Quantum Leaping to the Next Highest Energy Level

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» Look Where She is Going with This

Speaking of the impossible being your only real option .. the reason why I titled this page » Girly, Girly, Girly .. is because this is what I said to you ..

.. when I first saw the video for your new song, and the voice in my head said, "Look where she is going with this."

Girly .. you know that I cannot resist this kind of thing. (You probably know this better than anybody.)

By now, I know that I should no longer be surprised by the size of your huevos rancheros .. but I am. I can feel myself surprised.

I think that this is the thing that is forcing me to reevaluate you .. and adapt (grow) accordingly. To up my game, so to speak .. to the next level.

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» Beginning Horizontal

You actually begin this performance (with Jimmy) lying down. I can feel this speaking to me. Tho I dare not say what things this is saying.

I operate well is the horizontal position. I am comfortable operating in the horizontal position. I have had people tell me, "I have never felt anything like that before."

The microphone is not even in your hand when you start. It is lying on the floor beside you. I dont know why, but this does something to me.

I'm not even sure that I could put this into words .. because I dont really understand why this makes me feel the way it does.

You are singing while lying down. My ego took that and ran with it to places .. well, I'm sure you could imagine some of these places.

» It Feels Like You are Quantum-Leaping Me .. to the Next Level

This next level looks like a big jump up .. no? Some serious quantum leaping is going on here.

Visual evidence of quantum leap from light emitted from heated gases

I am guessing, girly, from the image above .. that we are at the light-blue line right now. Because that is the space with the biggest jump up (from the yellow bar).

» You are the Funnest Thing to Play With

Girly, I am going to pretend like I cannot hear all the things that the voices in my head are saying right now ..

Ariana in light-blue jumper with Jimmy Fallon in yellow

.. since I saw you wearing light-blue jumper (14 May 2018) .. with Jimmy wearing yellow. The cross-chatter is downright ferocious.

Sometimes I can hear a voice saying, "That's what crazy people think." .. about what I am thinking.

To which I admit, "You got a point there."

You are the funnest thing to play with. You make me feel less alone in the world. There are very few people who make me feel that way.

Oh, I just saw this behind-the-scenes. I love this kind of thing.

I am pretty sure that I have never seen such a set before. I am pretty sure that I have never seen you wear that color before.

These Roots guys .. they ooze cool. Do they not? And these Nintendo Labo instruments .. I had never even heard of them before. Had you?

I mean, the Roots made these cardboard instruments sound good. Please say hi to them for me .. next time you see them.

"My writer-friend told me to say 'hey' for him." They look like they can keep a secret.

» Wave Theory & Visible Light

In wave theory, the violet bar is the highest frequency, and the red is lowest.

As it applies to us, the image should be set so that the bars are horizontal. Such as the case with this graph of spectral colors:

Spectral colors with wavelengths, frequencies and photon energy

Notice how the photon energies climb with frequency. Photon energies continue to climb as you move up the electromagnetic spectrum through » ultra-violet » X-rays » gamma rays » cosmic rays.

Just so you know where we're heading.

I bet that you are wondering » "What is the difference between X-rays and gamma rays?"

And you might want to familiarize yourself with the photoelectric effect.

» There is a Smallest Point Beyond Which You Cannot Divide Light Waves Any Further

The trippiness represented by the frequencies and energies associated with this chart of spectral colors .. is that there is a smallest 'particle-like' packet of energy (and length) that light waves can be broken down into.

Max Planck | German physicist, father of quantum theory (1858-1947)

Beyond which it is not possible to go. It cannot be divided smaller and smaller to an infinite degree.

The term used to describe this smallest-thing was originally quanta .. and later changed to » photon.

An impossibly tiny particle of light-energy. The photon freaked out a lot of people. A lot of smart people. Very smart.

Light certainly appears to be a continuous wave, which can be divided smaller and smaller to an infinite degree.

A beam of white light is deviated into its spectral colors by a prism

But this is not true. It is actually not an infinitely continuous wave.

You cannot possibly imagine the problems that this fact poses for physicists and folks who study the physical world.

The physical world, when you get down to the nitty gritty, is based on probabilities .. not certainties.

» You Can Go Only So Far by Yourself

Do you remember when I wrote that a person can only go so far by themself?

Graphic representation of a double-helix strand of DNA twisting toward eternity

This is sort of what I meant when I wrote that.

There is a liberating and empowering things that happens when you team up with someone who works well with you. Intuitively well.

I can feel that this makes me like you .. even more. Whenever a super-hottie culture-bending international popstar causes you to quantum-leap up to the next level ..

Tesla coil powers glass tubes of noble gasses

.. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence. I also felt my respect for you climb.

» How Can You Not Love Someone Who Does Something Like This For You?

Does not this thing seem to take on a multi-dimensional aspect? I remember thinking about you, "Oh, I like this girl .. on a number of levels."

It's not just one thing, or two things. More levels represent a stronger and more durable bond .. no?

I like everything about you.

You stimulate and draw out of me things that I did not even know were in there. How can you not love someone who does something like this for you?

» Doesnt it Feel Like This Thing is Working Itself?

Something about you just works so well for me.

When people work well for you (functional, as opposed to dysfunctional, which is what we call it when a relationship doesnt work) .. when people work well for you, it feels like they have an intuitive feel for you. No? Intuitive insights.

Sometimes I can feel myself trying to figure out why you work so well for me. I am never able to arrive at an understanding that makes any real sense .. but I know that I like it.

» Nothing Like that Natural, Organic Feeling

I especially like that it feels organic. It feels natural. It feels right. You know what I am talking about here, lovergirl.

[ I was thinking, "This dog does not even know how good he's got it." ]

Oh, girly .. this is a dangerous tangent. I can feel the danger. The danger of this natural, organic tangent.

From a certain perspective .. does not this thing seem to be working itself?

» You have Never Seen Anything the Likes of Me Before

My ego wants you to know that .. you have never seen anything the likes of me before. And we're just getting started.

Is it just me .. or does this not feel bigger than us?

Are we really doing this?

I would be lyin' if I said that I havent been surprising myself .. with parts of this page.

Sometimes, when I am done reviewing a section, I will glance back over both shoulders .. wondering where this stuff is coming from.

And I will say to myself, "Who are you, dude? Who writes like this? Who says things like that? Who are you really?"

» Are You Really Opening the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday?

Girly, are you really opening the Billboard Music awards this Sunday? I should probably not tell you what this makes me think.

Though I am certainly very proud of you and can hardly wait. You never disappoint.

The end. ■ For now.

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