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» Maureen with a Bloody Sword

Speaking of mistakes .. Maureen says that » Hillary should have spent less time collecting money on Wall Street and more time collecting votes in Wisconsin.

Hillary's overpaid consultants getting on Hillary's well-funded campaign airplane to go home in defeat

Amen to that, sister. Well said. I could not agree more. I bet that David Betras would readily concur.

David Betras | Chairman of Ohio's Mahoning county Democratic party (t=9:25)

She is so fucking good .. doncha think, Blow? I kinda wanted to have sex with her while I was reading that. (Just being honest. I admit that I am attracted to powerful women.)

» You Do Not Want to be on Her Shit-List

She actually reminded me of Uma with a sword in Kill Bill. You do not want be on her shit-list.

» Welcome to the Apocalypse of 2016

On behalf of Maureen and myself, I want to say "Thanks for everything, Hil. I'm sure that you'll be well taken care of wherever it is that you are going .. with all your hundreds of thousands of dollars .. from giving those pretty speeches to all your friends there on Wall street. You obviously deserve this money .. because you worked so very hard for it. But the rest of us left behind here in America .. eh, not so fortunate like you. We're stuck here in Trumpland with Herr Donald. And who knows what that means? No palm trees and endless private beaches for us. The term you used, if I recall correctly, was » apocalypse. Welcome to apocalypse, Hil. We have you to thank for helping to bring us this apocalypse. You made this possible for us-the-people. The little people, who do not get 'paid' hundreds of thousands of dollars for talking to people and telling them all the pretty things that they want to hear. You and Debbie and the whole DNC helped to bring us this apocalypse. We couldnt have gotten here without all your help. When faced with a decision between you and the apocalypse, half the nation said, 'I'll try my luck with the apocalypse'. You know the half I'm talking about. They sound desperate for change, dont they? This is why I say to you, 'Take your hundreds of thousands of dollars and go fuck yourself'."

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Peter Thiel admits that this election has "an apocalyptic feel to it." 

» Tell Her to Send Me an Email

I had a dream shortly after reading a column by Maureen, where she talks about how the Clintons contaminate everything they touch.

I dont recall if 'contaminate' is the exact word that Maureen used, but that was definitely the gist of her column, which talked about how Bill met with the attorney general Loretta Lynch for a private meeting aboard her plane.

In my dream, I remembered this contaminating aspect of the Clintons, so when I heard the doorbell ring and my friends came and told me, "Hillary's here to see you," .. I said, "Hillary Clinton?"

I didnt want to be contaminated by a Clinton, so I told them, "Tell her to send me an email. I dont want to talk to her." (Because I didnt want to be contaminated like Loretta Lynch was contaminated.)

I bet that Lindsey Graham knows exactly what I am talking about here.

I must have been thinking about what Maureen wrote when I fell asleep that night. (I was.)

» He Who Delights in Bringing Justice to Injustice

Were you serious, Hil, when you made that 'apocalypse' statement? Or was this mere political hyperbole?

One of the things that makes God God .. is this aspect of divine judgment for injustice .. particularly when his people cry out to him .. because they are being fucked over. And fucked over badly.

You can read about this aspect when Pharaoh was oppressing the children of Israel. And I see parallels with our society, too. Obvious parallels.

I dont know everything, but I do know that society in America is unjust. And it is unjust in many ways. I have already detailed many of these ways.

And our government is corrupt (Krugman concurs). It is not even trying to pretend any more, that it isnt corrupt. It's not even trying to manage appearances.

And you do not seem very interested in uncorrupting it, Hil .. not when you come walking out of Goldman Sachs with a duffel bag stuffed full of fifty and hundred-dollar bills.

Jeremiah says that God delights in exercising justice.

I do not know what such justice entails, or when said justice should arrive (Jan 20, maybe?) But I know that you dont want to be on the receiving end of that justice. That's not a fun place to be.

This is obvious, of course .. yet I still feel like I need to say it anyway .. for some strange reason. And my intuition tells me that it is something you would never expect. Not in a million years.

» Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks

I couldnt help but notice that God told Ezekiel that he "places an obstacle before him" .. 'him,' here, being the righteous man who commits inequity.

He told Jeremiah, "I am laying stumbling blocks before this people." Stumbling blocks .. plural (as in more than one). How many more than one do you reckon he set before them?

