Hillary's Lack of Foresight & Alarmingly High Veteran Suicide Rates

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» Hillary vs Lord Cromwell

Hillary, give Wall Street its money back. Give them back the whole powder-blue duffel bag stuffed full of fifties and hundred-dollar bills.

Hillary in greenMan, that must've been some fucking speech you gave, Hil .. to get "paid" all that money.

More money than most Americans make for doing years of back-breaking work.

By the way, what exactly did you tell them?

That must have been some highly inspirational shit .. for them to "pay" you so much money.

I'm surprised that your speeches havent been leaked to the public yet.

Perhaps, 48 hours before election day, they will all come out. (I'm pretty sure that they will.

I wonder how much somebody might be willing to pay for them. They probably have them already.

Doesnt Putin have nice things to say about Trump? Wall Street is opportunistic by nature. They can certainly see the value of a secret recording of your 'speeches'.

Oh, look .. I was right. Yet again. You should've seen that coming, Hill. It was so obvious.

How could you not see that coming? What else cant you see coming? Where are you focusing your attention .. to miss the obvious like this?

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This shows and demonstrates that you have no vision, Hillary. You have no foresight .. or you would have never been caught taking personal money from Wall Street like this ..

.. right after they caused the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression, which ruined the lives of so many Americans (tho obviously not rich people like you) ..

.. and from which many Americans are still reeling, while none of those fraudster fuckers went to jail.


You are an administrator, Hil .. a fancy schmancy, well-paid administrator. (Over-paid, some might argue.) Not a leader. Because you have no foresight. Therefore, you have no vision.

The tone-deafness on display here is simply astounding to us-the-people.

You must really want that fucking money badly. Dont you think thru the consequences of your actions? How you can not see the obvious coming?

You must be blinded by something.

Dont you recall how Bush and Cheney fabricated an endless series of fake reasons why the United States needed to Invade Iraq? .. so that the Oil and Defense industries that they represented would benefit. (I'm sure you do.)

Do you surround yourself with yes-people, who tell you everything you want to hear? Did you really get down on your knees .. in order to stuff those fifty- and hundred-dollar bills into your powder-blue duffel bag?

What do you think, Hil, about that part of the Gettyburg Address where Lincoln talks about government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" ?

When I see you stuffing your powder-blue duffel-bag full of fifties and hundred dollar bills from Wall street, I see this type of government perishing from our land.

And the results speak for themselves. The rich get richer, while everybody else struggles to keep their financial noses above water.

We now have a form of government that is » of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and especially for the wealthy.

See, unsurprisingly, the whole culture has followed our leaders into this money-above-all-else mind set, above even our citizens and their health. Leadership away from this increasingly toxic mind set needs to come from the top.

Are you that leader? It doesnt appear so. (See item #7 here. I wonder what Ross thinks.)

How can you lead us out of this dysfunctional set of values when you yourself embody the very problem? (that question is totally rhetorical, Hil)

If your argument is, "I'm not as bad as Donald Trump," then, you're making my point for me.

Does the Donald really have better "honesty" ratings than you? That is pretty fucking sad, Hil.

To millions of Americans, either a Hillary presidency or a Trump presidency .. represents their worst nightmare come true. No one will deny that these are some politically dark days for America. What citizen is not concerned about the future of America? Show me the man.

In the minds of many Americans, it's like you are running against the devil himself .. and we-the-people are saying, "Hmmm .. the devil or Hillary .. that's a tough one. I'm gonna need to think about this for a while. Sure, the devil is a nasty, lying fuck .. but, at least he's not Hillary. Has America really come to this .. to a choice between the devil and Hillary? This cant be a good sign. One way or the other, a nightmare is coming true for millions of Americans. It was good while it lasted. Two-hundred-and-forty years is nothing to sneeze at."

Are we the people witnessing the decline of America? The term decline actually sounds too weak .. to describe this political thing, this severely dysfunctional thing that we-the-people are witnessing right before our very eyes.

