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» Confronting and Challenging Powerful Forces

I am interested in the nature of the opposition that you might encounter in such a thing. These are very powerful forces at play here. You need super-powers to play this game.

Gretchen knows what I am talking about. I bet that she could be helpful .. were you to encounter turbulence. Just an intuition.

And Edsall is rich in these things. I learn a lot reading his columns. He is a professor at Columbia, graduate Journalism. He is a bad dude.

» The Credentials that Come with Spanning the Entire Socio-Economic Spectrum

Oh, look at this .. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes sat down with Fareed .. for a little chit-chat (6 May 2018).

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes with Fareed (6 May 2018)

See .. this guy here has spanned the entire range of the socio-economic spectrum. This gives him valid credentials to speak to this thing.

I bet that he would very much enjoy sitting down with you .. for a little chit-chat.

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He is obviously brilliant and he has large huevos rancheros (like you) for even speaking such a thing aloud.

I can feel myself doing the same thing with him that I did with you .. wondering, "Are his huevos rancheros as big as they seem?"

(Dont you already have history with Harvard dudes?)

» Not for the Faint of Heart

Confronting and challenging powerful forces .. this is not for the faint of heart.

I bet that former CIA director John Brennan knows exactly what I am talking about.

Fmr director of the CIA John Brenna addresses President Donald Trump directly about political corruption

Notice how he specifically addresses "political corruption."

Again, this statement comes from the former director of the CIA. His message begs the question » "Does he know something that we dont?"

» Rex Tillerson Says American Democracy May be Entering its Twilight Years

And check out what Former Sec of State Rex Tillerson said to graduates at VMI in Lexington on May 16, 2018:

Fmr Sec of State Rex Tillerson tells graduates that American democracy may be entering its twilight years (16 May 2018)

He said that American democracy may be entering its twilight years .. if we continue on this pat .. if we the people accept alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts.

Go ahead and listen for yourself. Is that not a remarkable statement he uttered there?

This is not some nut-case speaking. This is the former US Secretary of State. You reckon he might know?

This is the guy who once said about Trump, "What a fucking moron."

» I Would be Lyin' If

You know .. this thing here, where Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe just a few days before his retirement date ..

AG Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe

.. I would be lyin' if I said that this didnt make me think about the time when the captain kicked me off the boat .. a few months before I was getting out of the Navy. [ Which is called EAOS. ] After a 6-year enlistment.

Note that this section addressing the firing of Andrew McCabe has been moved to its own page » A Departing Sting with the Venom Meant to Do Lasting Harm (19 March 2018).

» Do these Girls Know what They're Getting Into?

When I first heard the news about JLaw and the reason for her sabbatical .. the thought passed through my mind » "I wonder if she knows what she's getting herself into."

To be fair, I had a similar thought when I first saw Ariana sing Dangerous Woman on SNL. My ego said » "This girl has no idea of what she's getting herself into." (with me)

Ariana, it turns out, is much tougher than she looks. She is game. She plays the big games. And she plays them well.

If someone told you, "You can do this thing if you really want to .. but I'm just letting you know ahead of time .. that you are going to get your ass kicked .. numerous times," would you still do it?

My experience has been that .. the longer you think about and ponder these types of questions .. the less likely you are to actually end up doing it.

This is because you can't think your way through an impossible thing.

This is why you just need to say, "Fuck it .. let's do this thing. We'll figure it out as we go."

This is where you separate the men from the boys.

» Such an Outstanding Position from which to Glean Societal Insights

Keep a journal of your experiences for the next year. I expect that you will learn a lot. A lot of things you never expected.

I will be interested to hear your lessons learned.

It is an interesting thing that you are doing .. because you are addressing the realest-of-the-real world things.

And yet you are an actor. You are a recognized expert at the art-n-craft of pretending to be other people. Other characters. Either fictional or real.

And yet, a movie, though crafted from a fabricated story, can speak to the realest of things that we experience in life.

This is why you doing this thing is an interesting thing. Interesting might not be the best word, but you feel me.

Some time later, I was thinking about this thing that you are doing, while I was out for a walk, and the voice in my head said, "Dude, we got JLaw on the team."

To which I said, "Fuck, yes."

I wonder what Jen thinks about this 27-year-old Russian chick name Anastasia, who is holed up in some Thai detention center.

Anastasia's story seems to parallel that of JLaw's character in Red Sparrow (March 2018).

» Say Hi to Emma Stone for Me

I see you hanging out with Emma Stone. You were seated together at the Oscars.

JLaw and Emma Stone at the 2018 Oscars Dolby Theater Los Angeles March 4th

When I saw you two together, the voice in my head said, "That's a lot of talent right there."

A critical mass of acting talent. She is like you in that her potential talent is virtually limitless. You will never get to the end of her talent.

» The Easy Chemistry and Mutual Respect Between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

When I saw La La Land .. I somehow felt that Ryan Gosling (who every guy is trying to be like) was acting in such a way as to help showcase Emma's acting talents.

La La Land

Perhaps I am wrong .. but the thought definitely occurred to me. I mean, he knows that Emma Stone is an amazingly talented actress. He probably knows this better than anybody.

He had some strong acting scenes in that particular role .. but he was in no way trying to steal scenes from her.

At the movies in La La Land

[ Is it just me .. or does that not look like Sarah Huckabee Sanders sitting there behind them? Trump probably sent her to spy on them. ]

I think that you know exactly what I am talking about here. I am not an actor, so I am speaking from a place of less experience.

Please say hi to her for me .. the next time you see her. (She and I go way back .. to the very beginning.)

Tell her that I like everything about her. Does she not give the best speeches at award shows? When they barely give you a minute.

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