Establishing the Pre-Conditions Necessary for a Trump to Rise - Part Three

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» Complicity

See, if you dont call it out and dont publicly denounce it .. then you become » complicit. Complicity is defined as:

Complicity is the thing that allows bad people to continue doing bad things to innocent people for so long.

Heil Hitler! (with exuberant enthusiasm)

Complicity basically means that if you are not fighting against the evil, then you are » part of the problem .. either as a principal or an accessory.

You are therefore morally culpable .. even tho nobody wants to admit this to themself.

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The term accomplice is defined as » An associate in wrongdoing, especially one who aids or abets another in a criminal act, either as a principal or an accessory.

» The Complicit Nazi Who Said Sorry

Albert Speer is a story about the dangers of complicity. Check out what the lady says here at t=41:38.

Where she says that Speer finally agreed that he regretted most of all his "tacit agreement" ('billigung' in German) to the murder of the Jews.

Albert Speer (1905-1981) Nazi

But when this statement was published in German, Speer added a footnote that said » Billigung .. not through knowledge, but through looking away.

So the lady says, "I called his Nazi ass up and I asked, 'What does this mean? You cannot look away from something you dont know. If you looked away, then you knew'."

I am not going to tell you Speer's response. Suffice to say that the time to regret these nasty things is while you are still doing them.

If you wait until you are caught before you feel regret .. then you only really regret getting caught or found out.

But that doesnt mean that you havent been warned, George.

» In the End Speer was Proud of His Life's Achievements

The final statement in this video (which comes at t=45:45) says » Of his reputation, there remains the ghost of an apology, which he spent 35 years persuading himself and the world that he had meant.

In other words, he never really gave a shit. He was never really sorry. He said that he was sorry to try-n-save his Nazi ass from hanging on the gallows.

The Russians wanted him to hang all along. The Russians knew what he had done. Russians of the twentieth century werent known for showing mercy.

» Vocabulary Building

Here's another word that you might want to look up » condone, which is defined as » To overlook, forgive, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure. Synonyms: forgive.

» The Un-American Enterprise Institute

Norm Ornstein is a resident scholar at the AEI. These are your buddies. They are your friends. They are sympathetic to your causes.

And they said that JFK was right .. prophetic even. The Republican party has now been devoured by racist sentiments. I know it seems obvious today. Only too obvious.

President Trump identifies with and defends hate groups in America

Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave. I bet that Clay knows exactly what I am talking about here.

Abraham Lincoln

I couldnt help but notice JFK's use of the term "foolishly." Because you are a foolish man, George. Very foolish.

» God Punishes the Children for the Sins of Their Fathers

Speaking of acting foolishly and refusing to admit that you have a problem .. what do you think, George, about this verse from Exodus that says God punishes the children for the sins of their fathers .. to the 3rd and 4th generations?

Jeremy Scahill says George HW Bush was an unrepentant war criminal (9 Dec 2018)

What do you say to the people who say, with a convincing argument, that your father was an unrepentant war criminal?

The legacy of George HW Bush and how you get schools named after treasonous Confederate generals (5 Dec 2018).

Think about it when you lie down in your bed tonight .. before you say your prayers.

» The Generation that Also Sold the Souls of its Children

When I think about the spirit behind the generation that you represent, George .. I see a generation that has not only sold its own soul to the devil .. (for an undisclosed number of pieces of silver) ..

Thirty pieces of silver

.. but who has also tried to sell the soul of its children. Because you figured out a way to mortgage your children's future.

Visualizing the National Debt

And they couldnt have done it without you, George .. which happens to be the point of today's entry. (But let's give Newt his due .. because he was also born in the mid-1940's .. just like you.)

Alabama senatorial race exit poll results of Judge Roy Moore vs Doug Jones Dec 12, 2017 (t=14:30)

» Trump and Bush Born Mere Weeks Apart

You and Trump are exactly the same age. Both of you are 70, which just so happens to be the average age of the typical Fox Fake-News viewer.

It is no coincidence, George, that both you and Trump are the same age of the average Fox News viewer.

This is because of the value-warping effects that the Great Depression had on the formative, developmental years of your generation .. where money became the most important thing.

It is actually quite understandable .. that you share a common set of values with the typical Fox News viewer.

