Establishing the Pre-Conditions Necessary for a Trump to Rise - Part Two

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» Dubya Comes Out of Retirement to Warn Republicans of the Dangers of Trumpism

Oh, look at you go here, George .. coming out of retirement to lay the presidential smack down on the Donald. Here is the full 16-minute transcript.

George W Bush gives speech in New York to warn Republicans about the dangers of Trump October 19, 2017

That was very unexpected .. I think that Cenk would concur. It may take me a few days to process the seismic reverberations. But good for you. I bet that your daughters are proud of you.

This says that you wrote the speech yourself. Did you? Bannon says that a speechwriter wrote the speech for you. I get the impression that he doesnt like you, George.

I hate to admit it, but my spidey senses agree with him there .. that you are not capable of writing such a speech. (I hope that I am wrong.)

What is the difference, George, between being simply misguided and downright evil? (Take your time with that one.)

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» Welcome to War Without End .. Thanks to the Bush Administration

I wonder what Joe and Mika think. Nick says near the end (t=17:55) that you "plunged this country into war without end."

War Without End by CJ Chivers (8 Aug 2018)

You did a foolish thing, George .. very foolish. CJ knows what I am talking about.

I bet that Rob Reiner would agree with me. He should probably make a movie about the foolish thing that you did. (Oh, look .. he did.)

Think of how many schools and hospitals could have been built with the money that you wasted on buying bombs and weapons of death and destruction.

Think of how much health care we could have provided to the weak and the poor and the helpless.

And ever since we have been at war. The longest war in our nation's history.

Sec of State Colin Powell arguing at the United Nations that Iraq has WMDs (05 Feb 2003)

How does Colin Powell sleep at night? .. knowing what death and destruction he was so instrumental, in playing such a key, pivotal role .. in helping to bring to pass this unending death and destruction.

» What If Powell had the Moral Courage to Say No?

Some people feel that .. if he had had the balls .. the huevos rancheros .. the cojones that were grande enough .. to stand up to stupidity, and refuse to be used as a toady for the War Machine .. that the Iraq war would have never happened.

I have not researched the subject enough to be able to provide you with an opinion, one way or the other. But, you must admit .. that it makes for an interesting idea to ponder.

To consider as a study in ethical-behavior .. in a moral-character sort-of-way. As a study in the need to grow a spine.

As a lesson in gigantic historical fuck-ups to be learned .. so that you dont repeat those same mistakes.

» Endless Wars are a Curse that Results from Bad Decisions Made by Kings

Scripture says that endless wars are a curse .. a part of thee curse. "What curse is that?" you ask?

You'll see .. sooner or later. I would gladly tell you .. but you wouldnt believe it if I did. So it would just be a waste of my time and energy.

Wars are a curse that comes as a result of kings making bad decisions. Stupid decisions. Selfish decisions. Harmful decisions. Pernicious decisons. Ungodly decsions. I could certainly continue down this path .. but you feel me.

» Putting the Cost of the War on a Credit Card and Leaving the Bill for the Next Generation to Pay

Now .. the people who profit from war .. from manufacturing the weapons and materials used to wage war .. they are probably feeling good about this. They are very happy with you.

These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had WMDs - Trump transition team mocking Intel agencies 9 Dec 2016

They probably have a photo of you mounted in an expensive frame on the wall in their living room .. the centerpiece of a little shrine they lovingly built to honor both you and Five-Deferment Cheney.

It doesnt seem to be affecting either you or your family too terribly adversely. But others have paid a terrible price. Every day people continue to pay a price for your foolish decisions. Your very foolish decisions. I'm sure it tears you up, George.

» Establishing the Necessary Pre-Conditions for a Trump to Rise

He also said that your fuck-ups "gave rise to Donald Trump" and that you "set the conditions necessary for him to rise."

He is saying that your administration - [ because it was so remarkably incompetent, because you valued loyalty over competence, just like Donald does, and if you had chosen competent people instead of ass-kissers, such as "You're doin' one heck of a job, Brownie." .. then they wouldve told you that what you were trying to do was a bad idea ] - he is saying that your administration established the pre-conditions necessary for a Trump-like character to rise.

» I Agree with Him There

I agree with him there. And I am confident that I am not the only one. He is a panelist sitting with a group specifically assembled to discuss these things. This is what he does. This is his bailiwick.

