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Quantum Leaping to the Next Highest Energy Level

This entry originated here » Girly, Girly, Girly (2 May 2018).

» Look Where She is Going with This

Speaking of the impossible being your only real option .. the reason why I titled this page » Girly, Girly, Girly .. is because this is what I said to you ..

.. when I first saw the video for your new song, and the voice in my head said, "Look where she is going with this."

Girly .. you know that I cannot resist this kind of thing. (You probably know this better than anybody.)

By now, I know that I should no longer be surprised by the size of your huevos rancheros .. but I am. I can feel myself surprised.

I think that this is the thing that is forcing me to reevaluate you .. and adapt (grow) accordingly. To up my game, so to speak .. to the next level.

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This entry continues from here » A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say (1 May 2018).

Ta-Nehisi Coates says that you are rejecting your blackness .. in search of white freedom.

Kanye wants white freedom .. can you blame him?

"Who can blame him?" I thought, when I read that about you. Not me.

Perhaps the term rejecting is not the right word. But, whatever happens to your blackness when you embrace white freedom.

I have not read this article. I want to be ready when I read it, and I am not yet ready.

I read a little. He is going deep fast. You can feel it. He writes real shit.

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Do Dancers Make the Best Lovers?

This entry originated here » Girly, Girly, Girly (2 May 2018).

Have you seen any reactions to your new song (19 April 2018)?

» Dancer as both Artist and Lover

How about this choreo by Jojo? Count the girls .. one, two, three. Why does this image here make me want to make like a bowling ball?

Choreo by Jojo | No Tears Left to Cry

This is a full-strength woman here. Guys do not move on such a woman without first checking themselves .. to ensure that they are indeed up to the task. And what a task it is.

She throws some savage looks at the camera. Very confident looks. Downright vicious, at times.

She is like, "This is what I do .. watch me." ( I can hear my ego back there, saying, "She obviously knew you'd be watching." )

This choreo-video has more than a million views .. in less than a week.

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You are a Dazzling Creature

This entry continues from here » Girly, Girly, Girly - Page Two (2 May 2018).

» Such a Sneaky Little Shit Surprises Coachella Big-Time

I saw you at Coachella, too. You can be such a sneaky little shit sometimes. (I like that about you. You should give lessons to Paul Manafort.)

Nobody had a clue. How fun to surprise them like that. I hope you said hi to Mr. Kygo for me.

I often listen to his remix of Sexual Healing. It is a good writing vibe.

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Girly, Girly, Girly - Page Two

This page continues from here » Girly, Girly, Girly - Page One (2 May 2018).

» Feeding the Artist's Soul

Witnessing and experiencing art at a high level of accomplishment and skill .. this feeds the artist's soul. Does it not?

I heard you tell Liza that Vera Wang was your date for the evening. I hope you said hi for me. And to Anna, too. Nuclear Wintour. (That's not just any date .. to the Met Gala.)

Oh, here is Azealia Banks with a song titled » Anna Wintour (24 May 2018). Catchy tune. Healthy woman. She's got some serious high-beams. Good dancer.

» We Must be Vibing with the Renaissance

Speaking of Vera Wang. I saw your dress, too. I should probably not say what I thought of .. when I saw you wearing Michelangelo (1475-1564).

We must be vibing, lovergirl, with the Renaissance .. because I just got this bio on Leonardo (1452-1519) by Walter Isaacson.

Something tells me that Jay-Z & Beyonce are vibing with us.

Beyonce and Jay-Z taking in Leonardo's Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Apeshit (16 June 2018)

(If I am caught vibing with you and the Carters .. people might think that I am part of the Illuminati. This is why it is going to be hard to keep secret this next level.

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Girly, Girly, Girly - Page One

I missed you, too, lovergirl. You dropped off the radar there for a while. (Good for you.)

More than once I caught myself thinking, "I wonder what she's up to. I wonder where she is right now."

Dove has been keeping me company .. while you were away. She said that you said it would be totally cool.

From a lusciously reclined position she patted the mattress beside her and said, "Why dont you come lie down here and tell me all about your experiences with lovers who retain childlike features?"

This is when I thought, "Now I know how Justin Bieber must feel."

She was just saying the other night how proud of you she is.

» Ooh La La on the Rooftop

Welcome back, girly. The time off has obviously done wonders for you.

Oh la la on the rooftop

Ooh la la. You are turning into a grown-ass woman right before our very eyes. It is an awesome thing to behold.

When I was working with this image of you here on the rooftop, the voice in my head said to me, "You are not worthy."

"I'm not gonna let that stop me," I thought.

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A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say

This entry continues from here » Feeling Betrayed by Kanye (25 April 2018).

» Kanye Says the Black Man Chose the Shackles of Slavery for 400 Years

Just when you think you've heard it all .. you hear a black man say that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to him.

Kanye says that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to him (01 May 2018)

Kanye here is smiling .. but he is the only one. Harvey looks concerned. Nobody sees the humor that Kanye does. Nobody else feels his sense of levity. His strange sense.

Is this not a strikingly ignorant thing to say? .. that slavery was a "choice." I wonder what Dyson thinks.

If Kanye had lived a hundred years ago, I bet that he would have a different opinion of slavery.

John Hartfield will be lynched by Ellisville mob at 5 o'clock this afternoon

Much different. I bet that Mamie Kirkland would concur.

Somebody please share this video with Kanye.

Here is another from James Baldwin, called the Pin Drop speech, that he shoud familiarize himself with. (Does Kanye even know who James Baldwin was?)

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