Certainly there is a moral degeneracy that has taken hold of our nation that has become impossible to ignore. Can I get a witness? I bet that Southern Baptist guy would concur.

Perhaps my point here .. is that nobody would be very surprised if God Himself came down and said » "Your sorry ass has been weighed in the balance and found deficient. Woefully deficient."

It's embarassing, as an American, to be faced with this choice. More of the same catering to the rich .. or the apocalypse now? "Take your pick. And have a nice day. God bless America."

Three hundred million Americans and this is the best we can do? This is the choice we get? This cant be a good sign.

» The Last Thing Standing Between America and the Apocalypse?

Hillary Clinton is the last thing standing between you and the apocalypseIf you are really the last thing standing between us and the apocalypse,

then many Americans would feel like we're fucked already.

[Tho certainly not the mega-wealthy boys who work over at Goldman Sachs.

Since they know that they own you. Because you gladly took their money.

You know, the powder-blue sachel stuffed full of fifties and hundred-dollar bills

For merely talking them them.

They really only wanted to give you the money. In order to buy you.

They didnt really want to hear what you had to say.

In fact, they would have gladly paid you even more .. not to talk to them.

But appearances need to be managed .. something you obviously have yet to learn.

What do you know about managing appearances, Hillary? Maybe you should write a book on the subject. With all your many years of experience at managing appearances.

It makes me uncomfortable to see our country in the hands of the cluelss. It makes many Americans uncomfortable. You'll see what I mean. ]

Regardless of who gets elected .. many millions of Americans will feel certain that the end of the world must surely be upon us.

Okay .. since writing this, I have read countless pieces decrying a false equivalency. Yes, I get it. I am not saying there is any kind of equivalency. Rather, I am calling attention to dead-even polls .. which themselves are effectively equivalent.

My point is that .. it's not a good sign for America .. when you are running dead-even in the polls with the Donald .. who has never held public office, and whose values and priorities are more than obvious.

John Oliver kicks total ass here .. in making the point that you and Donald are not 'equivalent'. Is that not an outstanding 20-minute piece he did there? (You can see the boost in his confidence after he won the Emmy.) I was totally impressed.

Maureen says that you are more like Bush-n-Cheney than the Donald (.. who has Five Deferments himself, so he wouldnt have to serve in the poor-man's military .. and dodge real bullets).

If someone walked up and stabbed me in the heart with an frozen ice-pick .. I dont think that this would hurt me more .. than somebody making a valid point .. that I was more like Bush-n-Cheney.

Most citizens would be like, "Bring me that fucker with the ice-pick."

Speaking of Bush-n-Cheney .. the last thing you want to do as our first woman president .. is to do such a shitty job that Americans will be reluctant to elect a woman again.

You seem to have the same Bush downfall, where you are afraid to appear weak .. so you overcompensate for this by acting tough. (Which is one of the reasons why you come off as inauthentic. Tho, there are other reasons.)

You should be acting and talking from your convictions .. except they change like the seasons .. as your handlers tell you what to think and what to feel about the issues.

Do you even know who you are any more? Or, do you need to go to a morning briefing .. in order to know how and what you are feeling and what you are thinking about the issues today?

Do you have any political convictions that didnt come from a briefing? What are your own, personal thoughts on the poor, for example?

This is why you come off as calculating and dishonest. Shifty. Unprincipled. You know.

See, to the voter, such as myself, this appears as tho the candidate is not really interested in right or wrong or taking a moral position .. but rather that they are simply more interested in winning.

And they are more than happy say whatever the fuck they need to say .. in order to win. Can you see that, Hil?

I dont see how you cant, but if you could, then why would you do these things that you do?

I dont literally hate you, like so many Republicans do .. but I can see their point. I bet that Jimmy can, too.

Perhaps, from where you're sitting, Hil, things look good. Perhaps America looks like the land of opportunity. But from the citizen bleachers, and especially from the cheap seats, which are 90% of the seats here in American, it doesnt look very hopeful. Here the American promise has become a thinly disguised lie.