The term 'stumbling block' here seems something of an understatement. Because these are not the kind of stumbles that you get up from. (Ever.)

Stumbling blocks must come .. but woe unto the man through whom they come.

» If You Insist on Continuing in this Direction ...

The thing that strikes me about the idea of a stumbling block .. differs from the traditional notion of Zeus hurling a thunderbolt at bad people from upon high. 

Rather, the idea of a stumbling block says » "If you keep going in the direction that you seem to insist on going .. on this way that I have already told you a thousand times is a bad way to go .. if you keep going in this direction, you will stumble over your own folly. You will eat the fruit of your own way. And then you will cry out to me in your trouble and in your distress, but it will be too late, then. This is why I am telling you now."

No? (Tomorrow is promised to no man .. the saying goes.)

Speaking of things that you would normally never expect .. is it merely a coincidence that Donald Trump is president? You tell me, Hil.

What is the view from your perspective? Your bird's eye perspective. As Sec of State you would know. You would know about America's dealings with other nations around the world. You would know about the seeds that were sown in the name of the American people.

Is it time for America (and others) to reap what America has sown?

You cant say that you werent warned. You'll see what I mean. He who has refused .. let her refuse. This is not what I always say. But it's pretty close.

[ This is why I would say to Nicholas Kristof, that there are times when it really doesnt matter whether or not people read your writing.

I sleep a little sounder just knowing that Nicholas Kristof is at the Times, writing his column. Columns that contain photos and dates.

Some day there will be an Accounting. When everything will be put right. Judgment rendered .. down to the gnat's ass.

And in the stack of evidence, there will be many columns by Nicholas Kristof.

"Oh, look what we have here," says the Judge of the living and the dead .. "another piece by Nicholas Kristof."

I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now. ]

» Their Ungrateful, Complaining Carcasses Will Fall in this Wilderness and I'll Start Anew with the Younger Generation

Notice how God said to Moses and Aaron (paraphrasing) » "This whole generation is an ungrateful bunch of whiney babies, who cannot stop complaining, no matter what I do for them. I'm done with their sorry asses .. their sorry, ungrateful, complaining asses. You tell them that I said their cowardly carcases will fall in this wilderness and their corpses will be consumed by worms and I will start anew with the younger generation. What a bunch of pussies they are. Spineless pussies. This is the biggest bunch of pussies I have ever seen. Tell the kids that I'll be back in forty years, so get ready. And watch out for those nasty firey serpents. Have a nice day."

Watch my generation do things that people say we cant

[ You know Moses. He's the guy who preferred to endure ill treatment with the people of God .. rather than enjoy the pleasures of wealth and riches made available by the vast treasures of the well-established establishment of his day .. who cared only about themselves.

The thing that I took away from this passage is that.. we should not deny the existence of large, formidable obstacles in our lives (giants, testings, trials, problems, circumstances, calamities), no matter how big, or scary, or ugly, or nasty they might appear.

But rather we are to say to these giants in our lives, "Your ass is mine, bitch." So to speak.

And if you are too big of a pussy to go after these giants .. then step aside. All you pussies can go home now.

Mark Twain says that not many people can resist conforming to the dictates of society

When the God of the universe in on your side, it doesnt matter how big your giants are, or how many of them there are.

You know .. the Most High God. The One Who is More Than Enough.

The God of the universe is not scared of giants. Not even a little bit. And no matter how many of them there might be. No problemo, mi amigo.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Watch and see. Food for worms. And lots of it. Tonight the worms will feast.

He said to Joshua, who was the guy who took the place of Moses (paraphrasing), "No man will be able to stand against you .. all the days of your life." (Dont you wonder what that must feel like?)

God did not say, ".. no matter how big they might be" .. but I feel confident that this is what he meant.

Nor did God say, "Steel yourself, Joshua, and dont be a big pussy like those others" .. but I'm pretty sure that this is also what he meant.

Paul says that these things were written for our instruction .. did he not? ]

There is a curious verse of scripture where God says that he punishes the children for the wrongs of the parents. He says a similar thing here.

America just elected its least qualified/experienced president ever .. over its most qualified/experienced candidate. Does that strike you as odd?

This election has been called the political upset of the ages. (Hitler was also considered the political upset of the ages.)

