First Days of the Transition to Starving Writer

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» Backing Track for Laguna Beach Vibes

Have you you seen this video titled Laguna Beach Vibes, which uses your song as a backing track?

This is actually a great little video that was put together by this dude named Matt Roche. Good quality. Good shots. Good locations.

I know all these locations in this video. My feet have been on all these beaches. Many times. The video actually had me waxing nostalgic.

I lived in Laguna for 10 years. My son was born in Laguna. I met his mom in Laguna .. before she was his mom. (She was tight with the wife of the city manager.)

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Laguna is easily the best town that I have ever lived in .. even tho traffic there sucks pretty badly .. especially during the summer months .. when the weekends are just insane. Weekends during the summer months are a complete madhouse.

There are two types of Lagunaticks in Laguna » there are North Lagunaticks and there are South Lagunaticks.

The shot he has from t=2:05 to 2:15 .. where he follows the girl on the skateboard and then pulls up on the drone for a shot of Shaw's cove .. that was very fucking cool. I lived at Shaw's cove, too. For a few years. Maybe more.

If you tell a Lagunatick, "I live a block or two from Shaw's cove," .. they know exactly where you live.

This image here that I captured .. this shot is from Thousand Steps beach in south Laguna (10th street).

Laguna Beach Vibes by Matt Roche

I lived here at this beach for almost a year. What a story I could tell here.

If you polled Lagunaticks as to their opinion of Laguna's #1 most beautiful beach .. Thousand Steps would definitely rank high on the list and might very well win.

Well, I mean that I lived in a house, a cottage actually .. with our own private goat trail down to this beach.

» Beginning the Transition to an Artist

This period here, when I lived at this particular beach in Laguna .. this represents one of the coolest, and maybe even thee #1 coolest era of my life.

Because this is where I was living when I transitioned from a member of the military-industrial nuclear world .. to a writer. To an artist's lifestyle.

This was a huge transition .. from one end of the life-spectrum to the other. From a world that is very left-brain logical and linear .. to a right-brain world .. where very little is either logical or linear. Pictures and images live there.

I had to deal with many unexpected things. I mean, I was figuring it out as I went. And everything I read on the subject said, "You will probably die a miserable death."

I would come down here to the beach at Thousand Steps an hour before sunset .. and smoke a hit or two of this sacred ganja from Hawaii and pray and think and listen to my heart.

You can't smoke weed in the nuclear world because they piss-test you on a random basis. And it is a big deal if you come back positive.

So I was very sensitive to this stuff. This Hawaiian stuff .. grown by Rastafarian virgins at the foot of an active volcano.

Sometimes I would walk, and sometimes I would just sit and watch the waves. Before this, I had been going hard for many years. Working big hours and taking classes. Not for the faint of heart. My housemate in San Clemente knows exactly what I am talking about.

Most of the time I was the only one down here at the beach at Thousand Steps. During the weekdays, and after the summer is over, these beaches are deserted when the chill comes.

I usually had the whole beach to myself. Sometimes there would be a guy with his dog .. throwing a ball for him to fetch.

He had this wand thing that allowed him to throw the ball really far. His dog was super fast .. which is probably why he needed that throwing gizmo to help him throw the ball far.

Even then I knew that I could write. But what would I write? That was one of the reasons why I was there.

» Isolation is the Gift

Notice how Bukowski's quote posted here contains the statement » "Isolation is the gift."

It was during my transitional days there at Thousand Steps beach that I came to understand what Bukowski means by that statement.

Dostoevsky says that solitude is essential for the mind (at t=6:15)

And here I could go into Knausgardian detail.

But let me simply say that .. working in a nuclear power plant is far from isolated. Lots of people are concentrated in a fenced-in area. Fences topped with razorwire.

A controlled area. A secure area .. where badges and keycards are required. With guards patrolling. You get the picture.

The end .. for now. I am sure that I will return when I get a chance. ■

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