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Oh, Blow .. we wake to President Trump this morning. With Republican majorities in congress, no less.

I bet that you wish you hadnt been pushing Hillary so vigorously now .. pushing her on your readers .. seeing that all those polls showed Bernie matching up much more favorably against the Donald.

Polls show that Bernie would make a better candidate against Donald than Hillary

This is one of the reasons why your positions confused me.

Did you get 'talked to,' Blow? Please tell me that this is not who you are.

I recall that you gave Hillary shit that one time .. and then you said nothing more against her, but rather started bashing Bernie like crazy. Coincidence?

Donna Brazile says Hillary bought the DNC and expected loyalty

Everybody knows that this is who Hillary is:

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

Why am I suddenly thinking about that verse in Isaiah that talks about vindication? Curious. I wonder how Bernie feels about this news.

Is Donna Brazile not the queen of equivocation? She is actually worse than Hillary.

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This is why people dislike politicians. They are so shifty, trying to cover every possible base, that they ooze political slime from every pore with each acrobatic sentence.

Meanwhile, Bernie has been saying the same fucking thing for 30 years. Probably even longer. Notice any differences?

» Effects of Money and Influence at the Times?

What do you think, Blow, about what Sharon Waxman said here? .. regarding the nature of the far-reaching influence that power and money seem to be having there at the NY Times?

It seems like they sold out so many women to a decade's worth of abuse. (More than a decade, actually.)

Hopefully you will see my theme here start to emerge. I can't help but wonder what Cornel West thinks.

Trump meets with Obama at the White House on Nov 10, 2016

Here is a photo of Obama with the Anti-Obama. I bet that you are downright lamenting that right about now.

I dont know if you know .. but people really hate Hillary. I dont mean that in the figurative sense. I mean that they really hate her guts. With genuine hate. (I know that it might seem hard to believe.)

I know that hate is a strong word, but it is an accurate description of what many republicans feel for Hillary. And hate is a powerful motivator. I bet that Edsall would agree with me here.

Motivation » Why Do People Do the Things They Do?

[ I know a little something about the nature of motivation myself.

I studied the subject because I needed to understand how people are motivated, and I like to be a student of what I do.

For example, I learned that different people are motivated by different things.

It is a common, rookie mistake to project our own motivations onto others. For example, just because Hillary is motivated primarily by money, she assumes that everyone else is, also.

She assumes wrongly. ]

This is why Bernie made such a better candidate .. because, even if Hillary did get elected, they would still stonewall her. Because they literally hate her guts.

She is the devil to them, and must be fought at all costs .. lie (lie), cheat, steal. To the death, if necessary.

Something tells me that that Glenn Greenwald would agree. But probably not Maggie.

Well, perhaps I should clarify myself. Bernie made a better candidate if you were interested in a democrat being elected, and in that elected democrat actually getting shit done that would help us-the-people.

This is why Donald so badly wanted to run against Hillary .. because he knew how much they hated her. And while they might not be crazy about him, he knew that they would come out and vote against Hillary. (Because they literally hate her guts and hate is such a powerful motivator.)

Anger is also a powerful motivator. This is why the political parties try to get their bases all riled up .. because it motivates them to go to the polls and vote.

They used to do this only before an election. But now they keep them all riled up at a fevered pitch all year long .. especially with this being an election year and whatnot.

[ Check out this panel discussion here. At t=4:30, Stacy Hilliard, the former vice-chair of Republicans Abroad .. isnt she saying pretty much the same thing that I have been saying? ]

» Do You Recall How the Youth Vote Went Overwhelmingly for Bernie?

Do you remember how the millennials were so disgusted with her? With Hillary? Because I do. I could go fetch for you any number of articles on the subject. Beautiful acticles.

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

How do you motivate a millennial to get out and vote? Not with Hillary Clinton, Blow. Seems obvious now, no? Painfully obvious. (This is another one of the reasons why your positions so confused me.)

There are very basic, rudimentary, fundamental things that she obviously does not get .. hence the air of cluelesness that hovers about her. The pretty bubble that she lives in insulates her from the reality of the real world that the rest of us live in. The ugly reality.

