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» What Kinds of Things Will You Evoke?

Arent you curious about what kinds of things I will write to you? I certainly am.

Jesy and Jade singing Touch Summertime Ball June 10, 2017

[ This is a curious image here .. because Jesy is singing, but you are looking at the camera. I am not sure why this image works me .. but it does. The attention is not sure where it should be focused. ]

I write different things to different singers because different girls elict and evoke different parts of my personality.

What kinds of things will you be evoking within me? Fuck if I know. There's really only one way to find out.

Every secret of a writer's soul .. quote by Virginia Woolf

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» The Artist in Search of an Artistic Challenge

At this point in my writing evolution .. as the most gifted writer of my generation .. I can feel myself searching for things that challenge me and that help to bring out of me things that have never before come out.

(I bet that Alex knows exactly what I'm talking about.)

Mental states in terms of challenge and skill

Ariana does this for me. This is why I think that I have run with her for so long. (Not to mention that we will always be in love forever.)

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said at t=10:15 in this TED video »

"It has become a kind of truism in the study of creativity that you can't be creating anything with less than 10 years of technical knowledge immersion in a particular field."

(This is why you need to become a student of what you do.)

When I saw who you remind me of .. I knew this would be both challenging and take me to new places in my writing.

» The Psycho-Erotic Aspects of Exercising Power & Authority

These kinky fetish things may involve sex .. but they are not really about sex per se.

They can be about many different things. But power is a particularly powerful one. Gail knows what I am talking about.

We spend our whole lives, more or less, operating within authority structures. They are often so prevalent that they can go unnoticed .. but the psycho-erotic workings of power and authority can be exquisite .. in the right hands. Practiced hands. Caring hands. Electric hands. (I should probably quit here.)

» May Involve Sex but Not Really About Sex Per Se

Oh, look at this .. a new movie coming out next year » Red Sparrow .. based on the book from the trilogy by Jason Matthews (« sounds like a fake name to me). Staring my girl JLaw.

Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika Egorova in Red Sparrow

I have long felt that she should take acting to places that have never before been attempted. That she should boldly go beyond. I mean, she definitely has what it takes to go. "Go for it."

I am excited for her .. because she is pursuing such challenging roles. Much respect. Look at the look in her eyes here.

I find it interesting that I mention her here where I mention Csikszentmihalyi .. because he is very much about this concept where the artist grows his skill set by continually challenging himself and pushing himself beyond his comfort zone.

This movie also features Mary-Louise Parker .. who is the sexiest being on the planet. Is it just me, or is there not an abundance of talent working on this film?

The reason that I mention this film here is because .. it obviously involves sex amid power dynamics, but it is not really about sex per se.

» Freud Says that We Suppress Our True Desires

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)Also notice where it says at t=6:05 in this video:

Freud suggested that there is often a divorce between one's conscious thoughts and feelings and desires which do not fit with one's self image and which are therefore suppressed.

That video is about a completely different topic, but I feel that these kinkster hotties operate along a parallel path.

Repression has long been associated with many mental illnesses.

» The Socio-Cultural Challenges of Crafting Lolita as Art

Speaking of an artist in search of an artistic challenge .. Lolita very much represents an artistic challenge .. to write about such a thing with style and grace.

As a writer myself .. the idea of someone even attempting such a thing blows my mind. "What balls this guy has," I think. And then he actually pulled it off. That's an impressive motherfucker right there. It definitely shrivels my writing penis.

But challenging ourselves with things that take us out of our comfort zone .. this is the way that the artist grows as an artist .. is it not?

» Innocent-Looking Kinkster Hotties

I cannot help but think that the girl-who-you-remind-me-of will play some kind of role in what I write. What kind of role? Even I dont know the answer to that one.

(Would you like to find out? Are you scared?)

Things could get steamy in a hurry .. if we're not careful. Next thing you know .. we could be making babies. Or creating some other form of symbolic immortality perhaps.

The 3 modes of symbolic immortality (t=3:20)

[ People tell me that I make good babies. Even people who hate my guts feel compelled to admit as much. ]

Her theory was that powerful men who spend all their time making important decisions all day long .. find it wonderfully satisfying to be told exactly what to do and how to think and what to feel.

She therefore brought balance to the lives of powerful men.

Her kink seemed to be about exploring the place where the playfulness ended and the seriousness began. You could feel her working that aspect .. in more ways than one.

I should stop talking about innocent-looking kinkster hotties who have a kinky thing for dominating powerful men and bending them to her will and making them surrender to her inner kinkster .. a little more of their soul each time.

