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In reflecting recently upon the now-faded existential dynamics of that experience .. I was left with a feeling that reminded me of something John wrote.

When he wrote » The light shined in the darkness, but the darkness didnt get it.

John 1:5 The Light shined in the darkness, but the darkness didnt get it.

I know that I probably shouldnt be so surprised. But I was.

You cannot possibly imagine the level of ecstasy-n-bliss that came over me right after I was able to tell them ..

.. "Okay, they called earlier today to say that they received my certified mail cashier's check for two month's worth of rent as a security deposit to reserve the place for me .. and that my move-in date is now officially April 1st, which happens to be a Thursday.

That was when everything changed. That was when the dynamics changed completely. You could actually feel the psycho-dynamics change dramatically.

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Now you might think here that they would be happy .. to hear that I will be gone in less than a month .. especially after all that complaining about me being there. But that is not what happened, my friend.

I have many cool, interesting stories that I could share right here .. instructive stories .. but suffice to say for now that I was so fucking happy that I could hardly stand it. I was literally thanking God that my exit door from this insane asylum had appeared before me.

Things have devolved there into a bad, sad situation. With remarkable speed. And under eyebrow-raising circumstances.

When the Dog read the status update from the daughter that was sent to me by some sympathetic soul ..

He said, "I'm not surprised, dog. I've felt for some time now that you were holding them together."

The Dog was talking about my vaunted stability. My mental and emotional stability.

My emotional stability is not what it used to be .. which is why I am so well medicated.

But when you are living at QAnon Central, where Hillary drinks baby's blood on the regular. And where the Deep State is secretly conducting all manner of clandestine operations and assorted nefarious shit even while we sleep ..

.. then the bar is not very high, my friend. The bar for mental and emotional stability at Crazytown is not very high.

I told my therapist, "She makes regular trips to Crazytown."

But what can you do? Do you move during the height of a deadly global pandemic .. the likes of which havent been seen for a century or so?

Or do you stay there in Crazytown at QAnon Central? .. where I was vilified and hated because I refused to accompany them on their descent down into the Valley of QAnon, where Trump is still president.

You know .. that dark-n-foreboding valley where folks lose a little more of their minds each day, while Hillary stands over there in the corner, drinking baby's blood with a few shady members of the Deep State.

Even still, you must admit that only a few weeks without my presence .. my stabilizing presence .. before everything went to shit-in-a-handbasket in such a hurry .. this is telling.

It speaks .. in an existential sort of way. There world crumbled around them in eyebrow-raising fashion post haste.

They complained incessantly about me being there .. even while I was just trying to stay alive. But soon as I leave, their world falls apart in grand fashion.

Heck, they didnt even make it 30 days without me .. without my stabilizing presence there to hold things together for them.

Cousin Patti said, "They were lucky to have you there as a stable sounding board during that difficult time in their life."

They can't say that I didnt try to help. They can't say that I didnt try to share some light with them. They can't say that I didnt try to bring some truth to their lives.

They can't say that I didnt try to warn them.

» They Don't Want Your Truth Because They Already have Their Own

Some people can't be helped to see the light, to see the truth .. on any given matter. On any given subject. Because they don't want to be helped.

They don't want your light. They don't want your truth. Because they already have their own truth. They already have their own light.

They believe the things that they believe because that is what they want to believe.

Not only that, but, if you try to share with them some truth, some scriptural truth .. they will not take kindly to that. (Ask me how I know.)

Now you might argue here that Q Anon conspiracy theories are no kind of truth, and that they represent no light whatsoever.

And here I would have to agree with you, my friend. I would agree that the Q Anon conspiracy theories have been debunked time-n-again. Everybody knows this.

Well, almost everybody.

Nevertheless, I was told many times .. that Hillary was drinking baby's blood and that the Deep State was doing all kinds of nefarious shit .. but not to worry, because Trump was going to save us.

» The Effects of QAnon Conspiracy Theories on the Mental Health of the Weak-Minded

Dude. This kind of shit is not good for my mental health. I was already dealing with considerable real-life issues.

I did not need any more insanity from the willingly delusional who enthusiastically embrace Q-Anon conspiracy theories .. no matter how farfetched or bizarre or ludicrous they might sound to my well-medicated ear.

All of my mental health professionals, who have been helping me regularly since the summer of 2018 .. they all agree that the insanity of others who you might happen to live with .. does indeed affect you.

So you naturally do your best to avoid those folks whose insanity might happen to make you feel uncomfortable .. or worse.

» Another Example of the Mind-Warping Effects that QAnon Conspiracy Theories have upon the Unwitting and the Weak-Minded

Here is a good example of what I am talking about. The willingly self-deluded individual.

This is Matthew Coleman (40) of Santa Barbara pictured here with the faces of his wife and two small children blurred out.