If Hillary were on fire, they would not cross the street to piss on her. If this is hyperbole, then it's certainly not very much of it. And it might even be an understatement. It very well might.

This was the problem with Obama; they hated him .. but not as much as they hate Hillary. (Obama is many bad things, they contend, but he is not the devil. Because Hillary is the devil. The devil in a pantsuit.)

They do not hate Bernie in this way because they do not know Bernie well enough to hate him. They have not been building up their hate for Bernie for decades .. like they have with Hillary.

To the democrat and the independent, Hillary represents the establishment. And the establishment really only cares about itself. Or, at least, that's the way it seems .. from the cheap seats.

And every day the establishment sells us out to the wealthy. Care for a few references?

» A Tranquil and Quiet Life with Dignity

Scripture instructs the believer to give thanks for his leaders. (Because God can work thru ungodly people for our benefit.)

So that we might live a quiet and peaceful life with dignity.

So I was thanking God today for Donald Trump. He's got an impossible job before him. He obviously needs all the prayer he can get.

[ If there is one place where I feel like I might resonate with the Donald ..

.. it is surely that I feel like I have made every possible mistake that can be made in a relationship.

So that now I am actually very comfortable with relationships. Because I know so many things that dont work.

Donald has made so many business mistakes that he knows so many things that wont work.

I also like the idea that he may be able to take money out of politics.

I know it sounds fanciful, but we can hope, right? Maybe Donald was just saying all that crazy shit because he knew that it was what people wanted to hear.

Maybe, like most politicians, he has no intention of implementing those crazy ideas. Maybe he really does want to make America great again. (It all depends on your definition of the word 'great'. Great for who?)

Donald Trump quote from the WSJ Sept 30, 1999

Donald did not get the money that Hillary got. So you could argue that he owes less political favors to the wealthy.

Money from the wealthy placed into the receiving palms of the people's representative is the signature defect that corrupts our so called democracy.

This is the very point of infection, and something that has become increasingly plain and painfully obvious to all Americans.

They say all the things that they think we want to hear, and the moment that the election is over, they forget about us and continue catering to every whim of the wealthy.

Care for some references? How many would you like?

Donald surely knows all the ways to scam the system, no? Maybe he can plug the holes in the royal scam. You never know. Weirder shit has happened.

Or maybe this is just America getting what America deserves .. the chickens coming home to roost. Those bad chickens. What have you naughty chickens done now? If we reap what we sow, then what have we sown?

Let's hope not. He is the least-experienced president that we have ever elected. Does this make the American people sound desperate?

Memo from David Betras of Ohio to Democratic campaign leadership dated May 12, 2016

Let's hope that the history books of the future dont read "They elected a loose cannon in 2016, and then seemed surprised when he went off." ]

I heard him playing that song by the Rolling Stones .. the one with the chorus » "You cant always get what you want .. but sometimes, you get what you need."

That was actually a good song to choose. (At least, they didnt play Sympathy for the Devil. I'm being funny with you here, Blow. I admit that my sense of humor is .. different.)

I'm sure that the campaign will get sued for that .. but the Stones will just have to get in line.

Interesting that Trump's chosen campaign victory song comes from an album titled Let It Bleed, no?

» Speaking to a Sense of Despair that Seems to Go Quietly Unnoticed

Earlier I mentioned to you about speaking to blind spots. In this entry here, where I talk to Hillary ..

[ I bet that she wishes now she had given back Goldman Sachs their money. If you see her, tell her that I said, "Didnt I try to tell you that you could never go back?" ]

.. and where I linked this dialogue with Hillary to alarmingly high veteran suicide rates (20 every day .. day in, day out, weekends included and double on holidays).

I did this because I was trying to convey (speak to) this sense of despair out there. People dont off themselves unless they are neck-deep in despair .. and see no way out.

Wheatfield with Crows (1890) Vincent Van Gogh

And if 20 vets are offing themselves each and every day, then this tells me that there is a lot of desperation out there.

(Have you ever thought about offing yourself, Blow? Do you know such desperation? Such despair? Hopefully not.)

