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» But for the Grace of God

This makes me feel sad for the white evangelical. I knew some white evangelicals. I knew some of them quite well.

Evangelicals can tell you what the scriptures actually say and what they actually teach .. to a degree.

But they do not put into practice these things that they know. It is a strange, perplexing thing. I mean, they have their excuses as to why they do the things they do.

And yes, some of them do indeed put into practice the teachings and the principles found there .. more than I ever did.

But this was relatively small percentage. Maybe 20 percent of them. And that is being generous.

Most of them were not very nice people, I'm sad to say. I mean, they were not even what I would call 'nice people' compared to your average acquaintance ..

.. particularly in a general human-being sentient-soul sort-of-way.

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This has been my experience .. I'm sad to say.

I had to get away from them. "This is not working for me," I thought. "This environment does not feel healthy to me."

(Here I could go into mind-numbing detail without even trying.)

I liked that I was learning (for myself) what the scriptures actually say and what they actually teach.

I never liked that overly dramatic, performance-art sort of preaching, no. Rather I liked to sit under a person who teaches more than they preach.(Because they know what they are talking about.)

Sometimes I would hear people, and I would think, 'I know more than this guy. Even I know that that is total bullshit.'

And it is always so nice to meet like-minded souls, you know. But this like-mindedness did not go very far. At least, not for me, it didnt.

I have stories upon stories. You know me .. the quiet, observant one .. operating in the writer's record-mode.

And I cannot say, dear reader, that I did not date a singer who happened to be a little soloist who sang with a big voice. (Nor can I say that she was not a good kisser.)

Anyway, it eventually became more negative for me than positive. It almost felt like decisions were being made for me.

But by this time, I knew enough to find my way in the world. I knew it wouldnt be easy, but at least it was possible, and I knew enough to figure out the rest on the fly, on the go.

» Dealing with the Growing Hypocrisy is the Thing that Bends Them and Ends Up Mangling Their Lives So Badly

The reason why they become so bizarrely-convoluted in their thinking and in their mindset .. is to avoid dealing with the rank hypocrisy that is staring at them in the mirror every morning.

I am talking about advanced-stage hypocrisy. I am talking about proceeding far down the road of hypocrisy.

They build it out, you know, brick by false-brick. It takes them years to build out these bizarre false-narratives.

From a detached and from an unentangled perspective, it can seem bizarre beyond belief. But from a practical perspective, there are actually many people who fall prey to such glaring error ..

.. who build their very lives on these glaring errors. QAnon believers comprise a good chunk of the Republican party.

A poll from last year says 15 to 20 percent of Americans are onboard with the core tenants of the QAnon conspiracy theories. That is a lot delusion.

It is not easy to eradicate hypocrisy from your life. No, sir. (I bet that Peter would back me up here.)

Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean. And it won't take you very long, either.

I went through a phrase in my early 30's where I consciously sought to eradicate hypocrisy from my life. I am talking about being guillty of (doing, saying, living) the very things that I would criticize others for.

I became a very different person over a period of maybe 18 months. The first thing you learn is to » stop criticizing. When you do this, you instantly become focused on » yourself.

And here is where you are either going to up your game as a sentient human being, or you are not. Or you are goig to remain the same 'ol arrogant piece-of-shit you have always been.

I did not think these very thoughts, but this is the pretty much the gist of how I was feeling .. in that shitty state of existential discontent that I was in at the time.

That was one of the key points where I felt my arc-of-life bend that sent me heading in a much better direction.

Out with the old; in with the new. You know.

I basically built from the ground up, from square one » 'What do I know for absolutely, fucking sure? And where do I know for a fact that I want go?'

If a person continues to build their lives upon and around a false narrative .. eventually they come to a point where they lose their soul. (I bet that my friend Elena Fraules knows what I am talking about.)

No? Their life no longer becomes about what they-themselves want or desire or need .. but rather everything is about what the false narrative dictates to them.

There are many reasons why a person might proceed down this path and how they might wind up on this course .. but chief among them is cowardice.

