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» After the German Catastrophe of WW2, and After the Horrors of the Holocaust, Jung Devoted the Rest of His Life to Trying to Understand the Darkness that Lurks in the Psyche of Man

After the German catastrophe that was World War 2, and after the horrors of the Holocaust ..

.. Jung devoted the rest of his life (1875-1961) trying to understand what the fuck was going on in the psyche of man .. and how such moral darkness could take up residence there.

After the German Caytastrophe that was WW2, and after the horrors of the Holocaust, Carl Jung devoted the rest of his life (1875-1961) to studying the psyche of man.

He was trying to find the answer to what lie at the root of the problem, so that such a thing could be prevented from ever happening again ..

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.. thereby saving untold millions of innocent citizens from experiencing the pain-n-suffering of yet another world war.

Jung became very aware of how IDEAS could affect and influence the development of both the individual and entire societies

It is certainly a noble pursuit .. is it not?

I wonder what Jung discovered during his years of study into the psyche of man.

I noticed that Jung was born within a few years (1875) of when Dostoevsky published Demons (1872).

» Sweet, Kind, Gentle Souls Gradually Become the Most Dour Sourpuss You have Ever Seen as They Descend into the Valley of QAnon

This person who I knew .. this kind, loving, thoughtful, generous person .. over the course of a few years gradually turned into something completely unrecognizable.

It breaks your heart to see the descent. The descent into the Valley of QAnon.

But there is nothing you can do to help them .. to help them see the error of their ways. Of their thoughts. Of their increasingly bizarre beliefs.

Not if they don't want your help. At some point you just need to give them over to their delusion.

And they just turn into the most dour sourpuss that you have ever seen. Everything that is not derived from the valley of QAnon is frowned upon.

Smiles become a thing of the past. You just want to get away from this bizarre insanity as quickly as you possibly can.

Paul told Timothy, you know, to turn away from, and to stay away from, folks who espouse godless chatter. (Hillary drinking baby's blood certainly qualifies as "godless chatter" in my book.)

Paul said to stay away from those kinds of folks because they have » departed from the faith.

I was trying to get the fuck out of there .. because nobody likes to be where they are unwanted.

But we were in the midst of a deadly global pandemic .. something the likes of which hasnt been seen for a century or so. Heck, we were actually at the height of the pandemic.

People were dying in record numbers. The hospitals couldnt keep up. Huge numbers of people were dying.

All of my doctors, and health care professionals, said that it would be a very bad idea for me to move during the height of a deadly global pandemic.

My doctors said that, because of my age, and because I am a cancer survivor, and because I was already experiencing a number of mental health issues that professionals categorized as 'major,' that I should wait until I was vaccinated before moving anywhere.

But unfortunately, my friends did not seem to care very much about these medical and mental health concerns of my doctors. 'Fraid not, my friend.

No. Rather they wanted me out, and they wanted me out right the fuck now. (Yesterday, actually.)

They told me, "That would take too long. You need to get the fuck out right the fuck now."

I said, "I heard there is a vaccine available right now, and that it should be ready for distribution very shortly."

They said, "That's you problem, not ours. Get the fuck out, and get the fuck out right now."

"We will be reminding you, on a very regular basis, despite the rent you are paying, that your stay here is no longer wanted or appreciated, and that we really despise everything you stand for. Have a nice day."

Many times they told me all the reasons why they didnt want me there any more.

As a way to motivate me to get the fuck out .. they did their best make my stay there a miserable, living hell.

And fuck if they werent good at it, too. At making my stay there a miserable living hell.

One of the wisest men who ever lived said that it would be better to live in a corner on the roof ..

.. than in house shared with a quarrelous, cantankerous, contentious woman, who is always arguing about meaningless bullshit ..

.. and who cannot stop herself from complaining and finding fault with everything you do and everything you are.

Dude. Trust me when I say that I can see the wisdom in Solomon's proverb.

The reason why it is better for you to live on a roof than with this complaining woman .. is because she won't be there. She won't be on the roof with you.

You will feel like you died and went to heaven .. when you are finally able to move to your little corner of the roof. (Ask me how I know.)

I was praying that the cavalry would come and rescue me. But I knew it wasnt coming.

I knew that I was on my own, and that I would have to fend for myself. I knew that it wouldnt be pretty. (And it wasnt.)

My point is that you can actually see them descend into the valley of QAnon .. into that dark-n-foreboding valley .. where the most crazy, the most insane, where the most bizarre ideas live large.

And where they infect the minds of those who will accept and receive and embrace and believe them .. ideas which you could easily describe as being » downright evil.

Evil is an interesting word, you know. I happen to know a thing or two about evil myself. About wickedness. About unrighteousness.

I could continue here with the words .. but you feel me.

I dont think that there are many souls who have been to the places that I have been. I am talking about the places that lie along the moral spectrum of life.

Some of these places, my friend, are beautiful. But this is not the norm. Not even.

Most of these places are ugly. Many are ugly as fuck. And some are even an abomination to any functioning moral compass resident within a sentient carbon-based lifeform.

It is not my favorite thing to document the ugly side of life. This is why I like to flirt with some of these industrial-strength, impressively-talented, super-hotties. It brings a sense of balance to my life, and it makes me feel less alone in the world.

But there is just so much ugliness in the world right now. And it is a particularly ugly Ugliness that we are seeing right now.

This is Once-in-a-Century shit going on right now. Once-in-a-Century plagues. It totally feels like the End of the World is here now. Like, right-the-fuck now.

I had the idea floating around in my head .. that I would be able to chronicle the end of the world in a page or two. Silly me. What was I thinking?

The strength of evil grows stronger at the end of the world, no? Evil rises up and exerts its power over the world.

It's all there in the book, folks. (Trump knows the book that I am talking about.)

John says you have never seen ugly (evil) like this before. You reckon he might know?

Nietzsche said that he could see a 'crisis without equal' coming upon the earth. Nietzsche lost his mind in his mid-40's.

What was it, do you suppose, that Nietzsche saw .. that drove him so completely over the edge?

I can see into some of Nietzsche's insights. I can see where he was right, and where he missed it. I can see what he was lacking. (It's completely understandable.)

If you happen to be a human being here on planet earth right now .. then you yourself also know something about evil.

Perhaps you know a lot; perhaps you know very little.

Evil is not a pretty thing, my friend. Far from it. And if you dont join them on their descent, then you are the enemy, and you will be (mis)treated as such. You will definitely feel hated.

You will feel like an evil spirit takes them over sometimes, and that this evil spirit hates you with every fiber of their being.

At first, it begins slowly and gradually. But as their descent continues, these seemingly demonic episodes seem to occur more frequently and more strongly.

This is the end of this page. ■

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