Zara Insists that It Aint Her Fault

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Here is another song that I hesitate to mention. YouTube recommended this video to me. I was checking out her lyrics.

Her first verse starts with » "It ain't my fault you keep turning me on."

Girly, is it just me .. or, does this not sound a lot like what I wrote here? (On my dangerous young-hottie-singer page.)

And this girl here is obviously a young, hottie singer .. singing her song that was just released Sept 1, 2016. (The official video was published Sept 30, 2016.)

Maybe it's just a coincidence. But notice where I wrote » "Don't blame me. It's all your fault. You know how you turn me on."

In the bridge, she actually sings » "But don't blame me. It ain't my fault."

Dont you just hate it when hottie-singers take your stuff and then use it against you .. even better than you used it yourself?

I googled her ass. This girl is 18. Eighteen .. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Zara Larsson (18) insisting that it aint her fault

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There are more interesting verses .. such as » "So if I put your hands where my eyes can't see. Then you're the one who's got a hold on me."

Ooh .. this is naughty stuff that she is singing about here. I write naughty stuff like this myself sometimes .. about naughty girls doing naughty things like this to me.

This girl has some interesting flavor profiles in her voice .. no?

Of course, you hear the pop sound. And there is plenty of rap in there, too. But I also hear some jazz, and maybe even some blues.

(Or is it just me? Am I hearing things that nobody else hears?)

How can she have all those different flavor profiles in her voice at only 18? How is that possible?

Current Lolita Cover | Vladimir Nabokov 1955This girl was singing nursery rhymes not so many years ago.

I mean, I wrote that hotties page back in 2012 .. four years ago.

And I may have added to it and tweaked it from time to time.

But four years ago, this girl was 14. See my point?

And she definitely does some cool shit with her voice.

I couldnt believe that she was 18. "Get the fuck out," I said to her Wikipedia page.

Here's another interesting verse » "Certain bad boy smooth, body hotter than a summer.
I don't mean to be rude, but I look so damn good on ya."

I write stuff like this, girly .. you know I do. You know I have.

» Getting All Up in Her Business

She has that line » "Oh my god. What is this? Want you all in my business." My ego is telling me that I wrote something similar .. about getting all up in your business.

I mean, this is certainly something I would say. I talk like this. I dont know if I would come right out and tell a girl, "When we get home, I am so getting all up in your business." But I have definitely thought that before. More than once. 

This is the problem with large documents .. you start to forget where you put things. I actually have to google my own stuff sometimes. Because I forget where I wrote it. (But I know that I wrote it somewhere.)

Bing is actually better for me than google. Bing finds things better for me than google. Who'd a-thunk it?

» The Wow Girl was Swedish

Zara reminds me of the wow girl. The wow girl was Swedish. Tons of super-fine hair. High estrogen content. Girly-girl through and through.

Electricity in her finger tips. Comfortable in her sexuality. Very comfortable. Remarkably comfortable.

What a skill set she had. There was no getting to the end of that girl.

There were a number of married hotties with young children at home ..

A mom with two young children at home

.. who were sweet on her. Sexually sweet. They had a thing for her.

Cant say that I really blamed them. She told me all about them .. lying there late at night. But sometimes she would bring them over.

Girls getting nasty in High for This

I never said anything, but it was a little weird, having a naked, married woman in my bedroom, on my bed, who I had only just met, and who is not there for me.

Becky G and Natti Natasha | Sin Pijama (April 2018)

But, hey .. I made it work. I opened a bottle of wine and put on some on nice music for them. And they obviously appreciated the hospitality.

» Take Good Care of Our Girl

A sexy mom breastfeeding her child at homeI remember once, when one of these girls was leaving,

after she had dressed,

and I sitting on the bed (you dont want to know how I got there) ..

.. and this girl, this married woman, who I'd only met a few hours ago,

bent down and touched my face and kissed my cheek and said,

"Thanks, again. Take good care of our girl."

And she left. But the wow girl stayed .. because she was staying with me .. most of the time, anyway. She kept a lot of her stuff at my place.

