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» Paraphrasing Habakkuk

I can feel something in me wanting to paraphrase Habakkuk the prophet .. from that section where I grabbed my title from.

But let me think about this a little. I want to make sure that I get it right.

I will get back to you on the Habakkuk paraphrase .. but it should be obvious that he is complaining about bad shit that has been going on for a very long time.

Some of the women to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein

He is saying, "This is a crock o' shit. How are you letting this nasty shit go on for so long .. without judging these fuckers? .. who are doing this nasty shit day-n-night. This is not right and you know it aint right."

Notice the pattern? Notice the recursion? It naturally makes me wonder » "How far does this thing go? And where?"

This is why this thing feels bigger than me. One of the reasons, anyway.

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» More than Enough

Girly, do you remember back when I said a little prayer for you? That was an unusual experience for me.

I think about that every now-n-then. And it came right after a section where I write, "Why am I suddenly thinking about pair-annihilation?"

And when these types of things have occurred in the past, I normally try to gauge the size and scope and dimensions of the thing.

And I could see the general direction of this thing .. but when I tried to wrap my head around the size and scope, and here I am speaking in an intuitive sense of the thing, a voice said, "Dont even try .. you're wasting your time."

This why I wrote "More than enough."

And the feeling here that I was left with .. as I could feel myself searching within myself .. was » "You do not have what it takes to measure the dimensions of this thing."

I remember this because I didnt really like this idea. I mean, who would? Who likes the idea that they do not have what it takes .. to do anything?

» I Knew that I Threw a Good Pitch

This is why this experience left me with the impression of throwing a pitch .. because I had released it. This much I knew for certain. (I had the confident assurance .. in a big way. A surprisingly big way.)

One of my favorite aspects of the signature is this knowing-that-you-know.

But I was still waiting to see exactly where this thing would end up.

» This is a Big Deal

Speaking of the trajectory of a thing .. this news here, where Jeff Fager gets fired for threatening a correspondent that he could have her fired ..

Jeff Fager fired by David Rhodes for threatening a correspondent investigating allegations against him (13 Sept 2018)

.. this is a big deal. In the realm of women being treated with dignity in the workplace, this is a big deal.

Which is why I returned here from September to note it.

This is completely different from Moonves.

Actions speak louder and this thing speaks to me. It says things.

Management is saying by their actions, "You can't threaten a correspondent like this who is investigating you."

Jericka Duncan | CBS News correspondent (13 Sept 2018)

I am actually surprised that they did this. My eyebrows popped up right away when I heard this news.

It tells me that they are getting it. They are getting the message. Very promising. And such quick execution, too.

Good for them. Good for management at CBS. Good for women in the workplace.

» Secrecy is the Thing that Allows Abuse to Continue

Tho I agree with Gayle that transparency is crucial.

Gayle King says 'We must have transparency at CBS.' (11 Sept 2018)

Because secrecy is the thing that has allowed this kind of thing to continue for so long.

[ Josh Shipiro knows what I am talking about. He probably knows this better than anybody.

Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro has evidence Vatican knew about priest sexual abuse (28 August 2018)

Gigantic kudos to him. I lived in Pennsylvania for 6 years. Lancaster .. the heart of Amish country. Fine people. Fine women, too. ]

But this is how you do it .. you need to speak up for what is right. You need to give voice to such things. You need to call out bullshit.

» Signature Elements

One of the signature elements, I have noticed, is that the thing always turns out to be much bigger than you could have ever imagined.

Here is also where it is easy to get the big head and think you are hot shit. I have made this mistake so many times .. that I am probably the world-record holder.

This is probably why I am so quick to warn you whenever I see the opportunity for such things.

Of course, this is a thing that would naturally affect you. I wanted to send it sailing past your ear .. so to speak .. so that you felt its breeze as it passed by .. on its way to its intended destination.

This seems obvious to me.

I could feel myself aiming it into the future (time is the fourth dimension and a part of spacetime), because you very much represent the future.

It surprised me the amount of control I had over this thing. The fine detail. Even tho I didnt know any of these details.

If this sounds crazy to you .. then you know how I feel sometimes.

In Little League, I had a sweet curve ball that I struck out a lot of dudes with.

» With Extra Zing

And I remember that I let that thing fly with some extra zing. I put my special sauce on that thing. I didnt know if I would ever get another chance.

I remember thinking, "If I throw this thing really nice .. then the boss is more likely to give me another." So to speak.

