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» A Mystery, Wrapped in Hypocrisy, Living Inside a Political Cult

Speaking of trying to understand the inner-workings of insanity .. I want to begin today's entry by exploring a question I find particularly vexing.

Why is the exorcism of the specter of racism from the soul of America resisted so vigorously by the white evangelical?

This is a valid question, no?

Confederate battle flag inside U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 article by Jordan Brasher (14 Jan 2021)

Shouldnt the evangelical be the one resisting racism? Should they be familiar with the difference between right and wrong? As the scriptures so plainly teach?

Shouldnt they know the difference between moral and immoral? Between ethical and unethical? Yes, of course they should. Russell Moore will back me up here.

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I have actually given this question quite a bit of thought. I am talking about the question of .. how it is that the white evangelical finds himself, so overwhelmingly, resisting the exorcism of racism from the soul of America.

I feel well-positioned to respond to this most curious conundrum.

Given my unique set of life-experiences, I do indeed feel qualified to respond here. Because I have considerable firsthand experience along these lines and in this particular area.

I feel confident that I would bring some meaningful perspective to an attempt to answer this most confounding question.

» They Should Know Better

The reason why I speak directly to the white evangelical .. is because » they should know better. Even folks who subscribe to an adulterated version of God's message (to mankind) should know better.

Now I realize that not every white evangelical takes up a position that resists the exorcism of racism from the soul of our nation. But you must admit that the phrase 'far-n-away' would represent an accurate description.

Today's white evangelical is even sweeter on Trump than they were on George W, who knew how to work the Pied Piper thing with them.

I am speaking statistically here.

[ I met the Film school girl in a Statistics class. She was looking for some tutoring. She was willing to do whatever it took for her to get the tutoring that she so badly wanted and needed. At the coffee shop after class, I showed her some tricks on the calculator. Permutations and whatnot. Half of learning Statistics is just knowing what buttons to push on the calculator, and when to push them. She was very happy when I showed her my calculator tricks. Her whole face lit up. I am pretty sure that she wanted to jump my bones right then-n-there. Dazzling as my tricks might've been, this was not enough for her. No. She wanted more. She wanted more tutoring. Next thing I know, she has me lying naked on a massage table by a wall-sized window at sunset in Laguna Beach with a 180-degree ocean view. And she is pouring warm sesame oil down the entire length of my spine. She finished by pouring a tad into the crack of my butt. Maybe two tads. I could feel it dripping down. You can't make up stuff like this, folks. So why even try? ]

So crucial has been the white evangelical to Trump's political success .. (pause for effect) .. that he is nothing without them. He is nothing, politically speaking.

Does this political reality constitute something that would require a moral response from the highest court in the land?

Does this political reality consist of something that would be charged against the account of the white evangelical? You know the account that I am talking about. The moral account.

We may have to check with Dr. Russell Moore about this. Because he is considered by many an expert in such things.

» We Might have to Bring In Katy Perry and Flirt with Her

I might even have to bring in my friend, Katy Perry. She has much experience, I hear, living with the white evangelical.

Here she looking very sparkly while performing Walking on Air in her new Las Vegas residency.

Katy Perry gets helping hand from Radioactive Man while singing Walking on Air from PLAY Las Vegas (1 Jan 2022)

She is getting a helping hand from Radioactive Man.

She has been doing so well lately. Life is really clicking nicely for her.She deserves it. God knows she has worked hard enough to get to where she is.

Good for her. That makes me happy. I might have to flirt with her.

» It's Not Uncommon for Me to Write Things that Don't Get Published Until Later

It probably means nothing to anyone but me. But, even though this page is dated New Year's day, I have actually posted it live (HTML) on January 11th.

Timestamp Worldclock Tuesday 11 January 2022 at 1:11 am San Diego time

I might sometimes do some writing during a given period, or on a give day, but without posting these writings publicly.

I might not happen to get around to posting certain writings until some later date. But this does not mean that I didnt actually write this text on that day, or at that time. Such as New Year's day.

» I was Not Feeling Very Festive this New Year's Day

Like I said, the prospect for a happy and healthy and prosperous life for our children, and for their generation, looks bleak. I was not feeling what you might call 'festive' at the stroke of midnight.

The term festive is defined as »

    1. Befitting a feast or a festival; merry, joyous, gay.
    2. Having the atmosphere or attitude of a festival, a holiday, or a celebration.
    3. In the mood to celebrate.