» But This Guy Might Actually be the End of the World

Ana Marie, in dialogue with the sorry Glenn Beck, and in referring to Donald Trump and his alarming presidency, says » "But this guy might actually be the end of the world."

SNL skit Dec 17 | If Donald Trump becomes president ...Now there's a statement that you dont hear every day.

Hillary should pen an op-ed in the Times,

responding to Ana Marie's statement.

I mean, she is the one who, more than anybody else, helped get us here.

So let's hear her perspective on the matter.

Hill, do you want me to call my friends there at the Times and hook you up?

Do you want me to reserve for you a block of space in the opinion section?

I'll call Blow .. cause I know how sweet he is on you. (You must have offered him a real sweetheart position in your administration.)

» When Younger Generation Suffers the Consequences of Poor Decisions Made by the Older Generation

People who have already lived out most of their lives on the earth do not seem to be very concerned about what kind of planet they leave to the younger generation.

The Dust Bowl seemed like the end of the world

They will be dead in a relatively short period of time .. relative to the younger generation, who will have to continue to suffer the consequences of their shitty decisions. Their exceeedingly shitty decisions.

Their shitty, self-serving decisions .. that ignore the consequences of their decisions .. as long as somebody else will have to bear the burden of those shitty decisions.

» Why is Our Government's Shitty National Algorithm Continuing to Steal Trillions from Our Children's Future and Giving it to the Wealthiest?

Speaking of the younger generation being forced to pay the consequences for decisions made by the older generation, who seems to care only about themselves ...

Visualizing the National DebtWhen I see our national debt continuing to climb to historic, record-breaking levels with no end in sight ..

.. and when I see the wealth of the wealthy also continuing to climb ..

.. this says to me, in an existential sort-of-way ..

.. that our national economic algorithm is designed to siphon off money from the youth, who are being saddled and burdened with these debts,

.. and giving this money to the wealthiest of the wealthy,

who are the last people who really need it.

Isnt the stock market currently at record-breaking highs and continuing to climb higher still?

Who owns all that stock?

Is the stock market artificially inflated by money being siphoned off from our children?

Why is this happening? Why are our children being burdened with such enormous amounts of debt while the richest of the rich continue to grow richer still?

Does this sound like the way that a just and fair national economic algorithm should operate? (rhetotical)

You might not say that this national transfer of wealth is a yet another example the wealthy stealing from our kids .. but I would. And our government is helping them all that they can.

Our government representatives are tripping over one another in order to help the wealthy pocket the money that they are receiving by saddling our children with such enormous amounts of debt. Mind-blowingly enormous.

Do you hear the wealthy protesting this continuing saddling of our children with this debt? I didnt think so. I wonder why not.

Well, this is a direction that I do not care to go right now. So much ugliness lies down this avenue. So let's exit. Here's a nice exit ...

» I See You Ana Marie

I like Ana Marie. She is obviously very intelligent. Hi Ana Marie. I see you, smart girl. (I like smart girls. Smart girls are usually into kinky things .. tho I am not sure why.)

I read everything that I see from you. Because I know that it's going to be interesting.

Most of the the time, I just click the link because I see an interesting title. But then I see the bold/regular text format, and I say, "Oh, this looks like Ana Marie."

Say hi to Mary Karr for me. I read an interesting piece by her recently, about some guy grabbing her pussy on the street in New York.

I wonder who that could have been, grabbing her pussy like that. The New York pussy-grabber strikes again.

Her piece was impressively written. "Oh, she can really write," I thought. "She's not the queen of the memoir for nothing."

I wish this were under better circumstances. But we must play the hand we are dealt.

I hate to tell you, but you're missing one of the 'n's in your name. Tho you seem to be getting along just fine without it. I'm sure that it saves on ink.

» A Crisis Without Equal on Earth

Speaking of the actual end of the world .. one of the things in my writing of this love-letter that I have been writing to you-know-who .. came when I titled a heading » A Crisis Without Equal on Earth.

Mad Max Fury Road

This was when I was talking about moving on to Nietzsche (the visionary) .. because reading about the existentialists made me think of other things. (You know her name.)

I really was moving on to Nietzsche. And I was very much interested in what he said about a crisis without equal on earth.

Because this is a difficult subject to approach and address. (And I like difficult things .. because I like to challenge myself with challenging things.)

