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» Iceland Makes Me Think of Nietzsche

Here in this thoughtfully considered world that I designed with conscious intention, and with supporting moral elements fixed securely at key junctures ..

.. here is where I recognize various common patterns that you and I might happen to find in our life.

I take note of how closely or prevalently such patterns might happen to match with others I mightve stumbled upon here or there .. in my admittedly unconventional life.

NF The Search struggling to pull a shopping cart with black balloons attached across a vast plain away from distant cage (30 May 2019)

Here in this world I have constructed, after much careful consideration and deliberation .. here in this world is where » Iceland makes me think of Nietzsche.

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» Nietzsche Makes Me Think About the Revaluation of All Values

I find this a curious match .. because, now that I think of it, there are multiple matching patterns between them.

For example, Nietzsche also had issues with mental health.

If I were Nathan, I might spend a summer near Nietzsche's summer home in the mountains.

There I would take hikes on the trails of the nearby mountains.

I would rest and rejuvenate and listen quietly for the voice of Nietzsche to speak to me.

Or whatever voice I might happen to find most rewarding and inspiring at the moment.

» Physicists Say that the Rules which Govern Things in the Quantum World are Very Different from Those We are So Familiar With

This is the quantum world of the writer that I am writing about.

I dont normally like to write about these kinds of things because they can sound crazy.

They even sound crazy to me, at times. Things in this existential writer's world seem to play by their own rules.

In the quantum world, things operate in a more probabilistic way. Less things there are certain or sure .. than what appears to us in the physical world.

The lesson here that physics teaches us is » the physical world cannot offer you any assurance. Any real assurance .. beyond some probabilistic number that you can calculate.

» Certainty vs Probability

Probability vs Certainty is one of the key insights that have come in the last century or so.

Most models of physics and the physical world can be be applied, meta-physically, to living life in the physical world.

This is where Einstein pulled back the very fabric of reality itself, and said, "Hey, come check out. Aint this some shit?"

Things aint always what they seem.

So I obviously need to learn the rules .. the ones that govern this crazy writer's world .. the place where I put things into words.

It takes longer than I thought it would to figure shit out .. and there are no shortcuts around the difficult, soul-fucking experiences that come along the way.

» The Reevaluation of All Values Makes Me Think About the Crisis Without Equal Upon the Earth that Nietzsche Prophesied

I mean, who would want to miss out on all the insights and experiences that you bring with you out of such life-experiences?

There are things in this world that you would not believe .. even if I told you.

These are the types of things that you really need to demonstrate .. and let them speak for themselves.

» Laughing So Hard that You Can Barely Stand It

Anyways .. Caitlin and her friend were certainly cracking up uncontrollably.

Caitlin and her friend react to Boyfriend by Social House featuring Ariana (1 Aug 2019)

Who can blame them?

I remember the Film school girl telling me that comedy was difficult to do. Not easy to pull off.

» When You are Badly in Need of Some Sweet Respite

Did you happen to notice recently where I wrote a section titled » Badly in Need of Some Sweet Respite.

I wrote this section in a page titled » Another Blessing in Disguise (19 July 2019).

A blessing-in-disguise is defined as a difficult place .. where only later can you look back and see how things actually turned out .. to be a good thing for you.

Better than if the difficult challenge never came. Much better.

A challenging place which seemed like a bad thing at the time it arrived. From a certain perspective it seemed like this could be the end of the world.

» Are We Really in Love .. or Does it Just Feel that Way?

Girly, dont think that I missed this thing you did here.

While Mikey was singing there behind the couch ..

Boyfriend Social House Ariana mikey_singing_behind_couch_feel_like we just in love (1 Aug 2019)

.. which is where he sings (verse 2) » "Make me honestly feel like we just in love"

This is my thing .. my defining thing where I write things like "Girly, are we really in love? .. or does it just feel that way?"

When I heard him sing that line, I started to think of a million different things at once.

» Touché

And while I was momentarily preoccupied there with the thought of feeling like I am in love with you .. and everything goes along with such as idea .. bam!

Boyfriend Social House and Ariana feeling like we just in love (1 Aug 2019)

There you are. Look at this look on your face here .. wow.

That got to me. I could feel it get through. Almost like a "Tag, you're it."

"Touché, lover."

I wondered if Hanna planned it that way .. or if it just worked out that way.

I was a little jealous afterward, because it was such a cool thing that I wished I could do something like that myself .. to deliver such a thing to you. To pay you back.

» It Just Seemed to Happen So Naturally and Organically .. as if On Its Own

Girly, speaking of paybacks .. have you noticed how I lifted out the section on kissing from the page titled » Your Foot Must be Starting Get Very Sore (21 Aug 2018).

And I moved all this talk of kissing to its own page titled » I Bet You are a Good Kisser (1 Aug 2019)

Ariana's open kissable mouth at the end of breathin (7 Nov 2018)

What do you think about the way I dated it the same as the release date of your Boyfriend video?

Was that just a coincidence? .. or do you think it might mean something?

The Boyfriend video being released on the same day as my Kissing page .. I think this must mean something .. intuitively speaking.

I mean, it almost moved itself there on its own. I dont think I couldve stopped it even if I wanted to.

And why would I ever want to? Why would I want to stop it from moving there? .. unless I was too big of a pussy, maybe.

Do you think this means that we are in sync?

» I'm Gonna have to Think of Something Real Good

Sometimes when I watch one of your videos for the first time .. with open expectations and genuine curiosity ..

.. sometimes I will think, "Oh, she's gonna so get it for that. I'm gonna have think of something real good to pay her back for that."

The voice in my head said, "Dude, she's got Hannah Lux Davis helping her. How can you compete with that? You are definitely gonna need to up your game .. if you really want to take this thing to the next level."

Prince Harry knows what I am talking about. That's why he is now the Duke of Sussex.

His job today is primarily to make babies. It's good work, if you can find it.

» You Need to Actually Go There and Live In the World Where Such Things Exist .. if You Want to Speak with any Authenticity

To really write well on a certain topic, or a certain theme .. you must actually go to the worlds where such things exist.

Keke knows what I am talking about. I bet that Juliana knows what I am talking about.

Juliana goes to the Kopan Tibetan Buddhist monastery on the outskirts of Kathmandu in Nepal to live with monks for 10 days and be with herself (28 July 2019)

I like her. She is like an outdoorsy nature-chick and a yoga-chick all wrapped into one. I have used a few other images of her in some of my pages.

She brings her own brand of sweet respite.

Here she is at the Kopan Tibetan Buddhist monastery on the outskirts of Kathmandu in Nepal (elev. 4,600 ft) .. to live with monks for 10 days and be with herself (28 July 2019)

That sounds pretty bitchin' .. if you ask me.

» When You Actually Visit a Place You Often Find it Different than You Mightve Anticipated

I feel that most artists would agree .. that there is a difference between writing about a thing from the outside in, vs writing about a thing from the inside-inside .. and decide for yourself what things really live and exist and take place in this particular theme.

Because many times I have found .. that my preconceived notions (prejudiced) were wrong. And sometimes even very wrong.

I do not want to labor the point .. but merely mention this here where I talk about how it has been more difficult to chronicle the end of the world than I had anticipated.

Granted that you get a special thing to help take you there. And who doesnt enjoy some help now-n-then? Or here-n-there.

But this doesnt mean that you arent affected by the nastiness that you find there.

This is the end of this page. ■

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