Keke and the Testimony of the Percipient Witness

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» You Werent There, Bitch

Keke Palmer calls out Wendy | You werent there, WendyI bet that Keke knows what I am talking about, too.

Look at her here, giving Wendy shit on her own show.

"You werent there, Wendy .. so shut the fuck up."

You cannot possibly imagine the number of times I have thought,

"This motherfucker, who was not even there, and who has n.e.v.e.r been there, talks like they are an all-knowing expert."

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» I So Badly Want to Punch Him Right in the Face

"I so badly want to tell them that they dont know jack-shit .. right after I punch 'em in the face."

Stranger Things Cast SAG award acceptance speech Shrine auditorium Los Angeles Jan 29, 2017

"But I should probably just bite my tongue and keep my cool."

I bet that Ana knows exactly what I mean here (at t=2:15).

Ana de Armas knows what it feels like to want to punch somebody in the face

Check her out in this scene.

This David Harbour dude pictured here holding up the award .. he is an interesting character.

I first saw him in the WGN series titled » Manhattan.

He lit that room up like nobody's bizness. "Thank-you for this awesome responsibility." 

Anyway .. I very much appreciated it when I heard Keke say that to Wendy.

(I can be confrontational myself. Kristen Gibbons Feden knows what I am talking about.)

Kristen Gibbons Feden | Prosecutor, Cosby trial

Did you hear the way the audience howled? I bet that Wendy will think twice about talking smack about her the next time. [ Everybody loves Wendy. ]

If you're going to dish it out, then you need to be able to take it in return, too.

"A little more compassionate and less accusatory and ridiculing."

Well said. I couldnt have said it better myself. And she said it with a smile and with grace and humor.

Keke calling out Wendy for her lack of compassion

While Keke was already in the mood to toy with Wendy .. when Wendy asked her if she was "sexually fluid" .. she should have responded by saying, "Would you like me to be?"

I saw this thing, where Keke was out with Bella, holding hands. And I thought, "Hmm, seems like we have similar tastes in women."

(Keke is not the only one who likes people who love her.)

When Keke confronted Wendy on camera like that .. it reminded me of the time when Nicki called out Miley and threatened to kick her ass.

I didnt know what all that was about .. between Nicki and Miley .. but I thought, "Do not talk smack about Nicki .. or she will kick your ass on national television."

(That's why everybody is scared of Nicki.)

» Speaking as a Percipient Witness

See .. the existentialist is very much about the "being there." We derive our authority to speak to a thing, and about a thing .. because » we were there. The concept is not new.

Is someone who was not even there going to tell me about how things were going on there? Only a fool would think such a thing.

Is someone who has never set foot on a nuclear submarine going to tell me what it is like to live on one? .. after I have lived on one for years?

Is someone who has never set foot inside a nuclear plant going to tell me what it is like to start up a reactor on a nuclear submarine and split atoms and turn matter into energy?

Is someone who has never set foot inside a jail or a prison going to tell me what life there is like?

I think not.

Is someone who has never been diagnosed with cancer going to tell me what treatment feels like? Probably not.

This 4-min video done by people who have lost loved ones to gun violence speaks volumes to what I am trying to describe here. It actually says it much better than I ever could .. I think you would agree. Is that not powerful?

Caren Teves of Aurora

When I talk about the standing that comes from speaking as a percipient witness .. I bet that Bill Brewbaker knows exactly what I am talking about.

In fifty or a huncred years .. when historians look back to the early part of the twenty-first century, and try to answer the burning question on everyone's mind » "What the fuck was that?" ..

.. these historians will naturally try to find documentation from those who lived through the experience.

They will no doubt peruse a variety of socio-economic sources .. so they can reconstruct a fuller model and create a more accurate account.

This is one of the things that makes Gatsby Gatsby .. Fitzgerald was all up in the zeitgeist in a big way.

» Not Your Average Guy

And the fact that Keke came on Wendy's show and called her out in front of her own audience .. this speaks things to me.

I am not going to tell you the things that it speaks. But I can tell you that it is not easy to do what she did. No, ma'am.

Keke said that she is having trouble with the dating thing. I am not surprised.

What kind of guy is she going to be okay with? What kind of guy is she going to feel comfortable enough with to just be herself?

Not your average guy .. that's for sure. Here is where you trust the universe to do its job for you.

» Wendy was Wrong about Selena & the Weeknd

Regarding Wendy, she said (at t=3:30) that Selena and the Weeknd were not the real deal. She said this as if she were completely certain.

I knew she was wrong when she said that.

Selena and the Weeknd at the Met Gala May 1, 2017

"How can Wendy not see this obvious thing?" I wondered. It was obvious to everybody but Wendy.

Here's an image for Wendy. Abel and Selena look like they are in love, no?

Abel and Selena in love

I know that you think they are faking it here, Wendy .. but this is some excellent faking. They should both go into acting.

» Selena and Abel's Relationship Fake All Along?

Oh, look at this. It seems that Selena and Abel's relationship was fake all along. Wendy is never going to let me hear the end of this.

I can almost hear her now, saying, "Do you remember back when I called this relationship fake? Well, it seems that I was right all along. Everybody told me that I was crazy. You doubters know who you are. But I was right and they were wrong. Suck it, you haters."

It looks like Selena is back with Justin.

Selena and Justin morning bike-ride Los Angeles Nov 1, 2017

I tried to tell her that she can have any guy she wants. She can have any five guys that she wants.

» People Who Focus on the Shortcomings of Others

I probably shouldnt even mention this, because it is off-topic .. but regarding the beef between 50 Cent and Wendy Williams, who I have already mentioned here ..

50 Cent vs Wendy Williams

Wendy said to 50 Cent, "I dont care that you didnt grow up with a father, and that your mom .. whatever happened when you were eight. Get your life."

If you have lived on planet earth for any length of time, then you know that there are certain people who like to focus on the shortcomings of others.

This is a remarkable thing, because these people completely ignore their own shortcomings. It is such a remarkable thing .. that I have actually given it some thought and consideration.

My sense here is that focusing on the shortcomings of others distracts them from their own shortcomings .. which are far more severe.

Dealing with your own shortcomings can range from merely uncomfortable to a full-fledged identity crisis. So I guess that I shouldnt be so surprised.

Maybe I will be able to get away with briefly mentioning this here. Because I could really get to meddling like a motherfucker right about now. But I'm too smart for that.

But do not these same people seem to lack a sense of empathy and compassion? .. which is sort of the thing that makes you human.

Wendy said, "I dont care that..." and you totally believe her. Remarkable as that might seem.

And you think, "Can they not see the giant hole in their heart? How can they miss it?" Yet somehow they do.

Talking smack about people .. this is Wendy's whole schtick. She is literally a professional smack-talker. Is she not? I bet that Paris agrees with me here.

She gets all up in people's business and tells you why they dont measure up to Wendy's standards .. while sippin' a warm cup of tea.

I admit that we all have such inclinations from time to time. But some people are more inclined toward this sort of thing than others.

You could craft a typical personality profile for the type of person who enjoys talking smack about others.

[ I have a different kind of 50 Cent story .. from growing up in Connecticut. ]

The end. ■

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