Mass Shooting of Minorities Inspired by Racist Rhetoric Triggers Mood Swings

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» Feeling Habakkuk and his Complaint

There is much ugliness there. So much of it that I could feel Habakkuk when he wrote to God. (Rad paraphrase.)

"Why are you making see all this nasty shit? .. where nasty fuckheads trick-fuck good people and then get away with it.

"This shit has been going on for so long now, and it shows no signs of abating any time soon."

"Justice is a joke .. a bad joke. How are you tolerating this?"

It is just a sad state of affairs that our government has become.

Magdalena Gomez Gregorio (11) crying after parents deported (t=6:00, 8 Aug 2019)

This is heartbreaking. Such a little girl.

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These things probably bother and affect me more than they do the average person ..

Little Zeke cries and says he is scared (at t=3:00) as his dad is taken away by immigration officials (25 July 2019)

.. because I have had a number of traumatic experiences along these lines.

Latinos living in fear after mass shooting in El Paso (Brooke Baldwin, 9 Aug 2019)

Here is a clip on PBS about Chris Arnade's photos of overlooked Americans: Scenes from the country's back row PBS (21 July 2019).

Chris Arnade's photos of overlooked Americans: Scenes from the country's back row PBS (21 July 2019)

Remind me to tell you about the time I was sitting on the curb at my son's place .. when I was there to pick him up.

And the cops were there. My son trying not to cry. The officer says, "Sir, do you mind if I go through your wallet to find your ID?"

Who would have ever conceived a powerful government intent on ripping apart children from their refugee parents.

How can that not affect you? In a human-to-human way.

» What Happened to Their Moral Compass? Part 19

How can there be such intentional cruelty to the most vulnerable among us. :How could their moral compass ever have gotten so broken?

Was it really broken all along? Or were they just pretending that it was working all along?

In the past, most presidents have had a moral compass that pointed directly toward America.

But, more-n-more, the needle started pointing toward themselves. And sometimes it even points toward Russia.

This might be why everything has changed. Russia is good. North Korea rocks. Nazis are very fine people.

» My Drug-Shrink Says I am Feeling Things Too Personally Lately, Producing Mood Swings

Remind me to tell you about what my shrink said. My drug doctor, there at the behavioral health clinic where all the crazies go. (They have been so helpful to me.)

I was feeling pretty sad for a few days afterward. After the shooting .. the dual-shooting of August 3rd. .

He told me that it shouldnt affect me as much as it was .. that I was feeling sad (depressed?) for a few days.

I wonder what Lilium thinks of my recent mood swings.

Lilium's borderline story for Mental Health Awareness month (10 Oct 2017)

I would have thought that everybody is going to be feeling sad for some amount of time. I mean, if you care about the country and the direction it is currently headed.

This comment from my drug-shrink speaks to my assertion that it is not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had anticipated .. because it affects me more than I suspected it would.

Because I didnt expect to really have to go to these ugly places when I signed up for the job.

[ Oh, this is like stumbling into Tom Cruise in that movie, Edge of Tomorrow, where he gets told by the general that he needs to go those places where things arent nearly as nice as they are right now. You gotta go see this shit. ]

» Hello Wellbutrin, Where have You been All My Life?

My drug-shrink turned me on to some Wellbutrin. Today is actually my first day on it.

Ooh, I am liking this stuff very much. It kind of gives you a motivational lift, but without the wired feeling of something like coffee.

He already has me max'ed out on Zoloft at 200 mgs. But I have been experiencing some mood swings lately .. from happy to sad, or vice versa depending on the particular trigger.

I am okay with these mood swings. I try to be honest with myself about the things I may be feeling.

So he turned me on to this stuff called Wellbutrin. He started me at the lowest dose.

About an hour or so after popping that Wellbutrin this morning on an empty stomach with water, I thought, "Ooh, I like this stuff. I like it a lot. This is why I love Brett. He takes care of me."

» Let Me Know If You Notice any Changes in My Writing (Starting Today)

So let me know if you notice any changes in my writing, or in my style. Or if my personality seems different.

I definitely feel different .. though I am not sure if these differences will affect my writing.

But I feel good. More happy, less sad.

Some people on these mind-affecting drugs can develop changes in personality.

This is the end of this page. ■

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