Is there no one in all of Washington who refuses to sell our government to the highest bidder? .. for thirty pieces of silver?

» Debbie the Disgraceful and the DNC Stole Our Election

We the People had our moment of opportunity, but you and Debbie the Disgraceful stole that from us. And by hiring her with open arms following her fall from grace, your actions are saying to us-the-people that you whole-heartedly approve of her actions.

This is exactly why the young people voted for Bernie in overwhelming numbers .. because they can see that you are old-school. And old school only works for the rich and the powerful. .. but not for the rest of us.

Politicians like you stumble over one another in their efforts to cater to every whim of the wealthy while the rest of us keep getting sent back to the end of the line. You continually give the wealthy head-of-line privileges.

You should assume, from now on, that everything you do and say will be broadcast to the world .. because it will. Welcome to the Third Millennium, Hil .. where we have some new rules.

» Illegitimate

You and Debbie and the DNC stole the nomination from us-the-people. Thru your trickery. Illegitimate .. is the word that comes to mind.

» I See You, Blow

[ Oct 24, 2016 » I see you, Blow. I have seen other things that you've written about Hillary and Bernie. Some of your positions confuse me.

I am not going to criticize any of your positions, because I am so sweet on you. But I am very much feeling Cenk here.

I havent talked to you in like forever. How you been? How's the kids?

I've been flirting with this young, hottie-singer. You might've heard of her. She gets around. We're trying to keep it on the down-low .. so mums the word.

I dont know what it is with these young girls. They are not scared of me .. like the older ones are.

» Come Get You Some of This Type of Blow

In the official video to one of her songs, her friend, Nicki Minaj, reaches down and pets her pussy while rapping, "Come get you some of this type of blow."

Blow, have you ever heard of a girl calling her pussy that before? I certainly havent. And I've heard girls talk about their elixired wares in many splendoured ways.

What do you think of that? What do you think of Nicki petting her pussy and calling it blow?

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Here is something you should be able to relate to, Hil,

These fuckers who say that she would've won anyway are merely speculating. They obviously cannot know such a thing because we never had a fair nominating process. It was all done on an uneven playing field that was rigged from the very start.

This is exactly what we-the-American-people have been railing about for years. And here it is on display yet again.

I am so disgusted with this bullshit. Our choices this year are between bad and worse. Warren says that this is the worst he's ever seen.

I will let David Brooks take it from here. You can tell that he is genuinely trying to help.

Hillary contemplating how she is going to spend all that money from Goldman SachsThat is one of the best photos I have ever seen of you. By Doug Mills.

You probably should read David's column more than just once, Hil.

He makes some excellent points.

When you give them their money back, tell them to go fuck themselves.

Then, give them the finger.

Put it right up there in front of their noses .. so they cant miss it. So they dont misunderstand you.

Can you do that? Or, is that beyond your ability?

Because, if you cant .. then, maybe we should have a discussion about your abilities.

Ya think?

You work for us-the-people, right? I know that's what you tell yourself .. but your actions say that you have more important priorities.

Your actions speak to us-the-peope in an existential sort of way. When we-the-people see you-our-representative walking out of Goldman Sachs, carrying a powder-blue duffel bag stuffed full of fifty- and hundred-dollar bills ..

.. this speaks to us. Would you like me to tell you what it says? (I'd rather not .. cuz it not very pretty.)

Dont you find it a little curious that they only people who see nothing wrong with the Wealthy putting money into the hands of the so-called Peoples' servants ..

.. are the ones receiving this money? And the ones going on the lavish vacations paid for by the Wealthy? And the ones benefitting from the decisions that this money produces?

I wonder what Lord Cromwell thinks. If you sell your soul to the devil, he will come to collect .. you can be sure of that. (Any number of Republicans can vouch for me here.)

It's actually in your best interests to give them their money back. You are going to be asked about it time and time again during the debates.