» Naomi Gets Surprisingly Naughty with a Young Hottie Singer

Speaking of innocent-looking kinkster hotties .. I hesitate to mention this naughty new Netflix series starring Naomi Watts. I can see that it would be too easy for me to fall into writing about this thing.

But let me just note one thing that Liza the executive producer said (at t=2:15) . "Wanting someone to do things that you know arent right .. I think that's what you ultimately might be rooting for in the show."

Compare her statement with what I wrote here:

» Nothing Like I Expected

More than anything .. the thing that I tried to understand .. was how something so obviously wrong (morally and ethically speaking) could feel so right.

You cannot possibly know the number of hours that I spent trying to unravel that knot .. trying to figure out how such a thing could be.

I mean, it didnt just feel not-wrong .. but rather as right as right could be. The most right thing you've ever done .. by a long ways.

Perfection and bliss and everything that goes along with such things. Downtown Nirvana at sunset .. on a Saturday night.

See .. this immediately takes you to a place of ethics and morality, which is a deep place .. where powerful forces are at play.

From afar, these things appear so plainly black-n-white. But when you find yourself caught up in them, you can see that they are actually fifty shades of gray.

And then you get hit with passions that are so powerful that you struggle to deal with them.

It is not easy to translate these crazy feelings into other mediums .. so I naturally find myself curious about how other artists might approach such a thing.

» Getting Steamy in a Hurry

I saw this one clip, titled the "getting high scene" where these girls are getting seriously nasty. I was thinking, "This is not slight-of-camera work here." There is no cloudy filter on the lens.

At t=2:00 Lisa the creator says about Naomi's character, "She's not a psychopath. It's not like she's suddenly a different person. These are just all things that are [already] inside of her."

This is kind of my direction with this innocent-looking kinkster hottie.

Also in this series, playing Naomi's devoted husband, is Billy Crudup. He is a talented actor. He has outstanding soft skills. He had that thing with Mary-Louise. You can see why she really liked him.

What fascinating actors and actresses they chose for these parts. Did not casting kick much ass here?

I should not exit this section without mentioning that the young hottie who Naomi's character goes after happens to be a singer. [ t=0:50 ]

Hottie singer singing on stage in Netflix Gypsy

[ Fuck if this girl is not wearing a pair of red-soled shoes here .. and waving them around while she talks about letting her hand creep up Naomi's leg. ]

A scene from the trailer for Below Her Mouth (2017)

Notice how I wrote here (June 4, 2016) about the Wow girl » "I dont have proof, but my intuition tells me .. from things I heard her say .. that she slept with her shrink (an older-woman shrink) in lieu of payment."

Because Naomi's character is a shrink. And because here at t=4:45 the young hottie singer tells Naomi, "I've always had a thing for older women."

I can relate to these types of statements because I've always had some things myself.

» They Seem to Give Me Something that I Never Got From My Mom

Here I wrote about the Wow girl saying, "Tho the older women, especially the wealthy ones, they seem to give me something I never got from my mom."

She did not say, "something that I needed" .. but this was definitely my understanding.

Must just be a coincidence. Stranger shit has happened.

» They Live According to a Very Different Set of Rules

At t=8:30 here Naomi tells the young hottie singer, "You dont live according to the same rules as basically anyone I know."

This is something that becomes readily apparent with these types of young hotties. I found it fascinating myself.

The sex was great, sure. But it was about more than just sex. I very much wanted to get to know this girl .. this fascinating creature .. who possessed such intuitively sexual powers.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it was. But it definitely had something to do with (involved) this element and aspect of » freedom from playing by the normal rules of life.

» How is it that this Creature Lives by Such Different Rules?

And this is the main thing that made me want to explore her soul more deeply .. because I found her such a fascinating creature .. completely unlike anything else I had ever met before.

And the deeper that I went, the more fascinating she became. I would stay up late in bed, asking her millions of questions.

Would you like to know what I learned? Would you like to know how they are able to live by such different rules? Would you like to know what those rules are?

I bet you would.

» Who is this Beautiful Creature Lying Here Beside Me?

In order to really love a woman well .. the man must first learn who this creature is. He needs to know what she is looking for in the relationship. He needs to learn how she works.

He needs to learn what works for her. (And what doesnt.) He needs to learn what issues she has. There's a lot that the man needs to know about the woman before he can love her well.

Love comes with a desire to give. [ Whereas hate, as everybody knows, comes with a desire to take. ] You want to give your lover the most special gift that they have ever received. And you can only do this when you know them very well.

» Very Different

One of the very first things that I wrote to describe the Wow girl was:

Very interesting. Very sexy. Very different.

