A Departing Sting with the Venom Meant to Do Lasting Harm

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» I Would be Lyin' If

You know .. this thing here, where Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe just a few days before his retirement date ..

AG Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe

.. I would be lyin' if I said that this didnt make me think about the time when the captain kicked me off the boat ..

Nuclear-powered submarine underway surfaced

.. a few months before I was getting out of the Navy. [ Which is called EAOS. ] After a 6-year enlistment.

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Today, with the advantage of perspective that comes with the passing of the years .. I can now look back and see what a blessing-in-disguise this thing was.

[ Because this was the easiest job I ever had .. where I worked directly for the Squadron Masterchief.

Such slim hours I worked .. while the rest of the boat was taking it up the ass in a big way .. putting in such enormous hours.

They always seemed on edge whenever I saw them .. which wasnt very often. Weekends, mostly.

But something inside of me was already moving on to the next thing. I could feel it and it felt good. It felt real good.

Tho there were certainly a number of challenges that I had to deal with.

» The Transition from Military to Civilian Life is Disorienting

I found it difficult to deal with the transition from military to civilian life. Surprisingly difficult.

It is very disorienting. You feel like you are suddenly living in a different world. (Because you are.)

Thank God for boys from the Bronx .. when he called from Ft Lauderdale in the dead of winter and said, "Come on down .. you'll love it here. It's very relaxed .. just what you need."

That helped with my sanity immeasurably.

After the captain kicked me off the boat near the very end of my 6-year enlistment .. I could feel myself planning and adapting and preparing for the next thing.

Even though I didnt know what that would be. ]

But back then, I did not know this. I did not know how things were going to play out. It is much different before you know how things actually turn out.

» Stand the Fuck By

I remember being back in the engine room, standing right outside Maneuvering, when they told me, "There is a meeting going on right now in the captain's stateroom .. to decide what to do with you. So just stand the fuck by."

If the Commodore didnt feel that my argument trumped the Captain's .. then my career would have been much different. Sometimes little things can make a big difference.

I bet that Meek Mill would agree with me here.

So I naturally feel this strange sense of simpatico with Andrew McCabe .. someone about whom I know almost nothing. Doesnt that seem like such a ______ thing? (Uh, I'm not even sure what word to use there.)

For a number of reasons, I find it easy to imagine myself into his shoes. I wonder what he is feeling right now.

» Fired by a New Guy Who is Assuming an Authoritarian Position

I should probably mention here that the captain was new to the boat .. new to the position. He was the third captain that I have had on this nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine.

[ And if someone were to shoot me up with a dose of truth serum, and compel me to rate these three captains ..

.. based on the position that comes with plenty of firsthand experience that I had with each of them.

Then I would probably have to say that it went from » impressive to » disappointing to » "Oh, fuck me."

I am just saying that I am able to compare and contrast .. based on plenty of firsthand experience. ]

This is an admittedly big position. (I would not want that position, thank-you very much.)

I am 24 years old at this point. So my dick is hard all the time. Let's be honest.

I had been assigned to this submarine for 4 years .. after 2 years of schooling & training.

I know what I am doing .. to a highly nuanced degree.

See .. here is where I would get into the notion of technical vs personal-ego operations .. in a sophisticated environment. But I'm too smart for that.

» The Sense of Insecurity that Comes from Operating at the Ugly End of the Learning Curve

And as any professional knows .. anytime you are new to a position .. you start out on the ugly end of the learning curve.

This is where the most secure among us feel less secure .. because we are trying to figure out how to function effectively in this particular environment.

It is a humbling thing, sometimes, adapting to a new environment. It takes some practice. But after a few times, you start to learn some tricks.

Maureen knows exactly what I am talking about when she writes:

It's even more unsettling covering two Republican presidents who fit this description: George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

I watched in alarm as W., who had promised a "humble" foreign policy with no nation-building and who had been a bipartisan, genial Texas governor, shape-shifted into a hyperaggressive and belligerently unilateral president. His ego and inadequacies were expertly manipulated by his regents, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, bureaucratic samurai with their own rapacious agendas.