[ This is why I told that guy who called me at work, "If you're really her boyfriend, then what's she doing at my place every night?" I wasnt making this up. ]

And it was not lost on me how this married housewife with two young children waiting for her at home said to me, "Take good care of our girl." The reason why she called the wow girl "our girl" .. is because we were s.h.a.r.i.n.g her. More or less.

See, it was clear to me, right from the git-go, that this is not a girl that anybody is going own. Nobody is going to possess her. She is wild creature. (For reasons that you may or may not agree with.) She is an exotic creature.

She would stay with some of these ladies, from time to time. They all wanted her to come stay with them.

Moms with small children at home

All their kids loved the shit out of her. (Cant say that I blamed them.)

But she complained to me, more than once, how these housewives would come into her bedroom, soon as daddy left for the office in the morning. And how they would climb into her bed with her.

Maybe I shouldnt say any more along these lines .. but I could see her point. I'm pretty sure that Elton John knows exactly what I'm talking about.

» You're a Good Listener

She once told me, "You're a good listener; that means a lot to me."

I feel that Maggie and her friends know exactly what I am talking about. I am a good listener. That's part of my job. It's what I do. (Not like the Donald.)

Without getting into details, I can say that this was one of the areas where I felt a sense of simpatico with the wow girl. Because I had long felt like some of my lovers had unrealistic expectations of me when it came to my sexuality.

( And I normally exceed expectations .. "Wow," they say, "I've never left anything like that before." )

» The Lesson of the Featherbed

When she first started staying with me every night .. she brought over a big, thick featherbed, and through it on top of my hard futon mattress. It was like sleeping in the clouds.

When she left, when it was over, she came over and got all her shit and she took her featherbed with her.

That night, as I slept alone, on the hard futon mattress .. that made me miss her even worse. That bed had the emptiest feeling ever. It seemed much too big for just one person.

I dreaded the thought of going to sleep at night .. of climbing into that big, open, hard, cold bed by myself .. that used to be a warm, soft, fluffy cloud when she was there.

Her featherbed had been there so long that I had forgotten what it was like to sleep on a hard futon mattress. I didnt even know that I forgot .. until I laid down to go to sleep that night.

And when I finally remembered .. that sucked very badly. The idea that you had something very cool for a good while .. and now you dont .. that point was very clear to me. Most unambiguous. If I slept at all, it was certainly not very good or restful.

So the very next day I ordered for myself one of those big, fat, thick featherbeds from the Company store. I paid extra to have that fucker rush-shipped. But it still took a few days. A few miserable days of sleeping on that hard futon mattress.

A few days of these lonely, uncomfortable nights and I was missing her pretty badly. She had made big inroads into me.

I was so happy when that featherbed finally arrived. I would lay on my new featherbed and think of her. And her delights. Her many splendored delights.

We were a lot a like in many ways .. probably too many ways. The best relationships are based on differences that are compatible. And sure, we had our differences. But our similarities were too similar. (I think.) We were too much alike.

This is why she knew me so well. This is why she was able to see right through me. And yes, that was a weird feeling.

Every lover teaches you something .. often a number of things. Both good things and bad. Hopefully more good than bad .. but certainly not always.

The wow girl taught me about featherbeds .. and how they can make you feel like you are literally floating in the clouds. She taught me a lot of things. Learning about life with her was like drinking water through a fire hose.

Especially learning about girly-girls .. bisexual girly-girls. Incredibly sexy and sexual girly-girls. The kind that walk over to you at a gas station at midnight in San Clemente and write their number on the palm of your hand.

What kind of girl walks over to a strange guy at a gas station at midnight and writes her number on the palm of his hand?

Certainly one who is confident in her sexuality. After she wrote her number on my palm, she clicked off her pen and looked up into my eyes. She was standing kissably close .. so it was little strange. And she was not very big, either.

I could see her studying me. She was searching me. She was looking deep into my eyes. She went from one eye to the other a few times. I could see that she was trying to get a feel for my soul.

What a feeling that was. Whew.

And I dropped my defenses for her. So that she could look inside. (Because I have nothing to hide.) I could tell that she liked what she saw. I could continue down this particular path for quite some ways.

I lost a lot when I lost her. I lost a lot of good, and I lost a lot of bad.

