The Girl Who Got Married

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I have a story along these lines. (You know me and stories.) About a girl who I'd dated that was getting married.

But I'm not yet ready to share this story .. not even close. It's a biggie. Key phrase to jog my memory » his-n-her Porsches sitting in the mansion's garage.

I have thought about sharing this story before .. and may have even teased around it. It's almost an unbelievable story. (Girls are so beyond figuring out.)

Shortly after getting married, she unexpectedly stopped by one last time (.. and only one time).

She got what she wanted .. as she so often had, and she left .. uncharacteristically emotional.

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For some reason, she didnt want me on the bed. She just took me down to the floor in the living room.

That was the most disoriented I'd ever seen her. She normally had her shit together .. in a big way.

I didnt see her again for years. Not even in passing. Until ...

I've already said too much. You could never make up shit like this .. I dont think.

» The Most Guy-Savvy Girl Ever

This girl knew how to handle guys .. on multiple levels. I am not going to say that she was the best I'd ever seen .. but I could.

She was in a league of her own. I bet that Samantha and DeJ know exactly what I am talking about.

You knew that you were in good hands with her. Capable hands. Dare I say skillful?

She was the most guy-savvy girl of any girl I ever dated. She was always a step ahead of me. Sometimes two.

I could talk to her like I would talk to any guy-friend.

Bella says she is guy-friendly

I met her at a party. At a mutual-friend's house. Around midnight she walked me home .. because I lived across the street. And because I had to work the next day.

» You'll Get the Rest of that Next Time I See You

She gave me half of the best blowjob I'd ever had and said, "You'll get the rest of that the next time I see you."

But she had to go home .. to a nice home. Very nice, indeed. Ask me how I know.

She was mind-fucking me like that left-n-right. I'd never met anything like this girl before. She was clearly an operator. With skills. She fascinated me.

Dua Lipa | Blow Your Mind (Guaranteed) Sept, 2016

She knew a lot of people and she knew how to make shit happen. I learned a lot from this girl. She clearly took an interest in me. You'd have to ask her why.

» The Teeth-Scrape Trick

I probably shouldnt tell you this .. but the last thing she did before gathering up her belongings and bidding me goodnight .. was that she gently scraped her teeth up-n-down along the entire length of my shaft.

She did this from the side .. so that her teeth scraped along the left and right sides. (Not the top and bottom.)

She applied just the right amount of pressure, too. Not too much that it hurt, but enough so that you really felt the sensation of her teeth scraping their way slowly along the entire length ..

.. strongly enough to leave me with a lasting impression of this erotic sensation .. long after she left.

It was a very sexy and erotic thing that she did. I had never had another girl do anything like that before. (Nor have I since.)

This is another example of what I mean when I say that she was mind-fucking me left-n-right.

Did I want more of that? Did I want to feel more of her teeth slowly scraping up-n-down the entire length of my shaft? What do you think? (It was hard to get to sleep after she left.)

When I said that this was the best blow-job I had ever had .. I wasnt exaggerating. This was not hyperbole. Not hardly.

If you want a guy to be thinking about you long after you leave .. this is the way to do it.

» Surprisingly Easy and Comfortable and Natural to be With

I had never met anyone like this girl. She knew her way around guys better than any girl I had ever met.

I mean, I had just met her only a few hours earlier, and when we got to my bedroom, she is like, "Okay, let's get you tucked in right."

She turned down the blanket and sheet and laid me down on my back and pulled off my shoes and socks.

Then she says, "Let's get these pants off," and undoes my belt and button and zipper and pulls off my pants like it's nothing .. like she did this all the time. (I had to lift my butt up off the bed here a little for her to slide them off.)

The whole thing felt very normal and natural and like the only really obvious thing to do .. you know, taking off my clothes and giving me half of a killer blow-job before tucking me and saying goodnight.

(She really did actually tuck me in before she left. And she did a good job at that, too. A very thorough tucking of the blankets.)

Nothing was forced or rushed or felt the least bit awkward. Most striking perhaps was the sense of relaxed ease that I felt just being with her .. especially for someone I had only just met.