So you naturally expect the people around you to help keep you out of trouble until you start to figure out how this particular organization works.

I feel here that I am merely stating the obvious .. that different organizations work differently. Professional strategy 101.

» Sometimes, When It Seemed Like Bad Shit was Happening...

I have noticed in my own life that there have been times when it seemed like bad shit was happening to me .. only to see later, with the passage of time, that this was actually a good thing.

» A Departing Sting with the Venom Intended to Do Lasting Harm

There is an element of nastiness associated with firing someone right before the end of a lengthy career, no?

You can almost feel the nastiness intended in such a thing. Can't you? It carries a personal attack. It is a personal thing.

I bet that Rod Rosenstein knows exactly what I am talking about. (Is it just me .. or does not Jim Jordan look downright evil here? Like he is possessed with some kind of demonic thing. Maybe it's just the lighting.)

Rod Rosenstein responds to attacks from Jim Jordan (28 June 2018)

A departing sting that contains the venom intended to do lasting harm.

The thing about such a sting is that » you dont forget them.

Peter Strzok testifies before House judiciary 12 July 2018

And neither do your friends. Make a note of it.

» The Value of Real-Time Documentation

As all of this historically-documented drama plays out on the world stage .. here at the beginning of a new millenium .. one of the ways that I feel myself resonating with these FBI guys ..

.. is in the area of the importance of real-time documentation.

Here I could go into mind-numbing detail. I will spare you. Except to mention how I can see into their value structure. A certain part of that value structure.

» Boner-City for the Writer

This thing that the nation is going through right now .. where we are testing the very foundations of democracy and the Constitution itself .. this is gnarly shit .. as Steve Schmidt can articulate as well as anyone.

But it makes for fascinating writing .. as I am sure that AC Thompson would agree.

Documenting HATE | PBS Frontline ProPublica

It opens up so many avenues into the human soul and humanity and morals and ethics and what your values are.

Right wing protest in Portland turns violent with Antifa 4 Aug 2018

I bet that Alicia knows exactly what I am talking about. And Stephanie. And Max Boot.

And Thomas Friedman. Trump to dictators: "Have a nice day." While Justin Trudeau deserves a "special place in hell."

Ivanka Trump admiring Justin Trudeau at the White House 13 Feb 2017

[ Not if Ivanka has anything to say about it. ]

See .. they are making the point that the values of this administration are opposite what American values have always been.

Erdogan of Turkey, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Trump, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt

And opposite what they should be.

» Fmr CIA Director John Brennan Says Trump is a Danger to Democracy

I bet that John Brennan knows exactly what I am talking about. Check out his response here (at t=5:20) when Hallie Jackson asks him if he thinks that Trump is a danger to democracy.

Hallie Jackson asks Fmr CIA Director John Brennan if Trump is a danger to democracy (28 June 2018)

This is the kind of thing that gives a writer a total boner. A writing boner .. so to speak.

Phil Rucker knows what I am talking about.

» The Thief Comes Only to Steal

Along these lines, I can't help but wonder how Neil Gorsuch feels sitting in a seat that was stolen from another nominated man.

Does he feel in any way illegitimate? It's a valid question, no?

I find the whole thing somewhat ironic .. because the Court is supposed to be about determining right and wrong at the highest level in our nation. And yet, this justice sits in a stolen seat.

Ironic might not be the best word, but you feel me.

And the fact that this seat was stolen from a black man, who did the nominating .. this only adds to sense of wrongness.

» Writing is Very Much Affected by the Times in Which the Writer Lives

Hemingway pooh-pooh'ed Fittzgerald's writing by saying that Scott was never in a war like Hemingway was .. and that this was the reason why Fitzgerald's books and stories werent as good.

Hemingway does indeed have a deep-seated insecurity that you can see him operating out of/from/with. (Just like the Donald.) It is probably the thing that drove him to such muscular standards of writing.

I consider Fitzgerald the better writer. I realize that such comparisons are silly in the grand scheme of things. But I can't stop myself from admiring and appreciating their writing.