They do not have the balls to be themselves.

A part of me even feels like that could've easily been me .. a devoted inhabitant of Crazytown, USA. But for the grace of God .. I can see this now.

I can see a lot of things now that I couldnt see before.

Yet .. now that I can see these things .. I can't see how I did not see them before .. because they were right there in front of me all the time.

It is a very cool thing that happens .. a very trippy thing .. when we can suddenly see things that were right there in front our eyes all the time.

Here is where we wonder, "How did I not see this thing before?"

» Somebody Close to Prosperity Preacher Ken Copeland Please Tell Him Why this was Such a Foolish Thing to Declare Publicly

Speaking of white evangelicals that make me feel sad ..

Prosperity preacher Ken Copeland publicly states in church that Covid vaccine is the Mark-of-the-Beast (Rev 13:16)

.. somebody close to prosperity preacher Ken Copeland please tell him why this was such a foolish thing to state publicly like this.

[ Hey, say hi to Jesse for me. Doesnt look like he has been missing very many meals lately. I had to crop off a good chunk of him because he was taking up so much of my image. Truth be told, none of you boys look like you are having any trouble at the dinner table. No. It is clear that you boys can operate a fork and a knife with a high degree of proficiency. Good for you. ]

This was a foolish thing to state publicly like this. This is a foolish thing to do for a number of reasons.

John wrote about the Mark-of-the-Beast, you know, in the Book of Revelation. The Covid vaccine is nothing even similar to the Mark-of-the-Beast.

» People Who Give Christianity a Bad Name

This so called prosperity preacher is worth some $750 million dollars. He is nearly a billionaire. He is not going to have any trouble buying or selling .. you can be sure of that.

He will regret saying this stupid thing .. if he hasnt already.

He is 85 years old. He is closer to 90 than to 80 .. and getting closer everyday. So he doesnt have much time left here on planet Earth with the rest of us. (I bet that Madeline Albright would agree with me here.)

If he doesnt want to get the Covid vaccine, great. I have no problem with that. But he should not be saying stupid shit like this publicly.

Shame on him. He knows better. It's people like him and Mike Pence and George W. Bush who give Christianity a bad name. Gaga knows what I am talking about.

You know, I would not be surprised one bit to learn that he was already fully vaccinated, and that he was merely using this mandate as a convenient piece of leverage ..

.. to argue why he needed to continue flying around in his fleet of private jets from his private airport sitting there beside his oh-so lavish mansion.

Would you?

This section has been off-loaded to its own page .. see here » The Mark-of-the-Beast in the Republican Party is Formally Accepted by Publicly Swearing Fealty to Donald Trump Despite the Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the Constitution (19 Mar 2022).

» The Sad Day that Ben Sasse Missed His Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Speaking of Crazytown, USA .. remind me to tell you my Ben Sasse story.

I have already told you a number of Ben Sasse stories .. most notably an entry titled » Please Don't Make Me Say I Told You So (19 Mar 2019) ..

.. where I wrote some things that surprised even me. I was looking over both shoulders, wondering where this stuff was coming from.

Ben is the guy who was out there writing books critical of the youth, telling them what they needed to do, and how they should live .. in order to live up to his standards for them.

That did not not sit well with something in me. Something in me did not take kindly to that. Not with shit in his own house stinking so badly. Stinking to high heaven. He was asking for it.

But I am talking about a Ben Sasse story that I have never told. (Yet.) There are a number of reasons why I have not told this story, this existential story. But it sounding crazy is certainly one of the reasons.

But you can jog my memory here by saying, "Your buddy there just missed his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Ben Sasse did not have what it took to enter into the Promiseland when his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself to him. It's a sad thing for sure.

It is sad for our nation. Sad for America. Sad for democracy. Sad for the planet. It is sad in so many ways. Too many for me to even try to articulate here.

I am still not sure that I am going to tell you this story, because it is even sadder now than it was then. But teasing about it does make it more likely that I will.