This is why I call her the most guy-savvy girl ever. I could just be myself with her. I could relax completely with her. I was genuinely interested in her. I didnt have to pretend anything.

» My Full and Undivided Attention

The way that she did this was such that you felt nothing but the sensation of her teeth scraping slowly . There were no other physical sensations involved. Only the sensation of her on your shaft.

Suffice to say that, when a girl is slowly scraping her teeth up-n-down along the entire length of your shaft .. she has your full-n-undivided attention .. so that you become hyper-aware of the motion of her head .. moving up-n-down.

She had other tricks, too. Lots of them. (Dont get me started.)

It quickly became clear to me that she had an abundance of sexual desire. And she was not shy about expressing it. Not hardly.

This was a woman in full bloom .. who played by her own rules as she saw fit.

I call her a girl here, but only in the generic feminine sense. She was not really what you would call a girl. Not what I would call a girl.

She was very good to me .. in many ways. I always felt as if she genuinely had my best interests at heart, and always wanted the best for me.

» Playing by Her Own Rules

One time, when we were first getting acquainted, she called about six o'clock on a Friday and said, "I have to go over to [ this other town ] and take care of some business there. Why dont you join me? It shouldnt take very long, and afterwards we'll grab a drink and a bite to eat."

"I would absolutely love to." I said.

See .. in my world, girls didnt do this. In my world, girls always waited for the guy to initiate things.

(I bet that Alana knows what I am talking about. She must be Italian .. because she talks with her hands big-time.)

But this girl was breaking rule after rule. Cultural rules .. all kinds of rules.

To me, her actions were saying, "I make up my own rules. I play by my own rules. I dont abide by the rules of others .. because my rules are so much better."

I am sure that Zara knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Zara asks sexy mystery man how he likes his eggs cooked in the morning

[ Have you heard this story about Zara Larsson and this model-dude? She sees his photo somewhere and posts photos of him on her twitter .. saying, "Who are are you, dude? We should hook up." And she totally scored this dude.

That's a good story. That's a really good story. For a number of reasons. I am confident that Katie would concur. But it speaks to the thing that I have been telling these super-hottie singers .. which is that they can have any guy they want.

What guy is going to refuse a girl like this? Not me. Just being honest. And obviously not this model-dude, either. He's making my point for me. ]

I could also see that .. with a girl with this kind of self-confidence, she is less likely to be offended by some guy-things that I might say that might offend a girl with lesser levels of self-esteem.

I could already see that I can say more things to her, and I can more easily be myself with this girl .. because she knows who she is (.. and she clearly knows how to handle my ass).

This story of this night is a pretty major story .. certainly too racy for me to share here. And I admit that I can get pretty racy with my writing.

A number of times I felt like I was in over my head with this girl. But she just made things so easy for me.

» Knock Knock

Let me tell you the story about how I was invited to this party. It was almost dark early one autumn evening. I had just gotten home from work when I heard an energetic knock on my door.

» I Have Way Too Many Girls Coming

This dude who I'd never seen before says, "Hi. My name is so-n-so. I got your name from Carol at the main office .. I hope you dont mind. But I'm having a party tomorrow night .. and I got way too many girls coming. I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out and stop by. Things will probably get going around sunset, but feel free to stop by any time. I'll be in and out most of the day, setting things up. I live across the street .. right there on the corner. I sell athletic wear .. so there will be many hard-bodies coming .. aerobics instructors and whatnot. I shouldnt have invited so many of them. What was I thinking?"

He checks his watch and says, "I gotta run. I would so appreciate it if you could help me out tomorrow night and stop by .. even for just a little would help."

I shut the door after he ran off and I turned around and said, "You gotta be shittin' me."

Lighting up hard-bodiesI mean, hardbodies .. this is what I do.

Talk about a target-rich environment.

You know me .. Mr. One-on-One.

I went earlier in the day (Saturday) to talk to this dude.

To get to know him.

To make friends with him.

And to try to figure this fucker out.

I helped him decorate with streamers and I blew up a shit-load of balloons until I started feeling lightheaded.

Then I left to go home and take a shower and put on my stylish party duds.

I came back later .. when things were already hoppin' nicely .. with plenty of hard-bodies .. just like he said.

