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» Scripture Says that God Regretted Making Saul King

This scene with Trump holding up a Bible in front of a church ..

Trump stands in front of St. John's Episcopal church parish holding up a Bible on Monday 1 June 2020

.. this reminds me of what Yahweh told Samuel about Saul.

The 15th chapter of 1st Samuel concludes by saying that » God regretted that he had made Saul king.

I wonder what it was that Saul did .. that caused Yahweh to fire his sorry ass and even regret that he had ever made the man king.

Ouch. That's got to hurt. I can certainly see why Samuel never went to see Saul ever again .. as long as he lived. The prophet never saw the disgraced king ever again.

I bet there was major-league bummer-funk hovering in the air that surrounded ex-King Saul.

Once you have the sparkly thing surrounding you and protecting you and leading you and guiding you and directing you and strengthening you and helping you and pulling all kinds of strings for you .. and then you lose it ..

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.. well, I am not sure that words even exist to describe the sense of sukiness that must accompany such a thing. Such a sucky thing.

And even if there were indeed words that existed, I am not sure that I would want to proceed down that path.

Unless I feel led, I don't think I want to head down that path.

But I am sure that the sense that you are missing something .. is ever present. That was the last we heard of Saul, you know.

One of the biggest lessons, dear reader, that the beleiver takes away from this chapter is found there in verse 22 » To obey the word of Yahweh, to follow his instructions, is better than any sacrifice you could ever possibly come up with.

Why did Yahweh get so angry at Saul for taking away some of the finest animals? .. instead of slaughtering them all?

What gives there? Does that even make any sense to you? Why did Yahweh suddenly become so done-with Saul as king of his people?

Isaiah says, you know, that God's ways are not like our ways. I can certainly see that. His ways are divine, while our ways are merely human .. all too human.

But I noticed that Abram said a similar thing .. that he absolutely refused to accept (or take) anything from the spoils of war. Not a single thing. Not even a shoelace.

Food for thought. Enriching yourself from the spoils-of-war is fraught with all kinds of moral dilemmas, no?

» Completely Understandable from a Human Point-of-View

You know, dear reader .. I happen to know a little something about what it was that got Saul in so much trouble.

I don't know if I should wander down this path .. where I can see how Saul might've got in trouble. It is totally understandable .. from a human point-of-view.

These sorts of discussions are easily misunderstood. So if I did indeed take a few steps down this path, down Saul's path .. you know, the one that got him shit-canned .. then I would naturally need to proceed with caution.

I will begin by putting my big toe on this path to test the proverbial waters by calling your attention to verse 12 .

This is where we learn that » Early in the morning Samuel got up and went to meet Saul, but he was told, "Saul has gone to Carmel. There he has set up a monument in his own honor and has turned and gone on down to Gilgal."

This is as far as I am comfortable going right now. But I mention this verse here because I made the same, or a similar, mistake myself recently. (Within the last 12 months.)

A part of me feels bad for Saul .. because it is not a difficult thing to fall into.

» A Thorn in the Flesh is Like a Pain in the Ass that Won't Go Away

Scripture says, you know, that the Apostle Paul was given a thorn-in-the-flesh. I was given three of them. Three thorns.

Paul said that his thorn-in-the-flesh was a form of Satanic torment that wouldn't go away.

Thankfully my three thorns did not arrive all at the same time. (That would've really sucked.)

These three thorns came separately. It is much easier to deal with one thorn at a time, than with all three together.

It is an interesting story that I could share here .. about the thorns-in-the-flesh that I was given.

But I am not ready to go there yet. And I want to leave some things on the table .. that I can return to later.

» A Wise Man Learns from the Mistakes of Others

But it should be obvious to even the most casual of readers that it is not terribly difficult to get the big-head when Yahweh lays down the smack through you.

You think it's you, and it certainly feels like it's you .. but it ain't.

It's a tricky thing to negotiate. Because you know that Saul was very much invested in his project. In his assigned project.

Scripture says, you know, that these stories from the OT were written down as examples for us to learn from. They serve as warnings for us .. not to fuck up like they did.

The idea here is that, if we learn from their mistakes, then hopefully we could avoid such disaster in our own lives.

Nobody is going to find it a pleasant thing if God were to tell them that they have screwed up so badly .. (pause for effect) ..

.. that their ass has been shitcan'ed right on the spot .. and that Yahweh said he regretted ever elevating you to a position of authority. Double ouch.

» A Better Covenant Based on Better Promises than what Saul and Samuel Had

In the Old Covenant, only the Prophet, the Priest, and the King had the Spirit of the Living God upon them.

But in the New Covenant, because we have a better covenant, which has been established upon better promises .. every believer gets the Spirit of the Living God.

You know .. the Helper, the Comforter, the Advocate, the Strengthener, the Counselor. He has so many names. The promise of the Spirit.

