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» A Dangerous Method

Speaking of dangerous, lusty places .. it might be worth mentioning here, as a related diversion from our increasingly precarious slope, that I saw the Netflix DVD last week ..

.. tilted » A Dangerous Method (2011, by Sony Classics, Certified Fresh) starring Fassbender (as Jung) and Viggo (as Freud) and Vincent Cassel ..

.. with Kiera Knightley (as their crazy patient whom they cure with their dangerous method) and Sarah Gadon (as Jung's wife).

These are all super high-testosterone guys .. and there is so much latent, repressed sexuality in this film that you can feel it oozing out of the lusciously shot scenes .. which all have a great artistic element. Tho I feel inadequate to describe.

You never see all three men together in any one scene .. for that would be a critical mass of maleness.

If you set all three men together, facing inward, forming a little triangle, and Keira walked into the center of them .. she would spontaneously combust. 'Poof' .. there she goes .. up in smoke. Poor Keira.

I am not easily surprised, but I was clearly surprised by this film. You will have to see for yourself what I mean. Cronenberg is the director and he is very good at pushing limits. (All kinds of limits.)

What is it about Freud's method, and especially Jung's adaptation of that method, that makes it so "dangerous"? What is it about me that makes Ariana feel like a dangerous woman?

» Flirting with Danger

I might have to flirt with her ass .. using one of my most dangerous methods. You know how I have this thing for singers. She is growing up so fast, isnt she?

She is still so young, but this video makes it clear that she is eager to put that behind .. and move on. To bigger and better things. Even dangerous things.

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I wonder to what degree she felt, in her earlier roles, to what degree she felt held up as an example to young girls. Probably a large degree, no?

I am actually in the middle of flirting with Padma, right now.

Padma Lakshmi speaking at ACLU People Power in Miami March 11, 2017

Is it true that girls like to get attention from guys? (Jennifer says they do. Kristina says that they get downright hostile, sometimes.)

» The Art of the Flirt

In order to really flirt well, the Flirt must adapt himself to the subject of his appreciation .. in such a way as to show (demonstrate) that he 'gets' her, that he vibes with her on some level, that he resonates with her, naturally and effortlessly ..

.. at a level beyond merely superficial. In other words, you want the flirt to contain a recognizable personal element .. without being too personal, or offensive.

And the flirt must display something that the object of their appreciation has never seen before. Some uniqueness. Something that sets them apart .. in order to give the flirt more weight. So to speak.

The writer should never shrink from a challenge .. no matter how dangerous it might be. (And this would be very dangerous. I would certainly go down in history if I were able to pull it off.)

I might have to inxxxvent something special .. just for her. Create out of thin air .. something new .. something extraordinary and beautiful and simple + intricately patterned.

Pure Creativity » What's Coming Next?

The Great Gatsby (1925) by F Scott FitzgeraldDont make me get all Fitzgerald on your ass .. tho Joyce is really the experimentalist.

And I'm sure Tolstoy will have something to say. (He always does.)

Look at me .. breaking out the big guns for you.

The heavy artillery.

That must mean that I really like you. (Beyond the obvious.)

Look at me here, girly, walking you down this street .. with my own twenty-first century writing ..

.. beside an image representing the Great Gatsby.

Which Modern Library ranks #2, in their list of the 100 Best Novels of the Century.

I have never walked any other girl down this street before .. you're the first.

Can you feel the special way I'm holding your hand?

» Warm Panties

That's gotta make your panties a little warm .. I would imagine.

I mean .. from what little I have been able to gather about girly-girls, such as yourself.

I so badly want to put your hands against the seawall .. at the bottom of the stairs .. where it allows access to the beach below.

I want to put your hands over your head .. in the standard 'frisk' position .. with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore not far away ..

.. and, from behind you, I want to lift your dress just enough .. so I can slip my hand down into your panties (slowly, of course, tease that I am) ..

.. and see for myself .. just how warm they really are.

Not that I dont trust you, because I do .. but what if somebody asks, "How do you know for certain .. that her panties are really warm inside? How do you know that she isnt just saying that?"

