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June 24, 2016 » I cannot stop myself from trying to figure out what is going on with us. I actually had the thought that the reason Nietzsche went crazy .. must have involved a girl. It had to.

[ Freud took to doing serious drugs .. while he was trying to figure out women. Cant say that I really blame him. ]

I can feel myself trying to craft some sort of model that I can work with .. because it's really an amazingly cool thing.

I almost dont even want to call attention to it .. for concern of distorting such a beautiful thing.

» My Thing and Your Thing are Doing Something

But .. my writing is my art, it is my gift, my craft, my thing .. while singing (and performing) represents your art, it represents your gift, your craft, your thing.

Ariana Singing Dangerous Woman at the Summertime Ball in London at Wembley on June 11, 2016And, see .. my gift, my art, my thing ..

.. is i.n.t.e.r.a.c.t.i.n.g with your gift, your art, your thing.

This right here actually sounds kinda sexual .. no?

Our things interacting.

Our things touching each other.

Our things communicating with each other.

Often intimately and passionately.

I mean, not to minimize the physical component of sex ..

.. because I would never do that .. beautiful thing that it is ..

.. but making love is the term, the phrase given to the thing that occurs beyond the physical component of sex.

Certainly making love involves a component of » intention, no?

[ You know all about intention, girly .. I can feel your intention on me right now. ]

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[ Rad note » this page is a continuation from here » Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Four. ]

» Post-Addendum Addendum

June 19, 2016 » I know better than to check your twitter or your instagram .. but I did catch your interview in Japan. (YouTube has figured out that I like you.)

I heard a voice saying, "Dude, this girl is obviously all-in. I dont know why you keep underestimating her."

Have I been underestimating you? (It hardly seems possible.) Am I going to have to up my game yet again?

(I got your pajamas right here, girly .. your writing pajamas .. right next to my own honest body of work.)

That is the sparkliest choker I have ever seen. It was kinda hypnotizing me .. the black outfit and that amazingly sparkly choker.

I like that choker. My new favorite.

I would chew that thing right off your neck .. and spit the diamonds onto the floor. (Right onto the pillows.)

Then I would let your know exactly how I felt about beautiful, sexy, dangerous, powerful, influential, Illuminati Ninja Princesses who wrap sparkly things around their throats.

And I'm sure that this would take some time. (Why hurry?)

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Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Four

[ Rad note » this page is a continuation from here » Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Three. ]

» The Nation's Deadliest Mass Shooting Massacre at Pulse in Orlando

Oh, look at this. Didnt I tell you that John Oliver kicks ass? What awareness and perspective and courage.

Dipshit .. that was the right word to use. I saw what Glenn said, too. I like how the Times puts real faces to the massacre.

I would imagine that you are feeling this in a personal sort of way.

Did you notice the word that Obama used? I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

More danger coming from Gundlach and from Neil and from Britain. And I couldnt help but notice David's choice of topic to write on.

[ It's hard to keep these kinds of things secret. Some people see right thru the facade. Julie is totally on to us. Maybe even the whole editorial board. ]

When I first heard about this story .. I thought about how I was repeatedly trying not to use the shooting analogy .. because it bothered me. (On a personal level.)

But I could not get clear on an alternative analogy. Not even close. That was definitely the right analogy to use. (For me.)

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Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Three

[ Rad note » this page is a continuation from here » Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Two. ]

» Abbe May is Definitely Flirting .. Yes, I'm Certain

Update June 12, 2016 - Oh, look at Abbe May. She is definitely flirting. Yes, I'm certain.

I love the way that the cat complements the video .. natural, elegant, feline. I've never heard of her before. Have you?

» The Young Co-Worker Who I Severely Underestimated

She actually reminds me of somebody. This girl who blew my mind. I invited her over and she came wearing a dang trenchcoat and boots. (And that was it.)

She was aggressive. Fearless. I had never had sex with anyone like that before. I am too much for some girls .. but not this one. Not hardly.

Even the wildest guy is not gonna out-wild this girl. I would have liked to explore more with her, but she was .. uh, I probably shouldnt say any more.

But the easy sensuousness that you see in this video .. reminded me of her. The fearless sensuousness.

Even the neighbors, afterwards, were asking me about her .. a little warily, I might add.

I worked with this girl. I normally dont like to date girls that I work with, because, if it doesnt work out, then you are left with an awkward situation. (Or worse.)

But she was so easy to get along with .. fun, playful, carefree. But most of all, she was game.

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The Surrender Girl

Rad note » this entry originated from another page. It was moved here because the subject drifted far enough to warrant its own, separate entry. (Hard to imagine, I know.)

At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have included a link that will return you to the exact spot from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

Oh .. now this is making me think of another thing. (I should have known this would happen.) Not a thing about one of these young, industrial-strength hotties .. but certainly a scandalous story.

Normally, I would never share this story. Perhaps this, again, this is because it involves the element of surrender .. which can be embarrassing for the well-ego'ed male. This is the thing that links these two stories for me. I can see this now.

» Joyce Carol Oates on the Heart of a Champion

Joyce Carol Oates, in talking about Muhammed Ali, says » The heart of the champion is this: One never repudiates one's deepest values, one never gives in.

She makes my point for me. Because surrender is the opposite of never-giving-in.

[ I like her because of what she said about the Great Gatsby. Tho I find it surprising that she is showing up here in this section on the Surrender girl.

This must mean that she's a very kinky girl .. the kind you dont take home to mother.

Mother: "Wasnt that Joyce Carol Oates that I saw you out with last night?"

Son: "We're just friends, mom .. relax." ]

See, a part of me feels like I surrendered to this industrial-strength hottie at the coffee shop. I mean, I could have simply went over there and chatted very nicely, like I usually do, and it would have been no big deal.

But, because she was so smoking hot (and so young) I was intimidated by her. And I am rarely intimated by anything. (I look for shit like that.)

Perhaps intimidated is not the right word. I mean, I've never given this subject much thought.

And I am not even sure that I am actually going to share this story .. but I can certainly lead up to it and stop when shit starts to get steamy. Because it gets pretty steamy in a hurry.

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