» It is Completely Understandable Why they Cant Understand this Sense of Despair

And when you hear politicians speak, you can tell that they just dont get it. They dont get this very obvious thing. This thing that is painfully obvious to everyone but them.

Income inequality in America has become extreme

Now, you can certainly understand why this is .. why they dont get it. Because they live in this pretty bubble where they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for simply talking to people for an hour in an air-conditioned, climate-controlled room, and telling then all the pretty things that they want to hear.

"You're so great. You're so wonderful. You're so smart. I like people who are great and wonderful and smart. I've forgottten all about how you brought the entire economy to the brink of collapse in 2008. And did you notice that none of you went to jail for fraud? .. even though everybody knows all about the fraud. So many movies have been made about the fraud. That wasnt easy to do .. to keep your fraudster asses out of jail. I'm not saying that you owe me for that. But you do. Can I have my hundreds of thousands of dollars now? And can you get somebody to help me stuff all those hundreds and fifty-dollar bills into this power blue duffel bag that I brought along with me?"

Earlier I mentioned this "aura of cluelessness" that "hovers about them". This is a part of what I was talking about there.

I received a similar feeling from some of David's columns. You could just tell that he didnt get it. And again, it was completely understandable why he didnt get it.

This is why I was trying to encourage David to get out there. Because the only way you can see this stuff is to get out there and live among these people for a spell.

Talk to them face-to-face and empathize with them .. in order to understand them and why they feel the despair that they feel.

Some might argue that this desperation is a result of poor decisions made by these people, and there may indeed be some validity to this.

Or you might argue that they are not savvy enough to know when they are being conned and duped. (I feel confident that Stephen would concur.)

You might argue that a nation who stumbles over the very same stumbling blocks that other nations have stumbled over must be pretty fucking stupid.

But I am not speaking to why they are desperate, or what is the outcome of this desperation .. only to the existence of this desperation itself.

» Money from the Wealthy Obviously Affects the Decisions of the People's Representatives

As long as you have ultra-wealthy people putting money into the hands of our government representatives, this is going to affect their decisons.

Long as you have so much wealth in the hands of so few, and so little in the hands of so many .. this is going to be a problem with everybody who is not super-wealthy.

This is why I call this problem our nation's signature defect. Because, until that defect is addressed and corrected, things are only going to continue to get worse.

» Are they Really About 'Serving the People'?

Are our government representatives really about "serving the people"? Or are they really about the money?

Remove graft from the ultra-wealthy out of politics and we'll see. We'll all see who is really interested in serving the people, and who is interested in serving themselves. I predict that you will be surprised.

The way that the system itself is designed promotes and encourages this corruption .. because our politicians are not strong enough to resist the urge to suck the dick that gives it so much money.

I am speaking metaphorically here, sure. But am I saying anything that has not already become intuitively obvious to everybody?

We already have enough data and research to design a society that is far more just and responsive to the needs of all Americans .. not just the wealthy few. So why dont we?

» Designing a Society that Works for More than Just the Wealthy Few

BF Skinner talked about designing environments in ways that encourage certain actions and results and behaviors, and that discourage others. A society is merely one type of environment.

Dostoevsky talked about societies that are designed such that they discourage citizens from being good.

Edsall could totally help design a societal system that encourages good behaviors and discourages bad ones.

When Wall Street fraud brings our economy to the brink of failure, and then you give them shitloads of money (billions and billions of dollars) to the very people and institutions that caused this failure .. this does not encourage good behavior.

No, sir. Rather, this encourages honest people to want to commit fraud, so they can get in on receiving these billions and billions of dollars, too .. without any risk of ever going to jail.

Am I saying anything that has not already become intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observer?

And then, when you turn right around and lock away people for draconianingly long lengths of time those who do drugs in order to try to help them cope with their shitty, futureless existence .. this is not how a just society operates. Not even close.

Scripture talks about such societies. And it's not a pretty picture. (You'll see what I mean.) Because these things speak. You dont want to hear the response .. trust me.

If you design an environment that encourages a man to steal (because he is so poor that he cannot feed himself) or to seek psychological relief from oppression from his miserable, hopeless situation, and then you punish this man severely for doing so .. is this a just society?

