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When Justice Comes Out Perverted

At t=3:50 in this video, Joy asks, "How can it be .. that someone can spend three years in Rikers without being convicted of anything?"

She asks a valid question, no?

A long time ago, a dude named Habakkuk posed a similar question. It seems that some things never change. (You know.)

Julia Willoughby Nason, pictured here below, responds to Joy's question by saying,

"Working on this project I learned that Kalief's story is not unusual. The mass incarceration system in this country is a form of social and economic control .. and it's doing exactly what it's designed to do."

You might want to read that again .. or better yet, listen to her say it herself (at t=4:00).

Notice that she didnt say that incarceration in America was about justice, or that it was about preventing crime .. or even about law and order.

Rather she said that the mass incarceration system in America is about » social and economic control.

If jails and prisons and incarceration were really about justice and law-n-order and preventing crime ..

.. then a bunch of those Wall street fraudsters would be sitting in jail right now .. having wrecked the American economy in order to enrich themselves, and who did so much damage to so many hard-working American families.

But they aint. Why do you think this is? Go ahead and take a guess. I dare you.

Perhaps somebody should ask Larry Summers. I bet that he knows why justice in America comes out perverted.

A poor, black teenager does nothing wrong and he spends 3 years in jail (( with most of that time spent in solitary confinement )) which fucked him up so badly that he eventually killed himself.

While rich, old, white men commit fraud on a scale so vast that it brings the entire economy to the brink of collapse, and ruins the lives of millions of Americans .. and our government runs to their aid with truckloads of money and sympathy.

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Obama Goes to Jail

(That title is bound to make many a Republican feel vindicated.)

Obama in a Jail CellCheck this out. That gives me a total boner.

Obama is going to be the first sitting president to visit a federal prison?

You gotta be shittin' me. You run a country that sends more of its citizens to prison than any other nation on the planet ..

.. and you presidents never pay a visit?

Not even the Russians and the Chinese together send as many of their citizens to prison.

Are we really the land of the free? Doesnt look that way.

I guess this would be a good time to start. Bring your over-night bag, dawg. If you really wanna get a good feel for what it's like to live in the Land of the Free for millions of Americans.

And take Hillary with you. This way she'll be able to experience first-hand what effect the policies that she and her husband have wrought on millions of Americans. You know, those "super-predators" that she talks about.

(You look a lot like a super-predator yourself, dawg. Criminal justice .. Clinton style.)

Dude, John Oliver has a nice intro to prisons posted here. You should check it out. And also this one about Bail. And this one about Municipal Violations. And this one on Public Defenders. There are more that you need to see, but those will get you started in the right direction.

[ John Oliver is on fire. Wow. I am impressed. That is the biggest penis I have ever seen. And I have seen some big ones. Let me tell you. ]

Say hi to bubba for me.

» How Far Will Obama's Pebble of Zen Justice Ripple Out into the Pond of American History?

Obama addresses the press at El Reno Prison in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015Update July 19, 2015 » I am impressed. That Obama went to jail.

And I am not the only one.

I am actually wowwed.

I was impressed before, but I was wowwed when I read the following passage (near the end of this column by Peter Baker) »

Like Mrs. Clinton on Robben Island, Mr. Obama was shown a cramped cell and briefed by officials.

Then he came over to a group of us, kept in place by yellow police tape, to talk about overhauling the criminal justice system. It was basically a recitation of the same policy points he had made in a speech a couple of days earliers.

But when he started to walk away, my colleague Darlene Superville of the Associated Press, called after him, asking what struck him about the prison.

He paused, almost as if considering whether to actually say what he was thinking. Then he turned to come back. What struck him, he said, was that it could have been him in one of those cells.

Pope Francis shakes the hand of a heavily tattooed inmate on Sept 27, 2015 at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in PhiladelphiaHe, too, had made mistakes, he said.

And were it not for the advantages of life that he had - advantages the El Reno residents did not have -

he might have been a prisoner and not a president. "There but for the grace of God," he said.

It was a strikingly personal observation, one that would be hard to imagine any other president making, even if any of them had taken the time to go to a federal prison.

This is the kind of shit that makes me proud to be an American. Not torturing little, skinny, innocent taxi drivers to death, no. Not pouring a slurry of raisins and walnuts up people's asses.

That kind of shit does not make me proud to be an American, George.

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