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Miranda on Rihanna (and Vice Versa)

Speaking of columns and pieces that speak to me in a unique, authentic voice .. this thing on Rihanna by Miranda July is a good example.

Rihanna wearing a Swarovski Crystal dressI am actually hestitant to mention it.

Because I can see how easy it would be to suck you in.

But perhaps I can point out some of the highlights ..

.. of exactly what spoke to me and how. (And maybe even why.)

But first, how do you even get a gig like that, Miranda?

Does RiRi pick you? Or agree to who they send?

I am curious about the behind-the-scenes negotiations.

"But who will go for us?" .. "Here I am," Miranda said, "Send me!"

But starting at the end .. the final (and lingering) flavor that the reader comes away with from your piece .. is one of muscular authenticity.

Which means that you pulled it off. And with a flair, too. Because that it what the bad girl is all about. And your writing style reflected that.

[ I confess that I am curious if you did that intentionally or subconsciously. ]

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My Racy Homage to Anne Rice (Naughty Rad Erotica)

Rad note » this entry originated from another page .. where I was talking to Blow. It was moved here because the subject drifted far enough to warrant its own, separate entry.

At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have included a link that will return you to the exact spot from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

» Homage to Anne Rice

Blow, certainly you are familiar with the notion of how one thing can lead to another.

Anne RiceAnd this looks like the perfect place .. to craft a nice, little homage to Anne Rice.

Of course, my homage would be based on purely fictional characters.

Any resemblance to persons real and living or deceased would be purely coincidental.

<standard disclaimer applies>

But surely you know how writers draw on their real-life experiences to craft their fiction. It's inevitable.

For my homage, I am not referring to her vampire books, no. Tho the current rage .. that all came from Anne Rice.

Rather I am referring to her Sleeping Beauty Series. You know.

Because this is the place where it would go. As you will see. Right here.

I will no doubt have to lift out this section and transfer it to its own separate page .. but this is not a problem. [ Update: this is now done. ]

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