The promise of the Spirit is what it is all about.

White dove on black background

A divine personality takes up residence with-in your heart.

And right away, he starts telling you what old things to stop doing .. and what new things to start doing.

This seems to be the key function of the Helper .. this guiding, this leading, this directing.

It's very difficult .. in my humble opinion. It's not far from impossible.

There is a lot of getting your ass kicked .. until you start to figure things out.

This would be a good place to compare Saul with Solomon.

» The Enlightening National Experience that was the Trump Presidency (Ugly but Enlightening)

In retrospect, the Trump presidency was an enlightening thing. It was an enlightening experience for everyone.

I mean, whod-a-thunk that such a thing could ever be? Until you are seeing it right before your very eyes.

Everybody now has a much (!) better feel for exactly where folks stand on the issues. On the moral issues of our day. And of our time.

Moral issues such as racism, and democracy, and economic inequality, and political corruption, and the (mis)treatment of refugees, and the (lack of) care for mother earth, which is our one-n-only planet, you know .. for a start.

It's good that we now know exactly where folks stand on the issues. Ugly, but good.

I find it telling that so called 'conservatives' do not seem interested in conserving things like our democracy, and our planet.

» Is This Not a Curious Coincidence?

Does anybody else find it a curious thing .. that Trump was president when America had her 400-year anniversary of slavery arriving on her shores?

I mean, because Trump came so openly with his naked racism, with his proudly-obvious version of white supremacy.

Trump placed full-page ads in 4 NYC newspapers in 1989 calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five.

And also because Trump's presidency followed America's first black president. So Trump represents a glaring moral retrenchment.

You must admit that there is some degree of tingly coincidence there .. because of the way a number of patterns match.

Or am I just imaging this?

» But After 400 Years, I Will Bring Judgment Upon the Nation that Enslaves and Mistreats Them

Here is the passage that contains the (written) verses of what Yahweh spoke to Abram, as the Living God Himself was making a blood covenant with the man. You know, the Abrahamic covenant.

Genesis ch15 v12-14, Yahweh making covenant with Abram, telling him how his descendants will be enslaved 400 years, but not to worry because, afterwards, God would punish the nation that had mistreated them, and He would deliver His people from the bondage of slavery in spectacular fashion.

That's the New International version (NIV) on the left, and the New American Standard version (NAS) on the right.

» Everybody Knew that Abraham was the Friend of Yahweh

The Abrahamic covenant is big deal .. a very big deal indeed.

This is when Abram became the 'Friend of God.' When he became a covenant-partner with the Living God.

Word got out that Abram was now Friends with the Living God, who had changed his name to Abraham.

They were afraid of him. Folks knew better than to fuck with Abraham. Everybody wanted to be his friend.

» Abram was Not Right with the Living God, but Yahweh was Going to Treat Him Like He Was

Scripture teaches, you know, that Abram was not 'right' with God .. but that Yahweh was going to treat him like he was.

"Why did Yahweh choose to treat Abram like he was 'right' with him even when he wasn't?" you ask?

Why did the Living God decide to treat Abram as though he had a right relationship with him, even when he didnt?

That's a good question. I am sure that the answer is to be found somewhere in the nature and the status of the relationship.

I am familiar with this particular topic because of what that pastor had said to me that time.

» Exploring the Intimate Relationship in Some Depth

I actually know quite a bit about relationships. You need good social skills in order to go far with relationships. You also need to develop a strong sense of self, so that insecurities don't afflict and ruin your relationships. How much do you want to know? I have made every mistake that there is. Such things are difficult to go far with .. because we will be dealing with ourselves during those times when we find ourselves adapting to another person, so that the relationship functions best and efficiently and optimally. Dealing with our own shortcomings and dysfunctions is never much fun. But if you are to take the intimate relationship very far with a beautiful creature, then you will need to up your game to a level where you become confident in your skills and in yourself.

» Scripture Says, You Know, That

Scripture says, you know, that God will raise up an entire nation .. just to lay the smack down on them later .. when they are fucking up morally, and doing all manner of evil nastiness.

Scripture says that God does stuff like this for the ultimate purpose of bringing some light to a dark world.

This is where God says things like, "I tried to tell these assholes. Time-n-again I tried to warn them. I went out of my way to warn them. I sent my prophet to warn them. But they refused to listen. The killed my prophets. So what I am supposed to do? They leave me no choice. Now they will have to eat the fruit of their own devices. Bon appétit, dumbshits. They can't say I didnt't try to warn them. I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing teeth now."

Food for thought. Read it for yourself.

You must admit that there have been many reasons lately for Americans to lament and to evoke a sense of mourning.

» Why Wait 400 Years?

But why wait 400 years? If God can do whatever he likes, then why not bring the thunder right now? Or at least a lot sooner than 400 years.

Verse 16 in this chapter says that this is because » "the sin of the Amoralite has not yet reached its full measure."

