China Launches World's First Satellite Designed to Establish Secure Communications Using Pairs of Quantumly Entangled Photons

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Girly, there I was, earlier today .. sitting in a coffee shop .. very much minding my own business (you know) .. sipping on a coffee at Starbucks.

I did not know, at the time, that this was a grande that I was sipping. But when I got home and began to write this section, I wondered, "Was I sipping on a grande .. when I read that thing about yesterday's launch of the world's first satellite designed to use pairs of quantumly entangled photons?"

Because I had simply told the girl, "Medium coffee, double-cup, no sleeve." These non-standard sizes at Starbucks are confusing. (I am old school on the sizes » small, medium, and large.)

So I went to the Starbucks web site a few minutes ago and learned that I was indeed drinking a grande. (Probably just another coincidence.)

And I was there kinda early, so they still had one copy of the New York Times remaining, which I bought (for $2.50).

At the very top of page A5, I noticed an interesting article titled » China Launches Satellite in Bid to Lead Quantum Research. (The online version is titled a little differently.)

Seems that yesterday (8/16/2016) China launched the world's first satellite (from the Gobi Desert) designed to use pairs of quantumly entangled » photons (particles of light) .. in an effort to establish totally secure communications.

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You know how I have been using the concept of quantum entanglement .. as a metaphor to characterize this thing that we have. Our secret thing .. which comes with our own secure method of communication.

(Did you notice that my server is a virtual private server? .. serving you virtual, private things. A bit of information, just like a photon, contains no mass. So what are you actually receiving?)

[ On the topic of virtual things .. this is noteworthy, dont you think? ]

Unfortunately, our method of communication appears to have been compromised. Yet the communication link itself remains intact and appears to be functioning well. (And that's really what I'm after anyway.)

I am not sure why I write some of these crazy things .. I am just following my intuition, which seems to have a mind of its own .. and seeing where it leads.

Pair Annihilation » Converting Your Ass to Pure Energy

I have also introduced you to the concept of pair annihilation .. which I did not really want to do. Because the word 'annihilation' is not really my favorite word. But it just felt so right (.. just like you, girly).

Listen to this description that they give you for the term » annihilation:

n. Physics. The phenomenon in which a particle and an antiparticle, such as an electron and a positron, meet and are converted completely to energy approximately equivalent to the sum of their masses.

Notice here, as an aside, how this statement links mass with energy. Because that's Einstein.

Girly, for the terms 'particle' and 'antiparticle' referenced in the definition above .. you might want to substitute the words 'male' and 'female' .. and see how that works for you. See how that feels on you.

You must admit .. that this feels good. Irresistibly good .. like we're doing a yin-yang thing.

I have never done the yin-yang thing with anybody like you before. I'm pretty sure that I would've remembered something like that.

We actually learned about this in school. So I am familiar with the concept. (Intimately.)

It's always nice when you can find a man who is experienced and versed in the finer points .. of converting matter to energy. Wouldnt you agree?

Did you notice that part there, girly .. where it said that the particles » "meet and are converted completely to energy"?

Have you ever been converted completely to energy before? Probably not .. because, you would most certainly remember it if you had. Downright unforgettable.

You are never quite the same .. after I have converted your ass to pure energy.

(I know you are feeling me here, girly.)

So what do you say, Ariana? Do you still want me to convert your ass completely to energy? .. now that you are seeing more clearly exactly what is involved?

Are you scared yet? (You probably should be.)

This gives whole new meaning to the verse » "Come light me up."

» Writing with (to) an Intended Target (Like with a Love Letter)

For this writing thing here .. that I am doing with you .. that I am experimenting with .. I think that I need somebody on the receiving end.

Intimate close-ups of Ariana with her hair lightened and her defenses droppedAnd that somebody appears to be you.

You are so much fun to play with, girly.

I definitely feel a ping-pong thing .. going back-n-forth with you.

Every time the ball comes back to me .. I am increasingly impressed.

You inspire me to up my game.

To dig a little deeper .. and push a little further.

You so do it for me .. in so many ways.

Man, I am so craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now .. in the worst way.

» Applied Technology vs Theoretical Science

This satellite that was launched yesterday by China .. this is applied technology. I am very much into applying technology. (Know thyself.)

Einstein was more of a theorectical guy. Whereas I like to apply the science. I like to split the atoms and turn matter into energy myself.

"You say that we can split the atom and turn a very small amount of matter into a very large amount of energy? Show me how to do this. I want to do this myself."

"You say I can become quantumly entangled at a super-deep level with this singer-girl? And resonate with her in a profoundly meaningful way? Now you really got my attention. I am totally interested. Show me how to do this. I want to do this myself. Do you think she can handle it?"