It is also understandable how you and Trump and your generation have seen the rise of so-called Prosperity preachers .. where they focus on money so much that it has come to define them.

The good news here is that you and your generation, along with its shitty, warped value-structure, are on its way out right now.

You and your money-worshiping generation have had your day in the sun.

Our democracy today is dominated by the elderly (18 Oct 2019)

And now you are all in the winter years of your life. A generation comes and a generation goes.

Good fucking riddens .. and dont forget to take your shitty values with you (.. to the grave).

Did you know that Trump is the oldest U.S. president ever? In our nation's 240-year history. (At time of inauguration.)

Donald Trump oldest US president ever

See for yourself. I am not making this up.

You and Trump were born mere weeks apart. You can't be any more a part of the same generation unless you were born identical twins.

» George W Bush & the Trump Generation Born Around the Mid-1940's

Your entire generation, George, .. those of you born in the mid-40's .. which includes Hillary Clinton, who was born in '47 ..

.. and everyone born within 12 years of you and Trump ..

.. is going to be defined by Trump's presidency. By his ascendancy to the nation's highest office.

This is your generation's crowning achievement. Nice work, George. Many people thank you for this remarkable achievement that almost nobody saw coming.

And nobody helped bring about this momentous and historical achievement more than you, George.

» You and Newt might have to Fight it Out

Except maybe Newt, says McKay Coppins.

Newt Gingrich is the man who broke politics, by McKay Coppins (Nov 2018)

George, I will let you and Newt fight it out .. over who was the person most responsible for damaging the political process to the point where the necessary pre-conditions were met for a Trump-like character to rise.

It appears that Newt badly wants this high-prized title .. so you might want to get in shape before you duke it out with him.

You are a tough guy, George. You walk with a confident John Wayne swagger in your cowboy boots. You make decisions like a boss.

Show Newt who is boss. Newton Leroy was born in June of '43. So he is a few years older than you. That should give you an advantage over him.

Either way, I think it's safe to say that you and Newt together are unmatched. The ultimate Trump-generation WWF-inspired tag-team on Democracy itself.

Thanks for the memories, George. Thanks for all the wonderful memories that you and Newt left us with.

This McKay guy .. he is a total stud. He reminds me of Truman Capote.

Breakfast at Tiffany's opening scene with Audrey Hepburn (1961)

What do you think that future generations will think when they look back and study The Trump Generation .. and how it manifested itself?

» Effects of Great Depression and a World War on the Formative Years of the Trump Generation

It seems safe to say that the psychological effects of the Great Depression (1929-1941) would have still been fresh in the national psyche ..

Line formed outside a soup kitchen during the Great Depression.

.. at the time when both Trump and George W Bush were in their formative and developmental stages.

Very fresh .. because, 1945 minus 12 years puts this particular generation beginning with the depths of the Great Depression.

There may be some debate around making such a judgment call .. but I think most historians would say that 1933 was the worst year. It was the bottom. The worst of the worst.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1928 to 1954

How can something so devastating and so prolonged not have a profound effect on the most formative and developmental years of a child's life? At a time when they are most vulnerable.

And this does not even take into account the influences that came as a result of a World War that began in the late 30's, and continued ferociously for the first half of the 40's.

It says here that » "The love songs of the Great Depression bring a darker, needier, more melancholy feel to popular music."

I bet.

It should therefore not surprise anybody that this generation is defined by their characteristic trait that they hold money as the most important thing. Money is their top priority and their highest value.

You might even say that it is their god. Certainly their actions, and the way that they spend so much time thinking about it .. this would suggest something akin to worship.

Both you and Trump are similar in that you were both embarrassments to the American people.

» These are the People of Your Generation, George

In this graph that I have posted here above from the Alabama exit polls broken down by age distribution .. you and Trump are represented by that bottom bar there .. which is for the age-group of 65+.

This is your generation, George. You and Trump and Hillary. I bet that you are very proud of the accomplishments of your generation.

Roger Ailes would also be in that age bracket .. if he were still alive. Mortality sucks. I wonder how Roger is fairing right now. It's a valid question .. no?

Notice how that particular age-group is the most pro-Judge Roy Moore of any age group. A comfortable majority of the voters in this age-group favor Judge Roy Moore.

Think about that, George .. because you are going to be questioned about it in the future .. and I want you to be ready.

