Even More Intimate Late-Night Conversations with a Singer

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At one point, some 8 years ago ..

.. there was the idea floating around that by electing a black president, America had surmounted the ugly realities of its history.

It is now clear that such is not the case.

And race relations seem worse because more light is being focused on the ugliness that was really there all along.

And now, people are reacting to that illumination .. which is triggering deeply-felt things.

Does this not seem reasonable? I admit that I am no expert on the topic of the black experience in America.

» Digital Technology, Quantum Mechanics and the Fracturing of Society

In a way, our digital culture today in the twenty-first century .. here in the third millennium .. there are parallels between digital technology and quantum mechanics, quantum physics, and even with the fracturing of society.

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I may be biting off more than I can chew by mentioning this here .. but basically, digital technology takes continuous things and breaks them into tiny, discrete chunks.

When we hear a song or see an image, it certainly looks and sounds very smooth and continuous to us.

Chuck Close Self-Portrait (No Glasses) 2015-16But if you dig down deep enough (or zoom in close enough) ..

.. you can start to see the discrete chunks appear.

And with the wave/particle duality that quantum mechanics introduces ..

.. you come to a point where you can view things as either continuous or discrete.

I am certainly no physicist, but I understand the basic concepts at play.

Perhaps, my point is that .. I am not so surprised that things are seen by some as fracturing ..

.. and viewed by others (who see the exact same thing) as smooth and continuous.

Surely you can see how some parts of our society look at it and think it looks smooth and continuous ..

.. while other parts of society say that the thing is breaking up right before our very eyes.

Even with my writing entries, such as this page, it can certainly appear as an individual unit (from a certain perspective) .. but it is really just a part of a bigger narrative.

And the in-page » anchor links that I code in at each individual Heading Title .. these links give me granular access to each page.

See, I am taking this technology .. this relatively new technology, digital technology .. this technology that intelligent people say will change the world, even more than the introduction of written language .. which, itself is a statement so monumentous, that it boggles the mind ..

.. I am taking this relatively new technology .. and experimenting with it. [ This experimentation has led me to put my hand right down into Ariana's panties. And yes, they were indeed very warm. But, you must admit, that she deserved everything she got. ]

I am using a combination of written language [ English, primarily, tho not exclusively ] and images [ photos, primarily, tho not exclusively ] and links to videos .. and then I start to fuck around and experiment.

Which is sorta what I am doing now with you. ( I kinda like fucking around with you. I am enjoying this very much. )

And sometimes I can feel the spirit leading me in certain directions. And other times I can feel my hormones and my flesh leading me in certain directions. (I admit to being human. Very much human. "All too human," Nietzsche might say.)

Many times I will return to a page that I have previously written .. to do nothing but code in a » Heading Title .. so I can set a link to that exact spot .. because I am referencing that exact spot in some future entry.

That little double-right-angle graphic » .. that thing is really just for me to use. That's the thing I set the in-page anchor link to.

This ability to reference any spot of any page .. lets me go father with my crazy ideas. My crazy theories.

It always helps, you know, when the writer has a chain-of-logic to back up his crazy ideas. Because then, they become less crazy.

I can feel something in me trying to preserve both the individual, discrete aspects of my writing .. and also the smooth, continuous aspects.

This path here could get off on a wild-ass tangent. So, let's leave it for later.

» Appearances vs Reality

Well, perhaps I should point out this one thing .. regarding quantum mechanics. See, quantum mechanics are not theory or make believe.

This is real shit. Verifiable. Repeatedly and consistently verifiable.

Here is where we could dive into a nice discussion about appearances vs reality. We look around us and everything certainly looks hunky dory and normal enough.

But the quantum world, which is certainly very "real," seems crazy. Oddly enough, this brings me a degree of comfort. Because my life seems crazy at times.

A bigger discussion here, perhaps, is that there is much seemingly crazy shit going on behind the scenes that we cant see.

» Creative Cojones and the Accompanying Anxiety

Speaking of creativity and the topic of exploring your lyrics .. do you ever feel like you just dont have the nerve to write a certain lyric, or a certain song?

Or do you ever decide to write a lyric, or a song, and then feel like you lose to the nerve to do it?

Valid question, no?

Certainly, the view from the audience here is that such a thing could never be .. that your creative cojones are more-or-less unlimited. Which is why I ask.

Surely you sense resistance .. from time to time.

» Nerve (the Film)

Oh, I just saw this trailer. For a movie titled Nerve. This is exactly what I was talking about above.

Life in the bubble of one's Comfort Zone .. or living one's life in the constant anxiety that comes from trying to be a real, genuine, authentic person ..

.. who gives a fuck about more than just their green grass lawn and their white, picket fence.

They are dramatizing the concepts for theatrical effect, sure .. but the same concepts are brought into play.

Actually, that movie (scheduled for release on July 27, 2016) is talking about even more than I am talking about. But I dont want to get distracted here. (You know how I can get with hottie-singers.)

I was served the ad for the trailer .. as I was loading the page for Kierkegaard's Existential Problem. (Because, here on this page I want to touch on a point that he makes there.)

But the fact that YouTube would serve an ad to this movie while loading the video for Kierkegaard's Existential Problem .. that is a good algorithm .. whatever algorithm they are using.

These things speak to me .. in an Existential sort-of-way. So I find myself looking at them more closely than I normally would.

