Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Three

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» Abbe May is Definitely Flirting .. Yes, I'm Certain

Update June 12, 2016 - Oh, look at Abbe May. She is definitely flirting. Yes, I'm certain.

I love the way that the cat complements the video .. natural, elegant, feline. I've never heard of her before. Have you?

» The Young Co-Worker Who I Severely Underestimated

She actually reminds me of somebody. This girl who blew my mind. I invited her over and she came wearing a dang trenchcoat and boots. (And that was it.)

She was aggressive. Fearless. I had never had sex with anyone like that before. I am too much for some girls .. but not this one. Not hardly.

Even the wildest guy is not gonna out-wild this girl. I would have liked to explore more with her, but she was .. uh, I probably shouldnt say any more.

But the easy sensuousness that you see in this video .. reminded me of her. The fearless sensuousness.

Even the neighbors, afterwards, were asking me about her .. a little warily, I might add.

I worked with this girl. I normally dont like to date girls that I work with, because, if it doesnt work out, then you are left with an awkward situation. (Or worse.)

But she was so easy to get along with .. fun, playful, carefree. But most of all, she was game.

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She invited me over to her house after work one cold, rainy day .. where she fixed me a remarkably tasty dinner of shrimp-n-rice and sautéed veggies. Everything was almost ready when I arrived and the whole house was smelling super-yummy.

Suffice to say that I did not leave there that evening the same person who arrived. She had zero inhibitions. (And I did not.)

When a girl has firm muscular control down there .. and you can feel her grabbing onto you .. that fucks me up.

It's like it says things to me .. it speaks to me .. on this level. I should not go there to this level now. But, I like that level. And I like it a lot.

It gives you-the-man a lot of respect for her .. as a lover. You can feel the love-making that much more passionately. That's the stuff that makes you crazy.

She was very young. So I was definitely not expecting that level of sexual maturity. I severely underestimated her. Which is probably why she blew my mind.

I particularly remember the holistic aspect to her love-making .. tho it would take me too long to explain exactly what I mean. And I'm not really sure myself what I would be trying to say about it (.. which is characteristic of the blown mind).

Perhaps this is why my intuition tells me that Abbe would rock the world of most guys. I bet that she is a lot to handle. I would definitely be betting on her.

» Walking Around Like I Dont Give a Fuck

What do you think of her line (at t=2:15) » Stars collide and conspire for your luck. (?) The reason that I mention it is because, something in her verse spoke to me.

Sometimes, it does indeed feel like stars are conspiring on your behalf. But other times, it feels like they are bound and determined to kill you .. to bury your ass fast as possible. (That may be an exaggeration, but not as much as you might think.)

I like her. I may have to grab an image later .. as a token of my appreciation. And then I am going to go walk around .. like I dont give a fuck. (Even tho I really do.)

[ Jan 24, 2017 - I am returning here from the future to mention that I was curious about how George Orwell's book 1984 (pub 1949) has become the run-away #1 bestseller of 2017.

While I was there at Amazon's bestseller page, in order to see for myself, I noticed another book listed there, titled » The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

Which was published on Sept 13, 2016, some three months after the date of this entry. I find that interesting.

< end update Jan 24, 2017> ]

» Expanding to Accommodate Increasing Size

Also today, I broke up page 8, which was quickly growing gigantic, into three separate pages (.. adding pages 9 & 10).

I have never even had a page-5 before .. and now I have a page 10. It's all your fault, girly.

I am determined to stop writing and start editing. But it is hard to stop .. especially when we are having so much fun.

Here is the (uncompressed) size of the HTML component, as of today, of each page, which includes text, mark-up and links .. but not images, because I am not yet done adding images, and they add lots of weight to the page.

  1. Page One » 45 KB. (45)
  2. Page Two » 30 KB. (75)
  3. Page Three » 40 KB. (115)
  4. Page Four » 75 KB. (190)
  5. Page Five » 55 KB. (245)
  6. Page Six » 60 KB. (305)
  7. Page Seven » 50 KB. (355)
  8. Page Eight » 50 KB. (405)
  9. Page Nine » 60 KB. (465)
  10. Page Ten » 40 KB. (505)
  11. Addendum Part One » 30 KB. (535)
  12. Addendum Part Two » 45 KB. (580)
  13. Addendum Part Three » 35 KB. (615)
  14. Addendum Part Four » 45 KB. (660)
  15. Addendum to the Addendum » 50 KB. (710)

Movable Type itself adds ~10 KB to each page .. in order to set up and format the outline and structure. The rest comes from what I have written myself.

I normally shoot for HTML page-sizes of 30 - 50 KB, and look to break up pages larger than 55 or 60 KB.

Certainly, there is more to writing than size and length .. but it is definitely a metric worth measuring and noting.