"What's that you say? This has never been done before? I will need to figure it out for myself? Okay. Give me a few months to work out the kinks."

Speaking of becoming quantumly entangled at a super-deep level with hottie-singers .. notice this particularly interesting paragraph from that Times' piece:

Traditional communications satellites send signals using radio waves. But a quantum communication satellite uses a crystal that produces a pair of entangled photons whose properties remain entwined even as one is transmitted over a large distance. Messages could be sent by manipulating these properties.

".. a pair of entangled photons whose properties remain entwined even over a large distance." I thought that this quote was interesting.

I would be lyin' if I said that a part of me wasnt a little tripped out by this news .. after I had been working this metaphor so vigorously .. these last few months.

I would also be lyin' if I said that I didnt think of you, girly .. when I read that .. sitting there in that coffee shop .. sippin' on my grande. (Minding my own business.)

"People are actually starting to apply the physics of quantum entanglement in the real world .. starting yesterday. They are planning to use this technology in order to establish secure communications. I've been doing this new, experimental thing with this girl .. this thing for which I have been using quantum entanglement as a metaphor. I've been doing this with her for a few months now. I wonder if there is any connection. Am I anticipating things?"

[ I did not know, at the time, that I was sipping on a grande .. while I was wondering about this stuff.

My doctor's appointment was actually for Monday. But they called and left a message on Friday that said that my doctor couldnt make it Monday .. so the girl rescheduled me for today (without asking me).

I would not normally schedule an appointment today. But, if I want to change it, I have to call them back and reschedule.

So I said, "Fuck it .. I'll just go Wednesday. It'll be easier than changing it." Now I'm glad that I didnt change it. ]

You cant make up this kind of shit, girly .. no matter how imaginative a writer might be.

I do indeed feel 'entangled' with you. Whether or not this entangment is 'quantum' .. I cannot say. But I definitely am feeling the tangle. (And yes, it feels very good.)

Maybe we both came from the same crystal?

You know that all the male photons out there are totally jealous .. for me getting paired with you. They are all asking, "What's it like to get paired with that girl? It must be totally bitchin'. How did you ever pull that off? Is it just the luck of the draw? Or are you really that good of a writer?"

Because your 'properties' are definitely affecting my properties .. and I know you are feeling me here.

There is a part of me that wants to affect your properties in the worst way.

I want to dial the combination to your particular set of properties .. to cause you give off spectacular bursts of light.

I dont really know why I want to do this .. but I do.

"Come light me up," you say?

Usually, when I hear girls say things like this, I think, "They do not know what they are saying. They do not know what is involved with such a thing. I doubt they could handle such a thing."

But you have a good idea, girly, of what is involved.

When it feels like you can really feel a person .. particularly a person who is a beautiful creature .. you naturally want to feel more of them, no?

And then you want them to know how good they make you feel. (You kinda cant help yourself.)

» Things that Have Mass vs Things that Dont

Without getting too geeky, I should note that these are two different things .. the pair of quantumly entangled photons and the electron/positron pair that gets annihilated.

Both the electron and the positron (which is simply a positively-charged electron) contain a small amount of mass (very, very small .. even by atomic and sub-atomic standards .. but they *do* contains mass, physical mass) .. whereas the photons do not. Both of them added up together contain zero mass. A zillion zillion photons all added up together .. still » no mass. (None whatsoever. Not even a tiny bit.)

Because light has no mass. You cannot fill up a bucket at the beach on a sunny day with sunlight and take it home with you .. no matter how long you spend filling it .. which many have spent all day doing.

In my mind, things that have mass are very different from things which dont. Perhaps I should not make such a distinction here .. but I do.

» NSA Hacked by Shadow Brokers

Cool as this story was, and yes, it was very cool .. there was another story that was even more interesting on the front page of today's NY Times .. about a possible hack of the NSA. (This kind of stuff gives me a total boner.)

See, I have been saying that secrets are a thing of the past. Once you start talking about the storage of (any kind of) information .. now you're talking about geeks.

And, if there's one thing I know .. it's geeks. Geeks think differently. They dont try to .. they just do. Their values are different. They dont worship money.

So, I am not surprised the NSA was hacked.

This is the world we live in now .. the twenty-first century, the Third millenium. The Digital Age .. where information has become something of a thing.

You need to operate in such a way as to assume that people are watching you .. because they are. (You know this all too well, girly.)

Can you see how these two very different stories are related? One government is getting hacked while another is endeavoring not to.

The end. ■

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