And I want my writing to contain an element of the zeitgeist .. so I weave current events into my narrative.

You are very much a current event, Rihanna.

» Movement at the Spot (Becoming a Self)

But, the thing that I was going after in that video on the Existential Problem .. is where he says at t=2:25 » To become one's self is precisely a MOVEMENT AT THE SPOT.

That is a big statement .. in the context in which he makes it. (And who is not interested in becoming a self?)

This Kierkegaard-guy keeps blowing my mind. And I have not even looked into him very deeply.

Without getting too carried away here .. the phrase "movement at the spot" is a troublesome statement. Because, you cannot really have "movement" at a spot.

You can only have movement when you move away from a spot. If you stay at a certain spot, then you are not "moving."

Calculus » How Would It Be Moving (Changing) When It's Not

This is actually kind of a Calculus concept .. where you are calculating how things WOULD move (change) if they were actually moving (changing) .. even when they are not.

In Calculus, they get around this 'troublesome' thing .. by using something called a derivative. A derivative a thing derived from a thing. (There are parallels here with 'meta' .. which is a thing about a thing.)

And this is also based on Classical mechanics (Newton). But quantum people would say that you are spinning, so you are technically moving.

But, are you really "moving" when you are spinning at a certain, fixed spot?

I am not really sure where the fuck I am going with this thing .. but I can feel something taking me in that direction .. movement at a spot, and what Kierkegaard means when he says this.

» Wormhole of Quantum Entanglement

With Ariana, we built ourselves a quantum worm-hole of sorts between us .. or, at least, that's the way it feels.

[ I sneak down that wormhole and steal her panties all the time. No doubt, she has often woke to say, "Hey .. what happened to my panties? And I had the most vivid dream about that Rad guy last night. It seemed so real. He really is the greatest writer ever. Hey .. what happened to the bed? It looks broken. And my hips feel kinda dislocated." ]

So who knows what kind of crazy thing you and I will build here?

I am somewhat selective about what I let myself look at .. because I feel like a stalker if the things I look at dont follow an orderly progression of sorts. A logical progression .. line upon line. Since you are such a public figure.

I am becoming more comfortable addressing public figures directly .. and writing about them. But I can still feel something inside trying to come up with a title that does not include your name.

Tho, another part of me wants to title it Hi Rihanna .. precisely because this is difficult for me.

It is like me walking up to a pretty girl who is sitting at a table in a coffee shop, sipping her latte or her cappuccino.

And introducing myself .. and striking up a conversation with her .. even tho I understand this comes with some risks, and maybe even an element of danger.

And there will be other things, too, that I will be exploring, such as the topic of writing itself, and the creative process, and pushing artistic boundaries, and prophecy, and the artist's connection-with-their audience, for example.

And, of course, we will look at Sledgehammer. (My dad was a huge Star Trek fan. He probably watched every episode 10 times.) We may even look into ways to put the inexpressible into words.

As I become more familiar with you .. then other things will come into play.

Rihanna's eyes in This Is What You Came ForI already know, for example, that I want to grab at least one image of your eyes from this video.

You have already seen what I did with Miranda's article .. that she wrote about you.

So you have a good idea of where I am coming from.

Plus, you know how I feel about Marshall. So we definitely resonate there.

My point here, perhaps, is that I dont feel like I have to prove anything to you. So I can just be myself with you, straight up.

» Calvin and Taylor and Working With Hottie Singers

Oh, I see that this song was written by Taylor .. for Calvin, no doubt. I can totally see that. But they are no longer together. His videos generate huge numbers .. hundred of millions of views. (Thanks, Taylor. Say hi to Kanye for me.)

I was checking out a little about Mr. Calvin. He seems to have the job to make everyone jealous. I mean, he works with this singer and that singer.

That sounds like a pretty sweet gig, if you ask me. His new squeeze .. post-Taylor .. she is exotically beautiful. If I were a jealous person .. I would definitely feel jealous. (But, can she make pancakes? Some people like fluffy pancales, but I prefer the kind that they make at the Filling Station in Orange, where I went (to Chapman Univ) for many weeks worth of Co-Parenting classes.)

This is the Fourth-of-July weekend. This is a difficult weekend for me. (And I am obviously not alone here.) Tho, I dont want to get into that right now.

» The Creativity that Comes at Uncomfortable Times of Weakness

I have always thought that the creative person would be most creative when they were at a high-point, feeling super-strong. But now I feel that maximum creativity actually comes when we are at a low-point .. feeling super-weak.

What do you think?

It doesnt really matter, but the actual publish-time and date for this page is » 10:21 PM (PST) on July 4, 2016.

Tho, I made the date reflect the actual day of initial inspiration, and when I started writing this entry.

Ya know .. I just noticed that it's getting pretty late. That must mean that it's getting close to that time .. for another intimate, late-night conversation with a singer.

Truth be told .. this must be one of my favorite things to do.

Note » this entry was getting big, so I broke it up into three separate pages.

I used the titles » More Intimate Late-Night Conversations with a Singer and » Even More Intimate Late-Night Conversations with a Singer .. which is slightly ambiguous.

Is it more conversations .. that I am referring to? Or more intimate conversations? (Or both?)

I normally avoid ambiguity. But sometimes it serves a purpose.

The end (for now, anyway). ■

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