This is why the feeling behind such a thing was, "Watch me throw this thing." Because I know that I know how to throw these things. I was flexing here.

If you make enough mistakes, girly .. you start to learn a few tricks.

Now I am not advocating here for this approach to » learn first everything not to do .. to learn everything that does NOT work. But it does have its advantages.

» The Unseen Planning Revealed

I somehow feel that I should mention here .. how, when I first saw you singing on SNL .. I could see how this thing seemed planned .. with detailed planning that went back far.

It kind of started with that movie with Emma Stone .. and then one thing led to another. The book, the sentence .. you know.

And all topped off with that horribly uncomfortable feeling .. where nothing feels right about anything.

It was a similar feeling for me .. when I saw Obama address the nation from Newtown .. two days after the school shooting there at Sandy Hook.

So many things that were out of the ordinary had to happen for that to happen .. for me to watch that on the TV there at the taco shop with my son sitting on my lap.

I thought about this aspect of unseen planning being revealed after I read about earlier today what happened to Peter in Acts chapter 10.

In particular, when he says, "I most certainly understand now ..."

That is kind of the feeling there. The Spirit of the Living God Himself at work. Prepare to have your mind blown.

» More Like a Splash

This might be a good place to share a story that I have never told before. I have felt led to share this story numerous times .. but I wasnt sure where to put it. And it can sound a little crazy.

This place here seems as good a place as any, and I am already talking about things that sound a little out-there.

Anyway, back when I was first learning about and seeing into some of these things .. these spiritual principles ..

.. I saw that the scriptures made a big deal about the blood of Christ. Peter says that the believer is to be obedient by being sprinkled with that blood.

Now, I already had the thing .. the witness that comes with eternal life. But I was constructing a model to work from. A conceptual model.

And I could see that the blessings comes by doing what the scriptures actually say, and not merely knowing about them, or doing what you want them to say. (And no, it's not easy. Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean.)

I am not really sure how I came up with this idea, because I had never heard of anyone else ever doing this. This experience happened in a church sanctuary after a service.

But I said a little prayer when I was feeling the Spirit, and I approached the Lord to be sprinkled with that blood .. like it says the believer should do. I was in the process of personalizing the scriptures .. much as possible.

So that, when I read this verse in the future, I can say, "I did that. I got sprinkled with his blood .. just like Peter said to do."

And when I did this .. it surprised me, because it actually felt more like a splash. Which is why I said, "Uh, that actually felt more like a splash to me."

The Boss said, "You're gonna need it."

I said, "What does that mean?"

He said, "You'll see." And then this thing was over. I walked out of that church wondering what it might mean .. the splash.

Do with this story what you will. I have never shared this story before, with anyone. Much resistance to sharing this story.

In Catholic church, the priest would sometimes walk down the aisle and sprinkle people with water .. with this cool thing that he used to toss the water. That was probably my favorite part of the mass.

So I know what a sprinkle feels like, because I had been getting sprinkled my whole life growing up Catholic. This was no sprinkle.

I have many of these types of stories. Remind me to tell you the story about the time that the guy said, "Write the vision."

Live-Die-Repeat » Why Edge-of-Tomorrow Spoke to Me So Deeply

The movie that stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt » Edge of Tomorrow | Live. Die. Repeat. (Trailer. Reviews.) .. this movie obviously spoke to me .. even tho I wasnt really sure why.

After thinking about it for a while, I can see now that the reason why this film spoke to me is because .. it very much details a key part of my life .. where it is one seemingly lethal failure after another.

Tom Cruise wakes (again) in Edge of Tomorrow | Live-Die-Repeat.

But after a while, I would just get up and dust myself off and go at it again. And here I am speaking about the struggle to try and be a better person. A better human being. A more understanding person. A compassionate soul.

I could certainly elaborate here .. but you feel me.

For years I would keep at it .. not because my past experiences gave me such great hope for my eventual personal success as a fully-developed human being .. but because something wouldnt let me quit and just accept what everybody else seemed to be accepting.

And I learned valuable lessons from every failure. Many of the ideas that I had .. I could see how they turned out to be wrong.

So this motif in Edge of Tomorrow where Tom Cruise's character keeps dying these horrible deaths, and then getting up and going at it again .. over and over and over again .. I am sitting there in the theater thinking, "The story of my life."

I would be lyin' if I said that I wasnt curious about how they came up with this crazy story that speaks to me in such a way.

» Speaking to Gross Injustice

Speaking of bigger-than-me .. girly, did you notice how I actually posted two entries on March 19th .. the date where I wrote the entry » When Justice Comes Out Perverted.

