Are We Really Doing This? - Part B

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» How to Reboot Civilization After the Apocalypse

This guy here, Lewis Darnell, his whole gig is to research what we, as a civilization, will need, to get things going again .. after the apocalypse.

Lewis Dartnell - How to Reboot Civilization after an Apocalypse

Does this fact not strike you as curious? I mean, in an existential sort of way.

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While watching the video, I could feel myself trying to go beyond his message .. in order to get a sense of the person behind the message.

Trump's finger on the nuclear buttonIf things keep going the way that they are going ..

then we might want to put him on retainer for a position in 2020.

The first thing he goes after is a printing press.

Like the one styled by Gutenberg (1398-1468).

I found his approach very interesting.

Which involves the production and distribution of words.

And language.

And ideas.

Because this is exactly what I do. And I even use an application called » Movable Type.

Movable type for a printing press

And nobody does it like me, girly. Go ahead and look around. Take your time. Do I look worried? I think not. I'll be here, chillin' on the couch when you get back.

[ Girly, my writing ego is totally out of control right now. It's all your fault. You know it is. You cant deny it .. so dont even try.

If we get in trouble, I'm blaming the whole thing on you.

I honestly try not to sound like a cocky motherfucker .. but you make this difficult sometimes.

More than just sometimes, actually. ]

» Hopefully I am Just Trying to Impress a Super-Hottie

I can feel a part of me hoping that this is simply my writing ego trying to impress a super-hottie culture-bender.

Ariana in Anaheim March 30, 2017

You must admit .. this is a very strange thing to hope for.

I can hear a voice saying, "Uh, dude .. I think that you somehow wandered over onto the other side of that line that you were talking about. Have you noticed any unusual shit going on lately?"

Seal said that a little crazy is a good thing. It definitely helps to take the edge off of reality.

Feel free to tag along .. but dont expect it to be pretty. (Because it aint.)

How ironic it would be if the christians were the ones who brought the antichrist to power. That would definitely make for an interesting narrative. (I feel confident that David would concur.)

» Have White Christians Made a Faustian Deal with Trump?

This narrative would certainly be bizarre. But it's not the first time that such deals have been made.

Most so called christians do not even know what the scriptures say. Go ahead and ask them yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Their actions say, "I do not have the time to be bothered with learning what the scriptures actually teach. I have more important things to do."

This is why so many people cannot see the obvious when it is standing right in front of them.

It should be obvious, but they cannot match the patterns in their lives because they dont recognize the patterns. Because they dont give a flying happy fuck about learning the patterns that the scriptures actually teach. (They believe what they want to believe.)

» David Looks Genuinely Worried

Speaking of an inability to match ancient patterns with current events .. David says some interesting things on PBS here. You look genuinely worried, David. Unsettled, unnerved.

[ Ganja works great for such maladies. Irie, mon .. no worries. Americans are very much into self-medicating, you know.

The economic inequality in our society is so hard on the weak and the poor that it encourages such self-medication.

For those seeking a brief respite from the seemingly hopeless despair that their existence has become. So I am not surprised. ]

Do you feel that white christians have made a Faustian deal with the Donald? Donald is German, so he is probably familiar with the story.

» David Says that their Faustian Deal with Trump will Cost Republicans their Souls

Oh, lookie here (Jan 31, 2017) .. I guess you do feel that way. David says that the Republican's Faustian deal will surely cost them their souls. (If anybody would know ...)

Quoting David Brooks

I have the book here, the version by Goethe, First Part, translated by Peter Salm, which contains both the English and German languages side-by-side on opposing pages.

I picked up this book at the used book store at the library and have scanned through parts, but never read it. It is written in verses like lyrics are. Maybe now would be a good time to read it.

David says that Republicans in congress have no vision (like Hillary) regarding what society in America should look like .. beyond tax cuts for the super-wealthy (« people who need them least).

I would argue that David is merely stating the obvious.

» What does the Soul of America Look Like?

Speaking of people losing their souls by making deals with diabolical characters .. I want to ask Obama, now that he is retired .. I want to ask him about his view of the American soul.

If America had a soul, then, what does the soul of America look like? From his perspective. (Is the soul of America really all about the money?)

I'm not talking about that presidential-type stuff, where you assure everybody that everything is okay .. even tho everybody knows that everything is very much not okay.

» Things are Pretty Fucking Far from Okay

Far the fuck from it, my friend .. very far. (« That's a well-linked sentence .. if I do say so myself.)

The Handmaid's Tale (1985) by the prophetic Margaret AtwoodI want to take advantage of his perspective.

I mean, from the cheap seats here, the train appears to to careening off course and racing toward the bottomless abyss.

Does he see differently?

» Let's Not be Stupid

[ Margaret Atwood said, in speaking of her book » The Handmaid's Tale:

"I wasnt intending it to be prescient when I wrote it in 1984-and-5. I was intending it to be a Let's-Not-Do-This book."

