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I can assure you, Senator, that you want to give this question your full-n-undivided attention. Take you time with it.

Dont rush it .. because you might happen to be too busy .. supporting something that you claim as offensive to the United States Constitution.

Foreign policy expert David Rothkopf discusses the coming Constitutional crisis resulting from Trump's refusal to accept the legitimacy of congressional oversight (8 Oct 2019)

Trump is thumbing his nose at the legitimacy of congressional oversight as spelled out in the Constitution .. while you and your republican colleagues are cowering in fear .. too scared to confront him over it.

It's definitely a sad day for America.

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» The Man Who Swore a Solemn Oath Before God to Support and Defend the Constitution

Dont forget about the solemn Oath of Office you took .. to support and defend the Constitution.

Or were those words just a meaningless formality, too? With no real spine behind them.

» My Intuition Tells Me that Impending Things are Hastening Upon America

But do not set aside this question, either .. because impending things are hastening upon you, and upon America.

Foreign policy expert David Rothkopf says the nation is heading rapidly toward a Constitutional crisis (8 Oct 2019)

Foreign policy expert David Rothkopf says the nation is heading rapidly toward a Constitutional crisis .. because the White House is refusing to comply with the oversight functions that is granted to, and invested in the House.

I wonder what Krugman thinks of this.

» When the President Flatly Refuses to Accept the Legitimate Oversight Authority of the Congress

I wonder what Trey Gowdy thinks (« at t=1:50) about the idea of a White House withholding documents and information from Congress.

Trey Gowdy speaks on Capitol Hill about how wrong it is for the White House to withhold documents and information from Congress (video reposted 9 Oct 2019)

He seems to be a strong supporter of the checks-n-balances of our government provided by the Constitution.

I wonder what Lindsey Graham thinks (« at t=1:15) about presidents who dare to defy Congressional subpoenas.

Lindsey Graham says the day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena was the day he was subject to impeachment (Dec 1998, video posted 9 Oct 2019)

What a hypocrite. What a gigantic hypocrite. I wonder what Chis Cuomo thinks.

» Jimmy Carter Doesnt Look So Hot

My intuition tells me, Ben, that you want to have your evaluation of this question done by the time Jimmy Carter dies.

Seeing that the man who was president from '77 to '81 is now 95 and keeps falling down ..

Jimmy Carter (95) hospitalized with fractured pelvis after another fall (22 Oct 2019)

.. you probably dont have very much time. He doesnt look so good to me. He looks kind of feeble.

The fact that he is still alive and walking .. after nearly a century .. is itself a testament to his durability.

Anybody who lives to be 95 is not going to be leaping over buildings at a single bound. Heck, at least he is still walking .. although he appears to be having some trouble with that.

» You Shouldve Listened to Me and Followed My Advice

There is an interesting account documented in the book of Acts where Paul had a similar intuition.

He warns Julius the centurion, saying, "Dude, I got a bad feeling about this. We should not set sail right now."

But the centurion doesnt listen to Paul because the captain and the owner of the ship seem to know better. So they set sail against the warnings of Paul and the alarms of his intuition.

This is where Paul later says to them (paraphrasing) "Your dumb-asses shouldve listened to me. Then you wouldnt find yourselves in this life-threatening predicament. I tried to tell you numb-nuts, but you refused to listen."

In Acts chapter 27, Paul said, 'Your dumb-asses should have listened to me. Then wouldnt find yourselves in all this trouble. I tried to tell you, but you refused to listen.'

Please dont make me say, "You shouldve listened to me. Then you wouldnt find yourself in this nasty predicament. I tried to tell you."

» It's Only Going to Get Worse

I wonder what George Conway thinks of this.

George Conway says Republicans like Ben Sasse need to face up to the fact that Trump is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit (23 Aug 2019)

I wonder what Jimmy Carter thinks of this.

Jimmy Carter says Trump actually lost the 2016 election, but that Russian interference won the White House for him illegitimately (PBS, 28 June 2019)

Carter is simply saying aloud what everybody already knows to be true.

Anyway .. my sense of timing here is just an intuition. I could certainly be wrong .. though I am usually not. Blow knows what I'm talking about.

How does it feel, Ben .. to have the toasty winds of destiny breathing down your neck? I am so glad that I am not you.

I wonder what Stephen King thinks of this.

» An Archetype of Those Who have Betrayed the Constitution They Swore to Defend

You are a representative example, an archetype, of a certain type of pattern ..

Libertarian Matt Welch says the so called Freedom Caucus, as an ideological philosophically-based thing, no longer exits because Trump has brought it to heel (12 June 2019)

.. particularly because you focus your attention and your energy on the short-comings and moral deficiencies of others ..

.. while you continue to ignore the repeated assaults on the Constitution from within your own party.

» Trump has Emasculated Republican Members of Congress by Intimidating Them

I admit that I find such a thing curious .. if not downright fascinating .. because I will think, "How can they not see this obvious thing?"

Being inside your headspace .. where you are forced to conform, time-n-again ..

Libertarian Matt Welch says Trump has brought the so-called Freedom Caucus to heel and made it his bitch (12 June 2019)

.. to one absurd lie after another .. with the future of a once-proud nation at stake .. this must be an emasculating thing for you.

Libertarian Matt Welch says Trump has domesticated the so called Freedom Caucus and made it his bitch (12 June 2019)

Matt Welch says that Trump has domesticated the Freedom Caucus and made it his bitch (12 June 2019). I bet that Neal Katyal knows what I am talking about.

» How Did Putin Make Trump his Bitch?

Just like Putin seems to have somehow made Trump his bitch.

Putin's hand on top (in the dominant position) with Trump's hand beneath (assuming the submissive position)

Trump badmouths pretty much everybody but Putin. Have you ever heard him say even a single negative word against Putin?

» Trump Always Assumes the Submissive Position with Putin

Why is that? Trump probably feels grateful to Putin for helping to get him elected. I bet that Jimmy Carter agrees with me.

Jimmy Carter says Trump actually lost the 2016 election, but Russian interference won him the White House illegitimately (PBS, 28 June 2019)

I bet that Julia Ioffe agrees with me.

Russian-born expert on Russia, Julia Ioffe, says Trump knows that Putin helped him win the election (28 June 2019)

People who know Putin say that Trump is not even in his league .. that Trump is no match for Putin .. that Putin is the Master ..

Putin's Revenge | PBS Frontline

.. while Trump is really just a Chump .. that Trump is nothing without Putin's help.

» I am So Glad that I Aint You

Like I told Hillary, Ben » "I am so glad that I aint you." .. particularly when it has become clear that you and your ilk have already been caught up in the vortex .. and seem powerless to escape its irresistible pull.

I am talking about the pull-of-money that demands your fealty to Trump, who is sitting there on his solid gold throne .. ripping off yet another piece of the Constitution to wipe his ass with.

Who knows what will happen when he uses up the roll, the scroll? I mean, there doesnt seem to be very much of it left.

Anyway .. you certainly havent an endless amount of time. (Nobody does. The clocking is ticking. I know you can hear it.)

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