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Don't Make Me Get All Nietzsche on You

It probably means nothing to anybody but me, but I have posted this page live on the 10th of October ..

Timestamp Worldclock Sunday 10 October 2021 at 10:10 pm San Diego time

.. even though I post-dated it for the 19th (19 Oct 2021) which is still a week away.

The full moon arrives the next day on the 20th.

Somebody should ask Jimmy Carter how he is feeling.

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It is still only Saturday the 18th, but I am posting this entry with tomorrow's date » 19 Sept 2021.

Worldclock timestamp San Diego 9:19 pm Saturday 18 Sept 2021

I want to get a headstart. I want to hit the ground running.

The term zeitgeist is defined as » The spirit of the age; the spirit characteristic of an age, or a period, or a generation.

Some synonyms offered are » The feel, the feeling, the flavor, the spirit, the tone.

Looks like autumn arrives Wednesday, 22 Sept 2021 at 12:21 pm local time. Look at all the 1's and 2's there.

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This page continues from an entry titled » How Can this Impossible Thing Feel Like the Thing I've been Looking for My Whole Life? (21 June 2021).

Today is Friday-the-13th.

Well, it is actually Saturday-the-14th when I am posting this HTML page live.

Worldclock timestamp for Saturday, 14 August 2021 at 9:38 PM San Diego

But Friday-the-13th seems like so much more an appropriate date for a page with a title like this one. No? (It doesnt really matter in the end.)

[ Remind me to talk about what is appropriate vs what is not appropriate .. because it ties in nicely with today's topic.

The term appropriate is defined as » Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.

The reason why I mention this particular word right here is because .. what might be fitting or suitable to one person does not necessarily mean that such-a-thing is suitable or fitting for another.

To another. With another. You feel me.

Because values and priorities comes into play here when you start to define what is or is not appropriate.

Nietzsche was very much about » values, you know.

Values are funny thing, my friend. But not the kind of funny that makes you laugh out loud. No, sir. 'Fraid not. ]

» I Hope My Friend Elena and Her Team Girlfriends are Okay

I hope that my friend Elena ..

Elena Fraules, ooh la la | choreographer, dancer, Fraules Dance Studios, Novosibirsk, Russia (est 2010).

.. and her team girlfriends ..

Elena Fraules and her team dancers performing Watchacha (31 Dec 2018)

are okay. I saw this thing where Siberia is on fire more than all the fires in the world combined.

Siberian wildfires now bigger than all other fires in world combined ABC News (11 Aug 2021)

The frozen tundra of Siberia is on fire. That's how you know that the apocalypse has arrived.

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Now I'm Warmed Up

This page continues from an entry titled » The Darkness Didnt Get It (19 June 2021).

When I am really feeling myself .. when I am feeling my oats .. after I have successfully completed a complex task that is challenging and demanding and maybe even a little zeitgeisty ..

.. which means that it needs to be completed in a timely manner.

» How You Like Me Now, Girly?

This is where I will sometimes say to one of these super-hotties .. I will say, "How you like me now, girly?"

This is how I flirt with them. One of the ways. The many ways. So, so many. Wait .. what was I talking about?

Oh, yeah .. speaking of flirting with talented super-hotties in a timely fashion .. I wonder what time it is right now.

I'm-a go check real quick. Be right back. Dont go anywhere.

Time-n-date timestamp World clock San Diego 7:04 am on 4 July 2021

It's still early. Plenty of time for play and whatnot .. before the festivities begin tonight.

Or my ego might say, "Girly, you have never seen anything the likes of me before. And I'm just getting warmed up."

But while I was prepping myself to write today's entry, I said instead, "Oh, now I'm warmed up."

And you can betchur ass that my arms were cocked back when I said that.

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Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Time right now is 11:53 PM .. and the structural HTML for this page is live.

Timestamp Worldclock San Diego 3 August 2020 11:53 PM

Tonight is the August full moon. Groups of coyotes have been howling loudly the last few nights.