» It Took Me a Long Time to Get Over Her

But when you are lying there in your cold, hard, empty bed .. that was recently inhabited by a creature who possess extraordinarily erotic skills .. you only remember the good. Because that's what you are missing.

Reclining on the bed in Scared to be Lonely

She definitely fucked me up. It took me a while to get over her. But, yeah .. it was worth it. She takes you to these worlds .. that you did not even know existed.

» Industry-Wide Abuse of Girls in Gymnastic Programs

Speaking of the Wow girl .. this here is almost identical to the story that she told me .. saying that a physical therapist had done things to her when she was 13½ .. that she didnt want to discuss in detail. He had touched her inappropriately.

Larry Nassar abused 160 girls

She was 27 when I was with her, so she had been in therapy literally half her life.

The Wow girl had trained as a gymnast. Notice how they say that it is an industry-wide problem that has been going on for decades.

Aly Raisman 60 Minutes interview Nov 12, 2017

The testimony of these girls matches almost exactly with what the Wow girl told me while we were lying there in bed late at night.

Olympian Dominique Moceanu testifies before Congress

Sexually, I had never met anything even close to this girl. But psychologically, she was a mess.

She did an an excellent job at hiding it, but you didnt have to dig very far to see just how fucked up she was.

I do not know if her abuse was the reason why she was so fucked up .. but I feel confident that it had something to do with it.

I could go into great detail about what I mean by saying that she was fucked up psychologically .. but I won't.

» First Dates with the Wow Girl

We had one feeling-out date, where she wore a flannel shit and jeans. Not very sexy at all. Yet it spoke confidence to me. Because she wasnt sure about me. (Yet.)

But the shit was on in a big way for date #2.

White Porsche 911 Targa with a longboard in passenger seat parked in San Clemente

This is the place where I was living when I was with the Wow girl. This is San Clemente .. about a half-block from the beach (behind you).

The garage is pictured here. People lived above the garage, but I actually lived in a separate detached duplex behind the garage (to your right).

I remember walking behind her on our way from the garage back to the house .. because the sidewalk was not wide enough there for two people to walk side-by-side.

So I ran past her (like an idiot) and turned around and walked backwards once I was out in front of her .. because I couldnt stop looking at her.

I felt like a kid who was on his way home from a candy store, and who couldnt wait to get home .. and tear into that bag .. that sweet-looking bag of candy. Exotically delicious. I could hardly contain myself.

Because she was so amazingly sexy. I literally could not take my eyes off her. (And this was before she started wearing the lace-top thigh-highs and whatnot.)

Normally I am cool and reserved with girls at the beginning .. because most girls are ready to have sex before I am.

And I was indeed reserved on our first date .. but now I know that I want to have at this girl. I dont know if I was the one who wanted to have sex first .. but I definitely wanted to have sex with her. You cannot imagine.

And I probably said something stupid like, "Is it just me .. or do you not looking super fucking sexy?"

There was like a caged animal pacing back and forth inside of me, saying, "Let me at her. Let me at her right now. I know the house is only a dozen steps away .. but I dont think I can wait that long. The neighbors will certainly understand."

She was doing it for me .. in many ways. Many wonderful ways. Good thing I didnt trip over a skateboard or something. My housemate worked a different shift, so I normally had the place to myself.

Zara Larsson (18) insisting that it aint her fault

This girl pictured here cannot possibly be 18. No way, José. This must be an older girl who looks like Zara. A music video girl.

If I were sitting in the coffee shop somewhere, sipping a steaming cup of joe, minding my own business (you know) ..

.. and if I looked up from reading the paper and I saw this girl here looking at me, giving me that inviting look, right before she kicks open to me the empty chair sitting beside her .. I would totally not go over there. No way. Not a chance.

I'm just being honest here. You could make the case that I am being a big pussy .. and I will gladly take the hit. But I will still not go over there.

Unless you are ready to visit other galaxies .. I wouldnt go over there. Because these are the girls that take you to other galaxies.

They blow your mind. They make you crazy. You know that they are making you are crazy and frankly, you dont even care.

There are more interesting things in her song that spoke to me.