Their name is really called the Amorites, but I call them the Amoralites .. those without morals.

What does that mean? What does it mean for the sin or the Amoralite to reach its full measure?

Genesis 15:16 - Yahweh tells Abram that his descendants will return to the Promised Land after 400 years of bondage because the sin of the Amorite is not yet complete. It has not yet reached its full measure.

Any ideas? This is the NIV and the NAS versions.

Here are some different translations .. the Easy to Read version and the Amplified version.

Genesis 15:16 - Yahweh tells Abram that his descendants will return to the Promised Land after 400 years of bondage because the Amorite is not yet guilty enough to lose their land.

I don't want to put words in anybody's mouth, but does it not sound like God is saying ..

» They Havent Done Enough Nasty Shit Yet for Me to Kick their Asses Out

These folks havent done enough nasty shit yet for me to go in there and kick their asses out. It will take them 400 years, but I guarantee that they will get there.

And then I will light their asses up right-proper. They have never seen anything the likes of me before. I will send my terror ahead of you .. to spook 'em real good first. Fuck with their minds.

Does this verse not play right into the patterns we are witnessing with America right now?

I am talking about how Trump was far-n-away the most ungodly president ever. Did I say 'by far'?

» Trump is Still the Boss of the Republican Party Apparatus and its Undisputed Daddy

And he is still the boss of the Republican party. He is still their daddy and they need to do what he says or there will be hell to pay.

I bet Vaughn Hillyard would agree with me here (at t=4:00).

Except for few holdouts, who are already on their way out, when Trump says 'Jump,' the rest of the party says 'How high?'

Speaking of Trump still being the boss of the Republican party aparatus .. I found it interesting what Dan Goldman says here.

Dan Goldman says Michael Cohen is an unusable witness (23 Feb 2022)

He says that Michael Cohen is an 'unusable witness.' His statement struck me as odd because I found Michael Cohen to be a very credible witness.

I found him to be one of, if not thee most credible witness. Plus, he is a NY boy. They can handle the heat.

» New York Boys Actually Enjoy the Heat (Like a Relaxing Sauna)

They actually enjoy the heat. It makes them feel like they are at home .. because this is where they spend so much of their lives.

It's like taking a sauna for them .. relaxing. At least, this has been my experience with NY boys, and with Long Island boys.

You can ask him for yourself, but I would bet that Michael Cohen would say that he is game .. and that he probably won't even break a sweat on the stand.

There is obviously something going on here that I don't understand.

» You Must Admit that the Corrupt Government Nastiness has been Dialed Up to Shamelessly Extreme Levels

There has been an abundance of evil nastiness taking place in our government for years now.

David Sirota tweet: It's not a free n transparent market when lawmakers can trade on inside, non-public information that can move stock prices. Pelosi is smart enough to know this, which means she's knowingly defending a wildly corrupt system. (15 Dec 2021)

The recent immorality and wickedness and corruption we have been seeing in our government is dialed up to extreme levels.

Nancy Pelosi Is Wrong About Lawmakers in Congress Trading Stocks by Sarah Jones Intelligencer (15 Dec 2021)

I mean, a part of me feels like I am simply stating the obvious. But some folks see things very differently. So I feel a need to be clear. So that I am not misunderstood.

» Nancy Pelosi's Broken Moral Compass Makes My Point for Me

Pause to think for a moment what it means for somebody like Nancy Pelosi to defend the ability for her and members of her family to trade stocks on based on market-moving inside information.

Think about the direction that a person's moral compass must be pointing to .. for them to even say something like that.

I find it very telling .. but not in a good sort-of-way.

Even if a lawmaker did indeed feel greedy enough to cheat like this, then they still would know better than to speak their mind aloud.

But Nancy Pelosi obviously sees no problem in saying the quiet part out loud. Heck, she actually sounds proud about it.

Did you see how much time elapsed before she answered? It was a few nanoseconds, at most.

Nancy Pelosi is one of Mammon's most devoted worshippers. She ministers religiously in all the ways that please Mammon most. She is obviously very good at it.

I would be lyin' if I said that I wasnt curious right about now how Jimmy Carter has been feeling lately.

» After the German Catastrophe of WW2, and After the Horrors of the Holocaust, Jung Devoted the Rest of His Life to Trying to Understand the Darkness that Lurks in the Psyche of Man

After the German catastrophe that was World War 2, and after the horrors of the Holocaust ..

.. Jung devoted the rest of his life (1875-1961) trying to understand what the fuck was going on in the psyche of man .. and how such moral darkness could take up residence there.

After the German Caytastrophe of the WW2, and the horrors of the Holocaust, Carl Jung devoted the rest of his life (1875-1961) to studying the psyche of man.

He was trying to find the answer to what lie at the root of the problem, so that such a thing could be prevented from ever happening again ..

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