No, that was not me on New Year's day. I was not feeling like that.

Grabbing a time-stamp at a certain time, or on a certain day .. this is sometimes my way of saying and signaling that I am doing some writing on a particular day, or at a particular time.

Even though I might not happen to get around to posting it live at that time.

» Somebody Say Hi to Russell Moore for Me

It was on this date last year, you know .. on today's live-HTML date, the 11th of January, that I was matching patterns with Dr. Russell Moore.

MAGA flag and Jolly Roger waving beside makeshift gallows, complete with hangman's noose and stairs leading up to the hanging platform, during the sacking and plunder of US Capitol by Trump supporters on 6 Jan 2021

There were so many interesting matches to be made by the patterns we saw displayed there .. so publicly. For all the world to see. For the nations to witness for themselves.

The reason why I wanted to match patterns with the good doctor, is because Russell Moore is considered an expert on the subject of morality.

He has actually taught classes on the topic of morality. So many classes he has taught on the topic. Probably more than he could easily count.

» That's Me He's Talking About

You know, when I first read in that piece that Russell wrote last year, how he was 'leaving it to others to say I told you so' ..

.. this is where the voice in my head said, 'That's me he's talking about.'

I mean, I had already written a 4-page entry titled » Please Don't Make Me Say I Told You So (19 Mar 2019).

I could see back in March of 2019 that they were indeed going to make me say 'I told you so.' This is why I made the title » Please dont make me...

That was back before the global pandemic hit. That was exactly a year before shit really went south. You know the thing that happened throughout the whole world.

That was back before the global plague of 2019 hit, and before our democracy nearly fell to fascism, and before the earth started exhibiting clear signs that bode poorly for the future of the planet itself.

I would be lying if I said that they thought hadnt passed through my mind more than once » 'Your dumb-asses should've listened to me.'

» I was Reminded of the Thought I Had When I Read Russell's Entry Last Year

I want to tell Dr. Moore how I was reminded of this lately .. while I happened to be reading a certain passage in Hebrews.

I was reading this passage in Hebrews chapter 10, where it says, 'It is written about me in the scroll of the book.'

This is where the voice in my head said, "That's me he's talking about there."

The 10th chapter of Hebrews, I don't mind telling you, is one of my favorite chapters in the whole book.

Trump knows the book I am talking about.

Trump stands in front of St. John's Episcopal church parish holding up a Bible on Monday 1 June 2020

This image of Trump cracks me up. He does not look like he is having a very good time.

He is probably thinking, "How did I ever let Ivanka talk me into this? This is the dumbest thing I've ever done. Hurry up and take the stupid picture, will ya? My hand's starting to burn and I'm feeling very uncomfortable."

» I was a Stranger but You Did Not Welcome Me

One of the first patterns that I would like to match with the good doctor .. is found near the end of the 25th chapter of Matthew's gospel.

You know the passage that I am referring to. It begins around verse 34. These are words written in red, in a red-letter bible.

Some folks refer to this section as the least-of-these section.

This seems like a very straightforward reading to me. I do not see anything in the way of confusing or mysterious symbolism at play here.

There are a dozen or so verses in this section that spell out a concept from both angles.

It is clear to me which side of the moral line the believer would want to strive to be on. It is clear as day, is it not?

Then why does the white evangelical so vigorously support policies that have already been identified as those emanating from the bad side of the line?

I am talking about the bad side of the moral line that is destined for a bad things and a bad ending.

Why do they so vigorously support things that have already been judged and condemned? .. at the highest levels.

I am referring, in particular, to verse 43, which says » I was a stranger but you did not invite me in.

Do you not see a troubling pattern-match here? Because I do. I see it plain as as day. I can't see how anyone could read that and not understand what it says.

I see a many such folks standing there in this bad place. People who should know better.

I have many more such patterns that I would like to compare and match with the good doctor. But this a good place to start.

» Part of His Punishment was Being Banished to the Land of Hypocrites

Next I would like to look at a pattern found at the end of the 24th chapter of Matthew's gospel, beginning with verse 48.

Notice in particular the very last verse, which says, as punishment the wicked servant was going to sent to be with the hypocrites.

Hypocrites do not seem to be esteemed very highly in the eyes of the Judge of living and the dead.

So I am perplexed by the amount of hypocrisy you find among the ranks of the white evangelical today.

Do not these patterns suggest a position and a posture that bode poorly for the typical white evangelical?

This is the end of this page. ■

To be cont'd ...

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