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» Right-Brain Creative vs Left-Brain Organizational

The key function, or, at least, one of the key functions of a director .. seems to be eliciting and evoking and sculpting the desired performance from your actors, no?

What percentage of directing is right-brain creative story-crafting .. and what percentage is a function of left-brain linear organizational skills?

These two things, creative and organizational, seem, to me, antagonistic mind sets. Your thoughts?

» Rapping to Uta

You are an actress. Surely you are a student-of-what-you-do. You ever read anything by Uta Hagen (1919-2004)?

The students at USC's graduate Film school used Uta as a code-word for getting high. I think that they did this because Uta talked in her book about getting high.

When you would hear them say, "We're going to rap to Uta .. we'll be right back," .. you knew that they were going to get high.

They would come back and say, "Alright .. let's make a movie."

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» What Makes a Good Director Good?

I remember going round and round about this with the Film school girl .. about how you can recognize good, or outstanding, directing .. particularly during Oscar season.

I mean, how do you know that this good acting was not merely the result of a good actor? (As opposed to a good director.)

The people who vote for Best Director .. they do not see footage of the director directing his or her actors. No.

They simply see the film, the same edited film that everybody else sees .. that was probably shot by a talented cinematographer.

Perhaps it's just a blind spot for me .. but what are you looking at to determine a good director vs one who is not so good?

How do you not simply assign any differences to the actors and actresses?

It's an hour drive from USC to Laguna Beach .. so we had plenty of time to discuss minutia in great detail.

» My Gay Roommate Talking to My Mom in Hushed Tones at the Kitchen Table

Speaking of not understanding women relationships .. remind me to tell you the story about my gay roommate, when he was talking to my mom at the kitchen table ..

.. when we stopped there for a few days on our way down to Florida from Maine. That's a good story.

I was in the next room with bro and dad and some friends, working on this gnarly thousand-piece puzzle on the dining room table. When I glanced into the kitchen and saw them huddled together at the table there.

And I remember wondering what they might be talking about. I'm sure that I must have had an interesting look on my face.

Note that this section on my gay roomate has been moved to its own page .. see here » My Gay Roommate Talking to My Mom in Hushed Tones at the Kitchen Table.

» In the End We Only Really have Our Stories

It's another topic entirely, and I forget the exact page, or I would go get a link for you .. but I read a piece at the Times recently that said » in the end, all we really have are our stories.

I dont even recall the context of that quote, but I remember how it struck me as a thought-provoking concept. Seeing that I am very much about telling stories myself.

I wonder what Maya thinks about this idea .. that, in the end, we really only have our stories.

Bearing an untold story is the greatest agony

From I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

» Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time .. in a land far-far away .. there was a writer and a singer. A very handsome writer (.. with nice hands, of course) .. and a beautiful, enchanting singer.

One day, the starving writer saw the enchanting singer singing and he said to himself, "Oh, this is exactly what I have been looking for my whole life."

The only problem was that the writer was starving. And nobody wanted a starving writer.

» So Sparkly that She Made Me Dizzy

Another problem was that the singer was so sparkly .. that the starving writer often got dizzy when he watched her sing.

Ariana sparkling in Chicago Dec 14, 2016

[ Girly, I noticed that, here in Chicago, on Dec 14, 2016, you are wearing a little, sparkly ornament, which is hanging from your choker .. right there in the very front.

No doubt, you put a piece of garlic in there .. to try and ward off vampires. Girly, garlic does not stop vampires. That only works in the movies. Just thought I should let you know.

You look so fucking delicious here that I can hardly stand it. I'm not even going to mention your singing. That would be too dangerous. Much too dangerous.

Is it just me .. or do you not, here in Chicago, really blast many of the last words .. such as 'moment' and 'open'? ]

Probably because he wasnt eating enough .. because he had so little money for food .. because the evil maharajah, who was a powerful man, had stolen all his money and thrown him into prison, and locked him away.

The starving writer found himself at a severe disadvantage .. because the sparkly singer could have any guy she wanted. Heck, she could have any five guys that she wanted.

But this was little more than an inconvenience for the resourceful writer.

He said, "I know what I will do. I will write a special kind of story .. a story unlike any other that has ever been written before .. since the beginning of time immemorial. She will not be able to resist my special story that I will write for her."

So naturally, the writer was thinking, "What shall I name my story? What shall I call it? What title should I give it?

(To be continued, of course.)

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