And, of course, this will probably take some time .. because I see no reason to hurry. And I want to do a thorough examination.

It's almost dark .. so no one will see. But if they do .. and if they call out to us .. then, we will run back up the sand-covered steps and find another place to play.

I am going to need you to spread your feet a little further apart for me first. Thank-you. Thank-you very much.

» Getting Closer

Now, I am going to have to get pretty close to you .. in order to do this. Very close, indeed.

And I just noticed how close your neck is .. to my teeth. Perhaps just one little scrape of my fangs up and down the length of your neck wouldnt do any harm .. ya think?

I am going to sweep your hair over to your right side .. so I can better expose the left side of your neck. I want nothing to get in my way. You have a lot of hair .. enough hair for three girls.

Do you trust me to scrape my teeth up and down along the length of your neck? You probably shouldnt.

Now, when your feel inspired .. I want you to press yourself into my hand .. and tell me how that feels.

Ooh, this right here is erotica. Only page three, and already we are into erotica.

This is not a good sign for you, girly. This means your ass is in trouble.

Page three and already my hand is down into your panties. And yes, they are indeed very warm.

[ A number of girls have told me that I have "nice hands." One girl even said that hands were her thing .. and that this was the reason why she was dating me. Because of my hands. My nice hands. I could hardly believe it. She liked it when I touched her with my hands .. when I touched her body with my nice hands. And she liked it a lot. Ask me how I know. She let me know how much she liked it. Many times she reminded me how much she liked it when I touched her body with my nice hands. It was easy for me to see exactly how much she liked it. Very easy, indeed. She had the softest skin of any girl I ever dated. Speaking of which... ]

Steamy and creamy .. just the way I want your panties .. every time you think about me.

» Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story

Sing me a song and I'll tell you a story .. a naughty bedtime story .. about a writer and a singer .. a gifted writer and a dazzlingly captivating singer ..

.. who have this thing going on .. their own little, secret thing.

A secret, erotic thing.

Maybe I should tell you about this thing later .. and let the sexual tension continue build .. until it becomes downright unbearable.

Something 'bout, something 'bout you .. makes me feel fucking aggressive. This is not a good thing for you, girly. For you or for your bed.

This thing right here (this writing thing) feels like it is working on its own.

I am kinda watching it work. (It seems to be sweet on you, too, girly.)

I kinda wanna let it run .. just to see what happens. Just to see where it leads. Just to see where it takes us. (It's so much fun that I can hardly stand it.)

I can feel that it is a very high degree of creativity. With a very high degree of creativity .. it very much feels like you dont know what is coming next.

I normally do not like that feeling .. and occasionally a part of me will try to cap the writing pen. But right now I am enjoying that feeling .. of not knowing what is coming next. Tho it makes my heart beat a little more quickly. (Sometimes a lot more.)

Another voice said, "Dude, just explore the creative process and leave the pretty girl alone. You think you can do that?"

I said, "I dont know." (Give me points for honesty.) Perhaps I should explore this avenue further some other time.

I am trying to remember how I got here .. so I can get back here .. if I need to.

Because I am very much about exploring the creative process. That shit fascinates me. (And I'm not even sure why.)

Do you possess the thing that does it for my creative process? Oh .. that would put me at a severe disadvantage (again).

[ I can hear a voice saying, "Dude, you were just giving Kate Hudson shit for doing the same thing." ]

I would be lying if I said that I didnt feel inspired right now. Tho the writer is constantly urged to "show, not tell."

This feels a lot like the thing that I sometimes feel at the coffee shop .. when I am talking to a pretty girl there. I start saying shit that a part of me can't believe I'm saying.

Not always, but once in a while, I would hear the voice of reason say, "I can't believe the shit that I'm hearing coming out of your mouth right now. How soon we forget. Have you not gotten into enough trouble with girls yet?"

It feels like it happens on its own. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, I guess.

Something, the likes of which, has never before been done. In any nation. (Ever.)

The Writer and the Singer » A Story of Danger and Lust and Music

Ooh .. something is coming to me. The title of it looks like » The Writer and the Singer .. has a nice ring to it, no? I bet that they have lots of fun together.