So, if my math here is correct, this entry weighs in around at 710 KB total HTML - 150 KB Movable Type overhead = 560 KB net creative craft-work.

So, this is a 500-KB entry, which is five times my monthly legal limit. But I took two months to do it. Closer to three, actually.

And this doesnt even take into account what was written in the monthly archive for March, from whence this entry sprung.

Or what was written under the various images that I captured and posted to their own pages. Normally, I do not post images to their own page.

These images are where I feel most free to write whatever I want .. because they are most removed from the home page.

Going Global » New York, Paris, London, the World

I saw you at Wembley. I saw how good you were looking, and how happy. And how confident. And it made me feel happy. It made me feel good. It made me smile.

It's amazing how good you look .. for somebody who obviously never sleeps. Illuminati Ninja Princess .. always on the prowl.

This woo-woo thing that you do at the end .. I dont know how you are doing that .. but I can feel it.

That is so weird. I can hear something asking, "How is she doing that?"

You are somehow touching me with that woo-woo thing.

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman at Le Trianon in Paris on June 8, 2016Speaking of being on the prowl .. werent you just in Paris a few days ago?

You were probably getting all existential and whatnot ..

.. in some underground jazz cafe there.

New York, Paris, London .. that is some serious ass-kicking right there, girly.

On a global scale.

Are most guys intimidated by you? It would certainly be understandable.

» Tell Me All Your Weaknesses

How can they possibly compete with an Illuminati Ninja Princess who throws down on a global scale while she is wearing boots like those? What chance do they have?

(These are more rhetorical questions .. a thing that writers sometimes do .. especially when they are trying to impress Illuminati Ninja Princesses like you.)

Tell me your weakness (.. so I can use it against you). Tell me all your weaknesses .. so I can use them all against you.

» Our Own Little Secret Erotic Thing

I can see here that I am making for us .. I am creating for us .. right out of thin air .. and right before you very eyes ..

.. our own little thing .. our own little world .. our own little universe.

A secret, erotic universe. Just you and me. Our own secret, flirty, scandalous thing. (Dont let them see it, no. Definitely not.)

This must mean that I really like you.

I am feeling you. And I like the way it feels.

I dont think that such a thing has ever happened before .. do you?

Even Tolstoy is impressed .. and he's never impressed by anything. Mr. thirteen hundred-pager himself.

I like doing new things with you. You're so game (.. just like that smoking-hot girl in the coffee shop).

(Only better .. because you know that there's no way she could possibly sing better than you.)

These kinds of things are very much about chemistry, no? Some things cause us to react powerfully. We may not understand what is going on .. but we cant deny the reacting.

See .. I cant stop trying to figure out things that are probably beyond figuring out.

» Trust Takes Time to Build

In order to really explore the furthest reaches of the erotic universe, it is important to become familiar with each other .. in a way that strengthens the bonds of trust and intimacy.

And that just takes time. And seeing how your lover reacts in a variety of situations. And under various pressures.

Can they really hang? Or, are they just pretending?

In the nuclear Navy we had a saying » "Anybody can steam steady-state."

Steady-steady steaming is when the submarine is underway and the reactor plant is running beautifully .. seemingly all by itself. Nothing changes for days or weeks.

I exaggerate when I say that a team of 10 monkeys could run a steady-state reactor plant .. but not as much as you might think.

The gage-readings never move. The plant is humming along without incident .. turning matter into energy.

It isnt until shit hits the fan that you see what people are really made of. That's what we mean when we say that anybody can steam steady-state.

This is why, in my way of thinking, it was actually a g.o.o.d thing .. that Larry David fucked up your name .. because it gave you an opportunity to respond to unforeseen pressure.

Do you want me to kick his ass for you? Probably not .. you're too nice for that. (Not like Mary Karr.)

But you adapted .. and then you kicked ass. Because this is what you do.

Speaking of which .. how much do you relate to this? She is very well spoken. I thought of you .. when I heard it. (I could never do that .. what she did. That is definitely not me.)

I also thought of you when I read this. Tho I dont even wanna think about that. Please be safe and smart .. at all times.

» My Favorite Lines

It may be too early to tell .. but I already have some favorite lines from this entry.

And to a degree .. tho, to exactly what degree I cannot be sure .. you are responsible for these favorite lines of mine.

Perhaps, most surprising was when I wrote » "Put that in your panties and keep it nice-n-warm for me."

I would also say » "Wow, I actually feel like I'm in love." .. except that's not even a line. Because that's really how I feel.

But I think my #1 favorite was when I wrote » "Dont make me get all Fitzgerald on your ass." This is really just me being me.

And I think the reason why I like it best .. is because, with singers, I always feel like I can just be myself. And I like that feeling.

Writers and singers .. peanut butter and jelly.

I'll catch you later, lover .. you secret lover.

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