He was perhaps the most motivated person I'd ever met.

See, there is an aspect of motivated ambition that I like, and there is a part of it that I dont like.

And I hate to admit it, but these two have plenty of overlap .. and the lines are not drawn so clearly when you are all up in it.

I could fall off here into the bottomless rabbit hole of a tangent .. but I'm too smart for that.

» None of the Other Girls were Anywhere Near as Interesting to Talk to

Bella ThorneBut this party is where I met that girl.

I walked in.

She was there.

She smiled ever so nicely.

I walked over to her and we chatted.

About everything and nothing.

She looked a lot like Bella here. Same size.

Her hair was even redder, and she had a lot of it.

She was another decade older, but had same general facial features.

Maybe Bella really is guy-friendly.

I'd had no idea of her skill set when I first walked up to her.

But I could tell right away that this was no ordinary girl.

From the second that she opened her mouth, I thought, "Oh, I like this girl. She is very cool. She is fun and smart and witty."

Sure, I talked to other girls there that night .. doing my duty for my new ultra-motivated friend.

But none of them were anywhere near as interesting to talk to, and I was always glad when I managed to make my way back to her.

She told me many interesting things that night. And she was so easy to talk to. She was definitely what I call a "guy-friendly" girl .. a girl who gets guys.

[ Which I am always on the lookout for, because I dont get girls .. not on an intuitive basis, anyway. Not like I do with things like calculus or quantum mechanics. ]

» Making the Bed in the Morning is the Stupidest Thing

I forget how the conversation came about, but I particularly remember when she said, "Making the bed in the morning is the stupidest thing. It's the biggest waste of time. I mean, you're just going to climb back in at night again, right?"

When she said that, I knew that I wanted to get to know this girl better .. this girl who thinks it's stupid to make the bed in the morning.

She was a hard-body herself. She worked out nearly every day. Swimming laps.

Bella Thorne (19) seated naked on chair GQ Mexico October 2017

Bella here does Pilates, I've heard. Whatever she is doing is obviously working for her. Working well. Nice work, Bella. I see you. Are you really only 19? My mom was 19 when I was born.

When I was grown, she once said, "Oh, honey .. we made a lot of mistakes with you."

I may have been too surprised to speak .. but I was definitely thinking, "You gotta be shittin' me, mom. You're just seeing that now? I couldve told you that a long time ago."

I have done some Pilates myself .. so I know how extra-good it can make you feel.

I might have felt the best-ever physically .. that I ever felt .. during that stint when I was doing Pilates. Very well might.

But I did not stick with it for very long. So I am reluctant to speak on the topic.

But if my primary objective in life were to wrestle with scandalously-young pythons like Bella here .. then I am certain my regimen would include frequent trips to the local Pilates studio.

I remember walking by one such studio there in Newport Beach, in a cool, sunken studio. The place was sparkling.

So many gnarly stories I could tell about the girl who got married. Some of them were very naughty, indeed .. mind-blowingly naughty. For me, anyway. Over-the-top mind-blowingly naughty.

I think that she was purposefully trying to mess with my head .. not in a malicious sort of way .. but as a way to get my attention.

She definitely had my attention.

That's all I'm saying for now. (Notice how I quit here, just in the nick of time.)

» Stopping Just in the Nick of Time

Whew .. that was close. Another step or two and we would've been wading out into the deep stuff.

I dont think you could handle that. I know that I was having trouble myself .. trying to get a handle on her.

She knew how to work me. I'm not sure sure how she knew .. but she did. (In a good way, but still in a way as an operator.)

She made it look easy, effortless, natural, fun, playful, sexy, naughty, passionate .. I could continue along these lines.

I can feel myself ready to fall on over into the juicy-juice here .. but I'm not going to do it.

I'm going to demonstrate for you my impressive sense of self-control. You learn about self-control in a professional sense when you operate a reactor plant .. when you live with a reactor. The military doesnt want any loose cannons operating their reactors.

But all self-control employs many of the same elements .. no matter what you might be applying it to.

I know quite a bit about self-control.

Girls are normally ready to have sex before I am. I know that you want to hear some of these stories .. but I am not going there.

The end. ■

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