They are going to ask you the same fucking question in a hundred different ways. "What were you thinking when you took their money? Did you really think that it came with no strings attached? Are you really that naive? Are you really that self-deluded? Cant you see how this corrupts our government? If everybody else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it, too? What do you love more? America or the balance in Hillary's bank account? Do you really feel that an hour's worth of your talking to people in an climate-controlled room is worth more than several year's worth of back-breaking work that most Americans do every day? Do you really have that inflated of an opinion of yourself? What if they offered you $30 million dollars for a thirty-minute speech? Would you have taken it? Have you already sold out the American people for thirty pieces of silver?"

You will be standing there, up on stage thinking, "I shoulda listen to that Rad guy and just gave Wall Street their fucking money back, and admitted that I made a mistake. This money has cost me waay more than its worth. I would gladly give them back ten times that much .. just to be rid of these incessant questions about why I took that fucking money."

It is this money that gives (buys, purchases) more influence with our elected officials to one Wealthy person .. than to all other regular citizens combined.

Speaking of money .. the thing you obviously love so much .. what do you know about currencies, Hillary?

» Take your Time with that One

What is the basis for their value? (Take your time with this one.)

In God We Trust? I think not.

Did you really use the State department as a pay-to-play favor factory for big donors to the Clinton foundation?

Have you no shame? Are you really so quick to sell out America for your own personal gain?

It certainly seems that way .. at least, from the cheap seats here. From the citizen seats. I know that I shouldnt be surprised, but I am.

» Make Your Choice .. Choose Carefully

The Holy Grail | Choose WiselyHave you ever seen that movie The Counselor, Hill?

Written by Cormac, directed by Ridley, starring Fassbender.

One of the big things that this movie focuses on ..

.. is how, once you make a certain decision, and once you take a certain course of action ..

» No Going Back (Ever)

.. that sometimes (not always) » there is no going back.

And, if you are fucked in this decision that you have made .. then, you are fucked for good.

In other words, you cannot get unfuck'ed out of it. Ever. (No matter how much money the Wealthy put into your palms.)

Now .. I'm not saying that this decision to give Wall Street its money back is that kind of decision.

But I do find it curious that this particular part of the story came to mind right after I challenged you to give Wall Street its money back.

Very curious, indeed. Do with this what you will. No pressure, of course. Tho, I know that I would never want such a decision before me.

Such easy money aint really so easy; it only looks easy. You will see what I mean.

Make your choice .. choose wisely. Because you will not be able to say "I didnt know."

My boss will say, "What's that tattoo'ed on your chest there?" He goes out of his way to cover that base.

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later. At your age .. it will be sooner.

» Please Dont Make Me Say I Told You So

Please dont make me say "I told you so." .. yet again.

Because, we can do this the easy way .. or we can do it the hard way.

Speaking of the hard way .. Trump says that you'd be in jail if he were in charge. Have you ever visited a prison, Hill? Even once .. like Obama did?

You know .. one of those places were you and Bill sent so many of those "Super Predators". I would be surprised if you had .. very surprised.

I'm pretty sure that you could give a flying happy fuck about them. You obviously care much more about the people at Goldman Sachs. I wonder why. (Not really.)

What if the prisoners could scrape together a few hundred grand? Would that change your mind? Would you go pay them a visit then?

It's a valid question, no?

» Donna Brazile Says Hillary Bought the DNC and Rigged the Nomination Process

November 2, 2017 » Oh, I see that you could not give Wall Street its money back .. because you had already spent it .. purchasing the DNC. Because Obama hadnt done his job.

Hillary buys the DNC and expects loyalty

Every time we-citizens think that it can't possibly get any worse .. our leaders continue to prove us wrong.

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

Bernie wouldve won .. easily. This is all your fault. You know it is.

< end Nov 2, 2017 insert re Hillary buys the DNC >

» Does America Really Give a Fuck About Its Returning Warriors?

Speaking of running the country in a way that only works for a tiny sliver of its citizens .. please fix the fucking VA.

Masks designed by traumatized veterans at Walter Reed Medical Ctr

You send these kids into harm's way .. seemingly without giving it very much thought ..

.. and then, when you are done with them, after the IEDs have rattled loose their brains .. you leave them to fend for themselves.

