Sweet Respite from Chronicling the End of the World - Part Two

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» When Justice Comes Out Perverted

But notice how the context of where God told the prophet Habakkuk to "Write the vision, and make it plain." is that Habakkuk had first cried out and complained to God that » "The law is being ignored. Justice is never upheld. The wicked surround the righteous, and justice » comes out perverted."

I do not know exactly what kind of society Habakkuk found himself in there, but I bet that the wealthy and the powerful of his day could do whatever the fuck they liked ..

.. no matter how much harm and pain and suffering they caused for so many people, and the "Justice" of his day did nothing to punish them, nothing to hold them accountable for their actions.

Au contraire .. you gave them billions and billions of dollars. You actually rewarded them. You rewarded their bad behavior. You made up excuses for them and you used these excuses to reward their bad behavior.

Now, are you really somehow not expecting them to do it again? After you have classically conditioned them to do exactly that?

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You reward bad behavior and you punish good behavior. This is why justice in America "comes out all perverted".

Meanwhile the weak and the poor and the helpless are being fucked over for things that they didnt even do.

That's not justice .. rather that's injustice. Very sad for our nation. Because justice is not blind. Far the fuck from it, my friend.

» Why are You Making Me See Such Wickedness?

I took particular note of where Habakkuk writes (paraphrase) » "Why are you making me see this nasty stuff?"

Why, indeed? The idea of 'justice' in America has become a joke .. a bad joke. A cruel, bad joke.

Do you not see these patterns matching? These obvious patterns?

Scripture says that the Lord Himself excutes righteous deeds of vindication for all who are oppressed .. particularly when his people cry ouf to him .. because they are being fucked over so badly.

Dont say you werent warned. He who refuses .. let him refuse. That's what I always say.

I do not know everything .. but I know for fact that you do not want the Living God Himself excuting justice and righteous vindication on your sorry ass.

You do not recover from that kind of vindication .. ever. A few millenia later and Egypt is still fucked up.

Can't you just hear the Living God say, "This is what you want? Okay .. this is what you get. Enjoy the fruit of your own way .. your unrighteous way."

» God's Choice of Mercy does not Depend on What You have Done (Good or Bad)

Speaking of Egypt still being fucked up .. of all the interesting things that I have found in the scriptures ..

.. the most thought-provoking section, perhaps, is found here in Romans chapter 9.

Initially I was interested in what v16 says .. that » "God's choice is not dependent on human will, nor on human effort [the totality of human striving], but on God who shows mercy [ to whomever He chooses--it is His sovereign gift ]."

I was trying to gain some insight into what was going on with me when these overwhelmingly powerful forces seemed to suck my life up into this tornado of sorts.

That verse there (v16) put a serious torque on my cranium .. tho I dont want to get into that right now (maybe later), because I am on a different track right now. I am merely sharing how I first got sniffing around here in this chapter.

Sometimes I would read a few verses back or forward .. in order to get a feel for the context.

What Paul is basically saying here is that, from a certain human perspective, it can seem like God is unjust .. hating one child before it is even born, while preferring another.

Surely you can see how this might appear unjust. But God does not think like man thinks.

Verse 18 says » "So he has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden."

Does that not sound a bit arbitrary to you?

There is a similar verse here, which says that God's calling is "not according to our works."

If it is not according to our works, then what is it according to, God? He is obviously looking at something else. He obviously has an agenda.

When Jesus was choosing his disciples .. he did not ask them, "Do you guys think you might want to become my disciples?"

No. He said, "You there with the boat .. follow me. And bring your brother with you. You're going to help me save the world. We're all gonna die horrible deaths. It's going to be great fun .. trust me. You're gonna love every minute."

» I Will Light this Bitch Up

Notice in particular however, the very next verse » v17. I am not trying to put words into anybody's mouth here .. but, does it not seem like God is saying? »

Pyramids of Egypt

"I will raise up an entire nation, and give them all kinds of divine wisdom .. putting them well ahead of their time .. and giving them global domination .. just to turn around and light their asses up .. in order to forward my agenda."

Its Going Down logoGo ahead and read it yourself.

Does that seem just and right and fair to you?

See if you cant find my paraphrase in there.

Because, if you can ..

Then the next logical step becomes interesting.

"How interesting?" you ask?

Very interesting.

Because that's a good question.

» Judgment Comes after 400 Years of Oppression

Notice where God tells Abraham (back when he was still called Abram) »

Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed 400 years. But I will judge the nation whom they will serve ...

