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» Paying Attention to Deceitful Spirits and to the Doctrines of Demons

Doesnt what Dostoevsky says about how people can become possessed by the bizarre ideas of a bizarre ideology to the point that they actually appear to embody some sort of dark, demonic energy ..

.. doesnt the theme of Dostoevsky's novel seem to jibe with what Paul writes here?

1 Timothy 4:1-2 The Spirit declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful spirits and to the doctrines of demons.

Sure does seem like it to me.

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» Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord' but Don't Do What I Say?

Speaking of deceitful spirits, look at Trump here, the King-of-Liars himself .. holding up a Bible with a serious scowl on his face.

Trump stands in front of St. John's Episcopal church parish holding up a Bible on Monday 1 June 2020

This image cracks me up. How long do you think it would take him to find 'Two Corinthians'? (I wouldnt hold my breath.)

In this photo here, Trump is probably thinking here, "I hope I don't get vaporized by a bolt-of-lightning out of a clear blue sky. Hurry up and take the stupid picture, will you? I'm feeling very uncomfortable holding this book. Hey, would you happen to know how to find Two Corinthians?"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

"Why are you standing here in front of this church parish, Donald? Why are you holding up my book like it means something to you? When you don't even know what it says? When you don't even care to find out what it says? What are you saying here, Donald?"

I wonder what white evangelicals thought of this photo-op here with Trump holding up a Bible in his right hand in front of a church parish.

» The Corinthians Knew Very Well How the Devil Operates and What His Schemes Are

Speaking of Two Corinthians .. somebody ask Trump what he thinks about this passage taken from chapter two.

It basically tells the believers at Corinth to be forgiving (like God) .. so that the Devil doesnt "outwit" them or "gain an advantage over" them and defeat them in some area of their life.

Paul concludes this passage by saying, "We know very well what his schemes and plans are."

Hitler endlessly repeated the same simple messages of grievance until they took hold

Somebody ask Donald what he think about that passage there in Two Corinthians. I am curious what he thinks.

» One of the Devil's Schemes is to Remind Humans of a Suffered Wrong Until They Develop a Grudge

Paul is basically telling them not to hold grudges .. probably because they had been fucked over by somebody regarding this-or-that.

I mean, who has not been fucked over? Who has not been fucked over many times and in many different ways? Who does not know what it feels like .. to be genuinely fucked over?

Some people have a very difficult time forgiving others. They do not know how the process the feelings that come with the shittiness of being fucked over.

Consequently they end up holding onto all of these wrongs, harboring these mistreatments, unable to discharge the consequences of these trick-fucks .. no matter how badly they might want to, sometimes.

All the while they are scanning the horizon for potential opportunities where they can return injury for injury .. to repay these fuckheads for the wrongs that they have had visited upon them .. whether real or imaginary wrongs.

I could continue down this path here .. but my point is that Trump seems like one of these people to me. He seems like he has trouble forgiving others the wrongs that have been visited upon him.

I am simply stating the obvious here. But sometimes the obvious needs saying.

» There is No Fear of God Before his Eyes

While I was working with this image of Trump here, holding up the Bible, I could hear a voice back there saying, "There is no fear of God before his eyes."

Romans 3:18 There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Paul quoting David in Psalm 36:1)

To which I thought, "I know."

The reason why there is no fear of God before his eyes .. is because Donald has always loved the praise and the approval of people more that the praise and approval of God. Much more.

He has absolutely no interest whatsoever in pleasing God. Pleasing God does not even appear on his list of desirables. His own words and actions speak his priorities clearly every day.

You can almost hear Trump saying, "Screw you, God. I dont need your stinking forgiveness. That is only for pussies like Mike Pence."

Speaking of Mike Pence ..

Spineless Mike Pence changes his position depending upon which way the prevailing political winds might happen to be blowing today (12 Oct 2021)

Whatever happened to Mike Pence's spine? How is he able to stand without falling over?

He changes his position depending upon which way the prevailing political winds might happen to be blowing today.

He is not a real believer. He is a pretend, fake believer.

Paul said, you know, that folks like Mike Pence have been "robbed of the truth" and that they think that "religion is a means to financial gain."

I am not making this up. Read it for yourself.

How can he live with himself? How can he look at his reflection in the mirror and not feel like a complete piece of shit?

At least Trump will admit to you that he is not interested in pleasing God or even learning what the scriptures teach, and especially not in leading a godly life. No.

Trump is about the money. From day 1 Trump has been about the money.

» All Three are a Product of the Same Powerful Zeitgeisty Forces that Deformed and Warped their Value-Structures During their Formative and Most Vulnerable Years

Even while a baby still in his mommy's belly, even then Trump's daddy was trying to get his mommy to swallow coins of different sizes and different values.

So that baby Donald could become familiar with money quicker than his comtempories .. such as George W. Bush and Hillary, who were all born at the same time.

And who were all subject to the same powerful zeitgeisty influences of that time, of that period, of that era .. during their formative and most vulnerable years.

It is completely understandable when you think about it for a moment. I mean, how could their value-structures not become warped and deformed, and maybe even broken beyond all repair? It's not possible, my friend.

They find their sense of comfort in money and in possesions and in status .. because this is what has been drilled into them from the day they were born.

Perhaps these values were what you needed in order to survive back in the day .. back in the days following worlds wars and financial catastrophes and moral horrors unspeakables.

But now these values are no longer helpful. Today these values are dysfunctional at best and fatal at worst.

» There is a Reason Why the Silent Generation is Called the Silent Generation

This gang here, this gang of Trump and Bush and Hillary, they all came at the end of the Silent Generation.

The reason why the Silent generation is called the silent generation .. is because they saw a lot of unspeakable horrors .. things that they just don't talk about.

The Silent generation saw a lot of nasty shit. They lived threw a lot a nasty shit. Very dark and depressing shit .. that lasted a long-ass time. Nasty shit that they thought might never end.

» The Only Fear Before Trump's Eyes Happens to Look a Lot Like Putin

But Trump himself will tell you that he has no fear of God before his eyes. He has already said as much, if not in those exact words.

I think he said that he never found it necessary to ask God for forgiveness. Well, this is obviously because he has no fear of God.

The only person who Trump fears is Putin. Everybody knows this. It is common knowledge that Trump assumes a submissive posture whenever he is with Putin.

» Does This Passage Remind You of Anybody?

This verse of scripture, about there being "no fear of God" before their eyes .. this is the concluding verse in an interesting passage that Paul cites in a letter he wrote to the believers in Rome.

When you read this passage, does anybody in particular come to mind?

Passage Romans ch3 v13-18 Their throat is an open grave, and with their tongues they keep deceiving.

Does this passage remind you of anyone you know?

This scene with Trump holding up a Bible in front of a church reminds me of what Yahwey told Samuel about Saul.

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