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Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Time right now is 11:53 PM .. and the structural HTML for this page is live.

Timestamp Worldclock San Diego 3 August 2020 11:53 PM

Tonight is the August full moon. Groups of coyotes have been howling loudly the last few nights.

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Tropic of Cancer - Page One

For what it's worth .. time right now is » 2:20 PM, here on the left coast. And this page is live.

Timestamp 2:20 PM for Saturday, 20 June 2020, San Diego time, summer solstice

Today is the summer solstice. The word solstice means 'sun stopping.'

This is the exact moment when the sun appears to reach its northerly-most point of 'travel.'

World map clearly identifies Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

( It's really just a cool illusion .. because you and I here on planet earth, we are actually the ones doing the traveling. )

I am talking about the point-of-travel where the sun arrives directly over southern Baja California.

Tropico de Cancer roadside sign Baja California with red_VW bug by David Sanger Photography

This is the point where it comes closest to those of us living here to the north  ..

Looking along the line of the Tropic of Cancer at the monument marker in southern Baja California

.. and then appears to turn around and head back south .. to the distant land of Capricorns .. that time is » 2:43 PM. So we got another 23 mins or so.

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Welcome to Boner-City

Time right now » 11:51 pm Pacific Daylight .. and this page is live.

Time stamp 11:51 pm Pacific Daylight (13 June 2020) and this page is live.

I have not yet written anything here .. but I will be very shortly.

"What am I planning to write in this entry?" you ask? .. here in this page with such an inviting title?

I am sure that you will not be able to handle it.

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It probably means nothing to anybody but me .. but the time right now is » 8:37 pm PDT here on the Left coast .. and this page is » live.

Timestamp taken when current page posted live: 8:37 pm Thursday (19 March 2020)

I have not yet written anything here .. but the HTML is ready to receive whatever words and bits I might happen to feel like sending its way.

I do not know exactly what kinds of things I will be addressing here today .. but I have a pretty good idea. (Many things. Some gnarly, some not. This could go anywhere.)

I am actually curious myself .. to see what kinds of things are coming .. after all this time has passed without the posting of any published writing. Very unlike me.

» Have Not Written Anything Since November

These words you are reading here now .. these are pretty much the only words I have written since November, in an entry titled » You are the Funnest Thing to Play With (5 Nov 2019).

Ariana's Vogue Cover Video Performance (9 July 2019)

I can feel that the writing gears are a little rusty. I should go get my oil can and apply some nuclear-grade lubricant to the writing machinery.

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This page originated » here .. in an entry titled » A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say (1 May 2018).

Speaking of black people who say strikingly ignorant things .. check out Candace Owens here.

RMU takes Candace Owens to school for being wildly uniformed and saying strikingly ignorant things (10 April 2019)

The all-black, well-educated panel here at Roland Martin Unfiltered (RMU) addresses Candace's comments.

Her comments make me feel sad for the black man. As if they dont already have enough obstacles to overcome .. without one of their own turning against them.

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This page continues from here » The 1619 Project » Marking the 400-Year Anniversary of Enslavement and Oppression Arriving in America - Page One (14 August 2019).

» The United States Does Not Torture

Speaking of stepping away from groups of people who are known to embrace racist sentiments .. check out this Vice News interview with Joe Walsh (57).

Former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh tells Vice News that the Republican party is not a racist bigoted cruel party (30 Aug 2019).

This is one of the most fascinating political interviews I have ever seen .. for a number of reasons.

Which is why I am mentioning it here .. in this theme where I have already referenced Joe Walsh and some of the things he has said.

He attended the University of Chicago .. so he is no dummy. He is no hick.

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This page continues from here » The Unfolding of a National Moral Crisis » Witnessing the Rise of Naked Racism as a Defining Political Strategy - Page Three (31 July 2019).

» The 400-Year Anniversary of Slavery in America

I bet that Nikole Hannah-Jones knows what I am talking about.

Nikole Hannah-Jones leads the 1619 Project (18 August 2019)

She leads The 1619 Project (published 14 August 2019), which marks the 400-year anniversary of slavery in America.

The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones (14 August 2019)

I wonder what Kanye thinks of Nikole's project.

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This page continues from here » Mass Shooting of Minorities Inspired by Racist Rhetoric Triggers Mood Swings (9 Aug 2019)

» Eddie Glaude Speaks Bluntly on Racism in America

One of the things that made me feel happy .. was this statement made by Eddie Glaude. He is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton.

The mere fact that a a black man is speaking aloud these words on television .. this a big deal.

Eddie Glaude says America likes to tell itself myths and fables about our inherent goodness in order to hide our dark secrets so we can maintain a willful ignorance that protects our innocence. (7 Aug 2019)

You almost can't believe what your ears are hearing. In the grand scheme of things, this is a big deal.

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This page continues from here » When Sweet Respite Arrives Just in Time and in the Right Place - Page Two (9 Aug 2019).

» Feeling Habakkuk and his Complaint

There is much ugliness there. So much of it that I could feel Habakkuk when he wrote to God. (Rad paraphrase.)

"Why are you making see all this nasty shit? .. where nasty fuckheads trick-fuck good people and then get away with it.

"This shit has been going on for so long now, and it shows no signs of abating any time soon."

"Justice is a joke .. a bad joke. How are you tolerating this?"

It is just a sad state of affairs that our government has become.

Magdalena Gomez Gregorio (11) crying after parents deported (t=6:00, 8 Aug 2019)

This is heartbreaking. Such a little girl.

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This page continues from here » The Unfolding of a National Moral Crisis » Witnessing the Rise of Naked Racism as a Defining Political Strategy - Page Two (29 July 2019).

» I Could Feel the Boss Working that Racist Angle

I remember thinking, "Ooh, I can feel him working that racist angle. This can't be a good thing for racists."

Ronald Reagan recorded talking to Nixon using a racial slur to refer to Africans as 'monkeys' (National Archives, Oct 1971, posted 31 July 2019)

I wonder what Reagan thinks of that. I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

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