» It Would be a Good Thing for America for Hillary to Go to Jail

Hillary in greenYou know, the Donald promised to appoint a special prosecutor ..

.. to go after Hillary and throw her ass in jail.

They repeatedly chanted this at Trump rallies.

They chanted it enthusiastically.

You heard them.

[ Nov 14, 2016 » I was shopping at the grocery store earlier today and, while waiting there in the check-out line, I spied a National Enquirer with a photo of Hillary and Huma on the cover, with a title reading » Huma and Hillary are Going to Jail.

The National Enquirer .. it must be true, right?

< done up.date Nov 14, 2016 > ]

Without debating the legal merits of such a thing, I feel that it would be a good thing for the nation for Hillary to spend some time in prison.

Obama at the El Reno prison in Oklahoma July 16, 2015

This way she will experience first-hand the effects that many of the decisions that she and Bill made regarding "super-predators". (You look a lot like a super-predator yourself, Blow.)

I feel strongly that every person who is responsible for sending people to jail (such as politicians who craft laws and judges who pass judgment) should spend a few days in the big house. Otherwise, how can they understand the consequences of their actions?

Oh .. my sources tell me that Hillary is not interested in going to jail .. no matter how much good it might do America. Rather she is currently negotiating with non-extradicting countries such as Qatar.

Cant say that I really blame her .. cuz jail sucks.

This is how these people are .. soon as shit starts heading south, they leave you holding the bag by yourself. They're up out this bitch.

"See ya. Sorry things didnt work out for me. Uh, I mean for you. Say hi to Donald for me. Wish I could stick around, but iron bars clash with my power-blue pantsuits. That money from Goldman Sachs sure is going to come in very handy whisking me away to my new home in the sun. I'm not going to tell you where it is, but think palm trees and private beaches .. miles and miles of private beaches."

The Mission » Launch Ballistic Missiles When Ordered by the President

I also find in curious that I was writing to you about turning matter into energy on those diamond deck plates.

Because I did this while stationed aboard a ballistic missile submarine .. carrying more fire-power than all the bombs dropped in all the wars since the beginning of time immemorial.

A ballistic missile submarine launching its missiles

That's a lot of fire-power, Blow. And my boat was not even one of the new ones. The new ones carry more missiles and more fire-power. Much more.

This is what I did, Blow, standing on those diamond deck plates .. while I was part of a crew that helped split atoms and turn matter into energy.

We were basically waiting for an order from the president to launch our missiles. Our ballistic missiles. Our nuclear-grade ballistic missiles. Tipped with missiles carrying weapons-grade plutonium .. you know, the good shit.

While we were underway, I used to perform a weekly neutron survery in missile compartment upper level (MCUL) .. with this big-ass neutron ball. That sucker was kind of heavy.

Once you launch a missile, tho, your life-expectancy is now measured in hours, if not minutes.

Because ballistic missiles leave a large signature fingerprint that tells all the world, "Right here is where that missile was launched."

Your secret location is now revealed for all the world to see .. especially those who want you dead, and who have the weapons to destroy you.

Now people will be coming for you, and they will be coming fast as they possibly can (.. to try and eliminate you before you launch any more missiles).

It's like a thousand giant neon arrows in the sky all pointing right at you, screaming, "Here he is! Here he is!"

It's kind of obvious if you think about it. Tho I tried not to.

Look around the world, Blow. Look at the current state of affairs of nations. Look at the current state of nuclear weapons. Look at the conditions of the people living in these nations. What do you see? Look closely.

It's not pretty. It seems like the older generation, before they die, are trying their darnedest to ruin things for the young, who must keep living in the world long after the older generation is dead-n-gone. (Which is probably why they want to conduct their affairs in secret.)

It's not very difficult to connect the dots and construct a scenario and plot a trajectory. Even if you arent even trying to. Am I saying anything that has not already become obvious?

Everything seems to be falling into place a little too perfectly for comfort. Even the environment itself is having trouble dealing with the effects of humans living on earth. It doesnt look good for the home team.

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