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» More Fracturing of Our Society .. Streamed Live in High-Def Clarity

Here is the real hero, tho. Who could have maintained such composure under such circumstances?

Dae'AnnaThey shot that dude .. they killed him .. right in front of that little girl.

How can that not fuck you up for the rest of your life?

A 4-year-old girl.

You reckon she might be prone to suffering anxiety attacks ..

.. the next time that the car she's riding in gets pulled over?

When the lights start flashing behind her?

When she hears the siren wail?

"Who are they gonna shoot now?" she'll be wondering as she hears the sound of the footsteps approaching.

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You know .. there have been so many of these types of shootings lately ..

.. including, now, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota ..

.. that it can be hard to keep track of them all. They all kinda just bleed together after a while.

And the things that they are getting killed over .. a taillight, selling CDs, selling individual cigarettes, jaywalking, failing to signal a lane change, even for not being pretty enough .. it's very fucking sad. Heartbreaking.

[ Oh, this is hopeful .. promising. When they are shooting you dead in the street for being a certain color .. you'll take whatever you can get. ]

They are picking on the weak and the poor and the helpless. If they are really so big on "zero tolerance," why dont they implement a Zero Tolerance for racism and other nasty shit in their own ranks? Why dont they go after people who are doing really bad shit?

Somebody ask Eric Holder about that .. the next time you see him. You guys need to get up off your knees .. with these rich fuckers. It paints a picture that is so distasteful .. that even I dont want to continue down that path .. that ugly path. Have you no self-respect? You need to grow some cojones. But, first wipe your mouth. If you are not up for the job, then you should just go home. Find something easier to do. You let the wealthy rip off our country and future generations while you stand there and make excuses for them. So you compensate for this by going after the weak and the poor and the helpless .. with a vengeance. With a merciless vengeance. You want us to think that you are so tough on crime. While you are really only tough on the weak and the poor and the helpless. Downright oppressive. Can I get a witness?

These greedy, opportunistic fuckers on Wall Street were selling shit that did way more harm to way more people. How come nobody from Law enforcement ran up on them?

Probably because they're not weak and they're not poor and they're not helpless.

My boss has a problem with people who pick on the weak and the poor and the helpless. A serious problem. Let no one say that I didnt try to warn them .. repeatedly. Time and again.

It's not a good thing, generally speaking, when the God of the Universe has a problem with you. You will see what I mean .. soon enough.

You're going to want to wash that blood off your hands .. and you're probably going to want to hurry.

You lead a horse to water...

Scripture says that God tested the children of Israel at Marah. They did not fare well. Many of them received a failing grade. A wise man will learn from the mistakes of others. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Let's hope that these fuckers are smarter than they appear.

Here is Obama in Warsaw on July 7th.

Oh, I have only read a very little of this page, and I can already see that it is worth mentioning here.

I wonder what Mr. Coates has to say on the matter. He sorta has the voice for this kind of thing right now. And Michelle.

But, really, what can you say? .. that hasnt already been said a thousand times?

I feel that your growing up, Miss Rihanna, in another country .. gives you a perspective on all this madness. Perhaps even a unique perspective.

I would be lyin' if I said that I wasnt interested in your perspective.

You are a very public figure .. so you cannot just say any ol' thing publicly. You have to watch your public words .. because they will no doubt be scrutinized.

This is one of the reasons why I strive to remain unpublic. But, with you, and with your perspective, and with your opinion here .. I am not talking about public.

I rarely check site usage statistics, but have noticed, by the way, a significant increase in site traffic lately. This rise does indeed make me a little uncomfortable. (Sometimes we need to do things that make us uncomfortable.)

I know that I have the goods; I dont need anybody to tell me that I have the goods.

In fact, it sometimes makes me uncomfortable .. when they start telling me that I do. Tho, it is difficult for me to explain exactly why this is.

See .. if a writer is conscious that his writing is being watched by large numbers of people .. how can that not affect his writing?

I pretty much dont give a fuck what people think of me any more .. but I have never had to deal with the number of eyes that you do.

