Designing and Building a Moral Life with Help from the Existentialists and Insights from Quantum Physics

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» Analyzing Circumstances and Events in the World Through My Own Custom Existential Lens

It probably means nothing to anybody but me .. but, here in my existential world .. which I have researched and studied the proven values and morals that a sentient human being will want and need to bring along with him ..

Each of us must design our own moral code by which to live say the existentialists

.. so he can lie down comfortably on his deathbed without feeling the sting of regret.

I wanted to focus on what was actually important, and avoid the things that are not.

In order to assemble such an organized structure .. I began with the basics. I am talking about the fundamental, rudimentary aspects for building yourself a life that is actually worth a fuck.

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» Building a Life that Doesnt Suck

At first it was very basic. But once I became adapted to these fundamental aspects, then I was able to add to it and take things to the next level of not sucking as a child of God .. walking around with the life-n-nature of God in him.

So I began looking around and seeing what ideas I might find out there .. if I wanted to focus on the important stuff.

And the Existentialists tend to spend a lot time and thought on the ideas of values .. or determining exactly what is important and what isnt.

When I had questions and went looking .. the existentialists usually seemed to have an answer that made sense and spoke to me in a validating sort of way.

» Deciding What is Important to You Reflects Your Underlying Values

Note that answering the question » "What is important, and what is not?" .. requires everyone to answer it for himself.

I cannot tell you what things are important for you, and you cannot tell me what things are important for me.

Why not? Because we have different value-structures assembled behind our decision-making apparatus.

Sometimes people project their own value-structure on you .. and think they know what's good for you.

But this is only because they dont really know you.

Studying how a reactor plant is designed and how it operates .. gave me a viable structure on which to build.

» Deep Work is About Focusing on the Most Important Stuff with Only the Things You Really Need

It's called Deep Work because it is life-building work that you do on yourself that happens at a deep level.

Deep Work, Rules for focused success in a distracted world, by Cal Newport (2016).

And no, it's not the easiest thing. But once you get a working foundation built .. things get a lot better. More creative.

And here you just follow your heart .. for what things feel right-n-proper for you explore .. for the bold adventurer living inside you.

I remember thinking, for example, "I'm going to have to see what Nietzsche is all about." (Nietzsche is very much about values.)

You will need to let go of the urge to give a fuck about what other people say about you.

I mean, some people. While with others, you will naturally give very much of a fuck.

» Suzanne Assures You that Seeking a Sense of Validation from the Opinions of Others is a Fool's Errand

Suzanne knows what I am talking about.

Suzanne Adams tells a TEDx audience how she's using quantum physics to turn her dreams into realities. She says the worst thing is to seek your heart's deepest desires through the validation or opinions of others (29 March 2019)

This is one of the coolest TEDx talks I have ever seen. Some of them, for me, seem to stand out so far from the norm.

I wonder what that might means.

Anyway, Suzanne is telling a TEDx audience here about how she has been using the principles found in quantum physics to make her dreams come true.

And "What sort of dreams might the lady-in-red have?" you ask?

Good question. Her dreams are embodied by various feelings that she has been searching for her entire life 'til age 30.

» A Sense of Purpose and Connection with Feelings of Being Desired and Appreciated

These feelings include a sense of purpose and connection.

A feeling of being desired and appreciated. Those are certainly some sweet things to search for, I must admit.

Girly, what do you think about the idea of feeling desired and appreciated?

I bet you feel desired. If not, I can certainly crank up the dial for you.

I do indeed appreciate you. I have told you as much on many, many occasions .. because there has been so many of them.

Making someone feel desired and appreciated is something that I am good at. When the chemistry is working for you and not against.

What say ye, lover? Sometimes I will see you do something .. that will give me a surge of desire that takes me straight to craving.

» I have Applied the Principles Found in Both Quantum and Classial Newtonian Physics to My Own Life

I do some of these same quantum things myself, you know. My applications are probably more playful than Suzanne's.

I'm talking about using the principles and concepts found in quantum physics in order to help live my life better.

People has long used concepts and principles of classical physics .. which exist here in the larger universe that we all know and love so much.

This approach to using concepts found naturally in physics to help guide you in life .. this approach is based on the idea that things found (naturally) in physics can often be applied to life in general.

» Guidance and Insights to Help Construct a Life that Doesnt Suck

And perhaps they can provide some degree of understanding regarding situations where you are unclear about the best direction to take at key junctures.

Hopefully it is the Spirit of Living God himself who you are listening to (deep inside) .. who you are receiving your guidance and direction from. (And not the father of lies. That would not be good.)

Ezekiel knows what I am talking about.

Over the years I have steadily learned things from my various life-experiences that have allowed me to add to my structure or blueprint for how to build a life that works for me. How to build myself a life that doesnt suck.

Because I am the one who is ultimately responsible for what happens with this life. I surely dont want to be weighed in the balance and found lacking.

Sometimes the littlest things can turn out to have the biggest effect in your life. For good or bad.

» During Key Phases of Construction, I Kept Running into the Existentialists and Their Ideas on Living Life

I didnt plan it this way, but here is where I kept running into the Existentialists .. because they seemed to at least acknowledge a moral component to the life they sought to create.

Each of us must design our own moral code by which to live say the existentialists

Their inclination toward brutal honesty certainly spoke to me. I like it when people tell me straight. I can handle it. (Most of the time. Heck, I'm only human.)

I would read something that spoke to me in a curious and self-validating sort-of-way. Something in me seemed to say, "This is something we want in our life. Let's do this thing. I know it looks impossible right now, but fuck it .. let's do it anyway. The supper-hotties will surely be impressed when they see this thing in action."

And these things were not easy. Far from it, my friend. Sometimes not far from impossible .. in my humble opinion. If they were easy .. everybody would be incorporating such ideas and principles and perspectives .. they would be building them into themselves.

And again, values come very much into play. If you do not value such things, then you will obviously want nothing to do with such ideas. Such dangerous ideas. (Ariana knows what I am talking about.)

So this existential thing that I kept running into .. kept ringing true with something in me. I wouldnt call it a spark. I would merely say that something about it felt right.

So I knew that this particular concept that they presented was something that I wanted to incorporate into my own life.

The father of Existentialism, Kierkegaard, he was very much familiar with the scriptures. Though many existentialists consider themselves atheists.

Do your own research and you'll that most atheists live better moral lives than most self-professed christians.

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