» I Will Bring Judgment Upon the Nation that Enslaves Them and Mistreats Them

Page Three is long and should be broken up. Pages One and Two are fine, but page three grew long.

Page Three was where I just got done adding this section titled » But After 400 Years, I Will Bring Judgment Upon the Nation that Enslaves Them and Mistreats Them.

I can assure you that I have never before used such a title. I would have remembered something like that. No way would I forget that, my friend.

While I was working on that section, I thought, "This is not a good sign for somebody."

» Why Wait 400 Years?

But as I was working on the graphic screenshot of the exact verses, I started wondering 'Why wait 400 years? Why not bring the thunder right now?' I mean, God can do whatever he wants, right?

Or at least a lot sooner than 400 years. That is a long-ass time to spend someplace where you are not wanted and not appreciated and certainly not valued very highly. (Ask me how I know.)

The answer I found to be eyebrow-raising .. because of the way the patterns matched.

» This is Exactly How God Operates

These similarity in patterns do not strike me as something that is terribly difficult to see, no. If someone cannot see a similarity in patterns, then this is because they don't want to see.

This is exactly how God works, you know. He operates today based on what he has said-n-done in the past. He works according to patterns that he has already established over a long period of time.

By a 'long period of time,' I am talking about generations. Centuries. Millennia. Epochs. The ages. Time itself.

He first warns folks when they are fucking up.

Is President Trump Fascist? by Jason Stanley Yale Philosophy (15 Oct 2018)

But if they blow him off, which they usually do, then they will have to eat the fruit of their own devices.

Yahweh told Ezekiel, "They are always blowing me off, but you can bet your ass that they will know a prophet has been among them."

The Amplified translation says they will become fully aware .. of the fact.

Well .. how are they going to know? How are they going to become 'fully aware'? .. that a prophet has been among them. (?)

I bet that they will know, and become fully aware of this .. when the prophecies spoken by the prophet come true. When they come to pass.

No? When the things foretold by the prophet manifest themselves right before their very eyes.

It's never a pretty thing. You'll see what I mean ..

Beautiful sandcastle at the beach begins to crumble as the tide comes in.

.. sooner or later. (Probably sooner.) I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

And he will be there on the other side saying, "I tried tell you assholes. I tried to warn you. I sent my prophet to warn your dumb asses. I made a big fucking deal about it, too. You should have listened to me. But you blew me off. You paid me no mind. You killed my prophets. But now it has become clear how badly all your bone-headed ideas turned out. Now you must eat the fruit of your own devices. Bon appetit. You can't say I didnt try to warn you."

Babylon has fallen, has fallen. All the carved images of her false gods lie shattered on the ground. (Shelley knows what I am talking about.)

I would be lyin' here if I said that I wasnt curious about how Jimmy Carter has been feeling lately.

» When Judgment Came to Agag

Speaking of the judgment that comes upon a nation because of the morally-offensive shit they were doing .. which was stinking to high heaven ..

.. the end of the chapter where Saul gets shit-canned, Samuel says, "Bring me Agag, king of the Amalekites."

Agag is fixin' to get his just deserts .. though he doesnt know it yet. He thinks he has escaped the worst of it in one piece. But he thought wrong.

Notice how the judgment always reflects the offense, and how the offense might've affected innocent people. It reflects the suffering that it has caused.

Some places talk about as double being the appropriate response from diety. You get back double the amount of suffering that you nasty shit has caused.

That sounds reasonable, no? Nothing personal, of course. Just settling scores.

There are a number of other patterns that I could match for you ..  but we will leave those matching patterns there.

Because I have some other patterns that I want to introduce here.

» There I Was .. Minding My Own Business

I am glad that is done. They certainly can't say that I didnt try to warn them .. time-n-again. You must admit that there has been much to mourn of late. Much to lament.

These are dark days that have arrived .. thanks in large part to the white evangelical. Miriam knows what I am talking about.

The United States for the first time was added to a list of

Let the flirting begin. (I am in need of some sweet respite right about now .. and not just a little, either.)

This is the end of this page. ■

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