These types of entries are not easy to write .. where the writer writes about innocent people being fucked over so badly ..

.. that it makes you want to look into exactly what kind of society, and what kind of culture, could cultivate and grow such injustice.

For surely the wrath of God must already be on its way .. to right such wrongs. He who delights in exercising and practicing justice .. this is his thing. One of his things, anyway. (People are often defined by, and known by, what they do.)

But we as a society need to be able to speak to injustice .. and not simply look the other way.

If some fuckhead thinks that he might get called out for committing an atrocity .. then said fuckhead would be less likely to do something stupid. Or worse.

» The Signature Defect in Our Society

If Cyrus Vance would have prosecuted Harvey, instead of taking the money .. then how many girls would have been spared the psychic trauma that Harvey Weinstein has become to so many women?

Weinstein's lawyers gave thousands to NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance after he let their client off

It's a valid question, no?

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

Somebody please calculate that number for me. You might have to go get your calculator. I'll wait. I'll be here waiting with Brianne.

» Balancing the Emotional Distress with Sweet Respite

Anyway, on this same day (March 19) I also wrote another entry titled » A Lot Can Happen in a Year. At one time, both of these entries were part of the same page .. until I broke them up.

(You can think of this division in terms of DNA splitting and reproducing, or by the rapid expansion of energy.)

» From the Satanic to the Divine

Remind me later to talk about the concept of yin-yang and the balancing of one thing with another thing that is sort of an opposite thing.

I have heard people say things like » the further you are able to go in one direction .. increases the distance that you are able to go in the opposite direction.

To be honest, I never really liked this concept .. whenever I heard it referenced. But I can see now that there is indeed something to this notion.

Tho I am not exactly sure how the deal works. But I do indeed experience, in an existential sort-of-way, I do indeed seem to experience an increased capacity for growth or progress in the reciprocal direction.

» The Artistic Craftsmanship is Found in the Balance Struck

I am being a tad abstract here, because I am trying not to sound like a nut-case .. but I feel confident that you know exactly what I am talking about here.

So my question, lover-girl, is .. what do you think of the way I balance .. the entire spectrum of moral experience ..

Solzhenitsyn says that the same person at different times can be close to both a devil and a saint

.. from the satanic to the divine?

» Elevating My Game

Heh yourself, girly. Dont make me take off my jacket.

Camila's dancers take off their jackets and toss them

Camila's dancers know what I am talking about here. When you first see these girls in the dressing room, they are wearing their jackets.

But when they come out with Camila, they take off their jackets. Not only do these dancers doff their jackets, but they also toss them aside .. like I do with pillows.

When I take off my jacket .. this means that I am fixin' to get down to business. Heck, I might even wind up working up a sweat. Who knows what might happen when I take off my jacket?

Then these dancers show you their legs .. their very fine dancer's legs.

When I saw this, I thought, "These girls are totally fucking with me." (Me-n-Camila go way back. Plus, she knows that I am sweet on Cubans. My sources tell me that I am one of the reasons why she decided to go solo.)

» Maru Takes Off Her Jacket .. After She Takes Off Her Jeans

Speaking of sexy dancers taking off their jackets .. check out Maru here, where she takes off her jacket after she takes off her jeans.

Maru choreography to Skin by Rihanna at Fraules dance center in Siberia (20 Oct 2016)

I dont think that I have ever seen a girl take off her jacket after she took off her pants. She obviously got my attention.

I noticed, in particular, how her choreo closely follows the lyrics to Rihanna's song.

The Fraules Dance Center is located in Novosibirsk, Russia (Siberia), which is Russia's third most populous city .. after Moscow and St Petersburg.

The dance center is located on Gogol street, named after Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852), who is a giant of Russian literature. His most famous book is probably Dead Souls (1842).

Gogol is famous for making up his own rules .. his own writing rules. He didnt want to be limited by anything.

I wonder what Maru thinks of Dostoevsky, who I have much respect for.

Perhaps she will come over tonight and sit beside my bed and read to me a chapter from Crime and Punishment (1866) as I fall asleep.

I have already used other images of Miss Maru here, where I talk about the challenges associated with living with lolitas.

And also here, where I talk about a girl who came home one night after a work-out and pulled down her jeans enough to expose her well-toned, athletic tush, and then laid it right across my lap .. while I was sitting on the bed, reading.

I forget what book I was reading .. but I can't forget the way she laid her butt across my lap.