Then notice how David writes here (second paragraph) »

For most of the past 400 years, Americans did have an overarching story. It was the Exodus story.

Think about it and how the patterns match and maybe I will return later to elaborate and spell it out for you in CAPITAL FUCKING LETTERS.

Because God is very much about matching patterns.

» Trump's Temperament + Nuclear Weapons = Apocalypse Now

Peter Wehner expresses some of these interesting things as well as anybody.

Russian State TV says that Trump is more impulsive and unpredictable than even Kim Jong Un

I have been 'round n 'round this mulberry tree so many times .. seeking to know.

And I often come away with the impression that .. it cannot be a good sign that I am writing this thing.

North Korea threatens United States with a nuclear weapons strike

This is not normal writing that I am doing here. And the fact that you are here, too .. this speaks certain existential patterns.

"Artists are the antennae of the race," said Ezra Pound. What artist is not flashing a red warning signal right now?

And it's not just artists, either.

I talk about "seeking to know," as if to evoke some kind of prophetic subtext. But really, how much prophetic insight do you need in order to see where Trump's temperment takes us when it is combined with nuclear weapons?

» Ass-Deep into a Serious Existential Crisis

Dangerous by Milo YiannopoulosDoes it not feel as tho the nation is ass-deep into a serious existential crisis?

It seems to be coming apart right before our very eyes.

As tho our society itself is fracturing.

Certainly America is having a full-on identity crisis right now.

"Who are we? What values do we represent and embrace?"

[ Where did you get your title, Milo?

Tell me about your childhood.

What was it like for you, growing up?

Did you really say that it's cool for grown men to have sex with young boys?

Maybe you really are dangerous, Milo .. but not in the good way. ]

Many European nations are facing the exact same crisis.

For example, here is a photo of nationalists marching in Warsaw while chanting 'Seig Heil.'

Nationalists march in Warsaw Poland Saturday Nov 11, 2017 while chanting 'Sieg Heil'

The answer to these questions receives such drastically different responses from each side.

It feels like two entirely different universes are trying to coexist within the same nation.

How can their values be so different?

Milo's book is scheduled for publication on March 14, 2017.

So that you can read it during the ides.

(Update: it looks like they have pushed back the release date to June 13, which is a Tuesday and not a Friday.)

» Severe Economic Inequality Causes Society to Fracture

This thing here, girly .. this thing where our nation appears to be coming apart at the seams .. some might claim that this is caused by an extreme variety of economic inequality that gives so-so much to so-so few.

Our national economic algorithm, which gives so much to so few, does so, not because these people are smart or industrious .. but rather because they grease the palms of our elected officials .. so they will craft laws in ways that are more favorable to them.

This is why they can do things that cause the entire national economy to meltdown, and ruin the lives of so many, without any meaningful consequences.

Historians can look back over time and see periods of extreme economic inequality .. and the consequences that these periods had on society.

You see .. economics is tightly linked with society. So that anything that affects national economics also affects society. It's obvious if you think about it.

If we get thru these next four years unscathed, it will definitely be a miracle. (I'm sure that Maureen would agree. Carl, too. Heck, even David.)

» Impressing Super-Hotties with Super-Human Feats

This is the kind of thing that guys do, girly .. when they are trying to impress super-hotties such as yourself. When they are fanning out their impressive artistic peacock feathers. (That's how you know when a guy really likes you, girly.)

Ariana on the floor .. oh, my.

[ Oh my .. look at you here, girly. You are so amazingly smoking hot. I can hardly stand it sometimes. It's obviously not fair .. that you can be so hot and sing like that, too. This is why you should have to sing with one hand tied behind your back. Seriously, you look amazingly incredible here. Who can resist such things? Show me the man. I normally try to steer clear of your Instagram, or I feel like a stalker. But sometimes the Clevver girls will throw up some of your images. And then I cant help myself. Can I be your stalker? Sneaking out of your room at first light? I know how to do that. I'm qualified. I am powerful-woman-savvy. Well experienced. Well-trained. Quietly tip-toe'ing down the hallway at first light. I like the composition of this image. I like it a lot. Probably because you're in it. If you werent in it, I'm sure that I wouldnt be enjoying it nearly as much. While I was over there at your Instagram page, I couldnt help but notice the poem you posted. Oh, girly .. after I read that, I wanted to do naughty things to you. Very naughty things indeed. And very many of them, too. Just being honest. (Honesty breeds trust. Trust breeds intimacy. Intimacy breeds babies.) Obviously this poem is speaking to you, or you wouldnt be posting it. And, if this poem is speaking to you, then .. uh, I probably shouldnt finish that sentence. That would be very dangerous .. to finish that sentence. You do not look like a girl here, girly. No, ma'am. Rather you look like a grown-ass woman. What I call a full-strength woman. Full fucking strength. (That's the best kind.) ]

» Tickling Your Ovaries

Girly, I make good babies .. they tell me. Even people who hate my guts had to admit it. That's how good the babies are that I make.

