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Movable Type Wrench on Black BackgroundWelcome to my first post with the f.i.n.a.l freebie version of Movable Type » v5.2.12 (feb, 2015) ..

.. from your friends at Six Apart.

Question » Why does this feel like déjà vu all over again?

Answer » Because it is.

Moveable Type 6.0 was released October of last year and costs $499 per year on an Amazon Machine Image, with no special freebie deals for your bro's.

The newest Movable Type is currently at v6.1, released Feb 11, 2015.

Movable Type 5.0 was released January, 2010. Five years ago. I last upgraded my copy in mid-2011.

» Movable Type Pro LIcense vs Movable Type Open Source

I have a nice story for you. You see, there were two different licenses associated with Movable Type » Pro and Open Source.

Pro costs money and you get support. Open Source free but no support.

But if you were a single, non-business user, you could use Pro for free. Which I did. For years. Always upgrading no problem.

I use a command line from the shell and work my server mojo. I am actually getting comfortable there. Takes 10 mins to upgrade that way .. vs an hour or two the old way (FTP individual files).

Anyway, I had put off upgrading since mid 2011. Because I got busy with other stuff, you know.

But now, nearly 4 years later, when I want to upgrade my free, single-user, non-business install of MT Pro .. the only version available is » MT Open Source.

Say what? What to do?

I mean you can't be running 4-year old technology on the web.

So I upgraded my Pro install (5.12, summer 2011) with MT OpenSource (5.2.12, feb 2015)

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