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» Better to Fail than Never to Try

This is one of the reasons why I pursued writing. I mean, I could have easily went to another nuclear plant .. if I wanted.

I was running the show there at the best-situated nuclear plant in the country .. making decent bank.

And I had a decent handle on this thing .. but I wasnt even challenged. I'm talking after several years of working out the kinks in the scope and parameters of this newly-created position.

» Challenge Thyself to Better Measure Thyself

There is a thing in the human heart that wants to measure itself .. not necessarily against others, but certainly against its own potential.

If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you (at t=3:36)

I was already bored at what I considered the ultimate contractor position.

Better to fail at the bigger challenge .. my thinking at the time was .. than never to try. I bet that Roxane would agree with me here.

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» Reactor Refueling Outage

Refueling outages are balls-to-the-wall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .. for months at a time. Everybody is working 12-hour days, 6 days a week.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

It's a controlled chaos where nobody wants to look like they dont have their shit together. Anticipation and quick responses definitely play a part.

You cover your bases. You set your people up for success and you keep your bosses out of trouble .. by managing them.

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» The Nuclear Dudette

Back when I was running a complement of a hundred nuclear dudes, and even a handful of nuclear dudettes .. my boss let me run things in the plant.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station | Southern California

He was more of a business man than a technical type. Certainly I would keep him well-informed and even ask his opinion on things.

» Respecting Management's Values

I respected him .. the way he ran things. His managerial style with its values.

He told me how he had brought in contractors who had later joined the permanent utility staffing, where they eventually became bosses themselves.

"If they fuck-up," he told me, referring to our own people, "then we need to whack 'em. But otherwise .. we might be working for one of these assholes someday."

Before he bellowed, "I've seen it happen, sir .. I've seen it happen."

My point here is to say that he was not malicious. Being a contractor .. this helps keep you in check.

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First Days of the Transition to Starving Writer

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» Backing Track for Laguna Beach Vibes

Have you you seen this video titled Laguna Beach Vibes, which uses your song as a backing track?

This is actually a great little video that was put together by this dude named Matt Roche. Good quality. Good shots. Good locations.

I know all these locations in this video. My feet have been on all these beaches. Many times. The video actually had me waxing nostalgic.

I lived in Laguna for 10 years. My son was born in Laguna. I met his mom in Laguna .. before she was his mom. (She was tight with the wife of the city manager.)

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Doing the Work

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» You Still Need to Continue to Do the Personal Work Toward Growth

One of the things that I caught myself thinking about .. regarding girls like you and Ariana .. is something that I found true in my own life.

Just because you have this thing .. doesnt mean that you dont need to continue to do the personal work involved in personal growth .. which includes (among other things) educating yourself, and becoming a student of what you do.

When you have the thing, then you can't help but think, "Oh, I have the thing .. I got it made. I got it made forever."

But in practice, it does not work that way. 'Fraid not.

[ One of my 'things' .. is that I experiment with such things. "I wonder what happens if I do this."?

Oh, I see .. I get this result. Very cool.

Joyce knows what I am talking about. ]

I mean, you certainly can avoid doing the work .. because sometimes it is not so much fun to do the work associated with personal growth. (More than just sometimes, actually.)

It requires that you take stock of yourself in an honest way. And some people would rather you stick needles into their eyes.

Everybody knows that the end of growth represents the beginning of death. So you either grow or die. Or at least continue to develop in some meaningful sort of way.

Artistically speaking, you eventually come to the end of the line .. if you just run with your thing .. without doing the personal work .. then you sort of come to the end.

I feel confident that you know exactly what I am talking about. There is an element of public-life vs private-life at play here. You need balance.

» Personal Growth is Non-Linear

I have found the growth thing tends to come in spurts. You do much work .. and then something happens that triggers the growth. It's not a linear thing.

But you can definitely feel all that work that you did coming into play .. when it is triggered. And, yes .. it is a very fucking cool feeling.

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