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It is still only Saturday the 18th, but I am posting this entry with tomorrow's date » 19 Sept 2021.

Worldclock timestamp San Diego 9:19 pm Saturday 18 Sept 2021

I want to get a headstart. I want to hit the ground running.

The term zeitgeist is defined as » The spirit of the age; the spirit characteristic of an age, or a period, or a generation.

Some synonyms offered are » The feel, the feeling, the flavor, the spirit, the tone.

Looks like autumn arrives Wednesday, 22 Sept 2021 at 12:21 pm local time. Look at all the 1's and 2's there.

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Today is Friday-the-13th.

Well, it is actually Saturday-the-14th when I am posting this HTML page live.

Worldclock timestamp for Saturday, 14 August 2021 at 9:38 PM San Diego

But Friday-the-13th seems like so much more an appropriate date for a page with a title like this one. No? (It doesnt really matter in the end.)

[ Remind me to talk about what is appropriate vs what is not appropriate .. because it ties in nicely with today's topic.

The term appropriate is defined as » Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.

The reason why I mention this particular word right here is because .. what might be fitting or suitable to one person does not necessarily mean that such-a-thing is suitable or fitting for another.

To another. With another. You feel me.

Because values and priorities comes into play here when you start to define what is or is not appropriate.

Nietzsche was very much about » values, you know.

Values are funny thing, my friend. But not the kind of funny that makes you laugh out loud. No, sir. 'Fraid not. ]

» I Hope My Friend Elena and Her Girlfriends are Okay

I hope Elena and her friends are okay. I saw this thing where Siberia is on fire more than all the fires in the world combined.

Siberian wildfires now bigger than all other fires in world combined ABC News (11 Aug 2021)

The frozen tundra of Siberia is on fire. That's how you know that the apocalypse has arrived.

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Fuck It .. Let's Do This Thing

You didnt think I would let our anniversary pass without notice .. did you, girly?

Especially seeing how it was such a cool date » 19 Mar 2021, with the sequential » 19 » 20 » 21.

Timestamp Worldclock San Diego Friday, 19 March 2021 at 3:19 am

I didnt forget .. even though I might have "a lot on my plate" right now .. as both cousin Patti and my therapist have said.

I guess I do have a lot on my plate. But I tend to respond well to plates piled with these kinds of things.

I am actually feeling happy of late .. for a number of reasons. (More on that later.)

I even had the thought a few days ago that I might be feeling "too happy" and maybe I should cut back, or even quit taking the antidepressants altogether. All the meds. I mean, why pussy around?

Now there is a thought that I have never had before. It's a foolish thought, to be sure .. because you never want to change anything with your meds without first consulting a trained mental health professional.

And I have already begun tapering down my dose of Zoloft .. for a few months now .. from 200 to 150.

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» The Term 'Ethics' is Included as Part of the Professional Title for Dr. Russell Moore

The About page of his website says ..

Russell Moore is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The ERLC is the moral and public policy entity of the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

Notice in particular the words 'ethics' and 'morals,' which I have made bold. These are the words that caught my attention.

» He has Actually Taught Classes in Ethics

His bio also says that he ..

» served as provost and dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also taught theology and ethics.

He has actually taught Ethics as a subject. He a taught a class on Ethics .. at the Southern Baptist seminary in Louisville.

Many such classes he taught. To many students. He taught class after class to seminary students. Year after year.

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I normally use the 11th of January (1-11, or 'one-one-one') as a place, or as a convenient time, where I will challenge myself. Where I will attempt something I have never attempted before.

Speaking of the date, I wonder what time it is. Hold on a sec. I'm going to go check. Dont go anywhere. I'll be back in a jiffy.

Okay, I'm back. Looks like it's 1:11 pm. Here on the Left coast.

Time-n-date timestamp Worldclock San Diego Monday, 11 Jan 2021 at 1:11 pm

It's later than I thought.

Now I will be the first to admit that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, particularly when I might be trying to impress a super-hottie.

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Now You've Really Gone and Done It

Girly, what am I going doing with you? (I mean, that I havent done already.)

You are in so much trouble, young lady. You cannot possibly imagine how much trouble you are in right now.

You girls with tattoos .. I shouldve known better. You seem to actually enjoy getting in trouble.