George W Bush gives speech in New York to warn Republicans about the dangers of Trump October 19, 2017

How do you like the way that I captured both a close and a super-close shot of you here? Both images come from the exact same photo. They are simply cropped and sized differently.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. I wanted a window into your soul. I did the same thing with Hannity. (Talk about a piece-of-work.)

Greek comedy and tragedy masks

I included these Greek masks here, George, because sometimes your presidency was a joke, while at other times it was a tragedy.

Here is Nick's entire quote. I transcribed it for you because it is so good.

» Thus Spake Confessore

Speaking of Bush and Obama, Joe, I actually had a different reaction. I saw two men whose policies were in some sense repudiated by the election of President Trump. And I saw them shouting into the wind.

President Bush left office deeply unpopular. He plunged this country into war without end in the Middle East .. that is still reshaping the world and our country. And [presiding over] a bubble economy that led to a huge crash.

Those two things gave rise to Donald Trump .. set the conditions for him to rise. It's Trump's party now.

Bush was very forceful on keeping a lid on this kind of nationalism when he was president. In the wake of 9-11, he spoke at a mosque. But I think those forces were always there. I think that Trump has unleashed them and we can't go back, and I'm not sure that we will go back to a different time anymore.

That's a remarkable commentary .. which is why I took the time to document it.

He is basically saying that you are an incompetent and irresponsible piece-of-shit. And he makes a valid point.

Nick Confessore

He is a Politics major from Princeton. He is smart fucker .. you can tell.

I titled today's entry after something he said. That's actually a big deal for me.

This is why I am including his image. This is my way of paying respect and showing my appreciation.

And he has such a cool name. His name sounds like threat. "Don't make whup a confessore on your sorry ass."

And the threatened person will think, "Ooh .. I better straighten up. Everybody knows what happened to the last guy that got confessored. There are still pieces of him that they have yet to find."

» Donald is Your New Daddy

George, presidents dont give speeches any more .. they just tweet messages. If your message is longer than a single tweet, just put a few dots at the end and continue your message in the next tweet.

If you have any problems, just give Trump a call. I am sure that you know the number there. He has it all figured out.

Donald Trump double-tweet about Joe and Mika

He is the head of your party now. He is like your daddy now .. whether you like it or not. He is sleeping in your old bed. In your presidential bed.

Bannon says that establishment Republicans are in full collapse

Welcome to the New Age .. the one that you, more than anyone else, helped create. What did you think of Roger Ailes?

» No Spine to Speak Of

This piece by Peter Suderman says that the current state of Republican dysfunction is due to the party's unwillingness to reckon with the fuck-ups of the Bush legacy.

I bet that Paula knows what I am talking about here.

Dubya and George Bush Game 5 World Series Houston Oct 29, 2017

He makes some interesting points, no?

You should be familiar with this concept because it lies at the heart of AA .. in that the alcoholic cannot free himself from this disease that is slowly killing him .. if he refuses to admit that this poison he continues to pour down his throat is even a problem.

Nazi flag and Confederate flag marching together side-by-side in Charlottesville, VA. August, 2017

I dont understand why some human beings are so reluctant to ever admit a mistake .. seeing that fallibility is a well known property of human beings. The key to development is jettisoning bad behaviors and moving on into more enlightened realms.

Few today would use the term 'enlightened' to describe the Republican party. More like the Dark Ages.

Robert Chain charged with making death threats to the Boston Globe (31 Aug 2018)

With such incompetence running the country .. how much longer can civilization survive?

At the end of eight years with you, we the people thought, "Surely the state of our nation can never be worse than it has gotten with this president." (We-the-people were so wrong.)

» Devoured by the Divisive Tiger of Racist Sentiments (JFK was Prophetic)

At t=1:50 in this video, Lisa asks EJ » "How much is the Republican party responsible for the rise of Donald Trump?"

One Nation After Trump (Sept, 2017)I know that accepting responsibility is not your thing, George.

But EJ responds by quoting a line from JFK in his inaugural address (Jan 20, 1961 .. 56 years ago to the day).

"He who foolishly rides to power on the back of a tiger ends up inside."

EJ continues by saying that the Republican party was willing to court and embrace divisive themes.

And how you assumed that you could always keep this radicalism under control.

While extracting votes from it (them).

He cites the example of how Trump was exploiting racist sentiments by challenging Obama's birth certificate.

And how very few Republicans were willing to denounce it .. even though you knew it was total bullshit.

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