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

I have seen things where people say that history will not be kind to you. This is because you have not been kind to history.

» Society Itself Starts to Fracture Under the Stress as Inequality Grows to Unsustainable Levels

Among other things, you have been greedy and cruel. Remarkably so on both points.

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

Do your homework and read your history books and you will find that, as inequality grows to unsustainable levels .. society itself starts to fracture under the stress.

This is the thing that provides opportunity for those who wish to call out the limitations and flaws of the capitalist system of government.

» Not Strong Enough

Or perhaps you were simply not strong enough to resist the powerful greed and the nasty cruelty that was surrounding you.

I am pretty sure that you werent. Almost positive.

» Who is the Bigger Coward?

Speaking of not being strong enough .. at t=2:20 in this video, Jennifer Rubin says about Trump:

"The man is a coward. He will always be a coward. He was in his personal life. And he has been as president."

Go ahead and listen to her say it for yourself.

Jennifer Rubin calls Trump a coward (t=2:20)

She makes a valid point, no?

Who do you think is the bigger coward, George .. you or the Donald?

» The Ugly Mark on History Left by the Dubya Administration

It doesnt really matter any more, George. You have left your mark. Your mark on history. And everybody agrees that it is an ugly mark.

And you did all of this after inheriting a good thing .. with a bountiful surplus even.

» Gaga's Reminder

Oh, look at this. Speaking of the souls of your children's generation that you tried to sell to the devil .. I see that Gaga gave it to you, George .. during the hurricane relief concert (Oct 21, 2017) at Texas A&M.

I couldnt help but notice the look on her face.

Gaga giving it to Dubya during hurricane relief concert in Texas October 21, 2017

A part of me wants to paraphrase what she said to you. But I'm going to resist the urge.

George W Bush at hurricane relief concert Oct 21, 2017

Let me just say that .. one of the things that a believer dislikes most .. is a fake believer. Do you know why this is, George?

Doesnt Gaga seem very much at home and comfortable behind a piano on stage? Like she is in her element. I wonder how long it takes to make that place your comfort zone.

She is a real no-shit singer. She is a unique talent. Who is like Gaga?

» The Endless Compromises that Christians Must Make to Continue Dealing with the Devil

Speaking of fake believers .. what do you think, George, about this interview that Chris Hayes did with Atlantic staff writer McKay Coppins?

Where they are talking about McKay's new piece titled » God's Plan for Mike Pence.

God's Plan for Mike Pence by Atlantic writer McKay Coppins

I thought of you, George, when I heard McKay say about Pence (at t=2:45) that »

"He really is a man who believes that he has a sense of destiny about him .. that God wants him in the political realm. And when you think like that, it's easy to make a lot of compromises, and rationalize a lot of things."

Can you see why these statements about Mike Pence make me think of you? (I bet you can.)

Rad note » This section about Mike Pence has been lifted and moved to its own page » The Seemingly Endless Deals that Evangelicals Make with the Devil (Dec 5, 2017).

» Guilty of War Crimes

Speaking of making endless deals with the devil and devising self-serving but incorrect reasons for one's behavior ..

.. what do you think of Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb, being convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Ratko's nickname was "The Butcher of Bosnia". Here's a BBC clip to refresh your memory.

Have you ever sat down and tallied up how many deaths your decisions have resulted in? How about a ballpark number?

Jeremy Scahill says George HW Bush was an unrepentant war criminal (9 Dec 2018)

This is why I feel that you would be able to relate to Speer's memoirs .. because it is a story about a man trying to grapple with the consequences of his decisions. The consequences of his actions.

For example, what do you think about the narrator's statement at t=27:20? .. which says:

"Many found something deeply compelling about Speer's formula of guilt-by-proxy .. his willingness to shoulder his share of Nazi responsibility .. while at the same time maintaining ignorance of atrocities."

I bet that you can relate.

Voltaire says that those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities (t=6:40)

I feel confident that Voltaire would agree.

» The President Who Didnt Know His Ass from a Hole in the Ground

At t=4:15 here, George, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says that you were a president who didnt know your ass from a hole in the ground.

Col Larry Wilkerson says that George W Bush, as president, didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground (at t=4:15)

He is basically saying that you were an incompetent fuck-up. You reckon he might know?

This is the end of this page and the end of this theme. ■

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