The date of that page is June 12, 2016. I had no idea when I wrote that .. that Donald Trump would be getting the nuclear keys in seven months.

What does this mean? I hope it means nothing. And I want to emphasize that these are Nietzsche's words .. not mine.

But from a certain perspective, do not these things look a little too obvious and inevitable?

There will be surely people who say things like, "How could we ever possibly see this calamity coming?" And I will be thinking, "Why didnt you just open your eyes? It was impossible to miss."

» Writing About the End of All Things

Dr. J Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) | Father of the Atomic BombBut if indeed this is really the beginning of the end of all things.

For all bad people. For hateful people.

Then God obviously wants the greatest writer who ever lived to capture it for you.

I will do my best to make the beginning of the Third millennium look good.

But, as you can plainly see, this won't be easy.

I'm always up for a challenge. Mission impossible.

And hopefully I'll be able to add a little humor to the thing.

Because, if there's one thing you want when writing about the end of all things .. it's a good sense of humor.

Irony and absurity and plenty of it.

And I'm sure that you're going to love my commentary.

For example, when Oppenheimer saw the destructive force of the nuclear weapon that he had just worked so hard and so long to create ..

.. he recalled a quote from the Gita (which he read in the original Sanskrit) » "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Much as I like Oppenheimer, and as much respect as I have for him .. I still feel that Einstein was the superior soul. Certainly the more noble soul. (I could tell you why, if you'd like to know.)

I might even try to weave in a secret love story for you .. with one of those hottie singers who wears those cool boots. (You know the kind I'm talking about.)

Once upon a time ...

[ Girly, this is the kind of stuff that guys do when they're trying to impress a super-hottie such as yourself.

They say things like, "I am going to do this thing for you that has never been done before."

Or they say, "I am going to build this thing for you that has never been built before." Or, "I am going to love you like you have never been loved before."

"I'm going to take you to places that you've never been before .. and I'm going to show you things that you've never seen before."

You must hear this kind of thing all the time .. being a culture-bending super-hottie and whatnot. ]

Joe Rogan and his crew held an election night party at the Comedy Store titled » End of the World. It's not easy to make jokes about the end of the world. Kudos to them for trying.

Cornel West says that (at t=5:00) this is one of the most frightening moments of this very fragile empire and this fragile republic. He says that Donald Trump is in over his head.

On the day that Donald Trump is sworn into office .. does the world suddenly become a more dangerous place?

I mean, Oppenheimer and Trump .. there's a volatile combo if ever I saw one.

It's a valid question, no? Even Putin looks worried.

Here's an article titled » The End of the Anglo-American Order. Everybody knows that you must first end the old, bad thing .. before you can begin the new, good thing.

SNL skit Dec 17 | He will kill us allBlow says that the nation "stands at the precipice, staring into an abyss that grows darker by the day."

Is this hyperbole, Blow?

Do you ever get that feeling, Blow, like we're living on borrowed time?

Kofi says that, around the world, democracy itself is under pressure.

If anybody would know.

Lisa says that Australians "feel as if we're mourning the death of an idea called America."

She obviously doesnt feel like Trump is going to make America any greater than it already is. Au contraire.

Obama is cautioning Trump not to let things with China slide in "full-contact mode" .. uh, I mean, full-conflict mode. (But, really .. what's the difference?)

One of the things that most concerns me about out government .. one of its most dysfunctional aspects .. is the propensity of some politicians to want want to win at all costs.

» Slay this People as One Man

In that section above, where I talk about how God told Moses (paraphrasing) "Their ungrateful, complaining carcasses will fall in this wilderness..." .. that passage comes from the latter part of Numbers ch 14.

This is an interesting chapter, because earlier in the very same chapter .. some interesting things are said.

I may return later to comment, but notice, in particular, the phrase (in v15) » "slay this people as one man."

That's an interesting phrase, no?

This is the part of the story where God has already brought them out of Egypt, but they are too scared to go possess the land .. because giants live there. So they want to go back to Egypt.

Sounds kind of familiar to our age today, no? Welcome to the Third millennium.

I coud tell you here that you can never go back .. but you wouldnt believe me. Some things you are simply going to need to see for yourself.

There is a similar passage in Genesis, where Abraham is telling God that He should not torch the righteous along with the wicked.

"Far be it from You," he says. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth deal justly?"

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