Einstein was always getting in trouble, too, you know. So at least you're in good company.

After I finished viewing the trailer for your Netflix special (releasing tomorrow) I thought, "Now you've really done it."

Girly, you know that you cannot be doing shit like this ..

Ariana's Winter Solstice, Grand Conjunction, Netflix Special - excuse me, i love you - on 21 Dec 2020

.. and think you will get no response. No retaliation. Certainly not with something this provocative.

Ariana lays back lusciously and deliciously during her winter solstice netflix special excuse me I love you (10 Dec 2020)

You know this better than anybody.

When I saw this clip above, where you do that lay-back thing that you do .. when I saw that clip, I started thinking about things.

About this thing, and that thing, and, of course, the other thing.

Before I knew it, I was a million miles away. Maybe more. I wouldnt be surprised. I mean that is certainly the way it felt.

And I would be lying if I said that I was in any kind of hurry to get back, either. No. I was definitely diggin' it out there.

Would you like to know, Ariana, what kinds of things I was thinking about out there? Out there in La La Land.

I feel confident that you would indeed like to know.

I very much feel provoked when I see you doing this. This kind of thing, where I feel provoked, this makes me feel aggressive. And aggressive can easily become predatory under the right circumstances.

What do you know about evoking these things?

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» The Elderly Die Alone, Their Lungs Filling with Fluid

The thing that got me thinking along these lines .. was when I heard doctor Rob describe the nature of the death experienced by those infected with the virus.

He is an emergency room doctor who is there when patients die. He says they die alone, their lungs filling with fluid .. until they can no longer breathe.

ER doc Rob Davidson describes harsh reality of dying from CoVid-19: 'You die alone, your lungs filling with fluid.' (6 Oct 2020)

Doctor Rob is there when patients take their last breath .. when they take that final gasp before giving up the ghost.

We all come to the place in life where we take our last breath. Nobody is exempt. Nobody gets out of here alive. But this is a horrible way to go.

That is a particularly disturbing way to die .. not being able to breathe.

I happen to know a little something about what it feels like when you simply cannot catch your breath. It feels like you are suffocating.

It is an extremely distressing feeling. I dont think anyone can really appreciate the sensation of not being able to catch your breath .. until you have actually experienced it for yourself.

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» Historical Points of Comparison

Here in the US, we are already approaching a quarter million deaths from the virus.

CoVid-19 deaths in United States as reported by CDC on 14 Nov 2020

As a point of comparison, the Vietnam War, which lasted some 20 years (1955 to 1975) took the lives of 58K Americans.

This includes all deaths, such as accidents, homicide, and "self-inflicted".. whatever that might mean.

So we already have more-than-quadrupled the total number of deaths suffered during the entire 20-year Vietnam War .. and it has not even been a year yet.

For another point of comparison .. the total number of U.S. casualties, from all sources, during World War II, which lasted a number of years, was » 400K.

That should provide some historical context to the size and scope of this pandemic we are currently experiencing.

These are huge numbers. They are huge numbers and they are climbing so quickly. In other words, this coronavirus is a big deal.

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» This Deadly Plague Continues to Grow

Rather than abating, the number of new infections continues growing to levels never seen before.

United States tops 100-K new CoVid-19 cases in a single day for the first time ever WaPo (4 Nov 2020)

I bet that the gang over at WaPo know what I am talking about.

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This entry began on a page where I was telling Nancy Pelosi all the reasons why she can kiss my progressive ass » You Can All Kiss My Progressive Ass (20 Sept 2020).

» First Death Curves Plotted from the First Available CoVid-19 Data Sets

This global plague seems to be affecting the elderly almost exclusively.

Chart of the odds of dying from COVID-19 by age group | Medicine with Dr. Moran (17 Aug 2020)

Almost nobody under the age of 55 has died. The death rate starts climbing around 65 or 70. See for yourself.

» A Clear-Eyed Look Behind the Numbers

The abbreviation IFR in the chart heading above stands for » Infection Fatality Rate.

Notice that they do not use the word death. Nor do they spell out the word Fatality.

If someone were to stumble upon this chart here without the good doctor present to break it down for them .. they might very well miss its significance.

The existentialist in me wants (likes) to see things as clearly and plainly as possible .. which will naturally include the ugly side of things along with the beautiful.

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