What I heard her say was » "I wasnt trying to be prophetic."

I put prophetic writing at the top of my list .. up there with the prophets.

Her book is a narrative that she constructed out of real-life examples from history.

This is the thing that makes her story so sobering.

You wish that she had created it from pure imagination .. thereby pushing further away the possibility of such a reality.

I do a little of this type of thing myself .. employing real-life events to inform my narrative.

The effect of such a thing .. is to make the story's implications appear more immediate. You are bringing them home. The implications.

You are trying to warn people, by saying, "Dont be stupid .. like these other people were stupid. Because they all regretted being stupid."

Here is an article titled » Why Saudi Women Are Literally Living 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Now normally you might think that people would appreciate it .. when you warn them of the impending doom .. that lies waiting for them at the end of the road that they're on.

But you would think wrong, my friend.

» The Ability to See the Obvious Coming

Speaking of prophetic writing .. or writing that appears to contain prophetic elements .. I read this article where Margaret Atwood said, in responding to this very aspect of her story, "It is not really possible to predict the future."

This is not true, Margaret. If you see a train racing down a track .. which leads off a cliff .. and the train is travelling far too fast to stop in time ..

.. you can predict that, in the future, the train will sail off the cliff and plummet down into into the canyon (the historical abyss) and crash at the bottom with a big puff of smoke rising up from the crash site below.

I am being cute here. But the way I see it .. the way I see this aspect of prophetic insight .. which Margaret has obviously tapped into ...

The way I see it .. I have already addressed here. By this I mean that everybody is able to predict the future. Tho I would not use the word 'predict.' Rather I would say that everybody is able to see .. that the track is out and the train is heading off the cliff.

This is the way I see this element of prophetic writing that Margaret Atwood has obviously tapped into.

But, for some reason, not everybody can see the obvious. Perhaps they are simply lack the courage to face the obvious. Perhaps this is why they refuse to accept the obvious.

Denial is a well-known psychological defense mechanism.

Here is Margaret Atwood talking about Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

She is exactly right there. I did not even think of that.

People who can see the obvious when you you can't .. what do you call such a person? ]

I bet he's smoking lots of ganja these days .. as Trump dismantles his legacy, brick by brick.

The foundation of Trump's presidency is the negation of Obama's legacy

Especially after the Republicans stole that Supreme Court seat from him.

Isnt it just like the rich, old, white men to steal things from the black man?

I mean, it's historically congruent.

After the last brick has been removed, ask him if he thinks that the soul of America is redeemable.

That would be the perfect time to ask him.

So, if you see Obama, David, ask him what he thinks about the American soul .. what it looks like. His unvarnished opinion.

Because I find it curious .. that Trump became president after we had our first black president. (Half-black.)

Tho I am not going to detail why I find this so curious. Not yet, anyway.

» Trump + Russia + FBI vs CIA + NSA

From some things I've read .. this election seems to be shaping up to be a power-struggle between Trump + Russia + FBI vs CIA + NSA. [ More FBI here. ]

These are very powerful agencies. (Too powerful .. some might say.) The next four years should be very interesting. A writer's heaven.

Hoover ran the FBI for decades because no president had the balls to fire him. (And then there's Trump.)

Trump purging the Intelligence agencies

My perspective on these things is that .. you suddenly have these newbies coming in and trying to tell you how to do your job .. which you have been doing for years.

You have seen captains and judges come and go .. yet you yourself are still here. Some of them were very good at what they did; while others, eh, not so much.

And the instinct here is to let the stupid new people go ahead and shoot themselves in the foot, making themselves look bad.

It usually isnt long before you have to give them that look that says, "I tried to tell you, fuckhead .. but you refused to listen. Your incompetence speaks volumes. You must feel terribly ashamed at how badly your fanciful ideas played out in real-life. But I'm sure that this is not your first fuck-up .. nor will it be your last."

Such a thing could easily get out of hand .. once you have such volatile forces unleashed.

A nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine launches its missiles

» Uncharted Territory

This is like nothing we ever had before. We are in new territory .. in many ways. I'm sure that Carl would agree. David, too. Everybody seems to concur.

The anarchist handprint of CrimethincShit is getting twitchy. Everybody can feel it.

(Good thing that we will always be in love forever, girly.)

Another thing that I learned in my travels up the various management ladders that I have climbed ..

.. is that things look much different from the outside.

Once you get up inside and see how the sausage is actually made ..

.. things look much different. You can see why they do the seemingly crazy things that they do.

You cannot imagine how many times I had the thought,

"Nobody would ever believe this crazy shit." (.. how they make their sausage here).

Sometimes I would get up the balls to ask one of my bosses,

"Why do you do this thing this way? Everybody agrees that it is a fucked up way of doing things .. where you are making things unnecessarily difficult for yourselves."

They would always say, "That's how we've always done it, and it would be too complicated to change."

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