These kinds of things get a guy's attention right away .. as you can see.

Say hi to Elena for me.

» That's What Crazy People Think

I normally try to avoid such thoughts when it comes to very public figures such as you and Camila.

I say to myself, "That's what crazy people think .. that sexy popstars are sending them secret messages."

Maren Morris sending me secret Illuminati messages from The Middle (28 Jan 2018)

I think that it affects the writing when I am conscious that my writing being watched.

Being conscious of people watching you, I've heard it said, is the thing that makes for bad acting.

So I try, much as possible, to keep my writing unaffected by a desire to play to watching eyeballs.

But when I see things like this .. with Camila and her dancers .. my ego says things like, "Dude, you can pretend all you like that these girls are not feeling you .. but everybody knows that they are. You got the thing, and they know you got it."

I also liked her vertical video of this song. For some reason, this format makes me feel good. Does it not feel more intimate? More playful? Here is Tinashe shot in the same format.

» Hearing Secret Messages from Sexy Popstars Hidden in their Songs

Speaking of vertical videos and the things that crazy people think .. and speaking of girls taking off their jackets and whatnot .. and of me hearing secret messages from sexy popstar singers hidden in their songs ..

.. have you seen this video by Bebe Rexha titled Ferrari? (27 April 2018) She comes up with interesting concepts.

Bebe Rexha Ferrari vertical video (27 April 2018)

I am getting the message .. loud-n-clear. (Nice shirt. Nice dancers. Nice car.)

» You have Never Seen Anything the Likes of Me Before

Girly, you have never seen anything the likes of me before. And I'm just getting warmed up.

Cenk knows what I am talking about at t=9:00 here when he says, "I'm not anywhere near done." (I like Cenk.)

I'm not anywhere near done with you, lovergirl. I can see that it is the next level for you. Watch me up my game .. yet again. Dont make me call Prince Harry.

» Katie Holmes Knows What I Am Talking About

Arent you glad, girly .. that I decided to accept the mission .. when my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along?

Mission Impossible Fallout smoking laptop

There was no way that I was going to let you get away with that. If I wouldve let you get away with that .. I bet that you wouldve thought, "This guy is such a pussy."

I was telling this to Katie Holmes .. about how guys can't let you young super-hotties get away with this shit.

» The Things that are Really Important in Life

Girly, what do you think about the idea that it is the immaterial things that are really important in life?

White dove on black backgroundAnd that the physical world is really just a cool virtual simulation in which it appears that we live?

Take you time with that one, lover-girl.

Take all the time you need.

But I can tell you that when I seek to connect with the soul behind the dazzle ..

.. this idea lies at the heart of that desire.

Of course, connecting is only the first part.

Once you connect - which requires a substantial degree of trust - then you can begin to explore.

Juicy-juice. Dove knows what I am talking about here.

» The Ethical and Moral Aspects Associated with Love in an Intimate Relationship

On the subject of what it feels like to be in love with a beautiful creature .. with a beautiful soul .. there comes a point in the development of any romantic relationship .. where it goes from being primarily an inquisitive thing ..

.. where you are learning about this person .. and exploring exactly what you might be getting yourself into here with this person ..

.. to a place where you have collected enough information that you are now "into" this person. You are definitely digging this person.

And something about them makes you feel good about yourself. You might not even understand it .. but it doesnt much matter when this person makes you feel this good.

Of course, you and I have passed this point long ago. But I remember this thing .. where I came to a place where I was faced with questions of a moral or ethical nature.

More on this later.

» Forging a New Millennium Conscience

But speaking of the morals and ethics associated with love in an intimate relationship .. do you remember when I told you about that "thing" that I wanted to do with you?

There are many types of relationships, I think you would agree. But one fundamental type of relationship takes the form of » "You do this thing for me, and I'll do that thing for you."

If done right, and done well .. these types of relationships can be very satisfying. Especially when the principals are good at what they do.

» The Nature of the Artistic Balance Struck in High for This

On the subject of things that can be mutually satisfying, and on finding artistic craftsmanship hidden in the balance struck .. what do you think about the balance that was struck by Abel between the lyrics and the music .. in his song » High for This?

» On the Cusp of a New Political Epoch

What do you think about what Michelle writes here (15 Feb 2019)?

If we are in fact on the cusp of a new political epoch, then a sweeping, idealistic plan for social transformation is not a wild fantasy but a practical necessity.

.. where she references Yale political scientist Stephen Skowronek's concept of "political time."

Food for thought.

This is the end of this page. ■

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