» Natural Allies?

Nicole Kidman sings as Satine in Moulin Rouge!There is a scene in Moulin Rouge! (ranked #53 here) where Nicole Kidman ..

.. who plays a dazzlingly sexy and completely captivating singer ..

.. learns that Ewan McGregor is really a (penniless) writer ..

.. and not the (fabulously wealthy) duke, who she thought he was .. when she let him into her giant elephant, where she lives.

It's at this moment where they interrupt the audio and play the track of a vinyl record scratching very badly. And Nicole says, "A writer?" .. as if to say, "A writer? What a horrible bank error this is here."

This scene cracks me up every time.

It's like she is saying, "You gotta be shittin' me. What kind of cruel joke have the Fates and the Universe conspired to play on me here? A writer? Somebody please shoot me now and put me out of my misery."

It doesnt end well .. for either of them. More than once I have stopped the DVD .. not wanting to watch the second half. (Or maybe not able to.)

[[ Oh look .. here is a column in the NY Times (dated May 13) about a play titled My Paris (running May 4- 29) featuring the life of the French painter Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901). The article mentions not only Baz's movie, but also your talented piano friend, Jason Robert Browne .. which is currently playing at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven .. where I have been myself a number of times. I am curious now about how your dog got its name. I am not even going to tell you what the voices in my head are saying. The noise level is already at a low roar .. and climbing steadily. I have never tried absinthe, but now I am curious about its effects. The Dog was talking about bringing some back from Europe the next time he goes to Prague. He said that you can get the good stuff over there. ]]

» Nice to See You

[ Oh, look here .. they have come back together 16 years later.

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor | Actors on Actors June 6, 2017 (16 years after Moulin Rouge

After exploring their current projects, she asks him (at t=11:00) if he knew what they were making when they were making Moulin Rouge.

He said that he did.

That was a very cool dual-interview .. which is why I have returned here on June 6, 2017 to mention it.

I captured an image where he says, "It's nice to see you."

She talks about drinking absinthe at wild parties there at the big house, at Baz's villa .. the one with many rooms and great food.

They also mention the funny scenes that I pointed out above .. the ones shot inside the giant elephant where she lives, and how they were not even part of the original script. They were just fucking around. This makes those scenes all the more cool.

Then Nicole talks about how sharing such a project together means that you will always have this thing together .. this thing "that we all created together and it bonds you in a very particular way."

This is the point here where he says, "It's nice to see you." Why do I like that part so much?

< end update June 6, 2017 sixteen years later > ]

Ewan McGregor as Christain the writer in Moulin Rouge!» Peanut Butter & Jelly?

Do you feel that singers and writers just naturally go together? Like peanut butter and jelly?

That they are somehow naturally attracted to one another? Natural allies in the food chain that is life in the twenty-first century?

I mean, even if the singer doesnt know that the writer is a writer. And vice versa.

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

» The Universe at Work?

Perhaps two total strangers catch a glimpse of each other in a busy restaurant.

Perhaps their eyes meet, seemingly by chance, and something sparks in them.

"What was that?" they ask themselves.

"Who is that person .. and why did they make me feel like that? Why do I suddenly feel relaxed and calm and confident inside instead of excited and nervous? Why do I feel like going over there and saying hi? I normally dont like to do that. Why are my feet walking in her direction already?

Why is this the easiest thing I have ever done in my whole life? Why does it feel like the universe is carrying me over to this girl who I've never seen before?

Maybe I should just go with it and see what happens .. see where it leads. Oh, so you're singing here tonight? I'll have to stick around then. There is something about you .. I'm not sure what it is. Do you feel that? Or is that just me?"

I feel that this is indeed the case .. from my own personal experience .. that writers and singers coexist together easily and naturally .. which is probably one of the reasons why I am writing so freely here.

Would you agree that I am indeed writing freely? Havent I said that I can most easily be myself around a singer? (I'm pretty sure I did.)

» Nicole has a Thing for Writers?