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This page continues from » Eddie's Honest Look at Racism in America and Revisiting the Nature of Nietzsche's Prophetic Chops (9 Aug 2019).

» Are We No Longer Even Pretending to Keep This Secret?

Girly, who is Scootie pointing at?

Social House talks to Zack Sang about Boyfriend with Ariana and Everything Changed and the Sweetener tour (3 Aug 2019)

Because it feels like he is pointing right at me.

I can hear my ego saying, "Dude, why do you ask these stupid questions? Of course he's pointing at you."

Did you say anything to them about keeping things secret?

Are we no longer even pretending to keep things quiet and on the down-low?

(Dove knows what I am talking about.)

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This page continues from here » Mass Shooting of Minorities Inspired by Racist Rhetoric Triggers Mood Swings (9 Aug 2019)

» Eddie Glaude Speaks Bluntly on Racism in America

One of the things that made me feel happy .. was this statement made by Eddie Glaude. He is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton.

The mere fact that a a black man is speaking aloud these words on television .. this a big deal.

Eddie Glaude says America likes to tell itself myths and fables about our inherent goodness in order to hide our dark secrets so we can maintain a willful ignorance that protects our innocence. (7 Aug 2019)

You almost can't believe what your ears are hearing. In the grand scheme of things, this is a big deal.

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Cooking with Plutonium - Page One

[ This entry continues from here » A Crisis Without Equal on Earth Over the Revaluation of All Values (09 Feb 2018). ]

» JLaw to Educate Students about the Bullshit of Political Corruption

Speaking of watershed moments in the new age .. Jennifer Lawrence is going to take off a year from acting and go talk to students around the country ..

Jennifer Lawrence to educate students about the bullshit of political corruption

.. educating them about the bullshit that is currently going on in 'our' government. The bullshit of political corruption.

I am beyond impressed. I can feel myself trying to gauge the size of her huevos rancheros.

When I first heard this story (from 60 Minutes, 25 Feb 2018) the voice in my my head said, "Now we're cooking with plutonium."

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Some time ago I wrote that Nietzsche, for me, is about » a crisis without equal on earth. These words come from Nietzsche himself.

Nietzsche says that Philosophy means living voluntarily among ice and high mountains like Zarathustra does

I have a copy of the Modern Library Classics » Basic Writings of Nietzsche, which contains complete texts of five of Nietzsche's most important works, from his first book to his last.

  1. The Birth of Tragedy (1872)
  2. Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
  3. On the Genealogy of Morals (1887)
  4. The Case of Wagner (1888)
  5. Ecce Homo | How One Becomes What One Is (written 1888, published 1908)

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Rad note » this entry originated from another page. It was moved here because the subject drifted far enough to warrant its own, separate page, which lets me focus on and reference more easily the concepts under discussion here.

At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have included a link that will return you to the exact place from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

Professor Nietzsche Quits His Day-Job to » Hike the Swiss Alps Every Summer

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)Nietzsche is another writer who craved the mountains and the mountain air.

Probably even more than Hemingway.

But Nietzsche summered in the mountains .. the mountains of Sils Maria in Switzerland.

Not far from the border with Italy.

Which is where he headed for the winters. Down to warmer climates like Turin & Genoa.

At age 24 (1869) he became the youngest-ever person to occupy the Chair of Classical Philology (Written Languages) ..

.. at the University of Basel (founded 1460, Switzerland).

Twenty-four year old Professor Nietzsche .. at the same university where minds like Euler ('OY-ler) and Bernoulli went.

Ten years later, at age 34 (1879) he said » "Fuck it. I'm outta here. This shit is driving me crazy. Send my monthly pension checks to my new address at Sils Maria. I am now going to apply my considerable powers of intellect toward philosophy. Heck, I might even write a book or two while I'm there."

[ That's when Nietzsche headed to the Alps and started doing some vigorous, sustained hiking (like Hemingway). And writing books (also like Hemingway). ]

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