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Along the lines of artistic creativity .. what do you think of this? How about this?

I think that I might write an entry about that first one, where I simply respond to some of the comments made in that video.

I would title this entry something like » Feeling Less Fucked-Up. That would make a cool title .. you must admit.

» Creative Freedom

Many interesting statements were made in that video, but I would probably start with the one made by David Byrne [ at t=1:35 ] where he says:

Although some of them maybe have the ambition to be the next [ big thing ], the number of those artists are very, very small. And often, the artists who are very successful in that way .. they dont have much flexibility.

In achieving success, they lose a lot of their creative freedom. They have to keep making the same thing, more or less, over and over and over again.

And if the musician or artist values their freedom and the ability to be creative, then they maybe have to realize that they won't be making hundreds of millions of dollars. They might be making less money .. but they might have more artistic satisfaction.

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What a rabbit hole that would be. I should simply note here .. that in the nuclear industry, you have very little, if any, artistic freedom. (As you might expect.)

Rather, you have » verbatim compliance, which is the polar opposite of artistic freedom.

Coming from an industry where creativity can get you fired .. perhaps you can see how I might be drawn to things where creativity is more or less unlimited .. limited only by your imagination and the size of your huevos rancheros.

What do you think about the idea of Bob Dylan, a singer-songwriter, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature?

What do you think about the way that Ariana is helping the writer in me to explore the entire range of moral experience .. from the satanic to the divine?

Existence is inherently creative

Do you think that I would have been able to write the things that I have written in the last year .. without her help?

A part of me does not want to admit it, but I dont think that I would have been able.

» Time We had a Talk

Speaking of exploring things .. it's about time that I give you my little talk about Einstein and Fitzgerld and the things that they accomplished in their 20's. (I first told that to Selena.)

Truly monumental things have been accomplished by people in their 20's. Never think that, because you are young, you could not throwdown on a far-reaching scale.

No pressure, of course .. only expectations. Lofty expectations. You know what they say » "To whom much is given ..."

Speaking of Fitzgerald and mining artistic inspiration while hanging out in Manhattan .. here is a video that you might enjoy. Particularly late at night.

» The Genius of Einstein Sprang from his Rebelliousness

Oh, look .. here is a new series on Einstein, titled » Genius.

The making of Genius

Ron Howard is directing. He kicks much ass. Look at this shot composition. And the luscious color palette.

Schopenhauer (1788-1860) is famous for saying that » "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see."

Einstein hit targets that nobody else could see. And he hit a lot of them. And he hit most of them when he was only in his twenties. (Selena knows what I am talking about here.)

» Paying Tribute by Resonating Uniquely & Intimately with the Original

Do you know this singer-songwriter, Leslie Feist? She made a statement that struck me.

Just like with you, she said something that got me thinking .. as I was walking around, doing other things.

She said » "You have to determine what's in a song .. that's mine enough to feel entitled to sing it."

"That's exactly right," I thought. My ego was surprised that someone was actually able to put such a thing into words.

This concept touches on Adele's tribute to George Michael at the Grammys this year. Did she not make that song her own?

» David's Secret Chord

Oh, and look at Demi here. She obviously found enough in this song to feel entitled to sing it. More than enough, it seems.

Demi Lovato Hallelujah SOMOS Live Oct 14, 2017

She is flexing. She knows she has the goods and she is bringing them.

I love singers who do things like this. I love it when you can somehow hear their soul singing. (I bet that Rembrandt would back me up here.)

Did you hear that thing she did at t=0:37? .. when she sings "The minor fall..." .. when her voice shifts over into that cool thing.

That was very fucking cool. I thought, "Oh, I better buckle my seatbelt .. this thing is fixin' to take off."

I felt my respect for her grow .. when I heard that shift. And I was already respecting her vocal talents plenty. I mean, who doesnt?

And then at t=2:20, when she sings, "And even tho it all went wrong .." She was owning that .. big time. I heard her saying, "I am getting this and I will not be denied."

She snatched that brass ring rather easily. So easily that it surprised me. I knew she was good .. but I didnt know that she was that good. (They say that the greats rise to the occasion.)

She is a jiu jitsu-girl. Jiu jitsu girls know how to use leverage to defeat strength.

I bet that she is a great lover. Talk about wrestling with a python.

I can tell that I liked this song that she sang. It feels like a pathway appears before me to walk down.

I should probably also mention here Tori Kelly's performance. She has actually performed this song a number of times.

These are no-shit, kick-ass singers, oozing talent from every pore. I must really have a thing for singers.

» Walking Naked at the Edge of a Lunar Landscape

Feist's statement spoke to me because .. this is not something that you can even articulate .. until you have been down that road far enough to see (encounter) such a thing.

[ I bet that Jedediah knows exactly what I am talking about here (at t=1:15). What is it about red-soled shoes that turns me on?

» It Happens Every Time

Update: June 12, 2017 » Oh, look .. Jedediah is getting married.

Jedediah got engaged

See, the minute you show attention to a girl, then all the guys want in on the action.