Oh, look .. speaking of writers and Nicole .. here she is coming out with a new movie about the life of a writer (Tom Wolfe) .. titled » Genius. (June 10 release.)

I love watching movies like this .. cuz they make me feel less fucked up. You dont have to be fucked up .. to be a writer. But it definitely helps. (Dont quote me on that. I'll break it down for you later.)

You reckon Nicole might be sweet on writers? Come to think about it .. she also played Virginia Woolf in The Hours. Woolf and Wolfe? Coincidence? Maybe she's got the howl in her?

She delivers this line at at the end of this trailer » "You have no idea what I had to go through to look at you and feel nothing."

What a rabbit hole that is. I can feel it working me .. wanting me to go there. Calling to me. But I will not go.

Update June 5, 2016 » I just saw Carolyn's piece in the Sunday LA Times that we get delivered here. I thought Nicole was his wife, but this says that she is actually playing » "Aline Bernstein, a married woman having an affair with Wolfe."

There were other interesting things there speaking to me. I can feel something inside trying to get me to write the sentence » "You really gotta be fucked up to write well." .. but I dont want to write that.

I really do feel less fucked up, tho .. even after seeing just the trailer.

I totally feel for writers. I feel them. I feel their pain. I sympathize with them. I empathize with them. I have mucho compassion for them. I cant help it .. I just do. I dont try to.

For example, here is a thing that makes me feel like I've come home. Less alone in the world. I get it.

It feels a little weird. Because I dont really know them .. yet I feel like I do. Like I know them better than people I actually know.

This is why it would never work with me and Padma .. because, she would say, "Salman was not nice to me." And I would say, "I dont believe you." And then she would say, "Go fuck yourself." And I would say, "Say hi to Salman for me."

And I'm sure that Padma is a very nice person.

By the way, the title of Carolyn's article on the cover page of the Arts & Books section of today's paper here is » It takes two to make a 'Genius'.

Perhaps the genius-writer needs a muse .. a hottie muse .. one who wears those boots that you wear. Perhaps this is the reason why it takes two. What do you think, girly?

Today is National Cancer Survivor's day, by the way .. a new favorite holiday of mine.

< end June 5th update Carolyn's piece >

[ Speaking of Virginia Woolf .. this is very good. I'm kinda dropping the link here, so I dont lose it. I write with an eye to coding efficiency myself. This is the age in which we live. So I want my writing to reflect that. ]

Russell Brand» Russell & the Singer

Speaking of writers and singers .. what do you think about the relationship between Russell Brand and Katy Perry?

He was saying things like .. the life that he was living with Katy while they were married ..

.. was the life of the very thing that he so detested » "the vapid, vacuous life of celebrity."

But he made it work .. for a while, anyway (14 months). I do not know that I would have lasted that long.

Russell Brand came from dark places .. so I admire that.

Not an easy thing to do.

» A Dream that is a Hundred Times Harder

Speaking of Katy Perry, what do you think of what she said here?

Where she said, "You think you signed up for one thing, but you automatically sign up for a hundred others. And that is why you see people shaving their fucking heads."

By 'people' there, she obviously means Britney.

I do not know exactly what Katy means there by a "hundred other" things that popstars sign up for, but I'm sure that you do.

Her statement was preceded by » "It is a hundred times harder a dream than the dream that I dreamt when I was 9."

I can see that this popstar life is not an easy thing to pull off. I could never do that.

» Not as Black-n-White as this Dress

Katy Perry LGBTQ Equality Award speech at Human Rights Commission gala in Los Angeles March 18, 2017

I am so impressed with your speech that I have returned here to insert this little commentary on your LGBTQ Equality award at the 2017 HRC gala in Los Angeles on March 18.

There are many things that I could speak to. Many things that are very cool. So much to say.

I could easily lift out this section and transfer it to its own page and run with it. Very easily. Maybe even too easily.

I was very interested in my friend's thing with other girls. I wanted to know how she thought and felt about her relationships with other girls. Her sexual relationships.

I am interested in all kinds of sexuality. (I mean, who isnt?)

One of the things I learned about gays from my gay friend .. was that not all gays guys are sexually attracted to all other gay guys.