The only problem is that .. I cant make them by myself.

Can you feel me tickling your ovaries? I only do that with girls that I really like.

[ Erin says that her ovaries are talking to her here. What are they saying, Erin? ]

[ Oh, this makes me regret writing that. We love you, Erin. ]

» Impressing Super-Hotties with My Irresistible Wordcraft

When guys are trying to impress super-hotties such as yourself .. they think things like, "Oh, I know what will impress her .. I will chronicle for her the end of all things. Surely she has never seen such a thing before. And I will add my special dazzle to it. She will not be able to resist my special dazzle. And then she will want to make babies with me. Babies that are perfect in every way."

I do indeed have a dazzle, girly. I try to keep it hidden .. for reasons that I probably shouldnt say. But some girls know how provoke it.

With a girl like you, a guy is going to need to show up with more than just a dozen roses. A dozen roses aint gonna cut the romantic mustard with a girl like you. A guy will need to bring more to the table than just some wining-n-dining. I can see that, girly.

» Sparkling Like a Motherfucker

A guy is going to have to offer you something that you can get no where else. And whatever it is .. that thing better be sparkling like a motherfucker. So he better break out that hi-speed buffer.

What do you think about presentation? Is presentation important to you?

I am normally more focused on substance than presentation myself. This is sort of what I meant when I wrote about Marshall's lyrics and said » "Even more than how he says it, it's what he says that's so impressive."

[ How-you-say-it represents the presentation aspect of lyrics, while what-you-say contains the actual substance that carries the meaning and import of the lyrics.

This is actually remarkable in light of the fact that Marshall is known for how he says it. (Who says shit like Marshall says shit?)

This is why I called attention to this aspect of his lyrics. If you are famous for the way that you say things, but what you say is actually more impressive .. then, that is a remarkable thing. ]

I would rather that the puttanesca taste yummy with fresh, quality ingredients .. than come in (be presented in) a pretty bowl. But I can do presentation, too.

I can see that a girl like you can have any guy she wants. A girl like you can have any five guys she wants.

Speaking of impressing you with my dazzling word-craft .. tell me, Ariana .. at what point does craft become art? Take your time with this one and we'll talk more later.

» Exploring the Entire Range of Moral Experience

Speaking of girls who can have any guy that they want .. do you remember when I said that the thing I wanted to do with you .. was to » span the entire range of moral experience? (.. from the satanic to the divine).

How am I doing, girly?

Do I need to up my game? Yet again?

I think that I am doing a pretty good job. I am trying to impress you so much that I'm actually impressing myself.

"Dude, you must really like this girl," I can hear the voice saying, "writing stuff like this. You are flexing for her. She has never seen anything the likes of you before, so go easy on her."

» From the Satanic to the Divine

What I am finding here with you .. is that the breadth of my writing topics have greatly expanded. I can see it myself, as if you are some sort of catalyst (.. you and girls like you).

I cant say that I really understand how you do this for me, to me .. but the effect is clear. As my breadth of topics expands .. this allows me to speak to more-n-more things.

In order to speak to certain things, you need a valid doorway into that thing, into that area where that thing is. And then you need a handle from which you can work. (I have already addressed this.)

I dont like to get abstract like this. Because, if the writer really knows what he's talking about, then he can provide tangible examples which illustrate his points. But that can sometimes take a while, and get involved.

My point here is to say that you somehow give me these things. You provide me with the doorway and with the handle.

Are you feeling used here, girly?

I admit that sometimes I get a little carried away with things. (Especially with girly-girls like you.)

» Sleepless Nights, Vomiting Blood & the Arrival of Death

We have friends here visiting from northern California. She told me that her and her husband couldnt sleep the night of the election. (She told me other things, too.) I was throwing up blood and Gwen Ifill is dead. Notice any patterns? Look closely.

The end. ■

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