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What Makes a Love-Story Convincing?

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Merry Christmas, girly. I'm working on your Christmas present right now. I'll set it under the tree for you soon as I'm done writing it.

When I asked you earlier what makes a love story convincing .. the obvious answer is » the love.

The quality of the love. And other things, too. But mostly the love. What is a love-story without love? (Just another story.)

And notice how you cant really see love itself. Rather you can only see the results of it, the effects of it. The consequences of it, if you will. (The same goes for hate, unfortunately.)

Loving actions do not necessarily speak loudly .. but they do speak clearly. They do indeed.

This is why love plays so well in the world of the existentialist.

In order to have a convincing love-story, you first need a convincing love. Then you need convincing lovers. Then you need a convincing storyteller, who is himself a convincing lover.

You need a lot a things, girly .. in order to write a convincing love-story. That's why only one was written in the last century. (According to Vanity Fair. I mean, if anybody would know...)

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Speaking of not understanding women relationships .. remind me to tell you the story about my gay roommate, when he was talking to my mom at the kitchen table ..

.. when we stopped there for a few days on our way down to Florida from Maine. That's a good story.

I was in the next room with bro and dad and some friends, working on this gnarly thousand-piece puzzle on the dining room table. When I glanced into the kitchen and saw them huddled together at the table there.

And I remember wondering what they might be talking about. I'm sure that I must have had an interesting look on my face.

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Even More (Sex with Director-Chicks)

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» Tell Me a Story, Dad

Pooh & Piglet Looking for ButterfliesMy son would always say, "Tell me a story, dad." (.. when he was small).

He would tell me which characters he wanted in his story that day,

"Okay, dad .. today I want Pooh in my story .. and I want Piglet, too."

And, no matter what, he always wanted Tigger in his story.

Because Tigger was always getting into crazy shit.

You know how Tigger is.

He would cite for me the cast of characters that he wanted in his story that day.

And he would often choose characters from different stories. He didnt limit his characters to those in the Winnie-the-Pooh story. Tho they were certainly his main players.

Sometimes he would ask what one of the other characters was doing .. such as, "What's Piglet doing right now?"

I interpreted these types of questions as him being bored with my story. This is why I wanted to improve my on-demand storytelling skills.

But, when I was on .. I was very good. I surprised myself.

» I Impressed Myself with My Storytelling Skills

It is not easy to throw together a story on the spot like that. I could feel myself summoning an array of skills. And they werent always enough. They werent always sufficient. Sometimes I struggled.

But, when I was on .. when I was having a good day telling stories .. I was good. Very good. I surprised even myself some days.

Christopher Robin plays Pooh-sticks with his dad from a wooden bridge

Once you get into that creative flow .. then you just ride along with it. Go where it takes you. Good coffee helps.

Most of the stories that I told him came while we were sitting at the coffee shop early in the morning.

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More Sex with Director-Chicks

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» Right-Brain Creative vs Left-Brain Organizational

The key function, or, at least, one of the key functions of a director .. seems to be eliciting and evoking and sculpting the desired performance from your actors, no?

What percentage of directing is right-brain creative story-crafting .. and what percentage is a function of left-brain linear organizational skills?

These two things, creative and organizational, seem, to me, antagonistic mind sets. Your thoughts?

» Rapping to Uta

You are an actress. Surely you are a student-of-what-you-do. You ever read anything by Uta Hagen (1919-2004)?

The students at USC's graduate Film school used Uta as a code-word for getting high. I think that they did this because Uta talked in her book about getting high.

When you would hear them say, "We're going to rap to Uta .. we'll be right back," .. you knew that they were going to get high.

They would come back and say, "Alright .. let's make a movie."

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Sex with Director-Chicks

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» Telling Stories that We Feel Comfortable Telling

It's for a similar reason why Katie Holmes feels so comfortable telling stories about female relationships.

When you hear as many voices as I do .. you quickly get comfortable with dialogue. Very comfortable.

Speaking of Katie Holmes .. I wonder if Jamie Foxx would agree with me .. that women tend to suck at keeping things on the down-low.

Which has been my experience .. my admittedly limited experience. You know, girly.

I like Katie Holmes. I like Jamie Foxx. I mean, who doesnt?

Just as she feels comfortable telling stories of women relationships (which are clealy beyond my expertise) .. I likewise feel comfortable telling stories of male relationships.

Hi Katie Holmes. I see you there. Jamie told me that you suck at keeping things on the down-low. What do you think of what he told me?

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Some Truly Awesome Wailing in Boston

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» No-Shit Awe

Ariana wailing in white at the Jingle Ball | Boston, Dec 11, 2016Oh, girly .. I think I am in awe. I think I am in no-shit awe, right now.

It definitely feels that way.

I saw you singing in Boston.

(Bro went to Tufts Medical, and Lance moved there for work.)

Holy smokes, girly. Near the end, at t=2:55, you do that roller coaster thing.

Wow. That is some seriously impressive shit.

Oh, look .. others are noticing, too.

That's how it starts .. when people start noticing.

You are so gonna get us in trouble, girly.

That is some serious ass-kicking right there.

You take no prisoners .. you slay them all.

And then you turn right round and slay with the woo-woo thing.

I read that this woo-woo thing that you do is called » falsetto.

When you can do shit like that, you can call it whatever the fuck you like.

I call it The Slayer's Wail. And not because it rhymes, either.

That's called assonance .. when the vowel sounds rhyme, such as the case with today's title.

Can you feel my internal rhyming? That means that I like you when I rhyme internally with you like that.

Can you feel me liking you? (I dont see how you cannot.)

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