[ Oh, I am starting to feel the eyes. End of July. Can you feel eyes on you, Rihanna? I dont see how you cannot. Feeling the eyes on you .. I dont see how this can be a good thing. For a writer like me. ]

These fuckers have never seen anything like me before. And I'm just getting warmed up. Stand the fuck by.

Welcome to the Third Millennium .. where we have some new rules.

Anyway, my intuition of the writing that I am doing today .. feels like I am starting at the impossible and going from there.

And then I was sitting outside after sunset .. just resting as deeply as possible .. when some things started coming to me .. and I could see that I would writing about you. To you.

I would never be able to do this kind of writing if I didnt have the writing thing to go with it.

Rihanna holding up her Billboard Chart Achievement Award in Las Vegas on May 22, 2016But something in your Billboard acceptance speech definitely made me feel more welcome.

Inviting, even.

So, I think that I am going to be exploring some things with you.

I am not totally sure exactly where this thing is headed .. but I have an idea.

I have learned, thru experimentation, of course, that I am a different writer .. depending on the person I am writing to.

[ The writer cannot actually MAKE somebody read their writing, no. But I am such a bad-ass writer that I know that they simply cant resist .. even if they dont wanna read it. It's all in my special sauce. ]

Even if you feel that I am still the same writer .. then, you must admit that I definitely write different things .. to different people. I mean, how can I not?

So .. what kind of writer am I going to be with you? What kind of crazy things am I going to write to you? With you? About you? For you?

I honestly dont know. But, we will find out .. you and me. Is your seatbelt buckled?

My intuition tells me (based on the severity of this angst) that this will be some gnarly shit. I mean, I have never thought about reaching for the narcotics since treatment ended.

I have been doing this enough that I am starting to figure out some things.

Bob Marley ( "How long shall they kill our prophets?" ), Anti, duality, embracing duality, creativity .. these are some of the things that I want to touch on. No doubt I will be exploring your lyrics.

» The Fracturing of American Society Under the Weight of Historic Inequality

Speaking of duality .. I am pretty sure that I will be discussing the polarizing of society itself .. both here in the States and in many other nations.

Ieshia Evans Getting Arrested During a Peaceful Protest in Baton Rouge on July 9, 2016The fracturing. The cracking. The breaking.

Because this polarization is currently at historical highs and getting worse every day.

It would seem that something's gotta give .. sooner or later.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. And the house has never been more divided.

Former congressman Joe Walsh threatened "war" against Obama. You can feel the shit getting twitchy. And I'm obviously not alone here.

A spark here, a spark there .. a fire breaking out would not be such a farfetched thing is such a dry environment.

Does this not seem intuitively obvious to everybody?

Pretending that things arent as bad as they really are .. this is just avoiding the issue. If there is one thing that Obama should be uniquely qualified to do (.. being half-black and half-white)'s to speak to the issue(s) of race relations in America.

[ Oh, I didnt mean to get your ass in trouble, dawg. But, really .. this is what you came for. Right here. Right now.

DeRay McKesson getting arrested while protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge on July 9, 2016This is your defining moment.

When Rihanna sings "This is what you came for..." ..

.. my ego wants wants to believe that she is talking about me. Sure.

Every guy's ego wants to believe this.

But, really .. she is talking about you, dawg.

This is it .. this is what you came for. If you cant do it .. we're fucked.

Dig deep. Get something good. Do that presidential shit you do. We'll talk more later.

What do you think of this photo here?

How would you respond to Blow? Who says that the black man feels as tho white society doesnt give a fuck how many unarmed black men get shot and killed by society's police.

It's a valid point, no?

Society's actions speak louder to the black man than society's words.

I couldnt help but notice that he concludes his column with the word » dangerous.

The end of the Obama years are upon us and Donald Trump is saying, "Soon as I'm president, the Law is gonna start cracking skulls again until I'm satisfied that we have restored order."

As a black man, can you see how the Donald's language could be interpreted as such? I dont see how you cannot.

If a black president cant stop white society's law enforcement from shooting unarmed black men, and a black attorney general cant bring justice to the families of the slain ..

.. what hope do they have if Donald Trump becomes president?

