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Girly, there I was, earlier today .. sitting in a coffee shop .. very much minding my own business (you know) .. sipping on a coffee at Starbucks.

I did not know, at the time, that this was a grande that I was sipping. But when I got home and began to write this section, I wondered, "Was I sipping on a grande .. when I read that thing about yesterday's launch of the world's first satellite designed to use pairs of quantumly entangled photons?"

Because I had simply told the girl, "Medium coffee, double-cup, no sleeve." These non-standard sizes at Starbucks are confusing. (I am old school on the sizes » small, medium, and large.)

So I went to the Starbucks web site a few minutes ago and learned that I was indeed drinking a grande. (Probably just another coincidence.)

And I was there kinda early, so they still had one copy of the New York Times remaining, which I bought (for $2.50).

At the very top of page A5, I noticed an interesting article titled » China Launches Satellite in Bid to Lead Quantum Research. (The online version is titled a little differently.)

Seems that yesterday (8/16/2016) China launched the world's first satellite (from the Gobi Desert) designed to use pairs of quantumly entangled » photons (particles of light) .. in an effort to establish totally secure communications.

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The Thing that I Need (More Than Enough Of It)

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» You So Do It For Me, Girly

You are pattern-matching on me. That speaks to me.

And there are implications that come with the things that this speech is saying. I can tell that I need to think about these implications. I probably wont be writing about these implications, either. (Cuz then I would definitely sound like a nut-case.)

Ariana Singing a Whitney Houston Medley on ABC Greatest Hits Finale on August 4, 2016You do get me, girly. You do indeed.

I know that I shouldnt be surprised .. but I am.

You cant match patterns on someone .. unless you really get them.

Demonstrating a proficiency for something is always more difficult than merely stating that you possess such a proficiency, no?

I mean, anybody can say, "I love you." But how can you really know? How can you know that they really do indeed love you? This is a valid question that you pose.

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