How can you tolerate such a thing?

I would be so embarrassed .. if, under my command .. we couldnt figure out how to answer the fucking phone when a veteran calls because he's thinking about killing himself.

» Please Figure Out How to Answer the Fucking Phone

Is there no one in all of our government today .. with the ability to render unto our returning warriors .. the things that they need to heal from the missions that our leaders have sent them to carry out?

No member of congress should be allowed to go on vacation .. until the VA learns how to answer the fucking phone .. when a suicide call comes in. (Yes, all of them.)

And it shouldnt be like pulling teeth, either.

You should have people knocking on their doors .. asking them if there is anything that our government can do for them. Begging them to let us help them heal.

Let's show them .. by our actions, of course .. because, as this point, they need more than just pretty-sounding words .. a lot more .. let's show them that we genuinely appreciate their service to our country.

And we can probably start by answering the fucking phone .. when yet another one of them calls because he's thinking of killing himself.

» Is It Okay That 20 Veterans Kill Themselves Each & Every Day?

Do 20 veterans really kill themselves each and every day in our country?

[ Update Sept 8, 2016 » Oh, look .. Rachel asked my question. I like you, Rachel. And I like Sue, too. End Sept 8 update. ]

That sounds like a lot of veterans are killing themselves .. every fucking day .. day after day.

Masks designed by traumatized veterans at Walter Reed Medical Ctr

Is it okay with American if 7,300 veterans kill themselves every year? (I hope not.)

We definitely need to figure out how to answer that damn phone.

» Let's Get the VA the Skilled Help It Needs .. to Help Our Veterans Heal Properly

Maybe Wall Street will send over some of their crack talent .. and help the VA design a system that works a little better for our veterans .. who we say that we appreciate so much.

As a way of expressing their appreciation for our returning warriors.

» Trained to Ignore Pain .. No Matter How Bad It Gets

See .. they train these kids never to complain. Never to say that you're hurt. They drill it into them long-n-hard. The warrior mentality.

My point here is that .. just because they might not be crying out for help .. doesnt mean that they arent hurting.

(I know the deal. The mission comes first. Everything else comes secondary. You yourself come secondary to the mission. Far secondary.)

I'm sure that, if your ass got blown up a few times, and you felt like killing yourself .. then, you would be better able to appreciate their struggles.

Then, you might have a little more compassion for them.

And maybe then .. just maybe .. we might figure out a way to answer the fucking phone.

I think this is a good idea for our country .. certainly a step in the right direction .. how 'bout you?

What's that? You're only interested if you can make a buck off the deal? Or only if it makes the stock market go up tomorrow?

» Infuriating, Embarrassing and Saddening

You cannot possibly imagine how badly it infuriates me .. to read that the VA is still trying figure out how to answer the fucking phone.

It says to me that our government could care less about them. Does it not?

We need to do way the fuck more for them .. than just answering the phone. And we cannot even figure out how to do that reliably.

This section here on the VA letting down our most desperate veterans .. this section I have gone back and added here on July 16, 2016. Surely you see the continuity-of-relevance as to why I inserted it here.

It is yet another illustration of how our government's priorities [ actions speak louder ] work only for a small slice of Americans. A very small slice. Hillary knows the slice that I am talking about.

For the rest of us .. let's hope that they figure out how to answer the fucking phone.

Shame the fuck on you .. and your self-serving values.

Oh, look .. this is unfucking believable. The answer to my question whether America values its returning warriors is obviously a big, fat "Fuck, no."

Shit like this makes me embarrassed to be an American. The military is trying to claw back money that they promised and paid 10 years ago?

From people who risked their lives for our country. Shame the fuck on you.

How about clawing back the salaries of bank CEOs who defrauded people on a grand scale?

Oh, they're your buddies, right. I almost forgot.

Here's a little doggie bag to take along with you from Stephen Colbert. Somebody give that fucker a kiss for me.

Dont they understand that actions speak loudly? I could add more than a few tales myself.

The end. ■

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