See .. you could tell right away that she was different. Maybe you didnt know exactly how she was different .. but you could easily tell that she was.

I mean, how many times have a you had a girl walk up to you at a gas station at midnight, pull out a click-pen from her pocket and write her number on the palm of your hand?

In the back of your head, there is a voice saying, "What the fuck is going on here? Shit like this does not usually happen."

» They Take You to Places Where the Rules are Different

They are able to take you with them to these remarkable places .. if you let them. You can feel your life not playing by the normal rules.

I am not saying that there are not rules. There are definitely rules. But they arent the normal ones that you might be used to.

I am talking about places that you did not even know existed. (And that's just the starting point. Better buckle up.)

I could so get off here on the mother-of-all tangents .. talking about these enchanted places that these super-hotties take you to. But I am too smart for that.

I am not going to let these super-hottie singers trick me into writing about these enchanted places that these otherworldly creatures take you to.

Not a chance. Dont even think about it, Jade. Nice try. You almost succeeded. So close.

» Recipe for Intimacy

"You and I and nobody else." That verse got my attention right away .. because this is a recipe for intimacy. (With a beautiful creature.)

You and I and nobody else

And the way that your friend, Leigh-Anne sings those opening lines .. that is very fucking inviting .. if I do say so. She is a good singer.

I'm not the only one who likes this song.

» I Should Quit Right Here

I've already said too much. I'm already in enough trouble. I should probably quit right here .. while I'm still ahead on points.

[ We always want to leave our lovers craving more. When you deliver the goods, you include a promise of even better next time. That's how you become a master of anticipation.

Never the same thing twice. Always something new .. something different. Ariana knows what I am talking about.

You will be wondering, "Where are we going tonight? Which galaxy is he taking me to?" ]

» Resisting the Point of No Return

See, Jade .. I have been doing this thing .. this writing thing .. I have been doing this long enough that I know .. if I can keep this thing to a single page .. then that is like me holding up the writing dam.

But as soon as I break the first page into a second page .. because the first page has become too big for a single page .. then, all bets are off. There's no telling where this thing might go. And such a naughty thing, too.

Can you feel the tension building? I certainly can.

I am going to try very hard to keep this naughty thing in the bag .. the single-page bag. But if this ever breaks into a second page .. then, uh .. I should probably not finish this sentence.

Because it's already getting close to that point .. the tipping point of no return. Once you break a page into multiple pages .. you can never again put them back together.

Humpty Dumpty knows the deal.

So I should quit right here and say how nice is was to meet you .. and compliment you on the muse-like effect that you have had on me.

[ Update - This is now done. You are reading Page Two. I tried to stop at a single page .. but the flesh is weak. ]

» Can I Just Be Me?

But first I want to ask you about your thoughts on this new documentary about the life of Whitney Houston .. titled » Can I Be Me (June 16, 2017 UK).

Because I actually know that feeling. (You girls are familiar with Whitney Houston.)

Little Mix singing Dance with Somebody | Whitney Houston cover

[ The look on your face here says, "This is so fucking cool that I can hardly stand it." .. having Perrie and Leigh-Anne singing right there in front of you like that .. kicking such ass within arm's reach.

This is impressive vocal work here. Most impressive. I can see why Ariana wanted you girls to open for her. Speaking of Whitney Houston .. did you see that medley Ariana did? ]

Anybody for whom you become someone else .. you will eventually come to resent this person and lose respect for yourself.

This concept informs my philosophy of intimate relationships .. where you want to find somebody who is traveling in the same direction as you are. This way you can each mutually support each other's dreams.

You want to help each other become who they are.

But if someone says, "Give up your dreams and come and follow me in my pursuit of my dreams." .. then this is not going to work.

So, if someone does not want to get to know the real you .. flaws and all .. and especially your dreams .. then, do you really want to be with this person?

I know that this question sounds rhetorical .. but a surprising number of people do. They want to be with someone who doesnt want to know any more about them than absolutely necessary.

» Fame Changes You

What do you think about what Whitney said about fame? She said that success doesnt change you .. rather » fame does.

Whitney Houston says that fame changes you

If anybody would know. Surely you are familiar with the powerful forces that surround fame. I was talking to Katie Holmes about this .. regarding Tom Cruise.

This column about the new 4-part documentary The Defiant Ones says that fame is 'dizzying'.

Think about it .. and we'll talk more later.

We should all see this movie together. This would be a good movie to see with pop stars such as yourself .. for whom fame and celebrity has become a thing.

How does it change you? The look on Whitney's face here is a look a wariness. No?

» Cocking Back Your Arms

Near the end of the song (at t=3:30) you cock back your arms .. right before you let rip with some kick-ass vocals.

