin's Revenge | PBS Frontline

I think that Donald feels similarly. Birds of a feather .. you and Trump. Neither one of you dimwits are in Putin's league .. I think it is obvious. Putin is three steps ahead of you fuckers.

Putin and Trump with blue-n-white flowers

» Attracting the Slime

Speaking of birds-of-a-feather .. both you and Rick Perry were governors of Texas. What do you think about what he said about Donald Trump as a candidate? Can you see why so many Americans view politicians as having no real spine to speak of?

Rick Perry with a red tie dutifully standing behind Donald Trump

What is it about politics that seems to attract so much slime? So much hypocritical slime.

Spineless Sen. David Perdue of Georgia changes his mind about Trump's racist comments

Anybody care to take a guess? Why is this guy here, David Perdue .. why is he squinting like that?

He must have something in his eye.

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