He has confessed to killing his two small children in Mexico after being enlightened by QAnon that his wife possessed serpent DNA (13 Aug 2021)

California man Matthew Coleman (40) of Santa Barbara confesses to killing his two young children in Mexico after being enlightened by QAnon that his wife possessed serpent DNA (13 Aug 2021)

This kind of shit disturbs me. It bothers me. I mean, it sounds too bizarre to be true, no?

» What the Fuck?

He shot his own, defenseless two small children through the heart with a spear-fishing gun? What the fuck?

You could never make up bizarro shit like this, folks. This shit is off-the-charts whacko.

California man Matthew Coleman (40) of Santa Barbara confesses to killing his two young children in Mexico after being enlightened by QAnon that his wife possessed serpent DNA (13 Aug 2021)

Is this not one of the most disturbing, bizarre things that you have ever heard?

» Are They Just Crazy Wackos Who Believe Crazy Shit or are Their Minds Actually Possessed by Something Demonic?

Here is a quote taken from a 10-min video titled » Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky's Novel (31 Mar 2021) that deals with this exact bizarro thing that I have been experiencing myself firsthand ..

.. where folks seem to lose their minds a little more every day over a long period of time .. believing the most bizarro, absurd shit (ideas) that you have ever heard.

Dostoevsky's novel titled Demons (1872) is a story about how bogus ideas can induce mass psychosis and motivate individuals to commit acts of such cruelty and depravity that...

This is kind of thing is difficult to write. It is disturbing on a number of levels and for a number of reasons.

Dostoevsky's novel titled Demons (1872) is a story about how bogus ideas can induce psychosis and motivate people to commit acts of such cruelty and depravity that they will appear to an outsider to be possessed by evil demons

You can't help people who do not want your help .. who do not want your light .. who do not want your truth.

You could replace the phrase do-not-want with the word » reject.

» What's the Difference?

He is saying there that the bizarre behavior of these willingly self-deluded people, who entertain and embrace these bizarro ideas (such as QAnon conspiracy theories) ..

.. which everybody knows is total bullshit.

Dostoevsky is saying that the people eventually come to such a state that it seems like they have become possessed by something truly and manifestly evil.

Possessed by something which you could call a demon. (Or demons.)

I am definitely going to have to go flirt with some super-hotties after I finish writing this thing .. to try and screw my head back on straight.

» Oh, I Can Suddenly Feel the Presence of the Helper Rising Up Inside

(I can feel the thing kicking in here .. in a big way. If that means anything to you. I am always surprised whenever the helper shows up. I probably shouldnt be as surprised as I am, but I am certainly not alone in my surprise. I always think, "What was I doing when the Helper arrived?" The Helper helps where He wants to help. You can't make the helper help. No. There are certainly many things that the believer can and should do. But turning on the gifts of the Helper is not one of them. Later, you can go back and try to make it happen again. But it doesnt work that way. You can push all the buttons you want. You can pull all the levers you like .. to no avail. This is why the believer needs to stick to what is actually available. It would be easy for be to be misunderstood here. The Helper can even manifest when the believer is not operating in faith. So such things need to be taken with a grain of salt. Of scriptural salt. This is why the believer needs to know for himself what the scriptures actually say. What they actually teach. Most so called believers don't even know what the scriptures say. You can tell them anything you like, and they will believe it. You can tell them that Hillary is drinking babies blood and they will gladly believe you. They will swallow this statement hook, line, and sinker. This saddens me, but you cannot see the light for another. You cannot see the truth for another. No, sir. No matter how bad you might want to. It doesnt work that way. 'Fraid, not. Because, if they actually knew what the scriptures say, then they would know that there are promises that have been made to the believer, regarding those who take an adversarial position against you by accusing you, and being judgmental.)

I am not feeling up to the task right now, but sometime in the future I would like to revisit the subject of the mind-blowing extent to some folks reject-the-truth in order to accept-the-lies.

I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own two eyes, and heard it with my own ears.

Scripture says, you know, that the devil deceives the whole world. This is like his job. This is what he does.

He is obviously very good at it. I can vouch for his effectiveness there at QAnon Central in Crazytown.

He has lots of experience at trick-fucking people into defending things that have alrerady been judged and condemned .. at the highest levels.

But, if you try to bring even a little truth to these obviously deceived souls, you will become the enemy .. or, at least, something that feels very much like an enemy.

But nothing is worse than when you reject their lies. Because, then you will be told that you "just don't understand."

And I would think, "You're right. I don't. I obviously don't understand why it is wrong for me to get a Covid vaccine .. especially when you are kicking me out during the height of a deadly global pandemic. Would you rather that I lie to you and tell you that I didnt get a vaccine?"

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