I somehow had it in my mind that anyone who was gay automatically was attracted to anyone else who was gay. I dont know why I thought this.

My friend said, "That's stupid. Are you attracted to every heterosexual girl?"

Later I was thinking about that and thought, "That was stupid of me to think that."

"Not as black-n-white as this dress..." .. true that, Katy Perry. True that. My experiences confirm your statement.

I will validate your experience here .. not that you need it, of course.

"Truth be told, I did more than that." I bet. Kiss-n-tell, Katy. Let's hear all the juicy-juice. Write a song about that truth. About the 'more than' part.

What do you think of Sinead? Is she your type?

I chose this particular image of you here .. because you look very centered and comfortable and at home in yourself.

You seem to at one with your inner Zen self. It obviously caught my attention.

This is where you say that "They were the most free," .. and do you a cool little thing with the fingers of your left hand.

This is where you say » "They were the most free, strong, kind, and inclusive people I have ever met."

And you really add a special something to these words when you speak them. I thought this very cool how you spoke those words.

The reason why I chose that particular image of you, and the reason why your statement spoke to me ..

.. is because I heard you saying » "These people made me feel less alone in the world. And for this I can't help but love them."

It is somewhat off-topic, but this video gives me a similar feeling .. less alone, and less fucked up. (I like feeling less fucked up, I have noticed.)

Speaking of being free .. you would think that it's okay to just be yourself here in the twenty-first century. But sometimes, people might need reassuring. (And not condemnation from a society that hasnt a clue.)

I would imagine that it must feel comforting .. for girls such as yourself .. to know that they are not alone in the world.

Along these lines, I just saw this video the other day. I have already spoken to this.

I just noticed that today is the exact 1-year anniversary of the date this page was posted. Do you think it means anything?

Say hi to Russell for me.

< end insert March 19, 2017 Katy Perry's impressive LGBTQ speech >

But I should resist taking advantage of such a young girl. It wouldnt be fair of me.

I can hear a voice saying, "Dont be like Kate Hudson .. using your vastly superior experience and dazzling gifts to seduce vulnerable young singers."

But the flesh is weak .. you know. And sometimes the universe seems to have a mind of its own. And you are just a leaf in a cosmic tornado (.. trapped in something overwhelmingly powerful that feels much bigger than yourself).

I cannot tell you the number of times that the voice in my head said, "What kind of crazy shit are you writing now?" .. only to discover later (and sometimes much later) that it became a key piece in the puzzle-of-life that I was assembling.

So you are now a piece in my puzzle of life .. a very nice piece, I must say. Welcome to my world. Where pretty much anything goes.

Which makes me more willing to entertain the often eccentric whims of the muse of inspiration.

[ There is a part of me that cant believe I am writing this. "You've obviously lost your mind. The chemo probably had something to do with it. Clearly, you've gone off the deep end here. I hope you remember how to get back to sanity-ville. Say hi to Nietzsche for me." ]

» The Eternal Push Forward into Challenging New Experiences of Personal Growth

Always aware that the writer must continually push forward into uncharted territory .. the voice in my head said, "Dude, if we gotta keep pushing forward into ever-new stuff, then, this looks like a pretty good place to do it .. if you ask me."

Oh, I can already feel the naughty part of me coming out. Speaking of that "something 'bout" me that makes you wanna do naughty things .. there it is. It never really goes away. Ever ready to pounce .. when the situation arises.

When I first heard you singing on SNL, and I saw how you used the jacket as a prop (a clever prop) while singing "something 'bout" .. I thought to myself, "I dont think it's his jacket."

Am I flirting already? Sometimes, you just cant help yourself. (You were dangerous long before I made you feel that way.)

End of page 3. I am surprised that you are still reading .. after this steamy page .. where I slip my hand down into Ariana's panties. (Yes, they were indeed quite steamy, my friend. Steamy and moist.) This is your last chance. I'm begging you to stop here. This thing is getting much too dangerous to continue. Nevertheless, if you just cant help yourself .. then page 4 is here » Flirting with Danger - Page Four.

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