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Trick-Fucked on the Outskirts of Trigger-City

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» Perfect Timing

You know, as fate would have it .. I received that big $1,400 stimulus check the very first week I arrived here. The timing could not have been better.

The child support people took my other check. They took it and they didn't even tell me. I figured they took it, but cousin Patti put her foot down.

She said, "No. You cannot just have money out there that the Stimulus people said they deposited into your account .. but you don't know where it is."

I said, "Okay, I'll call 'em Monday morning .. but I know they took it. They are always taking my money. Many times they have drained my entire account of even the last penny. I may have to medicate before I call, but I will call."

She said, "If they took it, then you will know what happened to your twelve-hundred dollar stimulus. But you cannot not know."

If I had the money, I would gladly pay twelve hundred bucks to not have to talk to them. About anything. Ever.

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» Thank God for Rescuing Me from the Authority of Darkness Where I Felt Rejected and Despised

The writing feels different today, no? I am so fucking happy that I can hardly stand it.

Cousin Patti said she can totally feel my happy vibe in my texts and emails. I try to keep them posted.

I lean on them so much when shit goes bad .. that, when things are going bright-n-sparkly for me .. then I try to reciprocate and show my appreciation when I can, like now.

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Today is the last day of winter. Spring arrives bright-n-early tomorrow morning at 8:33.

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 19 March 2022 at 3:19 pm San Diego time

So today seems like a much better day to publish this particular entry than tomorrow.

I want to be done with this nasty shit when spring arrives. I want this thing to be dust in my rearview by sunrise tomorrow, when all good vampires must go to bed.

Spring is the time, you know, of new beginnings .. for life here on planet Earth. (Or, at least it used to be.)

The Mark-of-the-Beast .. this is an old story about death and shit so bad that you will have to actually live through it .. in order to fully appreciate the cruelty of the beast.

There are certainly incentives to accepting the mark of the beast .. but these socioeconomic advantages do not come free-of-charge. No, sir.

There are obligations that come with accepting the mark of the beast. These obligations can be considerable and even daunting at times.

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