Jade cocks back her arms

[ Your body language here is saying » "You should probably look around for something sturdy to grab hold of." I mean, you are looking right at the camera when you do this. ]

I dont know why that affects me the way it does .. but it does. It clearly does.

I think that, for me, the act of a girl cocking back her arms .. right before she kicks serious ass .. this is a girl who knows that she kicks ass. This speaks confidence to me.

Something about that goes deep for me. I can feel it going deep. All the way down to that primal place. The place of growls. The place where predators live.

When I saw you do that .. the voice in my head said, "Dude, these girls are totally fucking with you. These are no ordinary girls. They are not scared of you like other girls are. These girls will throwdown on your ass."

When I heard the bridge, where you all sing:

And now my whole week, my whole week is golden.
Can you see me glowing? That's how I feel.
And I'm not afraid to fade into emotions.
'Cause I know that this could be something real.

.. I thought, "Oh, these girls are talking to me. They are speaking my language."

And right before you cock back your arms here, Perrie looks over at you and gives you a look that says, "Do that thing, girlfriend. Let 'er rip."

Because right here is where you do this thing .. and where you let 'er rip. [ Perrie has a strong voice. ]

» Letting it Rip

What does that feel like? .. to let rip like that?

Jade lets rip with 'just a touch'

[ Look at your free hand here. Oh, my .. I'm starting to feel lightheaded. ]

» Any Guy You Want

From this side, from the viewer's side .. it looks like an awesome thing. This is why you can have any guy you want. I am sure that Zara knows exactly what I am talking about.

Speaking of having any guy that you Illuminati hottie-singers want .. did you see that Rihanna is dating that Saudi zillionaire?

Next time you see her, tell her I said, "Didnt I tell you that you could have guy you want?"

I bet that Hassan is sleeping well at night. Deep, coma-like sleep.

» Robert Pattinson Said that Fame Narrows Down Your Dating Options

Speaking of having any guy you want .. what do you think about the interview that Robert Pattinson did with Howard Stern (July 26, 2017) where he talks about the effects of fame on finding someone for an intimate relationship.

Robert Pattinson talks to Howard Stern about the effects of fame on relationships July 26, 2017

He disagrees that being famous makes it easier to find someone to date. He said that he heard that it makes things easier, but that he found it "actually narrows things down."

[ His comment here plays into my observation that the actual experience of things in our lives .. tends to be very different from how you had imagined it would be. From how you had anticipated it would be. ]

But notice that he is dating a singer himself. I have seen some of her work. She is indeed very talented.

I admit that I dont have a good feel for whether girls find a particular guy desirable or not .. but she seems to be making my point. Because she is a singer and she is with this guy who seems to be a hot commodity.

Howard is so funny. He says, "When you're as good looking as you and me .. and I can relate to you in this respect .. we can have anyone we want. It's always been that way for me."

Howard is famous for being an outstanding interviewer. He is able to extract surprisingly intimate details from his guests.

His has that soothing voice. He knows how to make his guests feel comfortable and at ease.

» These Harmonies are Very Cool

I saw that cover you girls did of Rihanna's song. That was remarkable. Much respect.

Jesy singing Love on the Brain at iHeartRadio March 2017

What does that feel like? .. to be able to make such music? To create such harmonies?

Perrie, in particular, sang there with such a thing. No? I heard this one reaction-dude call her 'Aretha'. That's definitely a compliment.

Perrie Edwards of Little Mix performs Love on the Brain live on Honda stage iHeartRadio 2017

Definitely one of my favorite moments from your One Love performance came near the very end .. where Perrie does that growling thing with her voice.

Have you seen this reaction compilation?

Little Mix acoustic version of 'Touch' Feb 13, 2017

Look at Jesy here. Very nice. She makes it her own .. does she not?

Jesy singing Touch acoustic

"Yeah, hey," Jesy. You know, this part here where you sing, "I promise to keep this a secret .. I'll never tell." .. I hear this kind of thing a lot. But you made a believer out of me.

» Writers and Singers and Summers

Speaking of any guy you want, Jade .. have you ever dated a writer? (Not to put ideas in your head or anything like that.)

Have you ever dated the most gifted writer of his generation? You would definitely remember if you had. This is not something you would soon forget. No, ma'am .. not hardly. Not ever.

Do you prefer an offensive or defensive posture? (This girl who you remind me of .. she was very offensive.)

What do you think of summer romances .. when the weather is hot and the nights are steamy? And the moon is full.

Do you like the smell of night-blooming jasmine?

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

The end .. for now. ■

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