Feeling Betrayed by Kanye

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» How Can the Black Man Not Feel Betrayed?

His vocal support and admiration of Donald Trump perplexes me.

Kanye West publicly declares his brotherly love of, and admiration for, President Donald Trump citing a common dragon energy (25 April 2018)

Because the reason why he snatched the mic away from you was in order to pimp Beyonce's album.

But I have seen some clips of Beyonce's concerts, where she displays on the giant screen behind her the names of unarmed black men killed by police.

Beyonce pays tribute to unarmed black men killed by police

And it is a long and disheartening list. It goes on for quite some time. A surprisingly long length of time.

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I bet that Colin knows what I am talking about here.

Even more names from Colin Kaepernick

Trump's racist views are no secret. He has long played to the nation's lingering racist ideologies .. long before he called into question the validity of Obama's birth certificate .. and therefore the legitimacy of his presidency.

I feel confident that Colin Kaepernick and other black professional football players know exactly what I am talking about here.

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee

So Kanye seems to be dismissing and negating the efforts that Beyonce is working toward. No?

I wonder what Rihanna thinks.

Rihanna tells Vogue that she absolutely turned down the Super Bowl halftime show to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick (in the Nov 2019 issue of Vogue)

It looks like RiRi turned down the half-time show at the Super Bowl .. in order to stand (or kneel) with Colin and show her support for his moral cause.

Hopefully I am just missing something obvious with Kanye's decision to buddy-up with Trump the Racist.


But this seems to be yet another case of people not caring about abuses that dont affect them personally.

I wonder what the members of Black Lives Matter think of what Kanye's stated love for Donald Trump.

And I wonder what Whoopi thinks of this.

Whoopi responds to Kanye (26 April 2018)

Whoopi does not look happy here.

» How Can You Not?

If I were a black man, I think that I would feel betrayed by Kanye .. by his public support for, and admiration of, Donald Trump.

Kanye West publicly declares his brotherly love of, and admiration for, President Donald Trump citing a common dragon energy (25 April 2018)

How can you not?

I am not even black, and I kind of feel betrayed myself by Kanye .. especially after he said that George Bush doesnt care about black people .. where he seemed to be standing up for the weak and the poor and the helpless .. against the rich and the powerful.

I like the old Kanye better.

» Obama's Diss is the Reason Why Kanye Loves Trump

Loni says that Obama's dis is the reason why Kanye loves Trump.

Loni says that Obama's dis is the reason why Kanye loves Trump (at t=1:25)

See here (at t=1:25), where she says:

Kanye, at first, he was saying, "George Bush dont like black people." Remember that? Then Obama became president. Then Kanye took the award (microphone) out of Taylor Swift's hand. Because he did that, President Obama called Kanye a jackass. Because of that, Kanye was never in with the Obama crowd. This is my opinion from what I see. I think now that Trump is in office, and Trump was his past friend, he thinks that this is his time to ride with somebody.

That is an interesting perspective. I never thought of that. But it does make sense.

When innocent, vulnerable people are being fucked over unjustly .. then, it is the moral responsibility of us all to call out such bullshit publicly.

Otherwise you become complicit. I bet that Moses would back me up here.

» Bring Some of that Dragon Energy & Influence to the Central Park Five

I would challenge Kanye to use some of that brotherly dragon energy that he shares with President Trump ..

.. to confront him about his position regarding the Central Park Five.

Trump insists that the Central Park Five are still guilty despite being proven innocent (7 Oct 2016)

During the trial, on May 1, 1989, Donald Trump took out a full page ad in the NY Daily News, saying

"Bring back the death penalty for these black teenagers."

Donald Trump took out ads calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five

Years later, when it had been learned that these kids were innocent all along of this crime, Trump never changed his position.

Rather, he said, "They confessed."

Speak to that Kanye. Use your artistic gift to speak to that gross injustice.

The Central Park Five in the flesh on CBS Sunday Morning (12 May 2019)

Use your voice and your platform and your friendship with Trump to speak to that.

Use some of that influence that you possess. Use some of those good intentions that Kris talks about.

Let's see what you got. Let's see what you can do. Go for it. Bring the thunder. Bring some of that dragon-energy.

» Who Better to Advocate on Behalf of the Weak & the Poor & the Helpless?

You are a black man. That alone makes you qualified to speak to this thing. Who better to speak to Trump about this?

Who better to be a spokesman for his wronged people? Who better than you, Kanye? Who better than someone who shares that same brotherly dragon energy with the president?

I can't think of anybody better. Surely you dont think that these five black kids chose their miscarriage of justice? Do you?

» Ava DuVernay Gives a Voice to the Central Park Five and the Injustices Visited Upon Them

What do you think about the 4-part Netflix mini-series that Ava did, titled » When They See Us ?

Ava DuVernay discusses how Trump's rhetoric was responsible for the 1994 crime bill (3 June 2019)

She is saying here on CNN (3 June 2019) that it was Trump's inflammatory rhetoric that was responsible for the 1994 crime bill that sent so many of your black brothers to jail for so long.

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