I do not really understand this phenomenon, but I have seen it in action countless times. I was telling George Clooney about this.

The minute that somebody from the opposite sex shows interest, then others immediately get interested.

Think of me, Jedediah .. when you say, "I do."

Ya know, Jed .. I had a super-long streak there .. where every girl that I dated would end up marrying the very next guy that she dated.

I cant say that I really understand the psycho-dynamics behind such a thing .. because I dont. But that doesnt mean that I havent thought about it.

What do you think it might mean? What would be your socio-erotic explanation? (Now that you are getting married.)

< end update June 12, 2017 Jedediah getting married .. thanks to me >

» Thoughtful Commentary Presented with Grace in the Face of Adversity

Oh, I saw this thing where you are talking about Jay-Z's 4:44 album.

I thought that your comments were thoughtful and interesting. And that you presented them with grace and tact .. even in the face of adversity.

I bet that you would enjoy chatting with Selena, because she also says thoughtful things.

How goes the wedding plans? Dont raise your expectations to unrealistic levels. That is a mistake not uncommon when relationships change.

I have a 4:44 myself. That is definitely a very sucky feeling, and may very well represent the suckiest feeling ever.

I think that these kinds of dreams came to me because my son's mom kept trying to take him away. I am self-diagnosing my dreams here.

Regarding the theme behind Jay's new album .. I have already spoken to the theme behind Lemonade.

I happen to know more than a little about infidelity. Certainly more than I would ever want to know.

Did you see that thing Jay did with Harvey Weinstein?

<end update Jedediah commenting on Jay-Z's 4:44> ]

This thing right here, this concept that I am referring to .. it very much plays a role in my writing with Ariana.

» Our Unique Gifts Should Determine Our Creative Trajectory

As a writer, as an artist, as a creative soul .. you are free to write about, and to focus upon, whatever you like. The possibilities can seem endless.

Our unique gifts should define our trajectory toward excellence

This is a key artistic question right here. What am I going to do with my creative thing? With my craft? With my art? With my gift?

What artist has not encountered this question?

» We Love them Because they Make Us Love Ourselves

One of the reasons why we love certain people .. is because of who we become with them. Because they bring out in us a part of ourselves that makes us feel good about ourselves.

When somebody can make you like yourself and love yourself and bring out the best in you .. and make your very presence feel genuinely appreciated .. well, do I really need to finish this sentence?

» What Should I Write About, Ernest?

Ernest Hemingway's 1923 Passport PhotoIt is slightly off-topic, but Hemingway said this thing.

About how the writer should write something about everything he knows.

Hemingway killed himself at age 61 (in 1961).

I do not agree with Hemingway here.

But I know what he is saying.

And I can see how his statement contains an element of truth.

Because writing about something that you already know (.. pause for effect) ..

.. opens the door to other things that lie beyond the things you (already) know.

And once you have written something about everything that you already know [ we keep learning new things all the time ] then, if a situation arises where the writer actually needs to write about a certain thing .. then he is already in position and primed to write in greater detail on this thing.

Many times, we dont even know what we really think about a certain topic until we actually research and think about it in detail.

» Prerequisites to Greater Challenges?

In my own writing I have encountered countless times when I could see that having already written about a thing in the past allowed me write about something presently before me.

I try to continually write about increasingly difficult things. And things that are challenging to speak to. This is one of the ways in which I grow as a writer.

I feel intuitively that confidence comes into play here. It brings a sense of confidence when I have already spoken to a thing in the past. When I have already written about a thing.

» How I Work

Back when I was first flirting with Ariana, and sliding my writer's hand down into places that I probably shouldnt have .. I told her (seeing that my mouth was so close to her ear at the time) » "This is how I work, girly .. line upon line."

She probably doesnt even remember it .. but this is exactly what I was talking about when I said that to her.

» The Confidence that Comes from Tackling a Difficult Thing

I use the confidence that comes from already having written about a thing .. to take things to the next level. In a meaningful way, of course. (I trust that it was as meaningful for her as it was for me.)

Sometimes I can feel inside that I want to write about a thing. I want to speak to a thing. But I am somehow unable. Why I am unable? Fuck if I know. If I knew, then I could fix it and move on and write about this thing.

Sometimes years will pass before I am able to write about a thing. And I can see that (looking back) I first had to write about a number of different things before I could write about this difficult thing. This challenging thing.

I know that I waxing abstract here .. which is something that I try to avoid. (Because it's easy to cheat without concrete fundamentals in play.) But I can do abstract when there is no other option.

» Writing Without Confidence

Some of the most scintillating writing comes when I somehow feel compelled to speak to a thing even when I still lack the confidence that I have been referring to. This type of writing seems to come from a different place.

Should I try to describe this different place? I am sure that I would sound like a nut-case.

» What Sophy Said about Creating Art

Also regarding the object of the artist's focus is what Sophy said:

In writing--in creating any art--you are doing one of two things. Either you are walking naked at the edge of a lunar landscape; small and lonely against the far-off stars, or else you're following pitifully in someone else's tracks. Not exploring. Not hurting. Not creating something never done before.

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