» Girls Responding to My Energy Feels Sexual-Erotic

Girls taking my stuff, my energy, my ideas, my experiences, and using it, using them .. is it just me, or does this not have a sexual-erotic feel to it? (I have had sex that wasnt this satisfying .. not nearly.)

People take your music and (lovingly) remix it. What does that feel like? You know what I'm talking about.

They are reinterpreting it .. in their own, personal, unique way. They are using and repackaging something of yours.

Maybe it's just me .. but that smacks of sexuality. Or maybe even better. There is a personal connection. On a very cool level.

And the things of mine that they use, the things that they take for themselves .. this speaks to me. This sends me a message.

It's always interesting for me to see what parts of my writing speak most to different people. How they react to it. I consider it close to fascinating at times. Because of the things this says to me.

Re » "I can't be responsible if I get you in trouble now." [ All you super-hottie singers are the same. ]

I might have to give her her own page for singing this song .. this naughty, provocative song.

[ - her own page is done, as of Oct 30, 2016, but dated back to the release date of her official video. Source page here. ]

When these girls throw down on you, girly .. a guy cant just sit there and take it .. like a big pussy.

No, rather he must get up and go over there and see what this girl is all about .. this dazzling creature .. no matter how dangerous she might appear to the naked eye. No matter how otherworldly her glow.

No matter how intimidated he might feel by her smoking hot looks. No matter how strongly her sexuality might start up the inner workings of his reproductive reactor.

I can almost hear over the public address system » "Attention in the engineering spaces .. the reactor is critical. Set reactor compartment containment."

I normally like to be in control of these things. But these super-hotties .. they are going to have a say in your heart rate, and in your respiration, and in your body temperature. And frankly, there aint much that you can do about it.

Do you think that she wants me to write about her? Do you think she is provoking me? Enticing me? Taunting me? Daring me? Daring me to light her ass up.

Zara Larsson (18) insisting that it aint her faultFuck if it dont feel that way.

I really do like singers.

I mean, how can you not?

They are certainly dazzling creatures.

They do that sparkly thing for you and then they have you .. right where they want you.

I want to think that I'm not that easy.

But with these dazzling girls .. heck, I'm not even going to finish this sentence.

» How Young is Too Young?

But they are so young.

I was just giving Fassbender shit about this very thing.

And Kate Hudson, too. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

This girl is feeling me .. like you feel me. Well, maybe not that much.

Hey Violet | Guys My Age (Nov, 2016)

But I can feel her feeling me. I am not used to her feeling me like that .. like I am with you.

I am getting used to the "idea" of you, girly. (I am so glad that we will always be in love forever.)

When you see her, tell her to keep things on the down-low and we're good. (What is it with these young girls?)

But girls usually suck .. at keeping things on the down-low. You'll see what I mean.

I wonder if Zara knows Karl Ove. He's from Norway .. right next door. He's a no-shit writer. Downright grizzled.

They might have themselves a merry, little collaboration. You never know .. with writers and singers. Anything can happen.

Buber says that all real living is meeting.

» Saying a Lot Between the Lines with Tove

Do you know this Tove Styrke girl? She is a singer from Sweden, like you. Surely you must know her.

Tove Styrke | Mistakes

She caught my attention right away. It is so strange that I sometimes feel like these girls are talking right to me. It is something of a head-trip.

Lyrics either speak to you or they dont. You can't make them speak to you .. if they don't. And if they do, then they do.

She does this heh-heh-hey thing. That shit gets me going. I must really have a thing for singers.

She has a verse that says » "You say a lot in between lines."

This is one of the ultimate compliments that you can pay a writer. No writer can resist a super-hottie singer who says such a thing to him.

Tove Styrke | Mistakes

Hemingway goes into considerable detail on the topic of saying things between lines.

The writer can only do this thing where he says a lot between lines .. when he is well-versed in the topic that he is discussing.

The writer also needs to trust his readers .. that they will indeed be able to read between the lines.

Anyway, tell her that I said hi .. the next time that you talk to her.

Tove Styrke | Mistakes

The wow-girl was Swedish. Maybe I have a thing for Swedish girls, too? I mean, what guy doesnt?

I hope that I dont have to lift out this section on Tove and give her her own page. That could be very .. uh, I better not say.

I am going to try very hard not to give her her own page.

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