Even Bill Clinton, whose policies locked up so many black men for so long, seems to be saying that black lives dont really matter very much. ]

I wonder if McWorter would agree. (He obviously gets it.)

Frank is sticking up for Obama. I would not say that Obama has made race relations worse. Rather, I feel that his prominence (as President) has made more prominent .. issues that have long been there.

Blow is kicking serious ass here. I probably shoulda listened to Obama's speech before giving him shit .. because he is making the exact points that need to be made. He is actually hitting the nail on the head (both Obama and Blow).

So I will walk back my criticism.

But my point is that » objects in the national racist mirror are uglier and closer than they appear. (Certainly not prettier.)

Dumb and Dumber | Blair and Bush[[ Speaking of things that are uglier than they appear ..

.. here is George, trying to convince everybody ..

.. that the bitch-slapping both he and his brother took repeatedly ..

.. at the hand of Donald Trump ..

.. on national television, no less

.. and in front of live audiences sitting in packed auditoriums around the country .. did not sting.

Not very convincing, George. And lay off the sauce.

Try not to become any more of an embarrassment than you already are.

I know that your short-term memory is shot, and it can be difficult for you to hold more than one bit of information in your coconut at a time, but this is not a happy occasion, dipshit. It's not a cause for celebration.

You never were able to see how inappropriate your actions were .. which is why people are no longer surprised when you do stupid shit like this.

Everybody around you could see. To them your inappropriate actions were plainly and painfully obvious. But, for some reason, you just couldnt see. (Maybe it's an elite thing.)

I thought of you earlier today, George, when I read this passage from Psalms.

I also thought of you when I read this passage from Proverbs.

Jean Edward Smith | Author of 'Bush' documentary published July, 2016Happy belated birthday, by the way.

I have a book for you .. as a birthday gift.

That's why this author released this book the day before your birthday ..

.. he wanted to give you a special birthday gift, too.

I know that details are not your thing, George .. so, here is the Cliff Notes version »

» you might very well be the greatest presidential fuck-up ever.

Jean certainly makes a compelling case.

Isnt it great how time is the ultimate truth teller?

As the decades pass, the advantageous perspective of seeing how predictions actually played out, historically speaking, makes things clear for us-the-people. Painfully clear.

You coulda been a contender, George. Instead, you have become a Cautionary Tale. A Fuck-up for the Ages.

You should read this thing by Krugman. Where he actually identifies the exact moment .. given the advantageous perspective that comes with the passage of decades ..

.. he identifies the exact moment when you and your kind went off the rails .. and started veering toward the abyss.

Dumb and Dumber - Part 2 | Blair and BushAnd instead of realizing and admitting that you made a mistake,

and correcting your course, like a normal human being would do ..

.. you and your kind, because you simply cannot admit that you ever made a mistake ..

.. you are going to drive the whole lot of you right off the fucking cliff.

Good riddens to you .. and all your spineless friends.

You believe what you want to believe.

You hear what you want to hear.

Facts and reality are nothing more than inconveniences to you .. things to be ignored and rebuffed ..

.. because they dont fit into your twisted narrative .. where you and yours rule the world with your me-and-mine-only values ..

.. that could give a fuck about what kind of pain-n-suffering your policies might inflict on other human beings. (Because you are afraid of being labeled a wimp .. which you are. If you werent such a wimp, you would have taken up arms to defend America, instead of running from war like Five-Deferment Cheney did. All you war mongerers run from war when your own time comes up. You tough-talking pussies like the idea of war .. as long as someone else is fighting it.)

Ye members of the Flat Earth Society.

So, when the whole Republican chariot suddenly plunges into the abyss .. you cant understand what happened. You are perplexed and confused and left scratching your head in bewilderment. "How could this happen?" you wonder.

You .. are what happened, George. You, the Fuck-Up Extraordinaire. You are piece-of-work, George.

How's that painting coming along? I still think that Hitler was a better painter than you. I have seen nothing to change my opinion.

Maureen sends her love. Oh, yeah .. and thanks for the memories.

I wonder if Trump invited the last Republican president to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland .. probably not. ]]

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