Anyway .. I actually just wanted to point out this area where I am feeling these FBI guys .. and how I can appreciate the way they value realtime documentation.

It takes time, and is a deliberate thing. It is not something that happens by itself. And you must do it even when you have a million other things to do.

But I ended up mentioning how this existential crisis that America is going through right now makes for great writing .. as I am sure that Hemingway would agree.

» Bon Appétit, Motherfuckers

It must be true what they say about fools .. that they » rush in where angels fear to tread.

Fortunes change over time, as the wheels of justice click around into place for the righteous man.

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later.

And Coffee Joe will be right there saying, "I tried to tell you fuckers .. but you refused to listen. Now you must eat the fruit of your own devices. Bon appétit, motherfuckers."

I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

See .. come Judgment Day, these fuckers are going to be saying, "Why didnt you tell me? Why didnt you warn me?"

I have been telling them. I have been warning them. Many times I warned them. This section right here is but one more example of me trying to warn these fuckers.

I am jumping up-n-down, trying to warn them. I am using every possible approach that I can think of.

"How can they not see this obvious thing?" I ask myself. Then I think, "They can't say that I didnt try to warn them .. repeatedly."

And if Coffee Joe is there, then you know that Mika can't be far. Certainly a distance measured in inches .. and not very many of them, either.

» Mika Goes Ninja-Like on Kirstjen Nielsen

Oh, look at Mika go here .. getting all ninja-like on Kirstjen Nielsen. I dont think that I have ever seen another thing quite like that.

She is calling out every piece of bullshit that is being said .. right at the point where it is being said it. That has a cool effect when she does that.

And here is Mr. Ninja himself talking about language.

» Doctors Say that Toxic Stress Can Affect a Child for Their Entire Life

Shame on you, Kirstjen Nielsen. Shame the fuck on you and your shitty values and priorities. You are a spineless piece of shit.

Statement on the effects of separating children from their refugee parents by James Madara, CEO AMA

Woe unto you.

Note that this section on our government ripping children away from their parents has been moved to its own page » When Governments Inflict Lasting Psychic Trauma on Children as a Matter of Policy (21 June 2018).

To what degree are we, as a society, as citizens, morally responsible for this lasting psychic trauma?

All of it? Some of it? None of it? Is anybody morally responsible for inflicting this lasting psychic trauma on these children?

You probably want to take your time with that one .. because you dont want to get it wrong.

» Historical Drama Playing Out Right Before Your Very Eyes

This thing here where Sessions fires McCabe .. this is juicy shit .. from a historical perspective. Can't you just see history playing out right before your very eyes?

These are the places where a nation learns a lot about itself. Jeff knows what I am talking about. I bet that Krugman knows exactly what I am talking about here. Mika, too.

Speaking of historical drama and intending to do lasting harm .. I wonder what Andrew McCabe thinks about what David Leonhardt says here. He makes it sound like Trump hates America .. and that he is doing his best to weaken it.

» The Quisling Who was Executed as a Traitor

Krugman calls Trump a quisling. He says that it is a demonstrated fact.

Putin's hand on top (dominant position) with Trump's hand below (submissive position)

I had to look up the word. The term is defined as:

  1. A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.
  2. A traitor who collaborates with the enemy.
  3. Someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.

The term comes from Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), who ruled the Nazi collaborationist government of Norway during WW2.

Vidkun Quisling shaking hands with Adolf Hitler

I see what he is saying. Quisling the quisling was executed by a firing squad of his own people as a traitor to his nation on 24 October 1945. He was 58 years old.

» The Emperor has No Clothes

I wonder what former CIA director John Brennan thinks of this.

Fmr CIA director John Brennan calls Trump's performance in Helsinki 'nothing short of treasonous'

I wonder what general Barry McCaffrey thinks of all this.

Fmr General Barry McCaffrey says that Trump is a threat to national security

And of course I can't help but wonder what Laurence Tribe thinks of all this.

Laurence Tribe making the case for obstruction

That's what I thought.

I wonder what James Stavridis thinks.

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